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on deck-a few flags to shut us in “ Why, not quite so buoyant as I will make the thing complete." could wish. To me it has been a

It was done; and while the sharp day of fearful responsibility.” cries of the wounded, who were im “And well it may,” said he. “As mediately under the knife of the doc for myself, I go to rest with the tretor, and the low moans of those mendous consciousness that even 1, whose wounds had been dressed, who am not a professional butcher, or were waiting their turn, reached have shed more than one fellow. our ears distinctly through the small creature's blood-a trembling consky-light, our beds were arranged sideration-and all for what, Tom ? on deck, under the shelter of the You met a big ship in the dark, and awning, a curtain of flags veiling desired her to stop. She said she our quarters from the gaze of the would not. You said, You sball.' crew. Paul Gelid and Pepperpot She rejoined, “I'll be d-- if I do.' occupied the starboard side of the And thereupon you set about comlittle vessel; Aaron Bang and my- pelling her; and certainly you have self the larboard. By this time it interrupted her course to some purwas close on eight o'clock in the pose, at the trivial cost of the lives evening. I had merely looked in on of only five or six hundred human our friends, ensconced as they were beings, whose hearts were beating in their temporary hurricane house; cheerily within these last six hours, for I had more work than I could but whose bodies are now food for accomplish on deck in repairing da- fishes.” mages. Most of our standing, and I was stung.“ At your hands, great part of our running rigging, my dear sir, I did not expect this, had been shot away, which the tired and”crew were busied in splicing and “ Husb,” said he, “I don't knotting, the best way they could. blame you-it is all right; but why Our main-mast was very badly will not the Government at home wounded close to the deck. It was arrange by treaty that this nefarious fished as scientifically as our cir- trade should be entirely put down? cumstances admitted. The fore. Surely all our victories by sea and mast had fortunately escaped-it land might warrant our stipulating was untouched; but there were no for so much, in place of hugger-mugfewer than thirteen round shot gering with doubtful ill-defined treathrough our hull, five of them being ties, specifying that you Johnny Cra. between wind and water.

peau, and you Jack Spaniard, shall When every thing had been done steal men, and deal in human flesh, wbich ingenuity could devise, or the 'in such and such a degree of latitude most determined perseverance exe- only, wbile, if you pick up one single cute, I returned to our canvass-shed slave a league to the northward or aft, and found Mr Wagtail sitting on southward of the prescribed line of the deck, arranging, with the help of coast, then we shall blow you out of my steward, the supper equipnient the water wherever we meet you. to the best of his ability. Our meal, Why should poor devils, who live in as may easily be imagined, was fru- one degree of latitude, be kidnapgal in the extreme-salt beef, bis- ped, whilst we make it felony to cuit, some roasted yams, and cold steal their immediate neighbours ?” grog—some of Aaron's excellent Aaron waxed warm as he proceeded rum. But I mark it down, that I _“ If slavery be that Upas-tree, unquestion if any one of the four who der whose baleful shade every kind. partook of it, ever made so hearty ly feeling in the human bosom, whea supper before or since. We workther of master or servant, withers ed away at the junk until we had and dies, I ask, who planted it ? If polished the bone, clean as an ele- it possess such a magical, and increphant's tusk, and tbe roasted yams dible, and most pestilential quality, disappeared in bushels-full; wbile that the English gentleman who shall the old rum sank in the bottle, like be virtuous and beneficent, and just mercury in the barometer, indica- in all his ways, before he leaves home, ting an approaching gale.

and after he returns home, shall, du“ I say, Tom,” quoth Aaron,“ how ring his temporary sojourn within its do you feel, my boy?"

influence, have his warm heart of

fesh smuggled out of his bosom, by nant to all the best feelings of our some hocus pocus, utterly unintelli- nature, and baneful to an incalculagible to any unprejudiced rational ble degree to our own West Indian being, or have it indurated into the possessions; and the suppression of fint of the nether milstone, or frozen which-Lord, what a thing to think into a lump of ice”

of !-has nearly deprived the world ‘Lord,” ejaculated Wagtail,“only of the invaluable services of me, fancy a snow-ball in a man's sto Aaron Bang, Esquire, Member of mach, and in Jamaica too !”

