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tive element, to drag out a pitiable on Larach-a-ban, steady, as if towards existence, but leave him where he spawning ground in the genial month lies, to die-he is dead already of August, but never again shall he “ For he is old and miserably poor!”

enjoy his love.

See-he turns up a

side like a house. We shrewdly susTwo dozen in two hours we call pect he is pretending to be dead, fair sport,--and we think they will and reserving his strength for a last average not less, Proctor, than a struggle at the shore. Aye-that is pound. Lascelles and North against indeed a most commodious landing, any two in all England. We beseech place, and the hypocrite, ere he is you-only look at yonder noses. aware of water too shallow to hide Thick as frogs—as powheads. There his back-fin, will be walloping upon

- that was lightly dropt among them the yellow sand. A dolphin? a dol-
-each fatal feather seeming to melt phin ! large enough to carry on his
on the water like a snow-flake. We shoulders a little green fairy aquatic
have done the deed, Proctor-we Arion, harp in hand, and charming
have done the deed. We feel that we the Naiads with a dulcet song.
have five. Observe how they will “Hurra! hurra! hurra! Christo-
come to light, in succession, a size pher for ever!” We look around;
larger and larger, with a monster at and lo! the Cladich breakfast-party
the tail.Ay. Even so. To explain the waving their bonnets round their
reason why, would perplex a mas- heads at our enormous capture.
ter of arts. Five seem about fifty, When they talk about it in Glasgow,
when all dancing about together in it will be thought a ggegg. Let us
an irregular figure, but they have weigh the monster-up with him by
sorely ravelled our gear. It matters the gills--and fasten him to our poc-
not; for it must be wearing well on ket steel-yard. He had there well-
to eight o'clock, and we dine at sun- nigh broken our back. TWENTY-

SEVEN POUND JIMP!!! Nay-nayWhy keep so far out from shore ? nay, boys-no crowning, no crown. We are not bound for Cladich, but ing of the old man. Yet, if you will Larach-a-ban. Whirr!Whirr! Whirr! have it so—we forgive the enthu. SALMO Ferox, as sure as a gun. The siasm of youth. That is classical, and maddened monster has already run with joy we submit our brows to the out ten fathom of chain-cable. His Parsley Wreath. All we want now is spring is not so sinewy as a salmon's a Pindar. And nothing will pacify of the same size, but his rush is more you, you madcaps, but to bear us, tremendous, and he dives like one of shoulder-high, up to Larach-a-ban? the damned in Michael Angelo's And you are so kind as to cry that bone Last Judgment. All the twelve barbs never bore a nobler burthen? What are gorged, and not, but with the will Lascelles say when he hears of loss of his torn-out entrails, can he our triumph! It will go hard to break escape dry death. Give us an oar, his heart. No-he is a fine generous or he will break the rope—there— creature, we are told, envious of no we follow him at equal speed stern- other great man's reputation, though foremost-but canny-canny-for if justly jealous of his own. O thou the devil doubles upon us, he may glorious setting sun! slow sinking play mischief yet by getting under behind the crimson ridge of old our keel. That is noble. There he Cruachan, thou seemest to say in that sails some twenty fathom off, paral- solemn light of thine, celestial monilel to our pinnace, at the rate of six torknots — and bearing-for we are CHRISTOPHER, REMEMBER THOU ART giving him the butt-right down up



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Abortion, papers circulated by persons be..

longing to the Political Economists in
London, to procure, 443–Suggestions as
atrocious circulated and acted upon in the

Factories, ib.
Absentees, injudiciousness of a tax on, 617
A Dozen Years Hence, 265
Affections, Characters of the, 124, 143
Ali Pasha, his war with the Sultan, 498
Alison, Archibald, Esq., History of the

French Revolution, by, 889
Annunciation, the, by Mrs Hemans, 804
Anthology, the Greek, No. I. 865
Antwerp, 807
Antwerp, siege of, by Lady E. S. Wortley,

Apostates political, Burke's character of, 297
Appeal, a last one, to King, Lords, and

Commons, 358
Aristocratic ministries, fall of, 598
Armatoles, or Greek militia in the service of

the Porte, 484
Ashton, Dr, evidence on the Factory sys.

