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placed-not for themselves alone, your own safety one jot more secure but for their country, and through than that of those you may be willing their country for themselves. They to doom to destruction. You yourare responsible to God and their selves form too many competitions, country for their high trust, and may and out of your class these are more they exercise it as men who must give numerous, ad infinitum, to supplant an account of their stewardship. Į you in the career of democratic make my appeal to King, Lords, and ambition. The ready way of supCommons, for they still exist in form, planting is by setting aside, nor will and I will commence with the last, your rivals be nice in the manner; as that estate from which aggression and when you fall, you will meet is universally threatened and expect- with no sympathy, but the execraed.

tions of the people as the perpetrators In addressing this body, I must of evil. preface thus. If I could help my- There is among you a Conservative self, I would not acknowledge your body; to them I need not appeal ; authority to legislate. For I must they will do their duty, and I trust remind you of facts. Your title is and believe there will be now no derived from a suicidal Parliament, trimming, no wavering among them. acknowledging its own legislatorial The rest of you are new, or Ministeincompetence and even that Par. rial Whigs. With you party is all. liament was collected by means I For how can I think you moved by must ever think unconstitutional, by any other spirit, when your acts are the basest intimidation, by before diametrically opposed to the former unheard-of exercise of ministerial published sentiments of the most influence; while the sober voice, and talented of you, and organs of your power of election in great bodies of party, and to your opinions even now the people were kept down by arm- owned in private? It is from this ed infuriated mobs. But let that pass. dream of party security I would have The same base arts have been prac- you to awake, ere by your acquiestised in your election, and too many cence in revolutionary schemes, you of you are not representatives to involve yourselves and every interest consult for the good of the whole in the country in one common ruin. community, but delegates of Politi. You hate the Tories, and your hatred cal Unions, declared to be illegal, yet wars against your interest

. It is un. left by the Whig. Ministry, for their questionably your interest, and your own party ends, in the full exercise honour is deeply concerned in it, to of their usurped power. Yet even attach yourselves as much as possible then, as a Reform Parliament, you to the Conservatives, that you may have not been established without a make available their sure aid against violation of another estate of the the enemies of the monarchy. Those realm, who, unforced, would never enemies, whom you have bitherto tahave sanctioned the law by which ken as your masters, as you have been you stand congregated; many, there. coarsely reminded by their paper fore, think that you want that consti- The Times. You have allowed them tutionally legal sanction that ought to to put the saddle on your backs, and render you a Parliament. Thus their hard bit in your mouths, and again they think your title

defective. you have not power of yourselves to But there you are in Parliament shake them off, and they can use both assembled, though many think esta- whip and spur, and boast that they blished by a tyranny, to legislate for gall your sides. But if you are disus, and we must submit.

posed to take your stand, and in sinThus constituted, I know a large cerity accept, adopt the good sense part of you to be pledged to obey and good intentions of the Conservathe dictation of societies, the leaders tives, who have really no present of which, in times of wholesome ambition to supplant you in office, Government, would have been tried, you may obtain a power, which, perhaps hanged, for treason. From though I think you ill deserve, I for such of you it would be madness to one shall rejoice to see in your expect any thing good; a waste of hands. words to remonstrate. You are, how- You are fully forewarned as to the ever, miserably deceived, if you think dangerous points to which you will be urged. Against all of these

you these consequences. I say, simply, must make a resolute stand. They look to the titles of your estates. I are the downfall of the Church, the know it is a doctrine you have long abrogation of the CornLaws, sacrifice encouraged, that the property of the of the Colonies, destruction of Cor- Church is public property, and may porations, and the Ballot.

therefore be resumed. You may use With the downfall of the Church, this doctrine, in your enmity, to raise you must know, there will be an end a cry against, and intimidate the to the Monarchy,and it is for that very clergy, who have always conscientiend that it is urged upon you by the ously opposed you, but you do not, destructive Republicans. With the and cannot believe, that it has any degradation of the Church, will be foundation of truth or justice. the degradation of the_Monarchy, You know that tithes and other and of the Peerage; and England, for Church property were never a grant a time, however unfit for the change, from Parliament, and, therefore, canwill be a republic, and perhaps, as not be resumed.. Force may usurp, such, wholly and entirely such, for seize, but not resume what it never a short period, more strong and gave. Such property were grants sound than a justly limited monar- to the clergy by the original propriechy mutilated; and this will recon- tors of the lands; have been acknowcile many friends of the Monarchy ledged, sanctioned, and protected by to that change. But this, as is the the laws of Parliaments. But Parfate of all republics, that are really liaments gave them not, nor had the such, not in name but in fact, will right to give, nor can have the right be succeeded by the vilest demo- to take away. Nay, you have no cracy, ever outrageous in its bloody more right even to change this protyranny, in its time to be succeeded perty, or any part of it, for another, by a military despotism. I believe this than you have to compel Mr Coke to be the natural succession, after the to give his property to Mr Hunt, or first destruction has been effected. Mr Cobbett, or Mr Hume, because

