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“Well recited, skipper,” shouted gamated with the com Bang. “Given as the noble poet's here in his mountain verses should be given. I did not master, his slaves in a know the extent of your accomplish- him, he was once more ments; grown poetical ever since man, in externals, as h you saw Francesca Cangrejo, eh ?” at heart, and Richie

The darkness hid the gallant Cap- the Lang Toon of Kir tain's blushes, if blush he did. forth in all his glory

I say, Don Ricardo, who are hearted landlord. His those ?” – half a dozen well clad ne- hold servant was an groes had approached the house by rather a Jamaica negro this time—"Ask them, Mr Bang; take ment, so far as the d your friend Mr Cringle for an inter was concerned, was p preter.”

he would not even spe “Well, I will. Tom, who are they? but English himself. Ask them-do."

The entertainment wa I put the question, “ Do you be- ly good, the only thing long to the property ?".

we uninitiated subject The foremost, a handsome negro,

cassee of Macaca worm answered me, No, we don't, sir; worm which breeds i at least, not till to-morrow.”

trunk of the cotton-tre “ Not till to-morrow?"

little insect, as big a No, sir, Somos Caballeros hoy,thumb, with a white (“we are gentlemen to-day.”). black head--in one won

“ Gentlemen to-day; and, pray, caterpillar. what shall you be to-morrow ?" Bang fed thereon, but i

Esclavos otra ves,” (“slaves again, my compass. However, sir,”), rejoined the poor fellow, no we were having a grea ways daunted.

when Señora Campan And you, my darling,” said I to her husband—“ My d a nice well-dressed girl, who seemed now in your English me to be the sister of the spokesman, pose we must go. V “ what are you to-day, may I ask ?” at six, and it might n

She laughed —" Esclavo, a slave eight. Don Ricardo, to-day, but to-morrow I shall be complacency in the w free.''

as much as to say, you Very strange.”

dear, you may go, when Not at all, Señor; there are six est niece addressed hin of us in a family, and one of us is Tio-my uncle," s free each day, all to father there,” low silver-toned voice, pointing to an old greyheaded ne have brought our guitar gro, who stood by, leaning on his

“ Not another word staff—“he is free two days in the quoth Nweek; and as I am going to have a

means.” child,”—a cool admission,--" I want The girls in an instant to buy another day for myself too preparatory blushing, but Don Ricardo will tell you all theration, rose, slippet about it.”

and right arms through The Don by this time chimed in, bons that supported talking kindly to the poor creatures; ments, and stepped int but we had to retire, as dinner was

of the room. now announced, to which we sat « « The Moorish Ma down.

da,'” said Señora Cam Don Ricardo had been altogether nodded. Spanish in Santiago, because he lived “ You shall take F there amongst Spaniards, and every sailor's part,” said Seño thing was Spanish about him; so with ria, the youngest siste the tact of his countrymen he had “ for your voice is dually been merging into the society mine, and I shall be A in which he moved, and at length having married a very high caste Spa- ly smile, and an arch tnish lady, he became regularly amal- eye towards me, and t

“ the 8

out of the hillside, with a beautiful ging the Creole." After we had fairly

view of the whole country down to shaken into our places, there was St Jago. The accommodation was erery promise of a very pleasest ri. good; more comforts, more English sit. Our boet had a tolerable cellar, comforts, in the mansion, than I had and although there was not much of yet seen in Cuba; and as it was built style in his establishment, sti?) there of solid slabs of limestone, and was a fair allowance of comfort, roofed with strong hardwood tim- every thing considered. The erenbers and rafters, and tiled, it had ing after we arrived was most beausustained comparatively little injury, tiful. The house, situated on its white ** had the advantage of being at plateau of barbicues, as the coffee plat Ne same time sheltered by the over- forms are called, where large piles of Daciitti It stood in the middle the berries in their red cherrylike en sy platform of hard sun-dried husks had been blackening in the sza car, perd over, and as white as the whole forenoon, and on which a CÁ, werd extended about forty gang of negroes was now employed ei sa ale rares of the house, in covering them up with tarpawlings

ery are out which the coffee for the night, stood in the centre of » 11 platform was sure an amphitheatre of mountains, the unde a kisaur the greenest front box as it were, the stage part

