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A thoroughly engrossing and compelling read by Abbott. The points are provocative and barbed but emphasise a well-thought and well-argued case in point. Though a lack of sources, references and notes to facts seems to be an odd exclusion it does not devalue the argument and is as convincing as any that EU membership is just not for Great Britain. Abbott continually points out and attests how membership to a socialist, undemocratic, illiberal and economically non-beneficial and anti-competetive by Britain continues to harm her economy in particular. It is without question that this book needs to be read, it is full of insight and compelling arguments by an author who clearly has his side of the debate and does not relinquish his passion, consistency and stance at any point in the book. Though sometimes this does hinder judgement in avoiding all traces of positive effects of the EU that is not the intention of the book. It is unflinching in its scathing assessment of the EU and unrelenting in its argument against Britain's membership to it. One of the most convincing and consistent reads on the subject and well worth your time and money. 

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