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Ib., 27.



charge shall be made for receiving from his predecessor or paying

to his successor. To make return SEC. 7. That it shall be the duty of the treasurer to make an an

nual return, on oath, of the receipts and expenditures of the said estate, to the Judge of Probate of Abbeville County, which, before it is presented to the Judge of Probate, shall be inspected and approved by the Board, a copy of which return it shall be the duty of

the Judge of Probate to transmit to the succeeding Legislature. Board to keep Sec. 8. It shall moreover be the duty of the Board to cause to port to Legisla- be kept a regular record of all their proceedings, and annually to

transmit to the General Assembly a faithful transcript from the said record, for the year preceding, accompanied by a copy of the last return made by them to the Judge of Probate, and by an exhibit showing the precise situation of the estate on the first Monday in

February and the first Monday in November, next preceding. May be rc. SEC. 9. That the Court of Common Pleas for Abbeville County

- shall have power, for default in relation to the returns required by

this Chapter, or any other sufficient cause appearing to the Judge, to remove any one or more of the Trustees, or any of their successors, from the trust committed to them ; and it shall be the duty of the Judge of Probate, or the members of the delegation of Abbeville County, according as the default may be in relation to a return tu the Judge of Probate or in a return to the General Assembly, having given previous notice to the Trustees, to report to the Court at its next term any default which may occur in relation to any of the returns aforesaid ; and upon such report, or other sufficient cause, laid before him, the Solicitor attending the said Court shall proceed to procure the removal of the Trustee or Trustees complained of.


Ib., 25.



CHAPTER XXXII. Of Physicians and Apothecaries.

XXXIII. Of Quarantine.
XXXIV. Of Asiatic Cholera.




| Sec. 1. Qualification of physicians; pro

censes; to issue to those qualiTiro

fied; may charge $5 for each ex2 Upqualified practitioners not enti

amination, and $5 for each license. tled to compensation; not appli 6. Compensation for post mortem excable to dentists or mid vives.

aminations made under direction 3. Qualified practitioners may sue for

of (oroners; to report to Legisand collect their fees,

lature in cases where chemical 4. Apothecaries must obtain license of

analyses are made. State Medical College.

7. Accounts for post mortem examinaTrustees and Faculty to examine

tions to have Coroner's certificate applicants for apothecaries' li- | attached.



SECTION 1. That it shall be unlawful for any person within the Om limits of this State, who has not attended two full courses of in- of physicians. struction, and graduated at some school of medicine, either in the United States or some foreign country, or who cannot produce a certificate of qualification from some State medical society, and is not a person of good moral character, to practice medicine, or prescribe medicine or medicines, for reward or compensation, for any sick person within this State: Provided, That, in all cases, when any person has been continuously engaged in the practice of medi- 1869, XIV. 197 ; cine for a period of ten years or more, and can produce a certificate 1." to that effect, either from some physician of good standing or from three citizens, one of whom shall be qualified to administer an oath according to the laws of the State, he shall be considered to have complied with the provisions of this Chapter.

Sec. 2. In no case wherein the provisions of this Chapter shall Unqualified have been violated shall any person so violating receive a compen- to be pavd: d-nsation for services rendered : Provided, That nothing herein con- wives excepted. tained shall in any way be construed to apply to any person prac

only to any person prac. 1869, XIV, 197, ticing dentistry, or females practicing midwifery.

• 2 Hill, 411; 12

Unqualified practationers not

tists and


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Rich., 129.

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1 eet their fees.

mint obtain li. pin of State Meiical College.

to examine ap

thecaries' license


497, 2 2.

amfied prac. Sec. 3. That all persons now practicing, or who may hereafter Kile for and col- practice medicine or surgery as herein provided, shall be entitled to 1933, V I, 497,91; charge, sue for, and collect, for their services, in the same manner y Rich., 27324- as the graduates of the Medical College of South Carolina.

A potheca ries SEC. 4. That no apothecary within this State shall be permitted to cons of State vend or expose to sale any drugs or medicines without previously 1917. 11. 65.75 obtaining a license to do so from the Trustees and Faculty of the 1833, VI, 497, & 2. Medical College of the State of South Carolina.

