The Statutes at Large from the Magna Charta, to the End of the Eleventh Parliament of Great Britain, Anno 1761 [continued to 1806]. By Danby Pickering, Volume 1

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Page 160 - revert to the Giver or his Heir. (2) In cafe alfo where one giveth Lands in free Marriage, which Gift hath a Condition annexed, though it be not exprefled in the deed of Gift, which is this, That if the Husband and Wife die without Heir of their Bodies begotten, the Land fo given
Page 109 - fuffice. (10) Alfo all Wounds ought to be viewed, the Length, Breadth, and Deepnefs, and with what Weapons, and in what Part of the Body the Wound or Hurt is, and how many be culpable, and how many Wounds there be, and who gave the Wound ; ( 11 ) all which things muft be
Page 160 - to the Givers and their Heirs, that their Will being exprefled in the Gift, was not heretofore, nor yet is obferved. (4) In all the ," Cafes aforefaid, after Iflue begotten and born between them (to whom the Lands -were given under fuch Condition) Heretofore fuch Feoffees had 'Power to aliene the Land fo 'given, and to
Page 316 - the fame at any Time when they had them beft; (2) and if any Statutes have been made by us or our Anceftors, or any Cuftoms brought in contrary to them, or any Manner of Article contained in this prefent Charter, we will and grant, that fuch Manner of Statutes and Cuftoms
Page 270 - and to declare to the People that we have confirmed them in all Points ; (3) and that our Juftices, Sheriffs, Mayors, and other Minifters, which under us have the Laws of our Land to guide, (hall allow the
Page 228 - be clofed from the Sunfetting until the Sun-rifing; (2) and that no Man do lodge in Suburbs, nor in any Place out of the Town, from Nine of the Clock until Day, without his Hoft will anfwer for him. (3) And the Bailiffs of Towns
Page 75 - and kept by View of the Sheriff, Coroner, or the King's Bailiff, and delivered into the Hands of fuch as are of the Crown, where the Goods were found ; (3) fo that if any fue for thofe Goods, and after prove that they were his, or periihed in his keeping, within a Year and a Day,
Page 10 - Liberties aforefaid, which we have granted to be holden within this our Realm, as much as appertaineth to us and our Heirs, we fhall obferve ; (3) and all Men of this our Realm, as well Spiritual as Temporal (as much as in them is)
Page 27 - be legitimate, as well as they that be born within Matrimony, as to the Succeffion of Inheritance, forfomuch as the Church accepteth fuch for legitimate. And all the Earls and Barons with one voice anfwered, that they would not change the Laws of
Page 232 - and after, by them to the King, and the King will provide Remedy as afore is faid, (16) And the King commandeth and forbiddeth, that from henceforth neither Fairs nor Markets be kept in Churchyards for the honour of the Church. Given at

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