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twig through the handkerchief that glee, and as they made way for me, held his bundle, and shouldered it, I could hear one fellow whisper, clapping his straw or tarpaulin hat, “There goes the little beagle.' When with a slap on the crown, on one I entered the gun-room, the first side of his head, and staggering and lieutenant, master, and purser, were swaying about under the influence sitting smoking and enjoying themof the poteen, and slapping his thigh, selves over a glass of cold grog-the as he bent double, laughing like to gunner taking the watch on decksplit himself, till the water ran over the doctor was piping any thing but his cheeks from his drunken half- mellifluously on the

double flageolet, shut eyes, and while jets of tobacco while the Spanish Priest, and Aidejuice were squirting in all directions. de-Camp to the General, were play

" I paid the reckoning, urging the ing at chess, and wrangling in bad party to proceed all the while, and French. I could hear Mr Treenail indicating Pat Doolan's at the Cove rumbling and stumbling in his Stateas a good rendezvous; and promising room, as he accoutred himself in a to overtake them before they reached jacket similar to those of the armed Passage, I parted company at the boat's crew whom I had passed, and corner of the street, and rejoined the presently he stepped into the gunlieutenant.

room, armed also with cutlass and “ Next morning we spent in look- pistol. ing about the town. Cork is a fine “Mr Cringie, get ready to go in town-contains seventy thousand the boat with me, and bring your inhabitants, more or less—“ Safe arms with you.' in that, Tom,” quoth Aaron—" and “ I now knew whereabouts he was, three hundred thousand pigs, driven and that my Cork friends were the by herdsmen, with

grey quarry at which we aimed. I did great-coats. They are not so hand as I was ordered, and we immedisome as those in England, where ately pulled on shore, where, leathe legs are short, and tails curly; ving two strong fellows in charge of here the legs are long, the flanks the boat, with instructions to fire sharp and thin, and tails long and their pistols and shove off a couple straight.”

of boat-lengths, should any suspi“Which party do you here speak cious circumstance, indicating an atof, Tom—the pigs or grey-coated tack, take place, we separated, like a drivers ?"

pulk of Cossacks coming to the charge, “ Allons !

but without the hourah, with orders “ All classes speak with a deuced to meet before Pat Doolan's door, brogue, and worship graven images, as speedily as our legs could carry arrived at Cove to a late dinner." us. We had landed about a cable's.

“ Compendious enough this,” said length to the right of the high preciour critic. “Could they find no graven pitous bank-up which we stole in images to bow down before, except straggling parties-on which that those who had arrived at Cove to a abominable congregation of the most late dinner?”

filthy huts ever pig grunted in, is si“Nonsense,” said Wagtail,“ do get tuated, called the Holy Ground. Pat on, Aaron.” He continued

Doolan's domicile was in a little dirty “It was about half-past ten o'clock, lane, about the middle of the village. and I was preparing to turn in, when Presently ten strapping fellows, inthe master at arms called down to cluding the lieutenant, were before me,

the door, each man with his stretch“. Mr Cringle, you are wanted in er in his band. It was a very temthe gun-room.

pestuous, although moonlight night, “ I put on my jacket again, and occasionally clear, with the moonimmediately proceeded thither, and

beams at one moment sparkling on my way I noticed a group of brightly in the small ripples on the seamen, standing on the starboard filthy puddles before the door, and gangway, dressed in pea jackets, un on the gem-like water-drops that der which, by the light of a lantern, hung from the eaves of the thatched carried by one of them, I could see

roof, and lighting up the dark statuethey were all armed with pistol and like figures of the men, and casting cutlass. They appeared in great their long shadows strongly against


« Ohon a

the mud wall of the house; at an « « My good man,' said Treenail, to other, a black cloud, as it flew across the solitary mourner, I must beg her disk, cast every thing into deep leave to remove the body a bit, and shade, while the only noise we beard have the goodness to open that door.' was the hoarse dashing of the dis Door, yere honour! It's no door tant surf, rising and falling on the o' mine—and it's not opening that fitful gusts of the breeze. We tried same, that old Phil Carrol shall the door. It was fast.

busy himself wid.' ««• Surround the house, men,' said “ * Transom,' said Mr Treenail, the lieutenant, in a whisper. He quick and sharp, 'remove the body.' rapped loudly • Pat Doolan, my

It was done. man, open your door, will ye? No “Cruel heavy the old dame is, sir,

* If you don't, we shall for all her wasted appearance,' said make free to break it open, Patrick, one of the men. dear.'

