Early English Poems and Lives of Saints: (with Those of the Wicked Birds Pilate and Judas.)

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Frederick James Furnivall
Philological Society, 1862 - English language - 180 pages
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Page xxix - Bot at be lewed men were aysed. If it were made in ryme couwee, Or in strangere or enterlace...
Page 35 - Ech man pat hurde of him speke: hadde of him ioye ynouj po he was of manes wit: to his vncle he gan go...
Page 162 - Bi sixty fot, als Jerom telles ; And als mikel, the tother day, Sal it sattel and wit away, And be lauer than it nou esse.
Page 93 - For in cunde of manhode ous to bugge he polede dep stronge, Ac to bileue ded, hit was age cunde of godhede, perfore he aros from depe to lyue, po he hadde ido al his dede. purf pe stronge dep, pat purf Adam we were on ibrogt...
Page 3 - ... peij man be rich of lond and lede and holdip festis ofte and lome hit nis no doute he sal be dede to jelde recning at pe dome 24.
Page 15 - Whan in helle was seint ion . patriarkes an oper mo: hit isene per scapid non . profetis pat god louid al so.
Page 2 - Hit is mi rede while pou him hast pou spen it wel pat helplich be for god. but pou nelt at pe last oper men sulle aftir pe . 16.
Page 9 - ... 45 per nis aliue so stidfast man pat per of ne sal agrise him to hide he ne can no whoder to fle in none wise 49 bot as bestis pat wer wode a-je opir to erne. her and pare for pi hi ne sul can no gode see no lond hi ne sul spare 53 pan pe dede up sal arise up har biriles forto sitte of pilk dai hi sul agrise and lok as bestis pat cun no witte III. 57 pe prid dai pan amorow grisful hit sal be to loke of moch weping and of sorow as we fint in holi boke 61 pe sone pat nov schinip so brijt pilk dai...
Page 37 - Ladde his Abbey al in pees : fram whan he was so longe Wip pe king he was suype wel: and was al his consailler 116 Moche me spac of his godnisse: bope fur and nher Hit biful pat pe...
Page 19 - ... schond pou werist an . pat helip pi fleis and pi bone . 13 ic wol pat pou iwit wel . hit nis bote a hori felle. pat is pine owen rijt wede . bepenche pe man and hab drede. 15 man and womman vnderstond pis . be-tak euch beste his. pat ert so fair mid bi gon . linin. wollin, glouis. and schone. 17 pat pou art in hit so prute . ne sal pe leue neuer a cloute. per-for man ic pe for-bede . worldlich prude in hert and dede . 19 and lede pi lif bi godis rede . to loui god and hab drede . pat pou be gode-is...

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