The Church is so interwoven with it is convenient for them to have it; the general ties that bind and secure and to take in lieu thereof any other all property, that in effecting its property, or perhaps an annuity from downfall, or its degradation, you must the Funds. infringe upon the great law of pro- But there is a very large body perty, and thereby admit a principle most deeply interested in the preserthat must, if pursued, lead to con- vation of the Church in all rights fiscation; and it is important for you and privileges, whom, as the tide to consider, that you will never per- runs, it may be dangerous to injure, suade the people to a belief that this the poor. How will the cry,“ Let conduct towards the Church is not those pay the Church who want its intended as a punishment, a proscrip- offices” suit them? They now have tion, for the political opinions of the all the advantages, and they are clergy. Are you prepared to estab- many, without paying one farthing. lish such precedent, such law of pro- They have resident clergy spending scription, of punishment; and will their incomes amongst them, ready your own estates, some of them per- with their means, their example, and haps former Church plunder, and their personal attendance, who are at beld on Church tenures, which you the sick man's bedside, and then the may condemn as invalid, be safe eye of the poor man blesses the clerfrom the principle which you are gyman. You will perhaps say that you called upon to apply to the acting, mean not to effect a downfall of the the working Church?

Church; but look well, that your I say nothing of such a contem- confidence that such downfall will plated interference being an irreli- not be effected by your measures, be gious act, and in the highest degree not founded in mere conceit. Where demoralizing in its effect. You have is the necessity for the “perilous so long borne enmity to the Estab- experiment ?". Who are they who lishment, courted into hostility with demand it? Not the tithe-payers, it, and taken part with the Dis- but the city demagogues and union. senters, that you will ever remain ists, who pay nothing, and desire the either blind, or seeing, indifferent, to mischief, because they have no re.

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ligion, hate it with a deadly hatred, the law which justifies a more equaand cry “ down with it! down with ble distribution of the one, will jus. it, even to the ground !” detest the tify and demand a more equal dispure unoffending clergy, as the un- tribution of the other? Will they not just citizen who condemned to death then soon discover that aristocratic Aristides, because he was allowed wealth is injurious to the people, to be just. They know that the up- and find a precedent at hand for conrooting religion will prepare the venient mulcts ! For remember that way more surely for the democracy the whole income of the 26 Bishopthey do mean to establish. Will not rics put together is under L.165,000, the poor consider themselves rob- (it is easy to find many a two dobed with the clergy, robbed of their zen of commoners whose incomes dearest property, their rights, a word amount to more, and offer an equalof so large acceptation, and so wild- ly tangible temptation,) and that few ly misapplied by the demagogues? of these, except twelve of the best, for the diabolical attempts of the from the necessary expenses attenpress have not yet rooted religion dant on the office and station, pay from the hearts and affections of the their own expenses. But your ecoagricultural population. You say nomists attempt a nice distinction, you have no such intentions; but for which they have their secret obare you sure you are not under ject. Church property is an unfixed masters who have, and will do their property, they say; not like an estate utmost to drive you to this accom- devolving from father to children, plishment ?

but distributable among uncertain I repeat that the agricultural po- persons, therefore the public, there. pulation wish no alteration, their fore disposable for the public. Now names are used by an evil press, this principle, if admitted, will sweep town demagogues, some designing all corporation funds, all charitable dissenters and unionists ; but collect funds for uncertain persons, into the wishes of farmers and agricul- those rapacious hands. The estates tural labourers fairly, and I am con- bequeathed for alms-houses for the fident you will find they demand no poor must then be confiscated, and change,—that they dread and fear it; University foundations. and well they may, for they will be But Church property is magnified the greatest sufferers. The labourer into a mine of wealth wherewith to says, “ I pay nothing for my church, pay the national debt; or if that hoand have it to go to ; and the clergy- nesty can be avoided, to furnish all man is my benefactor, my friend;" expenses of government. Now the the farmer says,

