De Pontibus: A Pocket-book for Bridge Engineers

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J. Wiley & sons, 1898 - Bridges - 403 pages

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Page 165 - The compression-flanges of plate girders shall be made of the same gross section as the tension- flanges; and they shall be so stiffened laterally that the unsupported length shall never exceed twelve (12) times the width of flange.
Page 245 - Material which is to be used without annealing or further treatment is to be tested in the condition in which it comes from the rolls. When material is to be annealed or otherwise treated before use, the specimen representing such material is to be similarly treated before- testing.
Page 83 - You will also read there that we are fully aware of the fact that there is still a great deal to be learned about the treatment of schizophrenics.
Page 7 - This formula was established to suit the average practice of half a dozen of the leading bridge engineers of the United States, as given in their standard specifications, and not because the author considers that it will give truly correct percentages for impact. "In spite of all that has been said to the contrary in the past or that may be said in the future, the impact method of proportioning bridges is the only rational and scientifically practical method of designing, even if the amounts of impact...
Page 253 - Rivet holes must be accurately spaced ; the use of drift pins will be allowed only for bringing together the several parts forming a member, and they must not be driven with such force as to disturb the metal about the holes, 7.
Page 256 - ... of such equal length that, upon being piled on each other, the pins shall pass through the holes at both ends at the same time without driving.
Page 159 - The axes of all members of trusses or girders and those of lateral systems coming together at any apex of a truss or girder must intersect at a point, whenever such an arrangement is practicable ; otherwise the greatest care must be employed to ensure that all the induced stresses and bending moments caused by the eccentricity be properly provided for.
Page 261 - York upon any public building, or in any public street or place, in the performance of which accidents or injuries may happen to the person or property of another, a provision shall be inserted that the contractor shall place proper guards for the prevention of accidents, and shall put up and keep at...
Page 253 - In all cases where a steel piece in which the full strength is required has been partially heated the whole piece must be subsequently annealed. All bends in steel must be made cold, or if the degree of curvature is so great as to require heating, the whole piece must be subsequently annealed.
Page 260 - The contractor shall commence his work at such points as the engineer may direct, and shall conform to his directions as to the order of time in which the different...

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