tem, 431
Awe, Loch, 984
Ayans, magistrates in Ottoman cities, elected

by the inhabitants, 936
Barry the painter, Burke's admirable letters

to, 604
Beranger, songs after the French of, 844
Beresford, Rev. Marcus, his account of the

principles of the Irish Conservatives, 234
Bethany, sisters of, after the death of Laza-

rus, 805
Bible, child reading the, by Mrs Hemans, 262
Billy-roller, nature and uses of, 441
Bird, Mr, letter concerning costumes for his

picture of Chevy Chase, 62—and answer

from Sir Walter Scott, 64
Bishops' Lands, Lord Althorp's proposals

concerning, 653
Blair, Mr, dinner to, in Edinburgh, 266
Bluebeard, a dramatic tale, by Tieck, 206
Blundell, Dr, evidence on the Factory sys.

tem, 433
Bolingbroke, Lord, character of, 283
Bonaparte, invasion of Portugal, 2
Boyton, Mr, his description of the system

pursued by the Irish government, 232-
his account of the proceedings of the Dub-
lin Conservative Society, 235—his speech

on the Dutch war, 238
Brazils, arrival of the Portuguese royal fami.

ly in, 4-subsequent history of the coun.

try, ib.
Bringing up Lee Way, 298, 451
Brunswick, Duke of, his manifesto, 899
Bull, Rev. G. S., evidence on the Factory

system, 443, 447
Burke, Edmund, Part I. 277_his eloquence

did not apply to temporary emergencies
only, but embodied principles universally

applicable, 278--his university career',
279—favourite authors in early life, 280
-his pamphlet against Brooke, and Letter
to Dr Lucas, ib.-account of the metro-
polis, ib.-stands candidate for the pro-
fessorship of Logic in Glasgow, 282-
design of going to America, 283_his
Vindication of Natural Society, ib.-
Treatise on the Sublime and Beautiful,
287-Johnson's opinion of him, ib.
anecdote of an encounter with a clergy-
man at Litchfield, ib. editor or author of
a History of the European Settlements in
North America, and of Dodsley's An-
nual Register, 288-private secretary to
Single-speech Hamilton, 289-private
secretary to Marquis Rockingham, 290—
comes into parliament, 291-defence of
the Rockingham administration, 296
his character of political apostates, 297-
Part II. 597—Burke's Thoughts on the
cause of the present discontents, 598—his
occupations at Beaconsfield, 603-patro-
nage of Barry, 604—the part he took in
behalf of America on the commencement
of disputes with the mother country, 607

- his disapproval of a tax on absentees,
Cæsars, Chap. III. Caligula, Claudius, and

Nero, 43
Caligula, his cruelties, 44
Carlisle, Sir Anthony, evidence on the Fac-

tory system, 432
Chalmers, Rev. Dr, his argument that a sysa

tem of poor's laws is destructive of charity
borrowed from the present Bishop of I an-

daff, and at the same time erroneous, 318
Characteristics of Women, No. I. Characters

of the Affections, 124–No. II. 143-
No. III. Characters of Passion and Ima.
gination, 391-No. IV. Characters of In-

tellect, 539
Charlemont, Lord, character of, 288
Chatham, Lord, administration of, 295–

Burke's humorous character of it, ib.

character of his lordship, 967
Chief, the, or the Gael and Sassenach, 503,

Child reading the Bible, by Mrs Hemans,

China monopoly, 796
Church Establishment, advantages of, 332
Church, Irish, danger of the new measures

to it as a spiritual body, 660
Church property, real nature and amount of,

Conservative dinner in Edinburgh, late, 266
Conservative party, strength and duties of,

115 ,
Conservative system of government, 563
Conservatives, Irish, 234
Corn Laws, danger of abolishing, 303


Cornwall and Devonshire illustrated, No. I. Gordon, Mr, his history of the Greek Revo-

lution, 476
Cortes of Lamego, history of, 20

Gozzi, Count, his Turandot, 371-his Loves
Craven heart, the, by Mrs Godwin, 264 of the Three Oranges, 374
Cringle, Tom, his log, Chap. XVII. Scenes Graces, the, 527

in Cuba, 26– Chap. XVIII. Cruise of Grave, my, 596
the Wave, 170—Chap. XIX. Bringing Grave of the Gifted, by Lady E. S. Wortley,
up Lee Way, 298—Chap. XX. Bringing 260
up Lee Way, 451-Chap. XXI. Second Greek Anthology, No. I. 865
Cruise of the Wave, 737

Green, Mr, evidence on the Factory system,
Crocodile island, 105

Cruger, Mr, anecdote of, 610

Greece, Revolution of, Part I. 476—that
Cruise of the Wave, 170-second cruise, 737 event proved fatal to the naval power of
Cuba, scenes in, 26

the Porte, 943
Danton, character of, 906

Gueuse, Water, song of the, 810
Democrat, life of a, a sketch of Horne Hamilton, Single-speech, character of, 289
Tooke, 963

