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Sec. 13. At the close of the election, and within three days after Poll list and the day thereof, the Chairman of the Board of Managers, or one of ballots to be di them, who may be designated by the Board, shall deliver to the missioners of

Election at closo Commissioners of Election the poll list, and the boxes containing of election.

Ib., § 15. the ballots.

Sec. 14. The Commissioners of Election shall meet at the County to form counts seat, as provided in the last preceding Section, and shall proceed to organize, and shall form the County Board of Canvassers.

Ib., 395, ? 16. Sec. 15. They shall meet in some convenient place at the County Commissioners seat on the Tuesday next following the election, before one o'clock County sent on in the afternoon of that day. They may appoint some competent ing election; ap

point Secretary ; person as Secretary. The Chairman shall then proceed to adminis- all to quality. ter the constitutional oath to each member of the Board, as Can Iba, 8 17. vassers; and shall administer the constitutional oath to the Secretary, and the Secretary shall administer to the Chairman the same oath that he shall have administered to the other members of the Board.

Sec. 16. They shall then proceed to count the votes of the County, Votes to be and shall make such statements thereof as the nature of the election ten days.

Papers relating shall require, within ten days of the time of their first meeting as a to election to be Board of County Canvassers, and shall transmit to the Board of State Canrass, rs State Canvassers any protest, and all papers relating to the election. 16., 2 18.

Sec. 17. Duplicate statements shall be made and filed in the office states of the Clerk of the County; and, if there be no such Clerk, duly made; filed wth qualified, according to law, then in the office of the Secretary of 1b., § 19. State.

Sec. 18. They shall make separate statements of the whole num. ber of votes given in such County for Representatives in Congress ; m and separate statements of all other votes given for other officers. Person votrd for.

1b., 2 20. Such statements shall contain the names of the persons for whom such votes were given, and the number of votes given for each, which shall be written out in words at full length.

SEC. 19. There shall be prepared by the Commissioners three sep- fire separate arate lists of each statement, besides the lists to be filed in the office statements to be of the County Clerk, or Secretary of State, and each list shall be Ib., $ 21. certified to as correct, by the signatures of the Commissioners, subscribed to such certificate.

Sec. 20. After the final adjournment of the Board of County Canvassers, and within the time prescribed in Section 15 of this deposited in post Chapter, the Chairman of the Board shall deposit in the nearest post and directed. office, directed to the Governor, Secretary of State, and Comptroller 15, 222, General, (the full postage paid,) each, one of the certified copies of the statement and certificate of votes, prepared as provided in the last preceding Section.

Duplicate statempt to be

Separate state. ment of roles given for each


Returns to be

cffice, pont paid

Meeting of State

Suate Canassers

of Senate to act

('an rassers

bers to make

itement of Votes giren each candidate Voted fr.

Of the Formation and Proceedings of the Board of State Can

vassers. Sec. 21. The Secretary of State shall appoint a meeting of State Canvassero on Canvassers, to be held at his office, or some convenient place, on or of Novemès r. _ before the tenth day of November next after such general election, for Ib., § 23.

the purpose of canvassing the votes for all officers voted for at such

election. Who constitute Sec. 22. The Secretary of State, Comptroller General, Attorney

General, State Auditor, State Treasurer, Adjutant and Inspector 16., 224.

General, and the Chairman of the Committee on Privileges and
Elections of the House of Representatives, shall constitute the
State Canvassers--four of whom shall be a sufficient number to form

a Board. Wren President Sec. 23. If a majority of these officers shall be unable, or shall as one of State fail to attend, the President of the Senate, being notified by the SecIb., § 25.

