Memoir of the mutiny at Barrackpore

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Page 35 - can be woven by no profane hand ; the Brahmin alone can twine the hallowed threads that compose it and it is done by him with the utmost solemnity, and with the addition of many mystic rites."2 It corresponds closely to the izze-kloth ; the Apache do not want people to touch these cords.
Page 45 - ... but without effect. Nothing then remained but to inflict the punishment so justly merited. The commander-inchief gave the pre-concerted signal for an attack, by a part of the force. The mutineers instantly broke and betook themselves to flight, under the fire of the troops, who attacked them ; and such an example was made, on the spot, as the infamy of the regiment merited.
Page 45 - On a receipt of a report of this by the Commanderin-Chief, His Excellency immediately adopted the necessary measures to bring those misguided men to a sense of their duty. He instantly proceeded to Barrackpore, and on the following morning, having made a disposition of the other Troops at the station, and those which had arrived during the night, the...
Page 36 - ... three times three threads ; this is folded again into three, but without any more twisting, and each end is then fastened with a knot. Such is the zennar, which being put on the left shoulder, passes to the right side, and hangs down as low as the fingers can reach.
Page 46 - Inf, including its native commissioned and non-commissioned officers to be disgraced ; directs that No. 47 be struck out of the army list, the native commissioned and non-commissioned officers to be instantly discharged the service, as totally unworthy of the confidence of government, or the name of soldiers, and that a new...
Page 46 - Governor-General in Council, in order to make known the sentiments of Government to the Native Army as fully and correctly as possible, is pleased to direct that this order shall be translated into the Hindoostanee language, and printed in the Nagree character...
Page 43 - Provisions. the Officers will be Carefull that Every Man Capable off Duty turn out on the occasion, they very probably will be all wanting, the additional Camp Guard Dismount this Evening at Retreat. A Gen'l Court Martial to set this afternoon at 1 o'Clock for the Trial of all Such Prisoners as may be Brought before them all parties and Evidences to have Notes & attend. Maj'r Posey to preside, three Capts. from Each Reg't Except Colo. Putnam's who gives four Captains as members at the hour appointed...
Page 45 - These corps had been under orders of march for some time, and had experienced some difficulty in procuring carriage ; this, however, was immediately removed, on its being brought to the notice of government, by an advance of cash to each corps, to aid the sepoys in procuring the necessary carriage...
Page 28 - The troops formed three sides of a square. The fourth side was occupied by the condemned.
Page 45 - Regiment were deputed to make a last effort to induce the mutineers, drawn up loaded, and in regular Parade order, to lay down their arms, but without effect. Nothing then remained, but to inflict the punishment so justly merited. The Commanderin-Chief gave the preconcerted signal for an attack by...

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