Council of the Island of Jamaica, “ Hold your tongue, Waggy, my and Custos Rotulorum Populorum love,” continued Aaron; “if all this Jig of the Parish of”. were so, I would again ask, who Lord,” said Wagtail, “why, the planted it ?—say not that we did it yam is not half done.” I am a planter, but I did not plant But the rum is-ab!” drawled slavery. I found it growing and Gelid. flourishing, and fostered by the “D—the yam and the rum too," government, and made my nest rapped out Bang: "Why, you bellyamongst the branches like a respect- gods, you have interrupted such a able corbie craw, or a pelican in a torrent of eloquence !" wild-duck's nest, with all my pretty I began to guess that our friends little tender black brancher: hopping were waxing peppery. Why, genabout me, along with numberless tlemen, I don't know how you feel, other unfortunates, and now find but I am regularly done up-it is that the tree is being uprooted by quite calm, and I hope we sball all the very hands that planted and sleep, so good-night.' nourished it, and seduced me to live We nestled in, and the sun had in it, and all”

risen before I was called next mornI laughed aloud—“ Come, come, ing. I hope my dear sir, you are a perfect Lord

I rose a sadder and a wiser man, Castlereagh in the congruity of your

Upon that morrow's morn." figures. How the deuce can any living thing exist among the poison “ On deck, there,” said I, while ous branches of the Upas-tree-or a dressing. Mr Peter Swop, one of wild-duck build"

the Firebrand's master-mates, and “Get along with your criticism acting master of the Wave, popped Tom—and don't laugh, hang it, don't in his head through the opening in laugh—but who told you that a cor the flags. “How is the weather, bie cannot ?”

Mr Swop ?" “Why there are no corbies in Java.” Calm all night, sir ; not a breath

“ Pah— botheration—there are pe- stirring, sir.” licans then; but you know it is not “ Are the sails shifted ?" said I, an Upas-tree, you know it is all a “ and the starboard main-shrouds chimera, and like the air-drawn dag- replaced ?" ger of Macbeth, that there is no They are not yet, sir; the sails such thing. Now, that is a good are on deck, and the rigging is now burst, Gelid, my lad, a’n't it?" said stretching, and will be all ready to Bang, as he drew a long breath, and get over the mast-head by breakfastagain launched forth.

time, sir,” '« Our Government shall quarrel How is her head ?” about sixpence here or sixpence Why,” rejoined Swop, "it has there, of discriminative duty in a fo- been boxing all round the compass, reign port, while they have clapt a sir, for these last twelve hours; at knife to our throats, and a flaming present it is north-east.” faggot to our houses, by absurd “ Have we drifted much since last edicts and fanatical intermeddling night, Mr Swop ?” with our own colonies, where the No, sir-much where we were, slave-trade has notoriously, and sir,” rejoined the master. their own conviction, entirely ceased; There are several pieces of while they will not put out their lit- wreck, and three dead bodies, floattle finger, nay, they calmly look on, ing close to, sir.” and permit a traffic utterly repug By this time I was dressed, and

had gone from under the awning loo" rent the skies. Mr Bang, for a on deck. The first thing I did, was moment, appeared startled, and, so to glance my eye orer the nettings, far as I could judge, he bad forgotten and there perceived, on our quarter, that part of his exploit, and did not three dead bodies, as Mr Swop had know wbat to make of it, until at last said, floating, -one a white Spaniard, the actual meaning seemed to flash on and the others the corpses of two un him, and, with a shout of laughter, he fortunate Africans, who had perish. bolted in through the opening of the ed miserably when the brig went flags to his former quarters below the down. The wbite man's remains, awning. I descended to the cabin, swollen, as they were, from the heat breakfast baving been announced, of the climate, and sudden putre- and sat down to our meal, confrontfaction consequent thereon, floated ed by Paul Gelid and Pepperpot quietly within pistol-shot, motionless Wagtail. Presently we heard Aaron and still; but the bodies of the two sing out, the small skuttle being negroes were nearly hidden by the right overhead, “ Peg top, come here, clustering sea-birds which had perch- Pegtop, I say, help me on with my ed on them. There were at least two neckcloth-80- that will do ; now I dozen shipped on each carcass, busy shall go on deck. Why, Pearl, my with their beaks and claws, while, boy, what do you want?" and before on the other hand, the water in the Pearl could get a word in, Aaron immediate neighbourhood seemed continued, “I say, Pearl, go to the quite alive, from the rushing and other end of the ship, and tell your walloping of numberless fishes, who Coromantee friends that it is all a were tearing the prey piecemeal. humbug-that I am not the Sultan The view was any thing but pleasant, Cocoloo; farthermore, that I have and I naturally turned my eyes for- not a feather in my tail like a palm ward to see what was going on in branch, of the truth of which I offer the bows of the schooner. I was to give them ocular proof.” startled from the number of black Pearl made his salam. “Oh, sir, faces which I saw. “ Why, Mr Tail. I fear that we must not say too much tackle, how many of these poor crea- on that subject ; we have not irons tures have we on board ?"

