Report on the Administration of the North-Western Provinces

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Page 28 - be concluded for any estate to which canal irrigation is, in the opinion of the Governor-General in Council, likely to be extended within the next twenty years, and the existing assets of which would thereby be increased in the proportion of 20 per cent.
Page 28 - no estate shall be permanently settled in which the actual cultivation amounts to less than 80 per cent, of the
Page 101 - or of the British Government shall be considered under the jurisdiction of the Railway Officers and the Government Authorities.
Page 49 - Interest on Funded and Unfunded Debt, Interest on Service Funds and other Accounts, ... Allowances, Refunds, and Drawbacks, Land Revenue, Forest, Abkaree,
Page 49 - Stationery and Printing, Political Agencies and other Foreign Services, Allowances and Assignments under Treaties and Engagements, ... Miscellaneous, Superannuations, &c.,. . . TOTAL
Page 33 - Non-Regulation Provinces, .. Small Cause Courts, Village Courts, Unpaid Local Tribunals, District Courts other than Chief Courts of Districts, Chief Courts of Districts, Superior Courts of General Jurisdiction,
Page 99 - Political Agencies and other Foreign Services, ... Allowances and Assignments under Treaties and Engagements,... Miscellaneous, ... Superannuations, &c,, TOTAL,
Page 1 - approved by the Government of India and sanctioned by the Secretary of State.
Page 99 - Telegraph, ) • Allowances to District > and Village Officers, } Administration and Public Departments, Law and Justice, ... Police, ,„ Marine. — Nil. Education, Science, and Art, Ecclesiastical, ... Medical Services, Stationery and
Page 34 - This is a difficulty which, looking to the pay and sphere of life of the pupils, and to the general state of education till within a recent period, was only to have been expected ; it is, however, within the power of the Educational Officers not to

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