“ The lieutenant now ranged the “ All this while the light of a fire, press-gang against the wall fronting or of candles, streamed through the the door, and stepping into the midjoints of the door. The threat at dle of the room, drew his pistol and length appeared to have the desired cocked it. • Messmates,' he sung effect. A poor decrepid old man un out, as if addressing the sculkers in did the bolt and let us in.

the other room, 'I know you are ree! Ohon a ree! What make you here-the house is surrounded-and all this boder for—come you to belp unless you open that door now, by us to wake poor ould Kate there, the powers, but I'llfire slap into you.' and bring you the whisky wid you ? There was a bustle, and a rumbling

"Old man, where is Pat Doolan? tumbling noise within. 'My lads, said the lieutenant.

we are now sure of our game,' sung “Gone to borrow whisky, to wake out Treenail, with great animation. ould Kate, there ;-the bowling will Sling that clumsy bench there.' begin whenever Mother Doncannon He pointed to an oaken form about and Mistress Conolly come over eight feet long, and nearly three from Middleton, and I look for dem inches thick. To produce a two-inch every minute.'

rope, and junk it into three lengths, “There was no vestige of any living and rig the battering.ram, was the thing in the miserable hovel, except work of an instant.

• One, two, the old fellow. On two low trestles, three,'- and bang the door flew in the middle of the floor, lay a cof- open, and there were our men stowfin with the lid on, on the top of ed away, each sitting on the top of which was stretched the dead body his bag, as snug as could be, although of an old emaciated woman in her looking very much like condemned grave-clothes, the quality of which thieves. We bound eight of them, was much finer than one could have and thrusting a stretcher across their expected to have seen in the midst backs, under their arms, and lashing of the surrounding squalidness. The the fins to the same by good stout face of the corpse was uncovered, lanyards, we were proceeding to the hands were crossed on the breast, stump our prisoners off to the boat, and there was a plate of salt on the when, with the innate devilry that I stomach.

have inherited, I know not how, but “An iron cresset, charged with the original sin of which has more coarse rancid oil, hung from the roof, than once nearly cost me my life, I the dull smoky red light flickering said, without addressing my superior on the dead corpse, as the breeze officer, or any one else, directly,—I streamed in through the door and should like now to scale my pistol numberless chinks in the walls, through that coffin. If I miss, I can't making the cold, rigid, sharp fea: hurt the old woman; and an eyelet tures appear to move, and glimmer, hole in the coffin itself, will only be and gibber as it were, from the an act of civility to the worms.' changing shades. Close to the head, “I am ashamed of that part of the there was a small door opening into record, Mr Bang. Pray draw your an apartment of some kind, but the pen through it." coffin was placed so near it, that one “ Pen!" said he—“why, I have could not pass between the body none at hand, Tom, and if I had, I and the door.

would not expunge it. I would leave

it in your power to satisfy your con- and we were bowling along right science, if you can do so, by draw. before it, rolling like the very devil ; ing your pen through it yourself-a but there was no moon, and although bad sentiinent, and cruel under the the stars sparkled brilliantly, yet it circumstances, Cringle-but, come was dark, and as we were the stern-' along."

most of the men-of-war, we had the “I looked towards my superior offi. task of whipping in the sluggards. cer, who answered me with a know. It was my watch on deck. A gun from ing shake of the head. I advanced, the Commodore, who shewed a while all was silent as death-the number of lights. “What is that, Mr sharp click of the pistol lock now Kennedy ?' said the Captain to the struck acutely on my own ear. I'pre. old gunner.—' The Commodore has sented, when-crash-the lid of the made the night signal for the sterncoffin, old woman and all, was dash- most ships to make more sail and ed off in an instant, the corpse flying close, sir.' We repeated the signalup in the air, and then falling heavily and stood on hailing the dullest of on the floor, rolling over and over, the merchantmen in our neighbourwhile a tall handsome fellow, in his hood to make more sail, and firing stripped flannel shirt and blue trow- a musket-shot now and then over the sers, and the sweat pouring down over more distant of them. By and by we his face in streams, sat up in the shell. saw a large West-Indiaman suddenly

"" All right,' said Mr Treenail,- haul her wind, and stand across our help him out of his berth.'

