A Handbook of American Private Schools (1916)

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A HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN PRIVATE SCHOOLS. Originally published in 1916. Text extracted from opening pages of book: PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Sargent Handbooks, as projected, are to be a series of volumes on Education, Travel, and subjects of general human interest, not at present adequately covered by single books. The purpose is to bring together in a convenient form trustworthy information that will give a general, all-round critical view of the subject, with no hesitancy in telling more than the conventional truths. The plan contemplates annual revisions, sparing no effort or expense in investigation and editing until a definitive form has been attained. There is need for such carefully prepared books. On many subjects there is lack of coordinated, easily accessible information that will meet modern demands. These books endeavor to give a complete orientation on each subject. Specialists would never write them. Publishers have not produced them. If prepared with sufficient care, they cannot pay in the first editions. This second edition of the Handbook of Private Schools is a complete reconstruction of the earlier one, approximating more nearly the definitive form. Much study has been given to technical features. A paper has been selected which has the advantages of compactness and opacity and that takes halftones well without reflecting the light. The new type chosen after much study with the best expert advice gives the maximum of legibility with the maximum number of words in a given space. Although claimed by its makers to be the best face cut, it has been little used because it does not run into pages fast enough to suit the usual book maker. A Handbook of American Colleges and Universities will be the second of the Series on Education. Material for this has been collecting dur ing the Past year. A Handbook on the Education of Young Children is planned to complete the trilogy on the years of adolescent education. Simultaneously with this edition appears the second of the series, A HANDBOOK OF NEW ENGLAND, a volume of 840 pages, criti cally descriptive of town and country in alt phases of human interest. Other books are planned or projected which, if well received, may eventually cover the United States. Much material has already been brought together for a Handbook of the Middle States. The return of peace and normal interests may make possible the publication of the Handbooks originally planned on travel subjects for which material was accumulated in foreign fields during ten years* A Handbook of Rome, practically ready for the press for the past two years, is intended to be a sort of laboratory manual and source booh t collated from the best that has been written on the subject during the last 2000 years. ( 6) Contents include: INTRODUCTORY PAGE. EDUCATION IN AMERICA 12. PREFACE TO SECOND EDITION 13. WHAT THEY SAY 15. EDITOR'S FOREWORD . . . 19. How THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN 20. WHY Is THE PRIVATE SCHOOL . . 23. SELECTING THE SCHOOL, THE W T HY OF THIS BOOK . . 26. AN EDUCATIONAL SERVICE BUREAU 30. HISTORY OF THE PRIVATE SCHOOL 31. CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF HISTORIC SCHOOLS 40. THE EARLY EDUCATION OF GIRLS 43. DEVELOPMENT OF THE SUMMER CAMP . 46. THE NEW SCHOOL MOVEMENT 52. THE YEAR'S ADVANCE IN EDUCATION 54. COLLEGE ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS 63. MEASURING EDXJCATIONAL RESULTS 66. RECENT EDUCATIONAL LITERATURE 72. A SELECT CLASSIFIED READING LIST 79. CRITICAL DESCRIPTION OF SCHOOLS AND SUMMER CAMPS BOYB' SCHOOLS 93. NEW KNGLAND 93. MIDDLE STATES AND MARYLAND 114. SOUTHERN STATES 134. NORTH CENTRAL STATES 139. PACIFIC COAST STATES 144. MILITARY SCHOOLS 146. GIRLS' SCHOOLS, 156. NEW ENGLAND 156. MIDDLE & TATKM AND MARYLAND

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