* 12 ever seen, and oversha- opening on a bird's eye view of the Juimu she suutsime, but the distant town and harbour, with the While ir noe ves wild ererlasting ocean beyond it, the cur

rents and flaws of wind making its Irma ve bat surface look like ice, as we were too *Arhus Interno distant to discern the hearing of the

SE I ne te swell, or the motion of the billows 5. Sim. Why The fast falling shades of erening dhe 3* de Rair were aided by the sombrous shador

at any. Wy honest ar she immense tree orer head, and "**'m totams, art tht ka mans demn in the deep valley was now

sterk and undistinguishable; and the - wide, Am * mhe se rapours were gradually floating *** cand at the Deputy in the Intends us. To the left hand, on Nanda sa te the roumá a the suider of the Horseshoe Hill

the subrams still lingered, and the * IN SK Sadows of the trees on

W-*dard prong were strongly na taal virg. stim

*7the ralley on a red preIni Anda yang berk near the top of it. The


m vas ne mitte robina Rimes descending beyond the Perbe, * ? nu ant vind Wix, eshing ibrough the branches, to put a hely 97 ne vrniter had been on fire. He disapERVIS, MB di had been strade peared. It was a most lovely still Laocoon. The tree itself shor up erening--the airbut hear the skipbranchless to the uncommon height perof fifty feet; the arerage girth of the

It is the hour when from the boughs trunk being four and twenty feet, or

The nightingale's high note is heard; eight feet in diameter. The leaf of the cedar is small, not unlike the It is the hour when lovers' vows ash; but when I looked up, I noticed and gentle winds and waters near,

Seem sweet in every whisper'd word; that the feelers of this ligneous ser

Make music to the lonely ear. pent had twisted round the larger Each dower the dews have lightly wet, boughs, and blended their broad And in the sis the stars are met, jegies with those of the tree, so that And on the wave is deeper blue, it looked like two trees grafted into Ane of the ind is onder lue, one; but, as Aaron Band sand &

ini n. the bozret Eba: cien obscure, very few rean the rada: www

safe antOLTIT PT, fino's dirannen innowth being in mit garn the abs a day, puedo in pith 1870, feci, ani in by What she mus benediâ the moon 71003 h the late emhana


“Agreed,” said Juana


forth in full tide, accompanying her And serenader's mellow voice, sweet and mellow voice on that too Wailing of war, or warbling of love, much neglected instrument, the gui. Of love, while the melting maid of his tar. It was a wild, irregular sort of

choice ditty, with one or two startling aru- Leans out from her bower above. besque bursts in it. As near as may be, the following conveys the mean

“ All is soft and yielding towards night,

When blending darkness shrouds all ing, but not the poetry.

from the sight;

But chaste, chaste, is this cold, pure THE MOORISH MAID OF GRANADA.

light, FERNANDO.

Sang the Moorish maid of Granada." “The setting moon hangs over the hill; On the dark pure breast of the mountain After the song, we all applauded, lake,

and the ladies having made their Still trembles her greenish silver wake, congés, retired. The Captain and I

And the blue mist floats over the rill. looked towards Aaron Bang and Don And the cold streaks of dawning appear, Ricardo; they were tooth and nail Giving token that sunrise is near;

at something which we could not And the fast clearing east is flushing,

understand. So we wisely held our And the watery clouds are blushing ;

tongues. And the day-star is sparkling on high, • Very strange all this,” quoth Like the fire of my Anna's dark eye; The ruby-red clouds in the east

“Not at all,” said Ricardo. “As I Float like islands upon the sea,

tell you, every slave here can have When the winds are asleep on its breast;

himself or herself appraised, at any Ah, would that such calm were for me! And see the first streamer.Jike ray,

time they may choose, with liberty

to purchase their freedom day by From the unrisen god of day, Is piercing the ruby-red clouds,

day.” Shooting up like golden shrouds :

• But that would be compulsory And like silver gauze falls the shower,

manumission," quoth Bang. Leaving diamonds on bank, bush, and

“And if it be,” said Ricardo, “what bower,

then? The scheme works well here Amidst many unopened flower.

