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THE late Mr. Martin died after having published one Part of the First Volume and the whole of the Second Volume of this Work, but without leaving any materials for the subsequent Parts, or any indication of their intended contents or arrangement beyond that supplied by the short Prospectus, which was originally printed as an advertisement. The present Editor intends to adhere, as nearly as possible, to the plan sketched in that Prospectus; and, accordingly, the present and subsequent Parts will constitute a Work complete in itself, and no further connected with the Parts already published, or with the future Part of the First Volume, than by such references as might be made to any other text-book. The publication of the concluding Part of the First Volume will be postponed till after the publication of the Parts intended to contain the Precedents.

The Editor trusts, that the undue proportion which the notes, in the present Part, bear to the text, will be excused by the nature of some of the Precedents, (Conditions of Sale), and by the consi




deration, that many explanations and remarks are required in the commencement of a work of this nature, which will not need to be repeated.

The Editor feels great pleasure in expressing his gratitude to the friends who have given him the use of their Precedents and assisted him with their advice. He deeply regrets that he is not permitted to mention their names; as he is well aware, that they would confer a reputation on the Work, which it cannot otherwise be expected to obtain.

6, Stone Building, Lincoln's Inn,

January 22nd, 1839.

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ERRATA AND ADDENDA. Page 11, line 11 from bottom, for " district," read “ distinct." Page 133, note (9), line 27 from top, addEx parte Storey, 2 Nev. & Per. 667." Page 134, note (r), line 5 from top, for “ 101," read 111." Page 207, note, line 11 from top, for“ Sangster," read “Sanxter,” and add

“Skeeles o. Shearley, 3 My. & Cra. 112."

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