bows. “He was pinioned like the rest, and “Forward there,' sung out Mr forth with we walked them all off to Splinter, 'stand by to fire a shot at the beach. By this time there was that fellow from the boat gun if he an unusual bustle in the Holy Ground, does not bear up. What can he be and we could hear many an anathe- after 7-Sergeant Armstrong,' to a ma, curses, not loud but deep, ejacu. marine, who was standing close by lated from many a half-opened door him, in the waist ;-' get a musket, as we passed along. We reached the and fire over him. It was done, and boat, and time it was we did so, for the ship immediately bore up on her a number of stout fellows, who had course again; we now ranged alongfollowed us in a gradually increasing side of him on his larboard quarter. crowd, until they amounted to forty “'Ho, the ship, a hoy !– Hillo!' at the fewest, now nearly surround. was the reply. 'Make more sail, sir, ed us, and kept closing in. As the and run into the body of the fleet, or Jast of us jumped into the boat, they I shall fire into you; wby don't you, made a rush, so that if we had not sir, keep in the wake of the Commoshoved off with the speed of light, I dore ? No answer. think it very likely that we should “What meant you by bauling have been overpowered. However, your wind just now, sir ? we reached the ship in safety, and ““Yesh, Yesh,' at length responded the day following we weighed, and a voice from the merchantman. stood out to sea with our convoy. “Something wrong here,' said Mr

“A line-of-battle ship led-and two Splinter. • Back your maintopsail, frigates and three sloops of our class sir, and hoist a light at the peak; I were stationed on the outskirts of shall send a boat on board of you. the fleet, wbipping them in as it were. Boatswain's mate, pipe away the Notbing particular happened for crew of the jolly boat. We also three weeks. We made Madeira in backed our maintopsail, and were in fourteen days, looked in, but did not the act of lowering down the boat, anchor.”

when the officer rattled out. “Keep “Ahem, ahem,” said Aaron-su- all fast, with the boat; I can't comperb island-magnificent mountains prebend that chap's manœuvres for -white town,'-and all very fine the soul of me. He has not hove-to.' I make no doubt," as he read on. Once more we were within pistol

“ On this evening, (we had by shot of him. · Why don't you heavethis time progressed into the trades, to, sir?' All silent. and were within three hundred miles “ Presently we could perceive a of Barbadoes, the sun had set bright confusion and noise of struggling and clear, after a most beautiful day, on board; and angry voices, as if people were trying to force their could answer, a shot from the brig way up the hatchways from below; fired at the privateer, shewed she and a heavy thumping on the deck, was broad awake. Next moment and a creaking of the blocks, and Captain Deadeye hailed. Have you rattling of the cordage, while the mastered the prize crew, Mr Treemainyard was first braced one way, nail ?'—' Aye, aye, sir.'—' Then keep and then another, as if two parties your course, and keep two lights were striving for the mastery. At hoisted at your mizen peak during length a voice hailed distinctly. We the night, and blue Peter at the mainare captured by a 'A sudden topsail yardarm; when the day sharp cry, and a splash overboard, breaks, I shall haul my wind after told of some fearful deed.

the suspicious sail in your wake.' « « We are taken by a privateer, or “ Another shot, and another, from pirate,' sung out another voice. This the brig. By this the lieutenant had was followed by a heavy crunching descended to the cabin followed by blow, as when the spike of a butcher's bis people, while the merchant crew axe is driven through a bullock's once more took charge of the ship, forehead deep into the brain.

crowding sail into the body of the “ By this the captain was on deck, fleet. all hands had been called, and the “I followed him close, pistol and word had been passed to clear away cutlass in hand, and I shall never fortwo of the foremost carronades on get the scene that presented itself the starboard side, and to load them when I entered. The cabin was that with grape.

of a vessel of five hundred tons, ele« On board there-get below, all gantly fitted up; the panels were you of the English crew, as I shall filled with crimson cloth, and gold fire with grape.'

mouldings, with superb damask “The hint was now taken. The ship hangings before the stern windows at length came to the wind-we and the side berths, and brilliantly rounded to, under her lee--and an lighted up by two large swinging armed boat, with Mr Treenail, and lamps hung from the deck above, myself, and sixteen men, with cut- which were reflected from, and mullasses, were sent on board.

tiplied in, several plate glass mirrors “We jumped on deck, and at the in the panels. In the recess, wbich gangway, Mr Treenail stumbled, and in cold weather had been occupied fell over the dead body of a man, no by the stove, now stood a splendid doubt the one who had hailed last, cabinet piano, the silk corresponding with his scull cloven to the eyes, with the crimson cloth of the panels; and a broken cutlass blade sticking it was open, a Leghorn bonnet with in the gash. We were immediately a green veil, a parasol, and two long accosted by the mate, who was white gloves, as if recently pulled off, lashed down to a ringbolt close by lay on it, with the very mould of the the bits, with his hands tied at the hands in them. wrists by sharp cords, 80 tightly, “The rudder case was particularly that the blood was spouting from beautiful; it was a richly carved and beneath his nails.