-why should it not do so there-I Why walks the dark maid of Granada ? mean with you, who have so many

advantages over us?” ANNA.

This is an unentertaining subject to “ At evening when labour is done, most people, but having no bias myAnd cool'd in the sea is the sun ;

self, I have considered it but justice And the dew sparkles clear on the rose, to insert in my log the following And the flowers are beginning to close, Jetter, which Bang, poor fellow, adWhich at nightfall again in the calm dressed to me, some years after the Their incense to God breathe in balm; time I speak of. And the bat flickers up in the sky, And the beetle hums moaningly by;

“ My Dear CRINGLE, And to rest in the brake speeds the deer, “ Since I last saw you in London, While the nightingale sings loud and clear.

it is nearly, but not quite, three years

ago. I considered at the time we “Scorched by the heat of the sun's fierce

parted, that if I lived at the rate of light, The sweetest flowers are bending most

L.3000 a year, I was not spending oneUpon their slender stems;

half of my average income, and on More faint are they than if tempest tost,

the faith of this I did plead guilty to Till they drink of the sparkling gems

my house in Park Lane, and a carThat fall from the eye of night.

riage for my wife,—and, in short, I

spent my L.3000 a year. Where am “ Hark! from lattices guitars are tinkling,

I now ? In the old shop at Mammee And though in heaven the stars are

Gully-my two eldest daughters hastwinkling,

tily ordered out, shipped, as it were, No tell-tale moon looks over the moun like two bales of goods to Jamaica tain,

-my eldest son obliged to exchange To peer at her pale cold face in the from the Light Dragoons, and to fountain ;

enter a foot regiment, receiving the

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difference, which but cleared him any slave, who is willing
from his mess accounts. But the master his fair appraiset
world says I was extravagant. Like “ Our friend * * * inj
Timon, however-No, damn Timon. himself too, a leetle by 1
I spent money when I thought I had tions. However, hear
it, and therein I did no more than pose, and what, as I ha
the Duke of Bedford, or Lord Gros- formerly, was published
venor, or many another worthy peer; rier by no less a man thar
and now I no longer have it, why, I
cut my coat by my cloth, have made

“"Scheme for the gra
up my mind to perpetual banish- tion of Slavery.
ment here, and I owe no man a far « • The following sch

demption for the slaves “ But all this is wandering from nies is akin to a practic the subject. We are now asked in vails in some of the Spa direct terms to free our slaves. I ments. will not even glance at the injustice « « We have now bisho of this demand, the horrible infraction excellent measure,) and v of rights that it would lead to; all this sume that the inferior cle I will leave untouched; but, my dear much more efficient than fellow, were men in your service or It is therefore proposed, the army to do us justice, each in his slave, on attaining the age small sphere in England, how much one years, should be, by good might you pot do us? Officers liament, competent to a of rank are, of all others, the most parish clergyman, and sig influential witnesses we could ad- sire to be appraised. 1 duce, if they, like you, have had op- man's business would the portunities of judging for them- lect two respectable appr selves. But I am rambling from my amongst his parishioners, object. You may remember our value the slave, calling in escapade into Cuba, a thousand years if they disagreed. ago, when you were a lieutenant of «* As men even of good the Firebrand. Well, you may re

