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CHAPTER 1. Of the Jurisdiction of the State, and Places Ceded to

the United States.
II. Of the Legislature.
III. Of the Statutes.
IV. Of Public Reports and Documents.

V. Of the State Library and other Public Property.
VI. Of Vacant Lands, and the Granting Thereof.




1. Jurisdiction of the State of South

Carolina 2. Reciprocity as to chartered privile

ges between Georgia and South

Carolina i Pla es ceded to the United States, I

and subject to concurrent jurisdiction, viz: 1. Light-house on Middle Bay Isl.

and, in Charleston Harbor 2. Seven acres of land on North Isl.

and, Georgetown County. 3. Fort Monltrie, on Sullivan's Isl.

5. Fort Pinckney, Charleston Coun

ty. 6. Sand bank on South-east Point of

Charleston 7. Ten acres on Blythe's Point, Sam

pit River, in Georgetown

County. 8. Mustard Island, and geven acres

on St. Helena Island, Beaufort

County. 9. Five acres in Beaufort, Beaufort

County. 10. Fort Mechanic, Charleston Coun.

ty. 11. One hundred feet on Haddrell's

and, Charleston ('ounty. 4. FortJohnston Charleston County.

Point, Charleston County.

12. One acre on Otter Island, Colle! 26. Fifty feet on South Battery,
ton County; one acreon Station

Creek, and one acre on Bob's 27. Site at Mount Plea-ant, Charles.
Island, Beaufort Courty.

ton County.
13. Sites on sullivan's Island, James'! 28. Site at White Point, Charleston
Island and Shute's Folly Island, I

Charleston County.

:9. Site at Fort Point, Georg town
14. A lot on South Island, George. || County.
town County.

30. Site of land known as "Charl. s. 15. Five acres in Charleston for a

ton Club House," on Meeting Custom House.

street, in Charleston. 16. A site for light house on Morris 31. Half an acre in Columbia, corner Island, Charles on County

of Richardson and Laurel 17. Same on Thomas Island. .

18. Sites on North and South Island Sec.

Points near Georgetown, 4. Land may be purchased by l'nited
Georgetown County

States for arsenals and magi-
19. Same on Cape Island, Charleston ; zines.

5. If parties cannot agree, land to be 20. Site in Charleston, for harbor

valued. light.

6. Concurrent jurisdiction retained by 21. Site for, beacon; in range with

the State. Charles on Light House. Site ! 7. Jurisdiction ceded to the United for dåy deacon for St. Helena

States over all lands acqui ed for Sonnd, Beaufort County.

public purposes. Jurisdiction 22. Sites for beacons for Callabogue

not to vent until after acquisition Sound, Beaufort County.

of title fiom owners, and to be 21., Sités at North Edisto, Charles

concurrent with State jurisdic.
- ton (ounty.
21. Site on Hunting Island, B aufort 8. Lands exempt from State taxation.

25. Site on or near Hilton Head,

Beaufort County.





na line.

Jurisdiction of SECTION 1. That the sovereignty and jurisdiction of this State South Carolina. extends to all places within its bounds, which are hereby declared

to be as follows: North Caroli- The Northern line, beginning at a point on the sea shore, about a

mile and a quarter east of the mouth of Little River, runs in a Survey of 1785. northwest direction, sixty-four and one-half miles, to a point two

miles north west of one of the branches of Little Pee Dee River; thence Survey of 1737. in

*** in the same direction, twenty-two miles, to a stake in a meadow; Survey of 1764. thence, in a direction due west, a distance of sixty-two miles, to a

point where the said line intersects the Charleston road, (at sixty. Gov. swain; i, one miles,) near the Waxhaw Creek; thence along the line extend409; 1815, 1, 420.

ing from this point to the Tryon Mountain ; thence, from a stone set up and marked “S. C. and N. C., September 15th, 1815," running west, four miles and ninety poles, to a stone marked "S. C. and N. C.;" thence South, twenty-five degrees west, one hundred and eighteen poles, to a chestnut on the top of the Ridge dividing the waters of the North Fork of Pacolet River from the waters of the North Fork of the Saluda River; thence along the various courses of the said Ridge, (agreeably to the Plat and Survey of the Commissioners and Surveyors accompanying their report, dated 22 November, 1815,) to the Ridge that divides the Saluda waters from those of Green River; thence along the various courses of the said Ridge, agreeably to the said Plat and Survey, to a stone set up where the said Ridge joins the Ridge which divides the eastern from the western waters, and which stone is marked “S. C. and N. C., September 28th, A. D. 1815;" thence along the various courses of the

