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XXX. Of the State Orphan Asylum.
XXXI. Of the Estate of Dr. John De La Howe.




SEC. 1. County Commissioners to pro 13. Overseers to make annual return vide Poor Houses and Farms.

to Secretary of State ; nature of 2. To be Overseers of Poor House and

the return; Secretary to furnish Farm; to make rules; appoint Su

blanks. perintendent and assistants: to 14. Secretary of State to transmit ab. provide employment for inmates,

stract of returns to General As&c.; proviso; no cruel punish

sembly. ment allowed.

I 15. Commissioners to appoint, and 3. How legal settlements may be ac- , andit accounts of, a physician for quired : 1. Of married women. 2.

the poor. Of legitimate children. 3. Orille 6. Commissioners to provile hospigitimate children. 4. Of citi.

tal accommodations ; Charleston zens generally.

excepted ; proviso. 4. ('ounty Commissioners to appoint 17. Poor persins having relations able Overseers of the Poor; their

to relieve them shall have an alpowers and duties.

lowance from them. 5. County ('ommissioners may com-' 1. Commissioners to receive legacies mit to Poor House, if Overseers

given for the use of the poor; to neglect or refuse.

prosecute for recovery. 6. Overseers to care for persons of 19. Commissioners may bind out poor other places; expensey, how re

children as apprentices. covered.

20 May bind out illegitimate pauper 7. To notify Overseers of proper

children. County, and request removal. 21. To arrest illegitimate pauper chil. 8. How removed, if request not com

dren by warrant. plied with

22. Moneys due on recognizances for 9. The notice and answer may be sent maintenance of illegitimate chil. by mail: proviso.

dren to be paid to Commissioners. 10. Penalty for importing a pauper. 23. Commissioners may send all pau. 11. County Commissioners may estab.

perlunatics, idiots and epileptics lish additional Poor Farms; pro

to Asylum. viso.

21. Lame rimpotent persons brought 12. Charleston and Columbia may

into the State must procure sureprovide for their own poor', re.

ty that they will save the County spectively.

from their support.



Ilouses and Farms,

1870, VIV, 369, $1.

County Com- SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of the County Commissioners of provide Poor each County in this State, in pursuance of the authority conferred

upon them by law, to provide, as soon as practicable, in their County, such buildings as may be needed for the accommodation of the poor of said County; said buildings shall have connected with them sufficient tillable land to give employment to such persons, able

of Poor House

and Assistant ;

ment for in

No unusual punishment allow

tlements may be

to work, as may come upon the County for support; and said buildings and land shall be known as the Poor House and Farm of said County.

Sec. 2. The County Commissioners shall, until otherwise pro- To be Orerseers vided by law, be Overseers of the County Poor House and Farm, and Farm; make

rules; appoint and shall have power and authority to make all necessary rules and Sup rintendent regulations for the government of the same, and to appoint a Super- provide emplos. intendent, with such assistants as may be needed. They shall also mates, &c. have the power, and it shall be their duty, to provide such employ- 1b., ments as will be best suited to the inmates of the Poor House; and to see that every such poor person, able to work, is employed at some kind of labor; and to dispose of all articles manufactured, and all produce raised on said Farm, in such manner as may be most profitable : Provided, That the proceeds accruing from sales Proviso. of produce, from rents or other sources, shall be faithfully appropriated to the support of the poor in said County : And provided, jurther, That no unusual or cruel punishment shall ever be allowed ed. in any Poor House in this State.

SEC. 3. Legal settlements may be acquired in any County, so as How legal setto oblige such County to relieve and support the persons acquiring acquired. the same, in case they are poor and stand in need of relief, in the 1b., 370, $ 3. manner following, namely:

1st. A married woman shall follow and have the settlement of her 1. of married husband, if he has any within the State ; otherwise, her own at the time of marriage, if she then had any, shall not be lost or suspended by the marriage.