mon. * : 資

7 yir. So say


will often be more or le member Don Ricardo's doctrine re- by the peculiar interests garding the gradual emancipation of to which they belong, the negroes, and how we saw his should be instructed, if I plan in full operation—at least I did, flagrant swerving from for you knew little of these matters. appraisement, to notify tł Well, last year I made a note of what his bishop, who, by app then passed, and sent it to an emi. the governor, if need w nent West India merchant in Lon- thereby rectify it. When don, who bad it published in the was thus valued, the valuat Courier, but it did not seem to please be registered by the recto either one party or the other; a sig- to be kept for that purp nal proof, one would have thought, tested copy of which sho that there was some good in it. At nually lodged amongst th a later period, I requested the same

of the colony. gentleman to have it published in “ We shall assume a ca Blackwood, where it would at least a slave is valued for L.12 have had a fair trial on its own currency. He soon, by w merits, but it was refused insertion. hours, selling the produce My very worthy friend, * * * who vision grounds, &c., acqu acted for old Kit at that time as and how easily and frequ secretary of state for colonial af- is done, every one knows, fairs, did not like it, I presume; it all acquainted with West trenched a little, it would seem, on

fairs. the integrity of his great question;

"" He then shall have it approached to something like com- pay to his owner this L pulsory manumission, about which he price of his Monday for ev does rave. Why will he not think owner shall be bound to on this subject like a Christian man? A similar sum would puro The country-I say 80-will never his freedom on Tuesday; sanction the retaining in bondage of four instalments, to use a



4. Ties 224

De I get a 434 e re BDN Time Ifer :

*Y: CENI An Tam& ser I am

Belis su sou: Liodis,
The TFICK $12) UL. DE CE
parchet in € i suz's fieren a lived side taie of
s from rr Juhe BUS

21 Terreine, a on
the awesid pead to

T 1.22 i Fork Lase, and a cz.

ribe for Errie-adů, in sice. I Tu It & Liis

sizi ar Lilla-sear. Where sa - Fri famous TUOISE SITUE, 12*: Ia ise ord shop at Virse

Ger Errezes causiers iis. Ad out is jaran de sus 12

or ordered out some as it were, er the most betro ba'es of his to Jazz son c? excheze Hi ha mi'e coil face i se recibe „Litlussardio

e a foot reisezi, receitung zže

phrase, would buy him free altoge- We returned next day to Santiago, ther. You will notice, I consider and had then to undergo the bitter: that he is already free on the Sunday. ness of parting. With me it was a Now, where is the insurmountable slight affair, but the skipper !-Howdifficulty here? The planter may be ever, I will not dwell on it. We put to inconvenience, certainly, great reached the town towards evening. inconvenience, but he has compensa- The women were ready to weep, I tion, and the slave has his freedom saw. However, we all turned in, if he deserves it; and as his emanci- and next morning at breakfast we pation nine times out of ten would were moved, I will admit--some be a work of time, he would, as he more, some less. Little Reefy, poor approached absolute freedom, be- fellow, was crying like a child; income more civilized, that is, more fit deed he was little more, being barely to be free; and as he became more fifteen. civilized, new wants would spring “Oh! Mr Cringle, I wish I had up, so that when he was finally free, never seen Miss Candalaria de los he would not be content to work a Dolores ; indeed I do.” day or two in the week for subsist. This was Don Ricardo's youngest ence merely. He would work the niece. whole six to buy many little com- " Ah, Reefy, Reefy,” said I, “ you forts, which, as a slave suddenly must make haste, and be made post, emancipated, he never would have and then'' thought of.