“ With whom can I amount is not worth mentioning. By make a better bargain than with the calculations made from returns laid parson? I know how much more I before Parliament, it is certain that pay my landlord for lands that are in 1812, when wheat was L.12 per tithe-free, and I do not want Govern- quarter, the whole income of paroment collectors who will take the chial clergy from tithes, and land in full value."

lieu of tithes, was L.2,046,457,08.5}d. The real attack is upon religion; And in 18033, wheat at L 3, 198. 2d. and I assume that the first change per quarter, the whole income was you effect, will ultimately lead to the L.1,694,991, 6s. 7 d., and cannot be confiscation of Church property, - 80 much now. This sum divided and from that inevitably to other among the parishes would give to confiscation. When your masters, each clergyman about L.150 pera n“ the people,” falsely called, have There are 11,342 livings in obtained a Parliamentary sanction England and Wales, not four livings to their dogma that Church property worth L.4000, not thirty in all Engis public property, and you shall land worth L.2000 a-year, 4361 unhave, under their direction acting der L.150 each. upon it, made the distribution ac- The total amount of Cathedral cording to your discretion, will they property is under L.300,000, which, not find that the property of the divided among Deans and PrebenPeerage, and it may be one reason daries, would not produce L.500 afor declaring the Peerage useless, year to each. Many prebendal stalls stands in the same relation; and that are not worth any thing whatever, conferring merely honorary titles. this, and preface the act by the anSum up all these together, bishop- nulment of its fundamental article? rics, tithes, and cathedral property, But it will become you honestly and it amounts to little more than boldly to tell the people what you L.2,000,000; and if this sum was di- know to be the origin of this state of vided, unjustly abolishing Deans, and things in Ireland ? Why the Church Chapters, and Bishops, among all the is there so audaciously and systemaparishes, each clergyman would tically attacked, and how the weakbarely receive L.200 a-year.


ness or mistaken policy of GovernThen, calculate the expenses ne- ment has emboldened, and brought cessarily attendant on clerical edu. into fearful power, the priesthood cation ; that preparation without and Catholic population ? Would it which not even a poor curacy can be not be honest to tell the people from obtained, much less a living, which, your seats in Parliament, that such to many never falls, and to few be- has been the zeal and pious toil of fore thirty years of age; the expen- the Protestant clergy in Ireland, asses of an education that ensures to sisted by Protestant Education and the poor competent teachers, and Bible Societies, and the building of diffuses its kindly and polishing in churches, that the superstitions of fluence among those classes that Catholicism were yielding to the have little communication with the gospel light and spirit of truth; that higher; and you will find that the the priests became alarmed, as with clergyman, perhaps generally speak. the superstitions must fall their ing, might have purchased a better power and advantage ? Like the annuity for his money. Then again, priests of old, “ the rulers, eldin fair honesty tell the people, that if ers, and scribes," "the high priest, there be, as you say, prizes, good and as many as were of the kindthings in the Church, that they are red of the High Priest, were gathered not hereditary, but are generally, or together," and "beholding the man may in a great measure be made to healed, and standing among them, be, the rewards of the learning and they could say nothing against it;" piety of the middle and lower among and “conferred among themselves, themselves. They are not prizes in saying, what shall we do to these a chancelottery, and if they were, the men for that indeed a notable mirachances would be to the people; cle has been done by them is mani. but they are generally rewards, and fest to all, and we cannot deny it;" the necessary preparation and quali, “but that it spread no further among fication for order provides, as well the people, let us straitly threaten as human means can devise-and if them, that they speak henceforth no not, let the wisdom of the legislature more in this name; and they combe directed to that point-that those manded them not to speak at all nor on whom the prizes fall shall be fit teach in the name of Jesus.” The to receive them, and the public be- man healed was the sight they could nefit by the acceptance.

