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soon ALso by SIMPKiN AND MARshALL, station ERs' HALL courtT; RAY, CREED LANE; RIDGw AY,
Books ELLERS AND NEwsven DERs,

sor. It is a peculiar characteristic of this Work, that every Volume is complete in itself.

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I Mouut Sinai, 56

Vernou. visit In, 138

Marat, Madame, pictures uf, 462

Museum. British,521
Musical laiiguttge, ou,731
Names, puns on, 311
Napoleon and Talleyrand, 139
National History proposed, 28, 59
Nature Undone, 331
Naval Battle, 358

Anecdotes, 517

Ned's Disaster at Epping, 223
Nelson, Lord, letter of, 517
Neva, benediction of the, 391
Newspapers, Germau, 735
North-West Passage, voyages to disco-
ver the, 47, 319.700, 7K1
North* m Lights, tbe, 523
Norway, domestic economy in, 353
Nose, a sketch, 6C6
Nubians, character of the, 55
Old Lady, the. a tale, 66
O'Meara, Mr. and the Quarterly Review.

Oranges, drama of the Three, 505
Orkneys in Pawn, the, 116
Painting, historical, in America. 621
Paintings at Waterloo Bridge, 3bJ
Paper, bad qualites of, 526
Park, Mungo, account of, 69
Paris in October, 685
Parker, the Mutineer, 517
Parody on Lord Byron, 125
Parry, Capt., second voyage of, 683,

Pawnees, human sacrifices of the, 534
Paul, Emperor, anr-cdotesof 391
Paul's, St rebuilding of. 166
Peuuie, Mr., memoir of, 403
PERIPATETIC, the. 186,219,250, 265,

Peristrcphic Views, 429
Peninsula, war of the, 515
Philosopher's Stone discovered, 527
Pilchard Fishery, 325
Plants, geography of. 475

, sexual properties of, 143

Playfair, Mr. W., memoir of, 171
Pococurante Society, song for tbe, 291
POETRY, ORIGINAL, iu every num-

Pompey's Pillar, account of the, 18
Porter, Miss, maxims by, 714
Presentiment, 571

Prison Illustrations, fill

— Recollectious, 613
Prisons m Spain, state of tbe, 100
■ , a visit to tbe, 123
Pride and Ignorauce, 508
Publications, on juvenile, 509
■, anonymous, 474
Puff, sentimental, 304
Pyramid of Ghizeh, 36
Pyrennees, sketches in the, 213
Queen's Trial, picture of the, 221
Quin, Mr., memoir of, 714
Raising of Lazarus, picture of, 174
Raleigh,Sir W..lns house, 493
Regent's Park, the, 394
Revolution, the French, anecdotes of, 98,
118, 137,150,483. See also article Bo-

, Spanish, 162

Rhymes to the Eye, 258
Richard Cceur de Lion, 466
Richardson, Dr., narrative of, 280
Richmond Hill, 276
Rings, historical account of, 473
Rio de Janeiro, description of, 538
Rossini, anecdotes of, 159
Royal Library, the, 63, 110, 192, 270,

Savary's Memoirs, 717, 721

Scene'Painting, remarks on, 812

Scolding, on, 325, 357

Scotland, national monuments in, 302

Sculpture, on, 315

Scotch Character, the, 27

Sea Spirit, the, a talc, 102

Sea Water, distillation of, 495

Sects ou the continent, 151

Self* Love, on, 140

Shakspeare's character of Byron, 719
Shakspeare's Descendants, 35
Shakspvurean Drama, on tbe, 586

. 003

Sheridau, T. Stanzas by, 311

Shaken of America, the, 60

Ships, ancient, 773

Sketches from Spain, 410, 443, 540

Slave Trade, 53, 519

Sruolensko, battle of. 506

Snakes. West Indian, 451

Snow Houses, Esquimaux, 2V)

Southeogony, '258

Spilling the Salt, on, 89

Spring, seven symptom of, 237, 294

Spy. the, 168

Stone Indians, the, 242

Straw-plat Manufactory, 297

St. Bernard, passage of the, 50

Statesmen, American, 28

Steam Naviiratlon, origin of, 15

Sunday Market at Moscow, 179

Surnames, a lyric, 765

Swallow, return of the, 303

Sweden, customs, etc., in, 374,390, 661

. literature in, 347, 363,376

Table Cloth, origin of the, 774

Tam CShanter, memoir of, 587

Taylor. Watson, Esq., pictures of, 397

Temple Bar, moek processiou to, 375

Term, cataract of, 232

Theatrical Amusements, 108


THEATRES, critical notices of the, in

every number.

