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Humility and Aspiration went on even-paced in the instruction of the glorious mphibium.

But, by reason that Mature Humanity is too gross to breathe the air of that super-subtile region, its portion was, and is, to be a child for ever.

And because the human part of it might not press into the heart and inwards of the palace of its adoption, those full-natured angels tended it by turns in the purlieus of the palace, where were shady groves and rivulets, like this green earth from which it came : so Love, with Voluntary Humility, waited upon the entertainment of the new-adopted.

And myriads of years rolled round (in dreams Time is nothing), and still it kept, and is to keep, perpetual childhood, and is the Tutelar Genius of Childhood upon earth, and still goes lame and lovely.

By the banks of the river Pison is seen, lonesitting by the grave of the terrestrial Adah, whom the angel Nadir loved, a Child ; but not the same which I saw in heaven. A mournful hue overcasts its lineaments ; nevertheless, a correspondency is between the child by the grave, and that celestial orphan, whom I saw above ; and the dimness of the grief upon the heavenly, is a shadow or emblem of that which stains the beauty of the terrestrial. And this correspondency is not to be understood but by dreams.

And in the archives of heaven I had grace to read, how that once the angel Nadir, being exiled from his place for mortal passion, upspringing on the wings of parental love (such power had parental

love for a moment to suspend the else-irrevocable law) appeared for a brief instant in his station ; and, depositing a wondrous Birth, straightway disappeared, and the palaces knew him no more. And this charge was the self-same Babe, who goeth lame and lovely-but Adah sleepeth by the river Pison.


HAVE an almost feminine partiality for old china. When I go to see any great house, I enquire for the china

closet, and next for the picture gallery. I cannot defend the order of preference, but by saying, that we have all some taste or other, of too ancient a date to admit of our remembering distinctly that it was an acquired one. I can call to mind the first play, and the first exhibition, that I was taken to; but I am not conscious of a time when china jars and saucers were introduced into my imagination.

I had no repugnance then—why should I now have ? — to those little, lawless, azure-tinctured grotesques, that under the notion of men and women, float about, uncircumscribed by any element, in that world before perspective-a china tea-cup.

I like to see my old friends-whom distance cannot diminish-figuring up in the air (so they appear to our optics), yet on terra firma still—for so we must in courtesy interpret that speck of

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12 ho: ne, I enquire furie chinda

{"Bestil, zud next for the picture gairy. suunct d. fund the crlr of preferite holy weging, thao we have di sore taste or utier, of 70) ancient a dare to admit of our rememburong us- fully that it was an acquiri on. I enc: to with the first;;dny, zad the fust exhibition, that I Was tubuloi bai I an. not un: Lious of a tirie who chiedjars and sales were intruiuced into my indgaller!

I'hui 376 Regne three-why should I now Tips -in per !e>, iswiss, azule-ieciure

ueues, that t1fer tr.C. of mil and Homeri foat rüt, oransced by cry columcnt, in that world where perspective na china Ice-Cup.

ibe to see my old fri?! - Whemanca sind sinish--firing up in the air 19 sty et tu te vet on terra i les

must in courtesy i pret the spech af

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