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1. To proceed with and anchor his vessel at the place assigned for quarantine at the time of his arrival;

2. To submit his vessel, cargo and passengers to the examination of the Health Officer, and to furnish all necessary information to enable that officer to determine to what length of quarantine and other regulations they ought, respectively, to be subject; or,

3. To remain with his vessel at quarantine during the period assigned for the quarantine, and while at quarantine to comply with the directions and regulations prescribed by law, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or

by both such fine and imprisonment. To giva correct Sec. 30. Every master of a vessel hailed by a pilot, who shall

information to
pilots; not to
unlot or permit
any but pi'ot to

me 1. Give false information to such pilot, relative to the condition no approach of his vessel, crew or passengers, or of the health of the place or marine than places from whence he came, or refuse to give such information as 10., 117, 227. shall be lawfully required;

2. Or land any person from his vessel, or permit any person, except a pilot, to come on board of his vessel, or unlade or tranship any portion of his cargo, before his vessel shall have been visited and examined by the Health Officer ;

3. Or shall approach with his vessel nearer to the wharves in said ports than the place of quarantine to which they may be directed, shall be guilty of the like offence, and subject to the like punishment; and any person who shall land from any vessel, or unlade or tranship any portion of her cargo, under like circumstances, shall be guilty of a like offence, and subject to the like pun

ishment. Penalty for

Sec. 31. Any person who shall violate any provision of this is Chapter, or neglect or refuse to comply with the directions and

regulations which any of the Health Officers may prescribe, sball be guilty of the like offence, and be subject, for each offence, to the

like punishment. Health Oficers SEC. 32. There shall be one Health Officer at the port of George

town, one at Charleston, and one at Hilton Head, respectively, who es shall be appointed by the Governor, and who shall hold their offices

for the term of two years, unless sooner removed. Said officers shall keep a faithful record of all their doings under the provisions of this Chapter, and report the same to the Governor at the end of

each month. Salury; inciden- SEC. 33. Said Health Officer shall each receive an annual salary

-- of twelve hundred dollars, except the Health Officers at the port

of Charleston, who shall receive an annual salary of fifteen hundred

violation of this
Chuptor. &c.

Ib., % 28.

to be appointed
by Governor:
tosin of office;
to keep records

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the physicians.

or other person

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officers may em

dollars, payable quarterly, out of the Treasury of the State; and they each shall be allowed an additional sum of fifteen dollars per month, for boat hire and other incidental expenses.

SEC. 34. That wherever the words “Health Officer” occur in this “Health Officer” Chapter, they shall be understood to mean the Health Officer or his uties;" deputies deputies: Provided, That said deputies shall, in all cases, be grad- inte SIT 910.71 uates of a regular medical school.

Sec. 35. Every pilot or other person who shall bring, or attempt Penalty on pilot to bring, or cause to be brought, into any port of this State, any for violating the vessel, or the whole or any part of the crew, passengers or cargo beyond the places appointed for her examination, without such 1809: V; 398,62 vessel being examined according to law, chall forfeit and pay, the one-half to the use of the State, and the other half to the use of such person as shall sue for the same, the sum of five hundred dollars; and the pilot shall, moreover, be deprived of his branch as a pilot: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall extend to persons who may be shipwrecked.

SEC: 36. The officer or officers who may be entrusted with the Quirantire execution of the quarantine laws are authorized and directed, in ploy force. case of a violation, or attempt to violate, any of the said laws, to 1809, V, 598, & 1. board, by force of arms, any vessel used in such violation, or attempt to viola e, and to detain her and her crew and passengers.

SEC. 37. Any vessel which shall be restrained under quarantine May fire upon laws, and shall attempt to violate the same, may be fired upon, and the law. detained by force of arms.

VI, 473, 27. Sec. 38. When the Governor may deem it necessary, he shall, at Boats, &c., to the expense of the State, hire and employ boats and small craft, een and a sufficient number of able men, well armed, to be stationed 1797, V, 310, § 1. wherever he may think fit, and to act under his directions, in order to enforce obedience to the laws of this State requiring the performance of quarantine; and, also, to arm such men, if requisite, with any firearms belonging to this State.

Sec. 39. All fines and forfeitures and penalties provided by the Fines and forlaws of the State for the violation of the quarantine laws, or diso- corered.' bedience of the orders of the Governor establishing quarantine 1832, VI, 473,g 5. regulations, shall be recovered by indictment in the Court of Sessions; and all persons offending against the same, upon conviction, shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, in addition to such fines, forfeitures and penalties.


vessel violating

Ib., 23; 1832,

be pr vitrd at expense of State

fritures, how re



Sec. 1. Governor to u ake regulations to suppress.

Governor to suppress,

SECTION 1. That full power and authority is given to the Gover

nor of this State, by his proclamation, to make such regulations as, 1865, X111, 307.

in his opinion, may be necessary, in order to prevent the entrance of Asiatic cholera into this state, and to prevent the spreading of such disease in this State.



CHAPTER XXXV. Of the State Superintendent of Education.

XXXVI. Of the State Board of Education.
XXXVII. Of Text Books.
XXXVIII. Of County School Commissioners and Boards

of Examiners.
XXXIX. Of School Districts and Trustees.

