The History of Napoleon Buonaparte

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W. Tegg, 1881 - 655 pages

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Page 203 - O miserable Chieftain ! where and when Wilt thou find patience ? Yet die not; do thou Wear rather in thy bonds a cheerful brow : Though fallen thyself, never to rise again, Live, and take comfort. Thou hast left behind Powers that will work for thee ; air, earth, and skies ; There 's not a breathing of the common wind That will forget thee ; thou hast great allies ; Thy friends are exultations, agonies, And love, and man's unconquerable mind.
Page 625 - BEETON'S LAW BOOK. A Compendium of the Law of England in reference to Property, Family and Commercial Affairs, including References to about Ten Thousand Points of Law, Forms for Legal Documents, with numerous Cases, and valuable ample Explanations. With a full Index — 25,000 references, every numbered paragraph in its particular place and under its general head.
Page 621 - BEETON'S SCIENCE, ART, AND LITERATURE : A Dictionary of Universal Information ; comprising a complete Summary of the Moral, Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences ; a plain Description of the Arts ; an interesting Synopsis of Literary Knowledge, with the Pronunciation and Etymology of every leading term. The work has been with great care Revised, Enlarged, and newly Illustrated.
Page 625 - Cyclopaedia for Self-Taught Students. Comprising General Drawing ; Architectural, Mechanical, and Engineering Drawing ; Ornamental Drawing and Design ; Mechanics and Mechanism; the Steam Engine. By ROBERT SCOTT BURN, FSAE, &c., Author of "Lessons of My Farm/* &c.
Page 638 - THE PRINCE OF THE HOUSE OF DAVID; or, Three Years in the Holy City.
Page 625 - Farm," &c. 690 pp., demy 8vo. Just Published, crown 8vo, cloth, price 7*. &, New and Revised Edition. A Million of Facts of Correct Data and Elementary Information in the Entire Circle of the Sciences, and on all Subjects of Speculation and Practice.
Page 638 - The Christian Year. Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holy Days throughout the Year.
Page 631 - ALL ABOUT GARDENING. Being a Popular Dictionary of Gardening, containing full and practical Instructions in the different Branches of Horticultural Science. Specially adapted to the capabilities and requirements of the Kitchen and Flower Garden at the Present Day. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth plain, price zs.
Page 593 - Bonaparte struck me as differing considerably from the pictures and busts ' I had seen of him. His face and figure looked much broader and more square — larger, indeed, in every way than any representation I had met with. His corpulency, at this time universally reported to be excessive, was by no means remarkable. His flesh looked, on the contrary, firm and muscular. There was not the least trace of colour in his cheeks ; in fact his skin was more like marble than ordinary flesh. Not the smallest...
Page 232 - on all hands by the enemies whom the Bourbons raised up against me ; threatened with air-guns, infernal machines, and deadly stratagems of every kind. I had no tribunal on earth to which I could appeal for protection, therefore I had a right to protect myself; and by putting to death one of those whose followers threatened my life, I was entitled to strike a salutary terror into the others.

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