“ What does he call her ?” said “As the slave becomes free, I Aaron. would have his owner's allowance “ Señora Tomassa Candalaria de of provisions and clothing decrease los Dolores Gonzales y Vallejo," gradually.

blubbered out little Reefy. " " It may be objected—“ suppose " What a complicated piece of slaves partly free, to be taken in exe- machinery she must be !" gravely cution, and sold for debt." I answer, rejoined Bang. let them be so. Why cannot three T he meal was protracted to a very days of a man's labour be sold by the unusual length, but time and tide deputy-marshal as well as six ? wait for no man. We rose. Aaron

Again—" suppose the gang is Bang advanced to make his bow to mortgaged, or liable to judgments our kind hostess; he held out his against the owner of it.” I still an- hand, but she, to Aaron's great surswer, let it be so-only, in this case prise apparently, pushed it on one let the slave pay his instalments into side, and regularly closing with our court, in place of paying them to his friend, hugged him in right earnest. owners, and let him apply to his rec- I have before mentioned, that she tor for information in such a case. was a very small woman; so, as the

««By the register I would have devil would have it, the golden pin kept, every one could at once see in her hair was thrust into Aaron's what property an owner had in his eye, which made him jump back, gang-that is, how many were ac- wherein he lost his balance, and tually slaves, and how many were away he went, dragging Madama in progress of becoming free. Thus Campana down on the top of him. well-disposed and industrious slaves However, none of us could laugh would soon become freemen. But now; we parted, jumped into our the idle and worthless would still boat, and proceeded straight to the continue slaves, and why the devil anchorage, where three British mershouldn't they?

chantmen were by this time riding “*(Signed) A. BY " all ready for sea. We got on board.

“ Mr Yerk,” said the Captain, “ fire There does seem to be a rough, a gun, and hoist blue Peter at the yet vigorous sound sense in all this. fore. Loose the foretopsail.” The But I take leave of the subject, masters came on board for their inwhich I do not profess to under- structions; we passed but a melanstand, only I am willing to bear wit. choly evening of it, and next mornness in favour of my old friends, so ing I took my last look of Santiago far as I can, conscientiously. de Cuba

The Cæsars.




The three next Emperors, Caligu. rate, and more unnatural la, Claudius, and Nero, were the last human heart could conce princes who had any connexion by us, by way of example, tal blood * with the Julian house. In chapter from the diabolic ). Nero, the sixth Emperor, expired the ligula : In what way did he last of the Cæsars, who was such in nearest and tenderest fen reality. These three were also the nexions ? His mother had first in that long line of monsters, tured and murdered by an who, at different times, under the rant almost as fiendish as title of Cæsars, dishonoured huma- She was happily removed nity more memorably than was pose cruelty. Disdaining, hower sible, except in the cases of those (if knowledge any connexion any such can be named) who have blood of so obscure a man abused the same enormous powers pa, he publicly gave out tha in times of the same civility, and in ther was indeed the daugh defiance of the same general illumi- lia, but by an incestuous c nation. But for them it is a fact, with her father Augustus. that some crimes, which now stain sisters he debauched. O the page of history, would have been and her he canonized; t accounted fabulous dreams of im two he prostituted to the pure romancers, taxing their extra- his own attendants. Of his vagant imaginations to create com would be hard to say whe binations of wickedness more hide were first sought and won w ous than civilized men would tole- circumstances of injury and

L:[noy Tiny LITT
Trore: roster mi mi r * madergo the bitter-

Tazad sert dar to Santiago, the oth SIDOTT. Art. With me it was a Waves v ** sumiu sie se bori se skipper:—How

7. ker. Te me mr je pre ID Creil on it. We pou no: 14P PAC De tous waards erening, bum. Wir bloom The Fou were ready to weep, I

7. mn[ ] 1. het aan v. E: Tetes, re a turned in, de LEKE 15 Fe De der bare a breakfast we TL Late TPE TPU Tee DeedI admit-some * I TIO . De Fiebe Dirt satse les Little Reefs, poor Trajad 21'ize S de fer, Toaste a child; in. rione C JE DI crec de este core, being barely » De somme : EDC = bere bere Event CT3PC D-* FIL:

* ! M: Cizre, I wish I had L 21.4 be bt vil tiree, Dere seen Vs Cazadoria de las DE FLÉ DNI de riezt in a Daines; indeed I do." GET TU + Fact or best This was Doa Ricardo's youngest Die eet, He woud mark the piece Die CI 10 bar mas Eile com. * Ah. Reeks, Reeks," said !, “smu ms rud GE E more sterly rust Cake baste, and be made post, 3e ke nerer hold hate and ila"