Trustees, &c., Sec. 5. That the said Trustees and Faculty of the Medical Colplicants for apc. lege of the State of South Carolina shall have the power to exam

dcense ine any apothecary who may apply to them for a license, touching ination and to his knowledge of drugs and pharmacy, and on finding such person

qualified, shall grant such license, and shall receive therefor the sum 27-10; 1833, VI, of five dollars for each and every examination, and the sum of five

dollars for every license. Compensation Sec. 6. That the following compensation shall be allowed to any

iminutions" physician who may be called in by the County Coroner or acting rection of Coro Coroner to make a post mortem examination, and testifying thereof *To report to as an expert, to wit: Where death has resulted from violence, the

s sum of ten dollars ; when any chemical analysis is required, a sum

not exceeding fifty dollars, together with the expenses of such analy. Bee Ch. sis; and that in every case in which a physician shall be called 1851, XII, 128, to any distance beyond one mile, he shall be allowed five cents per

mile for travel: Provided, That in all cases in which chemical analysis shall be made, the physician who shall make the post mortem examination shall furnish to the County Commissioners, with

his account, a full statement of such analysis. Accounts for Sec. 7. Every account presented for service for any post mortem aminations to examination shall have the certificate of the Coroner, or Trial Juscert ficate at- tice acting as Coroner, that the services were rendered. 1Nil, XII, 129,

for post mortem

made under di

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County Commirsiours in cases Where chemical an ilyses are mele. (See Ch. XIX.)

21; 1869, XIV, 274, 22.


Accounts for post mortem ex.

have Coroner's





1. Quarantine hospital or lazaretto

on Morris Island. 2. Station of Health (fficer in Charles

ton Harbor. 3. Vessels to anchor at anchorage

ground and remain subject to regulations. Hilton Head Quarantine to include Beaufort.


4. Vessels subject to guarantine.
5. Vegsels at quarantine on tirst or

6. Infected and foreign vessels arriv.

ing after first of November to be subject to such quarantine as Health Officer prescribes. Page sengers to be vaccinated.

7. Vessels at wharves, with passen.

gers and cargo, may be ordered

to quarantine ground. 8. Vessels bound Nortb, after exami.

nation, may pass on their voyage 9. Vessels released from quarantine

to deliver permit to city authori.

ties. 10. Tessels arriving at quarantine

may return to sea. 11. Pilots to ascertain whether in com

ing vessels are subject to exami.

satior.. 12. To notify vessels so subject to pro

ceed to quarantine anchorage. 13. Duties of pilots in relation to ves.

sels under their charge, and sub

ject to quarantine. 14. Health fficer to board vessels, as

certain their condition, and re

port to municipal authorities. 15. To reside near quarantine ground;

powers. 16 MV cause arrest of persons elop.

ing from qnarantine; such elope

ment a mi demeanor. 17. Quarantined vessels distinguished. 18. Boats not to pass through range of

quar»ntined vessels or land at

quarantine ground. 19. Lighters not to unload quarantined

vessels, 2 Passengers to be maintained by

master of vessel during quaran

tine. 21. Criminal passengers may be con

fined on shore ; expense of maintenance during quarantine to be

defrayed by vessel. 72. Appeallies from Health Officer to

Board of Appeal.

23. Appeal, how made and prosecuted.
24. Health Officer may enforce orders ;

expense to be a lien on vessel
25. Misdemeanor to violate quaran-

tine regulations.
26. Governor may declare places in-

27. Duration of pestilence.
28. Vessels from infected places to be

subject to quarantine.
29. Masters neglecting or refusing to

obey Curtain regulations to be

guilty of misdemeanor.
30. To give correct information to pi-

lots; not to unloal or permit any
person but a pilot to come on
board until examined ; not to ap-