XL. Of the Normal School.
XLI. Of the Agricultural College.
XLII. Of the University of South Carolina.
XLIII. Of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind.




SEO. 1. Election. Term of ofhce.

and forbid sectarian or partisan 2. T) give bond in $5,000, and gub.

books or instruction. scribe oath of omce Bond to be 6. 1o furnish blanks, &c.; to have filel with Secretary of State.

school laws, rules, &c., printed, 3. Pay and allowances.

and transmit to Commissioners 4. Duties in general.

for distribution 5. To secure uniformity in text books! 7. To collect books; annual appropri.


| Sec.
ation to purchase educational ded by law; to deliver all books,

&c.. to successor.
8. To apportion school fund annu 12. To examine teachers ; issue certi.

ficates of qualifica ion: nature of 9. To report to General Assembly at certiticate; for how long valid.

each regular session; what to 13. In case of vacancy, Governor to

10. To make statement, in report, of ! 14. Appropriation for Clerk hire; pro-
official visi's

VISO. 11. To discharge other duties provi


of office;

SECTION 1. At the general election in 1872, and every four years Election: term thereafter, a State Superintendent of Education shall be elected, in of office. the same manner as other State officers, who shall enter upon the 26."

IN71, XIV, 575, duties of his office on the first day of January succeeding his election, and continue in office till his successor is elected and qualified.

Sec. 2. He shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, give To vise bond in bond to the State of South Carolina, in the penal sum of five thou- $5.000, and take sand (5,000) dollars, with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved bond to be til d.

16., 57. by the Governor, conditioned for the faithful and impartial performance of the duties of his office; and he shall, also, at the time of giving bond, take and subscribe the oath prescribed in Section 30 of Article II of the Constitution of the State, which oath shall be endorsed upon the back of said bond, and the bond shall be filed with and preserved by the Secretary of State.

Sec. 3. He shall receive, as compensation for his services, the sum Par and allow. of twenty-five hundred (2500) dollars per annum, together with his a actual cost of transportation when traveling on public business, payable quarter-yearly out of the State Treasury.

Sec. 4. He shall have general supervision over all the common Duties in and public schools of the State; and it shall be his duty to visit ** every County in the State, for the purpose of inspecting the schools, awakening an interest favorable to the cause of education, and diffusing, as widely as possible, by public addresses and personal communication with school officers, teachers and parents, a knowledge of existing defects and of desirable improvements in the govern. ment and instruction of the schools.

Sec. 5. He shall secure uniformity in the use of text books Uniformity in throughout the common and public schools of the State, and shall text books, &c. forbid the use of sectarian or partisan books and instruction in Cnap. Xxxvii,


Ib., 28.


Ib., 570, $ 9.

Ib., § 10.

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To furnish blanks, &c. To have school laws,

SEC. 6. He shall prepare and transmit to the several County School Commissioners school registers, blank certificates, reports, and such other suitable blanks, forms and printed instructions as rules, &c., printmay be necessary to aid school officers and teachers in making their uted. reports, and carrying into full effect the various provisions of the

Ib., 2 11. school laws of this State; and shall cause the laws relating to com

book , &c.

Ib., $10.

Annual appropriation,

school fund annually.

mon schools, with such rules, regulations, forms and instructions as shall be prescribed by the Board of Education, to be printed, together with a suitable index, in pamphlet form, by the person authorized to do the State printing, at the expense of the State; and he shall cause copies of the same to be transmitted to the seve

ral County School Commissioners for distribution. To collect Sec. 7. That it shall be the duty of the State Superintendent of

Education to collect in his office such school books, apparatus, maps and charts as can be obtained without expense to the State; and also to purchase, at an expense not exceeding fifty dollars a year, rare and valuable works on education, for the benefit of teachers, authors, and others, who may wish to consult them; and the said sum is hereby annually appropriated for this purpose out of any

moneys in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated. To apportion Sec. 8. That he shall, annually, on the first day of November, or

as soon thereafter as the amount of the school fund, or any considTb., 577, § 17.

erable portion thereof, arising from the school tax or any other source, shall be collected at the Treasury, (and so on from time to time as said fund is realized at the Treasury,) apportion the same among the several School Districts of the State, in proportion to the respective number of pupils attending the public schools, and he shall certify such apportionment to the State Treasurer. He shall also certify to the Treasurer and School Commissioner of each County the amount apportioned to their County, and he shall draw his order on the State Treasurer in favor of the County Treasurer

of each County for the amount apportioned to said County. To report an- Sec. 9. That he shall make a report, through the Governor, to ral Assembly. the General Assembly, at each regular session thereof, showing:

1b)., 576, ở 15. 1st. The number of persons between the ages of six (6) and sixReport, to core teen (16) years, inclusive, residing in the State on the first day of

the last preceding October.

2d. The number of such persons in each County.
3d. The number of each sex.
4th. The number of white.
5th. The pumber of colored.

6th. The whole number of persons that attended the free common schools of the State during the year ending the thirtieth day of the last preceding September, and the number in each County that attended during the same period.

7th. The number of whites of each sex that attended, and the number of colored of each sex that attended the said schools.

8th. The number of common schools in the State.

9th. The number of pupils that studied each of the branches taught.

nually to Gene

tain what

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