- retary of State, shall attend without delay, and, with the officers

attending, shall form a Board. State Canvas. Sec. 24. The Board, when thus formed, shall, upon the certified

bon copies of the statements made by the Board of County Canvassers, a proceed to make a statement of the whole number of votes given at

o such election for the various officers, and for each of them voted for, 10., 396, § 26.

distinguishing the several Counties in which they were given. They shall certify such statements to be correct, and subscribe the same

with their proper names. Certificate de Sec. 25. They shall make and subscribe, on the proper statement, cretary of Stnte a certificate of their determination, and shall deliver the same to

16., 29. the Secretary of State. To declare what Sec. 26. Upon such statements they shall then proceed to deter

: mine and declare what persons have heen, by the greatest number

of votes, duly elected to such offices, or either of them. They shall provided for have power, and it is made their duty, to decide all cases under proConstitution. __ test or contest that may arise, when the power to do so does not, by Ib., 27.

the Constitution, reside in some other body. Power of the Sec. 27. The Board shall have power to adjourn, from day to

luth day, for a term not exceeding ten days. Ib., 30.

tion SEC. 28. That, in case of a contest of the election of Governor, of Governor may (if the General Assembly, by concurrent resolution, shall entertain

Ib., 225: Cou., the same,) the Senate and House of Representatives shall, each Art. 3, § 4.

separately, proceed to hear and determine the facts in the case, so far as they deem necessary, and decide thereon who, according to the 10th Section of Article VIII of the Constitution, is entitled to be declared elected. If the two branches of the General Assembly come to the same decision, they shall, by concurrent resolution,

livered to the See

persons elected, and to der de contested ca-es which are not


Board to adjourn

Ilow election


State to record

To furnish copy

mination to per

elected, and to

To print state. ments in public newspapers.

Ib., § 38.

of Representa.

declare who is duly elected, and entitled to enter upon and exercise the office of Governor; and such person thereupon shall, upon taking the oath prescribed in the Constitution, be inducted into office. If the two branches of the General Assembly do not come to the same decision, then a general election shall be called by the Governor, to take place in not less than sixty nor more than ninety days, at which the qualified electors shall proceed to vote for a suitable person to fill the office of Governor.

SEC. 29. The Secretary of State shall record in his office, in a Secretary of book to be kept by him for that purpose, each certified statement result of canvass and determination which shall be delivered to him by the Board of 1b., § 31. State Canvaszers, and every dissent or protest that shall have been delivered to him by a Canvasser.

Sec. 30. He shall, without delay, transmit a copy, under the of each de'er. seal of his office, of such certified determination to each person son d-clared thereby declared to be elected, and a like copy to the Governor. Govervor.

Ib., 232. Sec. 31. He shall cause a copy of such certified statements to and determinations to be printed in one or more public newspapers of this State.

Sec. 32. He shall prepare a general certificate, under the seal of a cond partit. the State, and attested by him as Secretary thereof, addressed to the cate to the House House of Representatives of the United States in that Congress for t.ves of United which any person shall have been chosen, of the due election of the Iv., 84. person so chosen at such election as Representative of this State in Congress, and shall transmit the same to the said House of Representatives at their first meeting.

Sec. 33. The Secretary of State shall enter in a book, to be kept Secretary of in his office, the names of the respective County officers elected in this State, specifying the Counties for which they were severally off

Ib., 397, 2 3.3. elected, and their place of residence, the office for which they were respectively elected, and their term of office.

SEC. 34. If any officer on whom any duty is enjoined in this Punishment of Chapter shall be guilty of any willful neglect of such duty, or of neglect or of any corrupt conduct in the execution of the same, and be thereof convicted, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding one year.

Sec. 35. The Commissioners of Election shall receive, for their compensation, three dollars per day for their services, while actually of Election to employed, and ten cents per mile for necessary travel ; and the day, ani ten Managers shall receive two dollars per day while actually em- for travel; Manployed, and ten ceuts per mile for necessary travel; and the Clerks same. of the Commissioners, and the Clerks of the Managers, respectively, Ib., & shall receive two dollars per day while actually employed: Pro


State to keep a record of Coty officers.

e officer guilty of

corupt conduct.

Ib., 236.





cents per mile

ager $2; Clerks

vided, No Commissioner of Election shall receive pay for more than ten days, and no Manager or Clerk for more than three days.





I SEO. of the Election of Representatives in for defeating due delivery of cerCongress.


11. Punishment for neglect or corrupt 1. Division of State into four Con.

conduct on part of officers or gressional Districts.

Managers. 2. Earh District to elect one member 12. Compensation of Messengers. of Congress.

Of the Formation and Proceedings of Of the Election of Electors of President

the College of Electors. and Vice President.

13. Meeting of the Electoral College; 3. Electois of President and Vice

vacancies to be filledl. President, how chosen.