Toiler, the, a tale, 315

Tophain, the strong man, 467, 468

Topographer, the, 700

Torch of Liberty, the, 289

Transparency Painting, 779

Troubadonra, aceouut of the, 466

Troubles of a Night, the,

Tread-Mill, on the, 489,

Twelfth Night, 14

Turner the Painter, 202

Tyrolese, anecdotes of the, 246

Cgly Wife, poems ou an, 30

Umbrella, introduction of the, 775

United oUUs, ecclesiastic*! history of, 90

h customs In, 434, 456

Usury, historical notice or, 378

Valencia, description of, 410

Van Os's Exhibition. 187

Varssala, wretchedness of, 301

Vase Mailt nan, the, 383

Vanxhall, account of, 428

Venetian Hones, on the, 717

Vienna, account of, 246

Viltemaint, M.. on Milton.377

■ , works of art in, 797

Volcano of Arequipa, 259

Volney refuted, 650. 701

Wake not the Dead, s tale, 469

Wales, New South, 298

Washington, anecdote of, 256

Water Colours, exhibition of, 269, 47S,

[blocks in formation]

:it on the North of Spain,593

Breuton's Naval History, 517
Brittou's Illustrations of London, 291,

Foothill, 577

Brooke's Travels through SwedeD, OOU
Burns's Songs and Ballads, 692
Butler's Remains, 659
Bvron's Hand, a Poem, 385
Barnett's Memoirs, 458

Reply to Reed, ib.

Belfrage's Monitor to Families,75T

Benger's, Miss, Life of Mary Queen of

Scots. 361

Bicknell on Reform, 7N8

Blaquiere on the Greek Confederation,


Bond's History of Looe, 32.5

Bonne's Men and Things, 389

Bristcd on Churches. 130

Bitckland's Reliquiw Diluvianss, 794

Burges's Son of Erin, 329

Burnaby's School Honrs, 649

Burrow s Summary of Faith, 149

Caius Gracchus, 741

C.i' n; in's Memoirs of Queen of France,

97, 118, 138, 149

Carbonari, the, 236

Characteristics, 503

Chateaubriand's Speech, 297

Chemical Recreations, G95.

China, Picture of,420

Churchill's Grammar, 460

Clarke's Travels, 353, 371, 390

Clara Chester, 744

Coles's Discarded Son, 408

Cullet's Relics of Literature, 116

Colombia, Description of, 197,214

Colombian Loan, ou the, 373
Cmnbe's Letters to Marianue, 616
Coin Kiev's Memoirs, 547, 581
Cornwall's Flood of Tbessaly, 213, 245
Cottle's Dartmoor, 795
Crabb'a Technological Dictionary, 213
Credit Pernicious, 123
Critics Biblica, 509
Cruise's New Zealand, 775
Daniel on the Lord's Prayer. 346
Daniel's Meteorological Essays, 026
Deacon's Innkeeper's Album, 66
December Tales, 109
Delabarre on Dentition, 250
Denmark Delineated, 657,678, 706
Ue Pinna's Music, 709
Details of the Arrest of an Englishman,


Dibdin's Sea Songs, 689
Dictionary of Quotations, 709
Don Juan! 451.552,769
Douglas's Fall of Constantinople, 321
Dubois's Letters on India, 498
Duke of Mantua, a Tragedy, 4 ID
Elmes's Life of Wren, 164,182
Empecinado, Life of the, 458
Entail, the, a Novel, 19, 39
Erskiue, Lord. Letter of,232
Esprit de Madame de Stael, 250
Etasays on Scenes in Italy, 232

■ on Liberalism. 529

Essay on Dancing, 748

Ewing's Geography, 443

Fables for the Holy Alliance, 269, 309

Fein's Manuscript,623, 647

Falearo, 810

Faux's Days in America, 433, 450

Ferdinaud VII, life of, 817

Fire Eater, 747

Fischer's Considerations on Germany,


First ArJectione. 519

Footinsn's Directory, 400

Form an on the Tides, 374

Forget me not, 691

Fosbroke's Encyciopcrdia of Antiquities,

33,1*0,200, 773.

Franklin, Captain, Narrative of, 211,259,


Friendship'sOffering, 724

Fulrlus Vatens.a Tragedy, 590

Gazetteer, General, 666

Genlis's Memoirs of M. de Bonchamps,


Ghost Stories.40".

