The Epistles of Ovid, tr. into Engl. prose, with the Lat. text. and notes

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Page 166 - I do not know by the character that is given of her works, whether it is not for the benefit of mankind that they are lost. They were filled with such bewitching tenderness and rapture, that it might have been dangerous to have given them a reading.
Page ii - Prefents, fo far as may be agreeable to the Statute in that Behalf made and provided, grant unto him the faid ROBERT SMITH, his Heirs, Executors and Affigns, Our Royal Privilege and Licence, for the fole Printing and Publishing the faid Works, for the Term of Fourteen Years...
Page ii - Wardens, and Company of Stationers, are to take Notice, That due Obedience may be rendered to Our Will and Pleafure herein declared.
Page 46 - Quae venit indigne poena, dolenda venit. Nondum tantus eras, cum te contenta marito, Edita de magno flumine Nympha fui. 10 Qui nunc Priamides, adsit reverentia vero, Servus eras; servo nubere Nympha tuli.
Page ii - We being willing to give all due Encouragement to Works of this Nature...
Page ii - France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c. To all to whom thefe Prefents fhall come Greeting.
Page 50 - Non ego miror opes, nee me tua regia tangit, Nee de tot Priami dicar ut una nurus : Non tamen ut Priamus nymphae socer esse recuset, Aut Hecubae fuerim dissimulanda nurus.
Page 176 - Sit procul insano victus amore timor. Quicquid erit, melius, quam nunc erit. Aura, subito : Et mea non magnum corpora pondus habent. Tu quoque, mollis Amor, pennas suppone cadenti, Ne sim Leucadiae mortua crimen aquae. Inde chelyn Phoebo, communia munera, ponam, Et sub ea versus unus et alter erunt. " Grata lyram posui tibi, Phoebe, poetria Sappho : Cunvenit illa mihi, convenit illa tibi.
Page ii - Tranflate the fame, either in the like or any other Volume or Volumes whatfoever; or to import, buy, vend, utter or diftribute any Copies...
Page ii - Volumes whatfoever, or to import, buy, vend, utter, or diftribute, any Copies thereof, reprinted beyond the Seas, during the aforefaid Term of Fourteen Years, without the Confent and Approbation of the faitt Richard Baldwin, his Heirs, Executors, or Afligns, under their Hands arul Seals firft had and obtained, as they will anfwer the contrary at their Peril.

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