The history of the French revolution, tr. with notes by F. Shoberl, Volume 5

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Page 230 - For his gallantry, he was made a knight of the Bath, rear-admiral of the blue, and appointed to the command of the inner squadron at the blockade of Cadiz.
Page 55 - brave soldiers make war and desire peace. Has not this war lasted six years ? Have we not slain men enough, and inflicted calamities enough on suffering humanity? It cries out on all sides. Europe, which had taken up arms against the French republic, has laid them down. Your nation alone is left, and yet blood is about to be spilt more abundantly than ever. This sixth campaign is announced by sinister omens. Be its issue what it may, we shall kill on either side some thousand men-, and we must come...
Page 79 - ... fat pair of cheeks, gave to his countenance a truly comic expression, in aid of which came the extraordinary arrangement of his head ; not the locks only, but the individual hairs might be counted, and they received distinguishing names from the wits of the staff — as the invincible, the redoubtable, the courageous ; and one in particular, which defied the discipline of the comb or the hand, and pertinaciously stood upright, they called the indomptable.
Page 254 - Failing to force their horses through the French squares, individuals were seen to wheel them round and rein them back on the ranks, that they might disorder them by kicking. As they became frantic with despair, they hurled at the immovable phalanxes, which they could not break, their pistols, their poniards, and their carabines.
Page 41 - The Kings of Sardinia and Naples, the Pope, and the Duke of Parma, are separated from the coalition. You have expelled the English from Leghorn, Genoa, and Corsica.
Page 247 - The people amongst whom we are going to live are Mahometans. The first article of their faith is this : " There is no God but God, and Mahomet is his prophet.
Page 247 - Mamelnftt^ that they should boast the exclusive possession of every thing that can render life agreeable ? If Egypt is their farm, let them shew the lease which God has given them of it! But God is just and merciful to the people. All the Egyptians shall be appointed to all the public situations. The most wise, the most intelligent, and the most virtuous, shall govern ; and the people shall be happy. There were formerly among you great cities, great canals, and a great commerce. What has destroyed...
Page 376 - Both were of equal age, and both, in their early career, suffered a sort of disgrace ; each was finally appointed to command first the seventeenth military division, and afterward the Army of Italy. There is in all this a curious parity of events ; but death soon ended the career of one of the young heroes. That which ought to have constituted the happiness of his life was the cause of Joubert's death ; namely, his marriage. But how could he refrain from loving the woman he espoused?
Page 265 - ... alongside to bring him off. He contrived to bind his dying parent to the mast, which had fallen into the sea, and floated off with the precious charge : he was seen after the explosion by some of the British squadron, who made the utmost efforts to save his life; but in the agitation of the waves following that dreadful event, both were swallowed up and seen uo more.
Page 255 - Such habitations bear no resemblance to our chateaux. We found it difficult to make it serve for our lodging, and to understand the distribution of the different apartments. But what...

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