Gordon's American Revolntion, 89

Gourgaud's Memoirs of Napoleon, I. 5;

vol. 11.401,424, 441, 708

Gray's Elements of Pharmacy, 342

Guizot oo Conspiracies, 297

Gurney's Lectures on Chemistry, 675

Guzman d' Alfarache, 649

Gweullean, ft Tale, 139

Gymnastic Exercise, 455

Hammond's Travels in RotbechitbcsOOi

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Hanuay on Usury Laws, 277

Harding's Stenography, 168

Harmonicou. the, 57

Harrison on Fruit Trees, 802

Hauberk Hall. 757

Hawkins's Anecdotes, 34

Hayleys Life. 369

Haynes's Durazzo, 273, 293

Heman's Vespers of Palermo, 801

Henniker's Visit to Egypt, 17, 36,51

Heraldic Anomalies, 311, 357

Hermit of Dumpton Care, 54

Abroad, the, 439

in Prison, 610

Herriot, George, Memoirs of, 65

Herwald de Wake, 771

Highlanders' Superstitions, 225

Highways and Byways, 145

Hill's, Mrs . Zaphna, 710

Hindoo Widows, Papers concerning,

641,664, 660

Hipperlcy, Sir J., on Tread Mill, 489

Holland, Mrs., Tale of Integrity, 236

Hogg's Perils of Women, 615

Hofderncss's Journey from Riga, 500

Hone's Ancient Mysteries, 345

Home's Stndy of the Scriptures, 89

Hone Momenta Cravens?, 762

Horticultural Journal, 136

Howltt's Forest Miustrrl, 327

Hughes on the Greek Revolution, 203

Hudson on Sweeping Chiumies, 409

Hulbcrt's Museum Africauum, 69

Hunter's Memoirs, 281

Illustrations of Scotch Novels, 292

— Qnentin

Infincnce and Example,

Inside out, 710

Ipsiboe, by Comte d'Arliucourt, 74

Irving's Orations, 483

Isabelde llarsas, 409

Isabella, a Novel, 373

Itali.i.i Wife, the. 247

Jacobs's Fall of Constantinople, 755

James's Expedition, 513, 566

Jeuuings's Lecture, 282

Jones's Blackstoue, 7131

Joplln's Political Economy, 328

Knowles's Discourses, 185

Kolli's Memoirs, 549,567

Las Cases's Journal of St. Helena, Vol. I.

1. 23, 38, 106; Vol. II. 131, 147, 166;

Vol. III. 294, 309, 3'2C; Vul. IV. 563,

583, 600.

Leibnitz. Exposition de,250

Lewis's Zclinda, 460

Liber Anions, 409

Liberal, the. No. II. 8, 20; 111.257; IV.

481 :F

Limbird's Novelist, 610

Lockhart'• Pilgrim's Tale, 773

Logan, a Novel, 282

London Lilscral, 11

London and Paris, 757

Louis XVIII., Journey of. 235

Lucubrations of Humphrey Ravelin, 87

Luiiu'a Amur Pnlria , 716

■ Hops' Jocose?, 788

Macaulcy'a, Miss, Mary Stuart, 361

Malcolm's Central India, 578,598, 613

Marshall's Naval Biography, 517

Mansion on Miniature Painting, 123

Maria, a Shaudeau Journey, 373

Masiuger's Considerations oo Europe,


May You Like It,

Maude's Legend of

M'Diarmid'a Vicar

Memoirs of a Greek

Allied Armies, 7>

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Peasants of Chamouni. 236

Pecchlo's Anecdotes of Spain, 162

Penny's Rogvald, 403

Percy Mallory, 793, 809

Percy Anecdotes, 107

Peruvian Pamphlet, the, 373

Peveril of the Peak, 49, 70

Piuna's Melodies, 493

Planche's Shere Afkun, 328

Platts's Self-Interpreting Testament, 73

Pleasures of Friendship, 203

Points of Humour, 405

of Misery, 705

Polwhcle's Traditions, 195

Poole's Byzantihm, 460

Popular Tales and Romances, 469

Portfolio, the, 203, 410,601

Porteueian Index, 696

Pilgrimage to Land of Bums, 441

Popplewell's Christian Family's Assist-
ant, 788

Praed's Lillian, 326

Prison Discipline Reports, 100

Proud Shepherd's Tragedy, 762

Public Characters of all Nations, 291

Qnentin Durward, 321, 362

Quin'sVisitto Spain. 643, 662

Rapp's Memoirs, 486, 606

Rasselas in Italian, 203

Raymond's Village Schoolmaster, 795.

Reed's Martha, 458

Reginald Dalton, 387,407

Rent's Travels in Ireland, 530

Renou's Ionian, 810

Rhndes's Peak Scenery, 609, 630

Rich and Poor, 497

Ringan Gilhaize, 305, 339 .