not bear, of old as now. They feared But the “Church of England” is their Dagon would fall on his face, likewise the Church in Ireland, and before the presence of the ark, with let not the predicamentof the Church the loss of head and hands. They there induce you, while you pro- knew how easily their congregations fess to maintain the integrity of the were to be inflamed; they turned them Union, to give such a precedent to from religion to politics, they preachthe Repealers for annulling it as you ed not even their traditions, but semust do, if you sanction the abroga- dition, and bloodthirsty systematic tion of the fundamental law of that villainy from the very altars; held out Union, the recognition of one and the to the poor, whom they had rendersame Church in all its rights and priced poorer and more wretched by vileges. If you are repealers for the their agitation, prospects of the posChurch, you cannot complain if others session of estates, enjoyment of proare repealers for the State. It is said perty, and directed their first attack, to be the intention of Earl Grey to as a necessary preliminary step, on bring in a bill, making it high trea- tithes, the surest defeat of their opson to propose the repeal of the ponents; and upon the Protestant Union; with what face can he do clergy, whose property was to be

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plunder, “lawful" plunder. Left suppress agitation; and the Protestant free from agitation, the mass of the seed, which has been, and will be people would be converted to the again widely scattered, will spring up Protestant faith ; no matter, then, if and give increase. This you must enagitation produce robbery, murder, courage, and the blessing of God will and cruelties that would disgrace the reward your labours ;-a contrary veriest savages. They must be irri- conduct will be your crime, and your tated by constant agitation, kept up punishment. Be not deceived- the to their execrable works by the most Churches of England and Ireland are infamous promises. The price of one. The blow that levels the one blood was proclaimed. And in this will level the other. I know that, mischief, the Catholic priesthood ultimately, the “gates of hell shall met with more than government not prevail against her.” Her temprotection; they felt encouragement. porary removal or degradation may The Protestants alone were dig- be permitted in punishment of a couraged, Bible education almost guilty nation. prohibited, the Protestant magistracy Your tyrant masters of the Unions insulted and degraded, law and the will likewise demand of you the abfear of it setaside, universal terrorism rogation of the Corn Laws-and to established; lawless perjured inso- this they will mainly be instigated lence and wickedness predominant. by two motives. They hate the aristoAnd it is to these scoundrels, with a cracy, all aristocratic distinction, and vain hope that you can reconcile will go great lengths to injure the the fiends by the sacrifice, that you great landholders in their property ; would yield up the rights and privi- they will do what they can to burleges of the Church, made one, by the then it with taxation, and reduce its bond of the Union, wito me Church value; and in their selfish and shortof England ? And you think that agi- sighted policy, they will demand tation will then cease, and that you cheap bread, simply because they do can conquer an insatiable spirit, by not grow it. They have been enyielding in part to its demands ? that couraged in their selfishness, and have you can extinguish flame by feeding been taught that they might enrich it with fuel ?

themselves by the villainous game The demon well knows his king- of “beggar my neighbour.” Knowing dom to be insecure, until there is a this system must lead to the desired

total separation from, or extinction confusion, the republicans and an. • of Protestantism.

archists have by all means promoted General plunder, perhaps general it, and dignified their impudent dogmassacre, for so it has been, may be mas with the title of philosophy. now in the schemes of the rebels. But I said, it is a selfi sband short

Infidels, anarchists, and republi- sighted policy. The manufacturer's cans, in England, will be glad to best customer is his home customer; adopt what part of the precedent in he is the safest. Effect the ruin, or Ireland suits their views, and in their curtail the means of the agriculturist, time by similar agitation, and per- the great home customer, and where haps similar results, give the last in the end will shopkeeper and mablow to our mutilated empire. The nufacturer be? The manufacturer Fiend of the Fisherman, escaping from will look in vain to markets whose real his glass case, will sweep across the interests, or compulsion of GovernChannel in his expanded volume of ments, or high duties, may keep him smoke, assume on this land some out of, and he will have either lost or new gigantic form; and then what injured his best and readiest. But power will charm him back into his this is not all. Even those classes, prison, and sink him again in the the agriculturists, will not, with the deep?

patience expected of them, suffer You have now to grapple manfully long. The operatives and manufacwith rebellion, to yield nothing; and turers have now the greatest facility you will be responsible for all the in combining against the farmer, landdreadful consequences, if you shew holder, and agricultural labourer ; further impotence, and put not forth but necessity, distrust, and engenyour insulted strength. You must dered hostility, may teach the art of secure the Catholic population from combining, and create facilities for the Catholic priesthood; you must the purpose among the latter also.

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