for one-half of them savage negirs ;" “ There are fifty-nine, sir, under the fellow was as black as a coal hatches in the forehold,” said Timo- bimself; “and were they to be undethy, “and thirty-five on deck ; but I ceived, why, reduced as our crew is, hope we shan't have them long, sir. they might at any time rise on, and It looks like a breeze to windward. massacre the whole watcb.” We shall have it before long, sir.” “ The devil!" we could hear friend

At this moment Mr Bang came on Aaron say; “ oh, then, go forward, deck. “ Lord, Tom, I thought it was and assure them that I am a bigger a flea-bite last night, but, mercy, I ostrich than ever, and I shall astoam as stiff and sore as a gentleman nish them presently, take my word need be. How do you feel ? I see for it. Pegtop, come here, you you have one of your fins in a sling, scoundrel," he continued; “I say, -eh ?"

Pegtop, get me out my uniform “ I am a little stiff, certainly; how- coat," - our friend was a captain of ever, that will go off; but come for. Jamaica militia—“80-and my sword ward here, my dear sir; come here, -that will do-and here, pull off my and look at this shot-hole-saw you trowsers, it will be more classic to ever any thing like that?”

perambulate in my shirt, in case it This was the smashing of one of really be necessary to persuade them our pumps from a round shot, the that the palm branch was all a figure splinters from which were stuck into of speech. Now, my hat-therethe bottom of the launch, which over- walk before me, and fan me with the hung it, forming really a figure very top of that herring barrel.” like the letter A.

This was a lid of one of the wad“ Don't take it to myself, Tom ding-tubs, which, to come up to Jigno, not at all.”

maree's notions of neatness, had been At this moment the black savages fitted with covers, and forth stumped on the forecastle discovered our Bang, preceded by Pegtop doing the friend, and shouts of “ Sheik Coco. honours. But the instant he appeared from beneath the flags, the same lie our course, and we gradually wild shout arose from the captive crept to the northward, until twelve slaves forward, who, that is such of o'clock in the forenoon, after which them as were not fettered, imme- time it fell calm again. I went down diately began to bundle and tumble to the cabin ; Bang had been overround our friend, rubbing their flat hauling my small library, when a noses and woolly heads all over him, shelf gave way (the whole affair and taking hold of the hem of his gar- having been injured by a round shot ment, whereby his personal decency in the action, which had torn right was so seriously periled, that after through the cabin), so down came an unavailing attempt to shake them several scrolls, rolled up, and cover. off, he fairly bolted, and ran for shel- ed with brown paper. ter, once more, under the awning, « What are all these ?” I could amidst the suppressed mirth of the here our friend say. whole crew, Aaron himself laughing “ They are my logs," said I. louder than any of them all the “ Your wbat?" while. “I say, Tom, and fellow “My private journals.” sufferers," quoth be, after he had run “Oh, I see,” said Aaron. “I will to earth under the awning, and look- have a turn at them, with your pering down the scuttle into the cabin mission. But what is this so carewhere we were at breakfast,“ how fully bound with red tape, and sealam I to get into the cabin ? if I go ed, and marked- let me see, · Tho. out on the quarter-deck but one mas Cringle, his log-book.'” arm's length, in order to reach the He looked at me.-" Why, my companion, these barbarians will be dear sir, to say the truth, that is my at me again. Ah, I see"

first attempt; full of trash, believe Whereupon, without more ado, he me ;-what else could you expect stuck his legs down through the from so mere a lad as I was when small hatch right over the breakfast I wrote it?” table, with the intention of descend «« The child is father to the man,' ing, and the first thing he accom- Tom, my boy; so may I peruse it; plished, was to pop his foot into a may I read it for the edification of large dish of scalding hominy, or my learned allies,-Pepperpot Waghasty-pudding, made of Indian corn tail, and Paul Gelid, Esquires ?” meal, with which Wagtail was in the “ Certainly,I replied, “ no objechabit of commencing bis stowage at tion in the world, but you will laugh breakfast. But this proving too hot at me, I know; still, do as you for comfort, he instantly drew it out, please, only, had you not better have and in his attempt to reascend, he your wound dressed first ?” stuck his bespattered toe into Paul “ My wound! Poo, poo! just Gelid's mouth. “Oh! oh!” exclaim- enough to swear by-a fea-bitec ed Paul, while little Wagtail lay never mind it; so here goesback laughing like to die; but the “Thomas Cringle, his log-book. next instant Bang gave another “ Arrived in Portsmouth, by the Destruggle, or wallop, like a pelloch fiance, at ten, a. m. on such a day. in shoal-water, whereby Pepperpot Waited on the Commissioner, to borrowed a good kick on the side whom I had letters, and said I was of the head, and down came the appointed to the Torch. Same day, Great Ostrich, Aaron Bang, but with went on board and took up my berth out any feather in his tail, as I can in said vessel”avouch, slap upon the table, smash- “ Ahem, abem !” quoth Bang; ing cups and saucers, and hominy, “stilling hot berth; mouldy biscuit; and devil knows what all, to pieces, and so on.” as he floundered on the board. This “Why, nothing very entertaining was so absurd, that we were all ob- in all this, certainly-let me see,liged to give uncontrolled course “ My mother's list makes it fifteen to our mirth for a minute or two, shirts, whereas I only have twelve." when, making the best of the wreck, “Come,” said Bang, “ that is an we contrived to breakfast in tole- incident." rable comfort.