2d. Legitimate children shall follow and have the settlement of 2. Of legitimate their father, if he has any within the State, until they gain a settlement of their own ; but if he has none, they shall, in like manner, follow and have the settlement of their mother, if she has any.

30. Illegitimate children shall follow and have the settlement of 3. Of illegitimate their mother at the time of their birth, if she then has any within the State ; but neither legitimate or illegitimate children shall gain a settlement by birth in the County where they may be born, if neither of their parents then has a settlement therein.

4th. Any person of the age of twenty-one years, being a citizen of 4. Of citizens this or any other of the United States, who has lived for three successive years in any County, and who has during that time maintained himself and family, shall be held to have acquired a legal settlement therein.

SEC. 4. It shall be the duty of the County Commissioners of each County CommisCounty in this State to appoint, annuaily, one or more persons, who poir.t Overseers shall be known as the Overseers of the Poor in the County. It shall " be the duty of said Overseers to look after and care for the in





sioners to ap

of the Poor.

Ib., $ 4.

Their powers and duties.

sioners maycon

House if Over

Ib., 65.

for poor huvug

other places.

Ib., 26.


digent, old and infirm, and all other destitute persons within the limits of the County, and said Overseers shall have authority to send any poor person who may become a charge upon the County to the County Poor House, subject to such conditions as may be es

tablished by the County Commissioners. County Commis- SEC. 5. If the Overseers of the Poor of any County shall refuse mit to Poor or neglect to provide for any poor person who shall ask for relief, seers neglect, or who shall be reported to them as needing and entitled to receive

relief, it shall be the duty of the County Commissioners of said County, and they shall have the power, after investigation, either upon the complaint of the person asking relief, or upon the complaint of any resident of said County, to commit such poor person

to the County Poor House. Overseers to care Sec. 6. The Overseers of the Poor, in their respective cities or Counwettlement in ties, shall provide for the immediate comfort and relief of all persons

residing or found therein, having lawful settlements in other places, when they fall into distress and stand in need of immediate relief, and uptil they are removed to the city or County of their lawful settlement; the expenses whereof, incurred within three months next

before notice is given to the place to be charged, as also of their Expenses-how removal, or burial, in case of their death, may be recovered by the

city or County incurring the same, against the city or County liable therefor, in an action at law, to be instituted within two years after

the cause of action arises, but not otherwise. Tu notify Over. Sec. 7. The Overseers of the Poor of any city or County may County, and re- send a written notification, stating the facts relating to any person

- actually become chargeable thereto, to one or more of the Overseers Ib., 371, $7.

of the city or County where his settlement is supposed to be, and requesting them to remove him, which they may do by a written order, directed to any person therein designated, who may execute

the same. How removed if Sec. 8. If such removal is not effected by the last mentioned compliet with. Overseers within one month after receiving the notice, they shall,

within the said one month, send to one or more of the Overseers, requesting such removal, a written answer, signed by one or more of them, stating therein their objections to the removal; and if they fail to do so, the Overseers who requested the removal may cause the pauper to be removed to the city or County of his supposed settlement by a written order, directed to any person therein designated, who may execute the same; and the Overseers of the city or County to which the pauper is so sent shall receive and provide for him; and such city or County shall be liable for the expenses of his support or removal, to be recovered in an action by the city or County incurring the same, and shall be barred from con

seers of proper

quest removal.

request is not

Ib., 28.


Ib., 2 10.

sioners may es

al Poor Houses.

testing the same question of settlement with the plaintiff in such action. Sec. 9. The notification and answer mentioned in the two preced- Notice, &c.,

may be sent by ing Sections may be sent by mail; and such notification or answer, mail. directed to the Overseer of the Poor of the city or County intended Ib., $ 9. to be so notified or answered, postage prepaid, shall be deemed a sufficient notice or answer, and shall be considered as delivered to the Overseer to whom it was directed at the time when it is received at the post office of the city or County to which it is directed, and in which the Overseer resides: Provided, That said letter of notifica tion be registered. Sec. 10. Whoever brings into and leaves any poor and indigenti. Penalty for

importing a pau. person in any city or County in this State, wherein such pauper is per. not lawfully settled, kuowing him to be poor and indigent, and with the intent to charge such city or County with his relief or support, shall forfeit a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars for each offense, to be recovered in any proper action, to the use of such city or County.