Hartley, David, Burke's rejoinder to, 615
Dere beys, or hereditary Turkish nobles, 935 Hebron, widow of, a rabbinical tradition, 630
Despair, by the Hon. Augusta Norton, 123 Hemans, Mrs, Hymns of Life, by, No. 1.
Desultory reading, its injurious effects, 279 1 20-No. II. 122–Child reading the
Devonshire and Cornwall illustrated, 689 Bible, by, 262_Female characters of
Diebitsch, his defeat of the Turks under Scripture, a series of sonnets by, 593, 804
Redschid, 942

Hetæria, or secret society of Greece, 489
Dismemberment of the Empire, 223 Hodson, Margaret, Lines to the memory of
Doctor, the, and the patient, 845

Ensign Holford, by, 60
Donatus, his account of Ireland, 923 Horne Tooke, a sketch of, 963—his educa-
Doyle, Dr, his able evidence in favour of the tion, 964—his first libel, 965-letters to

introduction of poor's laws into Ireland, Wilkes, 966-insulted by Wilkes, 967–

labours in his behalf nevertheless, 968–
Dutch war, Mr Boyton on the, 238

his libel on Mr Onslow, 970—the address
Dying request of a Hindu Girl, by Mrs of the London corporation said to have
Godwin, 595

have been drawn up by him, 974-Beck-
East India question, 776

ford's famous address claimed by him, 975
Elliot, Ebenezer, description of a Reform -Society for supporting the Bill of
jubilee, by, 444

Rights, 976-quarrel with Wilkes, and
England, degradation of, under the influ mutual recriminations and exposures, 977

ence of revolutionary passions, 945 Hymns of Life, by Mrs Hemans, 120
Engraving, improvements and abuses in Ireland, No. I. 66—redundant population,
modern, 952

ib.-indulgent legislation of James I. 69
Factory system, 419

-and consequent rebellion, ib.—conces-
Fall of Turkey, 931

sions by George III. 70-and consequent
Farre, Dr, evidence on the Factory system, rebellion, ib. —Catholic Emancipation, 71

—and present state of Ireland, ib.— Tithes,
Ferns, anecdote of the Bishop of, 659

73-bad effect of liberal institutions on an
Forrest-Race Romance, 243

ignorant and volatile people like the Irish,
Fountain, the ruined, by Mrs Godwin, 595 75-measures necessary to restore peace
France, state of the poor in, 822

and prosperity, 78-conduct of the present
Franklin, vindictive and selfish character of, ministry, 81-strength of the Repealers,

84—No, IJ. Dismemberment of the Em-
French Revolution, the, 889

pire, 223—the Repealers, 224-union
Future Balance of Parties, 115

and objects of the Irish Catholics, 227-
Future state, rabbinical traditions concern their murders and burnings, ib. -incon-
ing, 641

stancy of the Irish government, 231—
Gael and Sassenach, 503, 763

Conservative Society of Dublin, 235-
George II., character of, 597

anarchical meetings, 237–No. III. The
Gilfillan, Robert, songs by, 855, 856, 857, Administration of Justice, 338–Ireland

incapable of governing herself, ib.-
Girondists, their hypocritical and cowardly changes in the administration of justice

conduct and deserved fall, 898, 902, 903, recommended by the committee during

last parliament, 340-evidence of Sir
Godwin, Mrs, Lyrics of the East, by, No. John Harvey, 342—of Mr Barrington,

III. 263_No. IV. 264-Nos. V. and 343, 344, 347- of Col. John Rochfort,
VI. 595

344, 345, 346, 348, 349—of Sir Hussey
Goldoni, his character as a dramatic writer, Vivian, 348, 355_of Mr Dupard, 349

-of Mr Dillon, 350-of Hovenden Sta-



pleton, Esq. 351-of Maj.-Gen. Crawford, Mary Magdalene at the Sepulchre, by Mrs
352, 354-of Dr Doyle, 354-general Hemans, 806-bearing tidings of the re-
remarks, 356_frightful list of crimes surrection, ib.
committed in some of the Irish counties, Mathematics injudiciously made the chief
357, note-No. IV. 563— The Coercive source of distinction in Dublin University,
Measures, 570—Church Spoliation, 573 279
- The Grand Jury System, 580