gilded palm-tree, the stem painted “We have been surprised by a white, and interlaced with golden privateer schooner, sir; the lieutenant fretwork, like the lozenges of a pineof her, and twelve men, are now in apple, while the leaves spread up the cabin.'

and abroad on the roof. “Where are the rest of the crew ?' “The table was laid for supper,

“'All secured in the forecastle, with cold meat, and wine, and a except the second mate and boat- profusion of silver things, all sparkswain, the men who hailed you just ling brightly; but it was in great now; the last was knocked on the disorder, wine spilt, and glasses head, and the former was stabbed broken, and dishes with meat upset, and thrown overboard.

and knives, and forks, and spoons, “ We immediately released the scattered all about. She was evimen, eighteen in number, and armed dently one of those London West them with boarding pikes. What Indiamen, on board of which I knew vessel is that astern of us ?' said there was much splendour and great Treenail to the mate. Before he comfort. But, alas! the hand of law

less violence had been there. The overpowered with thanks, one dancaptaia lay across the table, with his cing, one crying, one laughing, and head hanging over the side of it next another praying. But, merciful Heato us, and unable to help himself, with ven! what an object met our eyes ! his hands tied behind his back, and Drawing aside the curtain that cona gag in his mouth; his face purple cealed a sofa, fitted into a recess, there from the blood running to his head, lay, more dead than alive, a tall and and the white of his eyes turned up, most beautiful girl, her head resting while his loud stertorous breathing on her left arm, her clothes dishebut too clearly indicated the rupture velled and torn, blood on her bosom, of a vessel on the brain.

and foam on her mouth, with her “ He was a stout portly man, and long dark hair loose and dishevelled, although we released him on the in- and covering the upper part of her stant, and had him bled, and threw deadly pale face, ihrough which water on his face, and did all we her wild sparkling black eyes, procould for him, he never spoke after- truding from their sockets, glanced wards, and died in half an hour. and glared with the fire of a ma

“ Four gentlemanly-looking men niac's, while her blue lips kept gibwere sitting at table, lashed to their bering an incoherent prayer one mochairs, pale and trembling, while ment, and the next imploring mercy, six of the most ruffian-looking as if she had still been in the hands scoundrels I ever beheld, stood on of those who knew not the name; the opposite side of the table in a row and anon, a low hysterical laugh fronting us, with the light from the made our very blood freeze in our lamps shining full on them. Three bosoms, which soon ended in a long of them were small, but very square dismal yell, as she rolled off the mulattoes; one was a South Ameri- couch upon the hard deck, and lay can Indian, with the square high- in a dead faint. boned visage, and long, lank, black “Alas the day! a maniac she was glossy hair of his cast. These four from that hour. She was the only had no clotbing besides their trow- daughter of the murdered master of sers, and stood with their arms the sbip, and never awoke in her unfolded, in all the calmness of despe- clouded reason, to the fearful conrate men, caught in the very fact of sciousness of her own dishonour and some horrible atrocity, wbich they her parent's death." knew shut out all bope of mercy. “ Tom," said Bang, “ that is a meThe two others were wbite French- lancholy affair, I can't read any more men, tall, bushy-whiskered, sallow of it. What followed? Tell us.” desperadoes, but still, wonderful to “ Wby the Torch captured the relate, witb, if I may so speak, the schooner, sir, and we left the privamanners of gentlemen. One of them teer's men at Barbadoes to meet their equinted, and had a hair-lip, which reward, and several of the merchant gave bim a horrible expression. They sailors were turned over to the guardwere dressed in white trowsers and ship, to prove the facts in the first shirts, yellow silk sashes round their instance, and to serve his Majesty as waists, and a sort of blue uniform jac- impressed men in the second.” kets, blue Gascon caps, with the peaks, "Ah,” said Aaron again, “ melanfrom each of which depended a large choly indeed, and but scrimp meabullion tassel, hanging down on one sure of justice to the poor ship’s side of their heads. The whole party crew. But let us get on.” had apparently made up their minds “Anchored at Carlisle Bay, Barthat resistance was vain, for their badoes.-Town seemed built of cards pistols and cutlasses, some of them -black faces-showy dresses of bloody, had all been laid on the table, the negroes—dined at Mr C-_ 's with the buts and bandles towards -capital dinner-little breeze mill us, contrasting horribly with the glite at the end of the room, that pumped tering equipage of steel, and crystal, a solution of saltpetre and water into and silver things, on the snow-white a trough of tin, perforated with small damask table-cloth. They were im- holes, below which, and exposed to mediately seized, and ironed, to which the breeze, were ranged the wine and . they submitted in silence. We next liqueurs, all in cotton bags; the wareleased the passengers, and were ter then flowed into a well, where

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