14. To choose l’resident and Secretary. 4. Certified copies of statement of 15. Duties of Secretary of State. votes to be made.

16. Vote by ballot. 5. Messengers to deliver statement to l 17. Certified lists of candidates voted Secretary of State.

for. 6. Meeting of the Board of State Can. 18. Appoint a Messenger to deliver vasser

lists. 7. Statement of Board.

19. Where to be delivere l. S, Certificates by Secretary of State. 2). Duplicate copies to be forwarded 9. Determination and certificate pub

by mail lished

. Compensation. 10. Penalty on Messengers and others

Of the Election of Representatives in Congress.

Division of the

Congressional Districts.

Ordinance of

Convent'n, 1868,

SECTION 1. That the State of South Carolina shall be divided Siate into four into four Congressional Districts, as follows: First Congressional

District to be composed of the Counties of Lancaster, Chesterfield, Constitntional Marlborough, Darlington, Marion, Horry, Georgetown, WilliamsXIV, 32;' 1871, burg, Sumter, Clarendon and Kershaw ; Second Congressional Dis. XIV, 696, $ 6.

trict to be composed of the Counties of Charleston, Colleton, Beaufort and Barnwell; Third Congressional District to be composed of the Counties of Orangeburg, Lexington, Richland, Newberry, Edgefield, Abbeville, Aiken and Anderson ; and the Fourth Congressional District to be composed of the Counties of Oconee, Pickens, Greenville, Laurens, Spartanburg, Union, York, Chester and Fairfield.

SEC. 2. That, until the next apportionment be made by the Conelectrone mem- gress of the United States, each of the said Congressional Districts Ordinance, 1865, shall be entitled to elect one member to represent this state in the

Congress of the United States. After such new apportionment by
Congress, the General Assembly shall divide the State into as many

Each District to

ber of Congress.

XIV, 32, $ 2.

Congressional Districts as the State is entitled to members in the
House of Representatives.



Vice President

to be made.

deliver remain

of statement to


Of the Election of Electors of President and Vice President. Sec. 3. When an election for President and Vice President of the United States occurs, there shall be elected, by general ticket, as President and many Electors of President and Vice President as this State shall how chosen.

1868, XIV, 144, be entitled to appoint; and each elector in this State shall have a 2 46. right to vote for the whole number of such Electors; and the several persons, to the number required to be chosen, having the highest number of votes, shall be declared and deemed duly appointed Electors.

Sec. 4. The Commissioners of Election of each County shall four certified make four certified copies of the statement of votes given for Elec- copies of votes tors in their Couuty, one of which copies shall be filed in the office Ib., & 17. of the Clerk of the County, if there be such Clerk duly qualified by law; another of such copies they shall forth with transmit to the Governor, another to the Secretary of State, and deliver the other as hereinafter directed.

Sec. 5. The Commissioners of Election of each County shall Messengers to appoint a messenger, and shall deliver to such messenger the re- ing certified copy maining certified copy of the statement of the votes given in their secretary of County for Electors, securely enclosed and under seal, and such Iba messenger shall proceed forth with to deliver the same to the Secre. tary of State.

Sec. 6. The Board of State Canvassers shall meet at the office of Meeting of the the Secretary of State on or before the 10th day of November next after such election-or sooner, if all the certified copies of the state. Ib., & 19. ments of the County Canvassers shall have been received from all the Counties—to canvass the votes given for the Electors of President and Vice President; and in case all the certified statements shall not have been received on that day, the Board may adjourn from day to day, until the same shall have been received, not exceeding five days; and if, at the expiration of four days, certified copies of the statements of the County Canvassers shall not have been received from any County, the Board shall proceed to canvass upon such of the said statements as shall have been received.

Sec. 7. The Board of State Canvassers shall proceed, in making s a statement of all the votes, and determining and certifying the the Board.

16., $ 50. persons elected, in the manner prescribed by law in relation to the election of other officers.

SEC. 8. The Secretary of State shall, without delay, cause a copy, Certificates under the seal of his office, of the certified determination of the Board State.

by Secretary of of State Canvassers, to be delivered to each of the persons therein Ib., į51.

Board of State

Statement of

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