Mauritius, late discontents in, 199
Ireland, on the introduction of poor's laws Mess, Nights at, 924
into, 811

Mignon's song, 90
Irish clergy, income-tax to be imposed on, Miguel, Dom, history of, 17

Miriam, song of, by Mrs Hemans, 593
Irish church bill, letter to the King on the, Mob oratory, weight of, in the House of

Commons, 225
Irish garland, 87

Moorish Maid of Granada, 40
Isle of Beauty, by Lady E. S. Wortley, 261 Motherwell's Poems, 668
Janissaries, massacre of the, 938_insuffi- Movement, progress of the, 651

ciency of the troops raised in their stead, My Lisette, she is no more, 845

Nero, his cruelties, 45—his flight, 49—and
Jamaica, remonstrance of the House of As. death, 52

sembly against interference with their in- Nights at Mess, 924
ternal affairs on the part of the Reform Norton, Hon. Augusta, Despair, by, 123
Parliament, 226

Oak, the parent, 961
Jameson, Mrs, Characteristics of Women, O'Connell, concessions of ministers to, 81-
by, 124, 143, 391, 539

his continued agitation, 82
Jerusalem, women of, at the cross, by Mrs Ottoman empire, rise and progress of, 481
Hemans, 8 06

Parish cess, 651
Joy, Judge, his charge to the Longford Parisian mob, their reception in the Na-
grand jury, 237

tional Assembly, 897-they storm the
Kaye, Dr, on the Factory system, 437

palace, 900—massacre of the prisoners of
Kicking, a common punishment in the Face the Abbaye, 907-and of the Bicetre, 907
tories, 441

Parties, future balance of, 115
King, letter to the, on the Irish church bill, Pedro, Dom, history of, 6

Penitent, the, anointing Christ's feet, 804
Ladies, studies of the, à la François, 844 Picture, the, 90
Landaff, present Bishop of, his erroneous ar- Poetry.—Moorish Maid of Granada, 40%

gument that a system of poor's laws is to the Memory of Ensign George Holford
destructive of charity, 818

Walker, by Margaret Hodson, 60—Little
Landscape, Scottish, 512

Leonard's last good-night, 61-Ye Gen-
Late Discontents in Mauritius, 199

tlemen of Ireland, 87_Ye Jackasses of
Lay-figure, the, a painter's story, 583

Ireland, ib.—Lifting of the Conservative
Life, comparative table of the duration of, standard, 88_Lifting of the Revolution-

ary standard, ib.-Zephyrs, 89— The
Lifting of the Conservative standard, 88 Picture, ib. --Mignon's song, ib.-Siege
Lifting of the Revolutionary standard, 88 of Antwerp, by Lady E. S. Wortley, 113
Little Brown Man, the, 844

-Prayer of the Lonely Student, by Mrs
Little Leonard's last good-night, 61

Hemans, 120— Traveller's evening song,
Loch Awe, 984

by the same, 122–Despair, by the Hon.
Lord Advocate, his behaviour in the Edin Augusta Norton, 123—To the year 1832,
burgh election, 267

187-Grave of the Gifted, by Lady E. S.
Louis XVI. character of, 898, 901

Wortley, 260-_Isle of Beauty, by the
Lyrics of the East, by Mrs Godwin, No. same, 261-Child reading the Bible, 262

III. 263_No. IV. 264_Nos. V. and -Lyrics of the East, by Mrs Godwin,
VI. 595

No. III. The Shiek's revenge, 263—No.
Macculloch, his preposterously false doctrine IV. The Craven Heart, 264-A Dozen

that workmen in manufactories are health years hence, 265—The Graces, 527-
ier and more virtuous than country la Lines on a thrush confined in a cage near
bourers, 439

the sea, by Lady E. S. Wortley, 592-
MacNeill, Mr Duncan, his speech at the Female characters of Scripture, a series of

Edinburgh Conservative Dinner, 272 sonnets, by Mrs Hemans, 593–Lyrics of
Mahmoud, present Sultan of Turkey, his fa the East, Nos. V. and VI. by Mrs God-
tal innovations, 934

win, 595—My Grave, 596-Female
Manufactories, unhealthiness of, 437

characters of Scripture, by Mrs Hemans,
Marat, character of, 906

804–Antwerp, 807_Song of the Water
Mary at the feet of Christ, by Mrs Hemans, Gueuse, 810-Songs after the French

805Memorial of, by the same, ib. of Beranger, 844 Death-song of Reg


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