“ Admiral made the signal to Soon after the meal was finished, weigh, wind at S W., fresh and a light air enabled us once more to squally. Stockings should be one


dozen worsted, three of cotton, two like the thatch of a dustman, comof silk; find only half a dozen worst- posed of canvass, well tarred, with ed, two of cotton, and one of silk. no snout, and having a long flap Fired a gun, and weighed.”

hanging down the back to carry the “Who?” quoth Aaron,“ you or the rain over the cape of the jacket. Admiral, or the worsted, cotton, or His chin was embedded in a red silk stockings ?”

comforter that rose to his ears. His “Oh, botheration! I said you trunk was first of all cased in a shirt would glean nothing worth having, of worsted stocking-net; over this my dear sir, and you see I did not be had a coarse linen shirt, then a deceive you."

thick cloth waistcoat; a shag jacket “ Possibly not,"quoth he, “but let was the next layer, and over that was me judge for myself, Master Tum- rigged the largecumbrous pea jacket,

reaching to his knees. As for bis “ Downs-Goodwin Sands.”- lower spars, the rig was still more

“ Hum, hum! Ah, come, here is peculiar :-first of all, he had on a something continuous. Let me clear pair of most comfortable woollen my harmonious voice. Wagtail, my stockings, what we call fleecy hosiery boy-Gelid, dear, lend me your ears, and the beauties are peculiarly nice they are long enough,—they would in this respect,—then a pair of strong make purses, if not silk ones. Here fearnaught trowsers; over these goes”

again are drawn up another pair of “ Tom Cringle's first log.-Sailed stockings, thick rig.and-furrow, as for the North Sea, deucedly sea-sick; we call them in Scotland, and above was told that fat pork was the best all this were drawn a pair of long, specific, if bolted half raw ; did not well-greased, and liquored boots, find it much of a tonic;—passed a reaching balf way up the thigh, and terrible night, and for four hours of altogether impervious to wet. Howit obliged to keep watch, more dead ever comfortable this costume may be than alive. On the evening of the in bad weather in board, it is clear third day, we were off Harwich, and enough that any culprit so swathed, then got a slant of wind that enabled would stand a poor chance of being us to lay our course.”

saved, were he to fall overboard. “ Lie our course, I would have The wind veered round and round, written,” said Aaron.

and baffled, and checked us off, so “ We stood on, and next morning, that it was the sixth night after we in the cold, miserable, drenching had taken our departure from Harhaze of an October daybreak, we wich before we saw Heligoland light. passed through a fleet of fishing. We then bore away for Cuxhaven, boats at anchor. 'At anchor,' thought and I now knew for the first time 1,' and in the middle of the sea, that we had a government emissary but so it was—all with their tiny of some kind or another on board, cabooses, smoking cheerily, and a although he had hitherto confined solitary figure, as broad as it was himself strictly to the captain's calong, stifly walking to and fro on bin. the confined decks of the little ves- “All at once it came on to blow sels. It was now that for the first from the north-east, and we were time I knew the value of the saying, again driven back among the Eng' a fisherman's walk, two steps and lish fishing-boats. The weather was overboard. With regard to these thick as butter-milk, so we had to same fishermen, I cannot convey a keep the bell constantly ringing, as better notion of them, than by de- we could not see the jib-boom-end scribing one of the two North Sea from the forecastle. "Every now pilots whom we had on board: well, and then we heard a small, hard, this pilot was a tall, raw.boned sub- clanking tinkle, from the fishingject, about six feet or so, with a blue boats, as if an old pot had been face-I could not call it red, and a struck instead of a bell, and a faint hawk's-bill nose, of the colour of hollo, “ Fishing.smack," as we shot bronze. His head was defended past them in the fog, while we could from the weather by what is tech. scarcely see the vessels at all. The nically called a south-west, pronoun- morning after this particular time to ced sow-west, cap, which is in shape which I allude, was darker than any

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