Watkin's Di

Shultz v. Bank,

ver Case, U. S. S. C., 5 Wheat.,



said Ridge, agreeably to the said Plat and Survey, to a stone set up on that part of it which is intersected by the Cherokee boundary line, run in the year 1797, and which stone is marked “S. C. and N. C., 1813;" and from the said last mentioned stone, on the top of the said Ridge, at the point of intersection aforesaid, a direct line, south, sixty-eight and one-fourth degrees west, twenty miles and eleven poles, to the thirty-fifth degree of nurth latitude, at the Rock in the east bank of Chatooga River, marked “Latitude thirty-five degrees, A. D. 1813;" which line, from the termination of the line of 1772 to the Chatooga River, is, in all, a distance of twenty-four miles and one hundred and eighty-nine poles.

From the State of Georgia, South Carolina is divided by the Sa- Georgia Line. vannah River, from its entrance into the Ocean to the confluence of gest, 7377 the Tugaloo and Keowee Rivers; thence by the Tugaloo River to vention, P. L., the confluence of the Tugaloo and Chatooga Rivers ; thence by the

owo Pivoree thone by the 460; 1787, I, 411. Chatooga River to the North Carolina line aforesaid, in the thirty- vas...1422 fifth degree of north latitude, the line being low-water mark at the mo: per JohnSouthern shore of the most northern stream of said rivers where the hands us. An: middle of the rivers is broken by islands, and middle thread of the s stream where the rivers flow in one stream or volume.

374. On the East, the State is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, from Eastern bounthe mouth of the Savannah River to the Northern boundary, near Ocean. the mouth of Little River, including all the Islands.

SEC. 2. Any charter or franchise granted, or to be granted, by the State of Georgia, for the purpose of building and establishing to chart-red pribridges or ferries over the Savannah River, shall have full effect Georgia "emand within the limits and jurisdiction of the State of South Carolina, to the same extent, in all respects, as if such charter or franchise had been granted by the State of South Carolina : Provided, That the Proviso. State of Georgia do, by law, provide that equal effect be given in 1851, XII, 119. the State of Georgia to charters and franchises granted by this State; and that the legal validity and effect of a charter, granted by either of the said States for the purposes aforesaid, shall be subject to this limitation and restriction, that no such charter, from either State, shall prevent the other State from granting a charter for a bridge or ferry over the Savannah River at any place, however near the place, where a bridge or ferry is or may be established, under a charter from the other State.

Sec. 3. That, in respect to the places within the boundaries ceded Places ceded by the State to the United States, the jurisdiction of this State is States and suba concurrent with that of the United States, according to the terms of rent“ jurisdiccession in each case respectively.

tion, viz : The places ceded are as follows: 1. The light-house on Middle Bay Island, within the bar of

Original Charters S.C., Trott's


Reciprocity as

vileges between

South Carolina.

to the United

ject to concurton harbor.

Light-house on Charleston harbor, bounded, to the north, by a small inlet passirg Middle Bay Island, in Charles- between the said island and Morris Island; to the south, by an in1790, V, 148. let called the Folly Inlet; to the east, by the Atlantic Ocean; and

to the west, by a sound or creek passing between the said Middle Bay Island, and the other island aforesaid ; together with the lands and tenements thereunto belonging, and together with the jurisdiction of the same, as far as the same shall be incident and essential for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings, and the appointment of officers, and general reg. ulation of the said light-house, forts, magazines, arsenals and dockyards, in fee-simple, in as full, ample and effectual manner as the premises could be granted, aliened, transferred, conveyed and confirmed, hy any deed or devise, in que form of law; upon the special proviso and condition, nevertheless, that the said United States shall sufficiently support, maintain and keep in good repair, and rebuild, when necessary, the said light-house, from time to time, and at all times hereafter; and shall also erect, or cause to be erected, proper leading marks to and for, or as appending to, the said light-house, and cause buoys to be stationed in fit places for the further and better facilitating and securing the navigation; and that all expenses which shall accrue in, for and about the said lighthouse or the leading marks and buoys above mentioned, shall be de

frayed out of the Treasury of the United States. Seven acres of 2. Seven acres of land on North Island, in Georgetown County, annan orth butting and bounding to the eastward on the sea, to the west and

- north by lands belonging to Paul Trapier, and to the south by 1797, V, 309.

