The Province of Burma: A Report Prepared on Behalf of the University of Chicago, Volume 1

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1907 - Burma

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Page 347 - The good and faithful ally of the British government, his majesty the King of Siam, having taken a part in the present war, will, to the fullest extent, as far as regards his majesty and his subjects, be included in the above treaty.
Page 408 - In these examinations, as in the open competition, the merit of the candidates examined will be estimated by marks, and the number set opposite to each subject denotes the greatest number of marks that can be obtained in respect of it at any one examination. The examination will be conducted by means of printed questions and written answers, and by vivā voce examination, as may be deemed necessary.
Page 279 - It is neither our aim nor desire to substitute the English language for the vernacular dialects of the country. We have always been most sensible of the importance of the use of the languages which alone are understood by the great mass of the population.
Page 99 - Act ; or (b) affecting the public debt of India, or the customs duties, or any other tax or duty for the time being in force and imposed by the .Authority of the Governor-General in Council for the general purposes of the Government of India...
Page 409 - Commissioners of their eligibility in respect of age, health, and character, shall be certified by the said Commissioners to be entitled to be appointed to the Civil Service of India, provided they shall comply with the regulations in force, at the time, for that service.
Page 95 - The Expenditure of the Revenues of India, both in India and elsewhere, shall be subject to the Control of the Secretary of State in Council, and no Grant or Appropriation of any Part of such Revenues...
Page 406 - ... prior to the grant of the Certificate of Qualification hereinafter referred to, institute such further inquiries, as they may deem necessary ; and if the result of such inquiries, in the case of any Candidate, should be unsatisfactory to them in any of the above respects, he will be ineligible for admission to the Civil Service of India, and if already selected, will be removed from the position of a Probationer.
Page 346 - ... and liquidated, upon the same principles of honour and good faith, as if hostilities had not taken place between the two nations; and no advantage shall be taken by either party, of the period that may have elapsed since the debts were incurred, or in consequence of the war; and according to the universal law of nations, it is...
Page 391 - We believe that men who have been engaged, up to one or two and twenty, in studies which have no immediate connexion with the business of any profession, and of which the effect is merely to open, to invigorate, and to enrich the mind, will generally be found, in the business of every profession, superior to men who have, at eighteen or nineteen, devoted themselves to the special studies of their calling.
Page 94 - State, to conduct the business transacted in the United Kingdom in relation to the government of and the correspondence with India...

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