Sec. 11. The County Commissioners shall have the power, if the County Commisconvenience or necessities of their County demand it, to establish arudition. additional Poor Farms in said County: Provided, That when such “ Provisose additional Poor Farms are established, they shall be located in por- Ib., 11. tions of said County where they will be most convenient to the people at large.

Sec. 12. The city authorities of Charleston and Columbia shall Charleston and be allowed, and it shall be their duty, to provide for the care of provide for their the poor within the limits of their respective cities; and the County Ib. 12. Commissioners of Charleston and Richland Counties shall, when they levy a general poor tax for their Counties, except from the payment of the same the said cities of Charleston and Columbia : Provided, That the aforesaid authorities of the cities of Charleston and Columbia shall have made adequate provision for the support of their poor.

Sec. 13. The Overseers of the Poor of each city and County in . Overseers to this State sball, on or before the fifteenth day of October of each turn to Secre

tary of State. year, make and return to the Secretary of State a statement of the Ib., a 13. paupers in each city or County as they were during the year ending the thirtieth day of September preceding, which return shall contain true and correct answers to the following inquiries: What number of persons have been relieved or supported by your County tu (or city) during the year ending Septenıber 30th? Of those, how many have a legal settlement in your County or city? How many are foreign born? How many colored ? How many white? Have you a Poor House? What number of acres of land is attached to

Columbia may

own poor.

make annual re

Nature of return.

your Poor House? What is the present estimated value of your Poor House establishment ? Real estate? Personal? What number of persons have been supported in your Poor House during the whole or any part of the year? What is the average number supported in the Poor House? What is the average weekly cost of supporting each pauper in the Poor House? What number of persons have been inmates of your Poor House who are unable to perform any kind or amount of labor? What is the estimated value of all the labor performed by the poor in your Poor House? What was the kind and quantity of crops raised on the Poor Farms? The value of that sold? The estimated value of that retained for use on the Farm ? How many persons, including their families, have you supported out of the Poor House during the whole or a portion of the year? What is the average weekly cost of supporting each pauper out of the Poor House? How many have you aided out of the Poor House? How many have you relieved who were insane? How many who were idiots? What number of your poor, supported at the public charge, have been made dependent by intemperance in themselves ? What number by intemperance in those who ought to have been their supporters ? What is the total net cost of supporting or relieving the poor in your County or city during the year, including interest on your Poor House establishment? How many are supported in your Poor House at the present time? How many are supported out of the Poor House at the present time? How many are assisted out of the Poor House at the present time? They shall, at the same time, make correct returns of all children in such County or city, under fourteen years of age, who are supported at the public charge,

specifying therein the name, age, sex and color of each. And the Secretary to Secretary of State shall furnish County Commissioners of every

County, and the Overseers of the Poor of each city in the State, with blank forms of returns, which shall contain, in substance, the

foregoing interrogatories. Secretary to Sec. 14. The Secretary of State shall, on or before the fourth same to General Tuesday in November of each year, make out an abstract of the Ib., 372. a 14. returns made to him, together with such explanatory remarks as he

deems proper, and, through the Governor of the State, transmit the

same to the Legislature. Commissioner: Sec. 15. That the County Commissioners of the several Counties anditace unts in the State are authorized, whenever, in their judgment, it is neces. the poor. *** ** sary, to appoint one or more physicians, whose duty it shall be to Joint Res: 1- furnish medical aid to the indigent sick in their respective Counties;

and whenever accounts are rendered for the performance of such duty, the County Commissioners are hereby instructed to examine

provide blanks.

transmit tue


to appont, ind

of, physician for

tion, XIV, 421, 21.

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