Winyaw Bay: Provided, nevertheless, That nothing contained in this cession shall be construed to exclude or prevent any process, crimi. nal or civil, issuing from any of the Courts of this State, from being served or executed within the limits of the said tract of seven acres

of land. Fort Moultrie, 3. All the lands reserved for Fort Moultrie, on Sullivan's Island, land, Charleston in Charleston County-provided the same shall not exceed five County. 1805, V, 501,

acres—with all the forts, fortifications and buildings thereon, to91.

gether with the canal leading from the cove on the back of the fort, nearly up to the same, as delineated on the plan of Charleston harbor by Col. Senf, in the Secretary of State's office at Co

lumbia. Fort Jolinston, 4. The high lands and part of the marsh belonging to Fort Ib.

:- Johnston, as delineated on the said plan of Charleston harbor

provided the same shall not exceed twenty acres-including the

present site of Fort Johnston. Fort Pinck- 5. The land on which Fort Pinckney is built, and three acres

town County.

on Sullivan's Is

Fort Jolinston, Charleston Cn.

around the same-Charleston County.

ney, Charleston.


South-east point

Blythe's Point,

in Georgetown

land, and 7 acres

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1805, V, 501.


Fort Mechan

6. A portion of the sand bank marked “C,” on the south-eastern Sand Bark, on most point of Charleston, as delineated on the said plan of Charles- of Charleston.

Ib. ton harbor, not exceeding two acres.

7. A lot, not exceeding four acres, for a battery or fort, and Ten acres on necessary buildings, on Dr. Blythe's point of land, at the mouth of Sampit River; Sampit River, Georgetown County, and a quantity of land, not ex- County ceerling six acres, on Dr. Blythe's said point of land, at the mouth Ib. of Sampit River, adjoining, and in addition to, the said four acres, and for the same purposes.

8. Mustard Island, opposite Parris' Island, in Beaufort River, Mustard Isand a tract of land on St. Helena Island, opposite the same, not on St. Helena exceeding seven acres- Beaufort County.

9. Five acres of the public lands, near the town of Beaufort, in- Five acres in cluding the site of Fort Lyttleton, Beaufort County, for the pur- be

u 1808, V, 576, § 4. pose of erecting a fort.

10. The lots or tracts of land whereon Fort Mechanic is erected, for and such other lots and parcels of land as may be considered neces- icon Charleston sary to that establishment, so soon as they shall have been conveyed is13, V, 695, & 1. by Christopher Williman and William Holmes to the United States, for all purposes necessary to the maintenance of a military post : Provided, however, That nothing in this cession shall be construed to prevent any process, civil or criminal, issuing from any of the Courts of this State, or any other competent authority, from being served or executed within the limits of the said lots or tracts of land so to be conveyed by the said Christopher Williman and William Holmes to the United States: And provided, also, That nothing contained in this cession shall be so construed as to impair the rights and privileges vested in the City Council of Charleston, under their charter of incorporation, who are hereby also authorized and empowered to relinquish their right of jurisdiction in and over the land aforesaid.

11. One hundred feet square of land, on Haddrell's Point, Charles- One hundred ton County, (conveyed by Mrs. Rebecca Bee Barksdale, for the use of the United States,) for the purpose of erecting a beacon thereon: 0

1823, VI, 220. Provided, nevertheless, That nothing contained herein shall be construed to exclude or prevent any process, civil or criminal, issuing from the Courts of this State, from being served or executed within the limits of the said cession.

12. One acre of land on Otter Island, in Colleton County, for a One acre on light-house ; one acre of land on the north side of Station Creek, Colleton Counnear St. Helena Island, in Beaufort County, for the erection of a station Creek, beacon-light; and one acre of land on Bob's Island, at the entrance Bob's Island, in of Scull Creek, in Beaufort County, for the erection of a beacon- ty ight: Provided, That the said lands, when purchased by, or vested 1837, VI, 569.

feet on Haddrell's Point, Charleston Co.

Otier Island, in

ty; one acre on

and one acre on

Beaufort Coun

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