proach nearer than quarantine.
31. Penalty for violating this chapter

or disobeying Health (flicer.
82. Health Officer to be appointed by

Governor, and hold office for two
years; to keep rx cords and report

to Govornor.
33. Salary and allowance for inciden-

tal expenses.
34. “Health Officer" to mean Health

ficer or Deputies; Deputies to

be physicians.
35. Pena ty on pilot or other person

for violating the law.
36. Quarantine officers may employ

37. May fire upon vessel violating the

38. Boats, &c., to be provided at the

expense of the State.
89. Fines and forfeitures, how recoy-


Quarantine hospital or lazaretto on Morris

1869, XIV, 227,

Health Officer in


Ib., $ 2,

SECTION 1. That the Governor of the State and the Health Officer of the port of Charleston are authorized to establish, at some best point on Morris Island, to be by them selected, a quarantine hospi- Islar tal or lazaretto, together with the necessary buildings for the ac- 31. commodation of a keeper, nurses, and other attendants.

Sec. 2. The station of the Health Officer, or his deputies, shall be Statinn of at a suitable point on Sullivan's Island, or at Fort Johnson, as may Charleston bara be thought best for the expeditious boarding and examination of ha vessels arriving from all ports into the harbor of Charleston ; the location of said station to be determined upon by the Health Officer, with the approval of the Governor; and the necessary buildings shall be erected for the accommodation of the Health Officer and his deputies.

Sec. 3. The anchorage ground for vessels at quarantine at the vessels to anports of Georgetown, Charleston and Hilton Head shall be where it chor at anchol; has heretofore been, and shall be designated by buoys, to be an- me chored under the direction of the Health Officers; and every vessel subject to quarantine shall, immediately on her arrival, anchor within them, and there remain, with all persons arriving on her, Hilton Head subject to the examination and regulations imposed by law. For include Beaufort

1 7868, XIV,112, the purposes of quarantine, the port at Hilton Head shall be held 21. to include the port of Beaufort.

age ground, and remain subjet to regulations.



to quarantine.

Vessels subject Sec. 4. Vessels arriving at the ports of Georgetown, Charleston 1b., 2 2. and Hilton Head shall be subject to quarantine, as follows:

1. All vessels from any place where pestilential, contagious or infectious disease existed at the time of their departure, or which shall have arrived at such place and proceeded thence to either of said ports, or on board of which, during the voyage, any case of such disease shall have occurred, arriving between the first day of May and the first day of November, shall remain at quarantine for at least thirty days after their arrival, and at least twenty days after their cargo shall have been discharged, and shall perform such further quarantine as the Health Officers may prescribe.

2. All vessels from any place (including islands) in Asia, Africa or the Mediterranean, or from any of the West Indies, Bahama, Bermuda or Western Islands, or from any place in America, in the ordinary passage from which they pass south of Hilton Head; and all vessels on board of which, during the voyage, or while at the port of their departure, any person shall have been sick, arriving between the first day of May and the first day of November, and all vessels from a foreign port, and not embraced in the first subdivision of this Section, shall, on arrival at the quarantine ground, be subject to visitation by the Health Officers, but shall not be detained beyond the time requisite for due examination and observation, unless they shall have had on board, during the voyage, some case of infectious, contagious, or pestilential disease, in which case they shall be subject to such quarantine and regulations as the Health Officers may prescribe.

3. All vessels embraced in the foregoing provisions, which are navigated by steam, shall be subject only to such length of quarantine and regulations as the Health Officer shall enjoin, unless they shall bave had on board, during the voyage, some case of infectious, contagious, or pestilential disease, in which case they shall be sub

ject to such quarantine as the Health Officer shall prescribe. Vessels at quar

DEC. ). A
SEC. 5. All vessels and persons remaining at quarantine on the

ves antine.on erst of first day of November, shall thereafter be subject to such quarantine [b., 113, 3. and restrictions as vessels and persons arriving on and after that


Sec. 6. All vessels arriving on and after the first day of Novemforesine vessels ber, having had, during the voyage, a case of small-pos, cholera, or first November typhus, or infectious, or contagious disease, and every vessel from a such quarantine foreign port having passengers, and not hereinbefore declared subprescribes. ject to quarantine, shall, on her arrival, be anchored at quarantine ho varcirated ground, and be visited by the Health Officer, or his deputies, but 7869, XIV, 210,

shall not be detained beyond the time requisite for due examina

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Infected and foreign vessels wriving after

to he subject to

as Health Officer

Passengers to

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