* Zat does be call her " said ** $$ che sare becomes free, I Aaron.

zire i order's 2nce - Siara Tomcato Candelaria de Howed Curtis decrease los Dolores Gmcales y Taliejs,"

Bubbered out little Reetr. Er best erted-sppose " What a complicated piece of $*** urine, so be saker in ere machinery she must be !" grarels med süste debe." I answer, revised Bang.

om de sur Mer en tree Tbe meal was protracted to a very SITE Baru's obesiše uzesual length, but time and tide

Tana w ten ss ssl wait for no man. We rose. Aaron · 1411-C e is Benz advanced to make his bow to

our kind bostess; be held out his 123m I? bad, but ste, to Aaron's great sur *T*, de eerstae pe apparents, pushed it on one

Tarix: 120 de, and regularls closing with our

O 2 X 2 en as frond, zeved him in right earnest.
V7 bin. I bare kore mentioned, that she

Fras a very small woman; so, as the By we usar ! warise der word bare it, the golden pin fant Try one caiet at once see in her hair was thrust into Aaroa's Filmperit az Owner bad in his ere, which made him jump back,

zre is bor raat were ac- wherein be lost his balance, and que stares, and how many were awar he went, dragging Madama in progress of becoming free. Thus Campana down on the top of him. resposed and industrious slares Horerer, none of us could laugh un man become freemen.

But now; we parted, jumped into our be jetle and worthless would still boat, and proceeded straight to the cantine slares, and why the deril anchorage, where three British mershouldn't they

chantmen were by this time riding **(Signed) A. B'" all ready for sea. 'Ie got on board.

“ Mr Yerk,” said the Captain, “ fire There does seem to be a rough, a gun, and hoist blue Peter at the get rigorous sound sense in all this

. fore. Loose the foretopsail.The But I take leave of the subject, masters came on board for their inwhich I do not profess to under- structions; we passed but a melanstand, only I am willing to bear wit- choly evening of it, and next mornDess in favour of my old friends, so ing I took my last look of Santiago far as I can, conscientiously. de Cuba.

• And this was entirely by the female side. The family descent of th Cæsars is so intricate, that it is rarely understood accurately; so that it m. to state it briefly. Augustus was grand-nephew to Julius Cæsar, being t his sister's daughter. He was also, by adoption, the son of Julius. He h one child only, viz. the infamous Julia, who was brought him by his se Scribonia ; and through this Julia it was that the three princes, who suc Tiberius, claimed relationship to Augustus. On that Emperor's last mar Livia, he adopted the two sons whom she had borne to her divorced husba two noblemen, who stood in no degree of consanguinity whatever to Augu Tiberius and Drusus. Tiberius left no children ; but Drusus, the youn two brothers, by his marriage with the younger Antonia (daughter of thony), had the celebrated Germanicus, and Claudius, (afterwards Empero manicus, though adopted by his uncle Tiberius, and destined to the empirematurely. But, like Banquo, though he wore no crown, he left descendants For, by his marriage with Agrippina, a daughter of Julia's by Agrippa, (a fore grand-daughter of Augustus), he had a large family, of whom one sc the Emperor Caligula ; and one of the daughters, Agrippina the younge marriage with a Roman nobleman, became the mother of the Emperor Ner it appears that Tiberius was uncle to Claudius, Claudius was uncle to Calis gula was uncle to Nero. But it observable, that Nero and Caligula sto other degree of consanguinity to each other through their grandmothers, both daughters of Mark Anthony the Triumvir ; for the elder Antonia me grandfather of Nero; the younger Antonia (as we have stated above) mar bus, the grandfather of Caligula ; and again, by these two ladies, they were ed not only with each other, but also with the Julian house, for the two were daughters of Mark Anthony by Octavia, sister to Augustus.

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