Reply to Rostopchin's Pamphlet, 712

Robins's Enfield, 513, 537

Rogers's Italy, 307

Rose's Orlando Inamorato, 263

Rouge et Noir, 562

Royal Exile, the, 361

Russia, Picture of, 1TH

Sabbath among the Mountains, 203

Salmagundi, 791

Saltuons's Logic, 393

Savary's Memoirs, 721

Scientia Biblica, 712

Scoresby's Whale Fishery, 788

Segur's Maxims, 425

Serratea's Ferdinand VII., 728

Seventy-Six, a Novel, 409

Sextuple Alliance, the, 361

Shamrock Leaves, 712

Shortt's Visit to Milan. 632

Sismoudi on European Literature, 465,

Simpson's Histories, 728

Introduction to Schools, 795

Sketches in Bedlam, 535
Smiles for all Seasons, 424

Soligny's Letters on England, 261, 27j
Sparwife, the, 785, 807
St. Aubyn's Phantoms, 460
St. Ronau's Well, 820'
Stewart's Collections aud Recollections

Jamaica, 449,472

St. Johnstouu, a Romance, 737,758

Student's Manual, the, 296

Sweet's British Warblers, 727

Tales of my Father aud Friends, 86

of Old Mr. Jefferson, 358

of Humour, 754

Temple of Truth, 737

Tennant's, Cardinal Beaton, 442

Tbicrs's Tour to the Pyrenees. 211

Ticheburu's Maid's Revenge. 282

Tilloch oo the Apocalypse, 437

Times' Telescope. 761

Tour through the upper Provinces o

of Hindustan. Mil

Trial of Rev. Mr. Irvi DC, 561
Trials of Margaret Lynasaj, 161, ie>*
Underwood's Diary, 712
Vallance on Caloric, 533
Valperga, 113 . ',!'.'?.'! .

Villiers's France and Italy. 6JT, 650-
Villemaih's Miscellanies, 330

Young Countess, 602

jiVming an Analysis and General Repository of Literature, Philosophy, Science, Arts, History, the Drama, Morals, Manners, and Amusements.

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it published early every Saturday Mornitifr. Price Sixpenrc; or lOd. if Bent into the Country, Free of Postage, on the Day of Publication; Country and Foreign Readers may also l>e supplied with the unstamped Edition Hi Monthly or Quarterly Parts.

No. 190.


Price 6d.

PETmon we no petitions!' says | Kin? Arthur, in.the extravaganza of Tom Tk uib,and Address me no addresses!' »jald be onr request, were the whole pabtic centered in our own proper person, to every editor, who once a year Teels himself called upon to say something about himself,—a custom to which we yield, we confess, so reluctant a > napltance, that we would as soon read the dullest book that has passed in retew before us,—even Southey's 4 Vision Judgment,' as s^> through the penance of m annual address.

Let it not, however, be supposed that 'we are the less grateful to our readers for - their support, or that we arc the less sen. sible of our obligations to their kindness;

is that we dislike all professions, ishonlyto"

i be known by our works. This is now the fourth year that our duty to our readers and to our literary friends has demanded our thanks; during which time The Literary Chronicle has been steadily rising in character and circulation, notwithstanding the opposition it has had to encounter from powerful and disingenuous rivals, and from iSosse numerous competitors who have arisen since its commencement. Many of these, after fretting their brief hour, haw gone hence for ever, and others exhibit such throes as indicate their ipeedy annihilation.

A few years' intimacy with our friends might render all explanation of the nature of The Literary Chronicle—all retrospection of our labours unnecessary; but as we are still increasing the circle of oar acquaintance, we may be permmed to introduce ourselves to our new friends in our own way.

The avowed object of T/ie Literary Chronicle is, then, to give an analytical review of every new work of value or intent u soon as published. Independand unfettered by any '"''"""le books, not their ire whether the or a Tory, or what or political creed, or


his public or private character. On our critical bed of justice we know none of the parties brought in judgment before us, either as friends or enemies. That such a review, honest in its praise and censure, and rapid in its decisions, was a desideratum before our journal commenced, we were well assured, and of this time and experience has since convinced us.

Of our industry in the Review department, we need only refer to the last year's volume, where our readers will find a list of more than Two Hundred and Fifty works, consisting of several hundred volumes.

in Original Communicationsour last volume can boast many valuable articles : and in the Miscellaneous department we believe it will be admitted that we have not been deficient, but that our work is what it professes to be —'an Analytical and General Repository of Literature, Philosophy, Science, Arts, History, the Drama, Morals, Manners, and Amusements.'

Having thus glanced at the past, we have now to speak of the future. Profiting by experience, enjoying full literary health and vigour, and with extensive means, which the rapidly increasing sale of The Literary Chronicle is constantly augmenting, it shall be our constant pride and attention to merit a continuance of that liberal support we have obtained, and to present new claims to additional patronage. With this-view we have made arrangements, the value of which we doubt not the public will duly appreciate as they are developed. Our Review department shall be as honest and as comprehensive as it has hitherto been; while our Original Articles will be more numerous, and embrace subjects of real interest and utility.

Some improvements have also been made in the typographical execution of The Literary Chronicle, which will in future be printed with new modern type, admitting some addition of matter, but calculated rather to assist the eye by its clearness, than to produce any inconvenience in being more diminutive.

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Memorial de Sainte Helene. Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at St. Helena. By the Count De Las Cases. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1823. When we consider with what avidity every catch-penny publication relating to Bonaparte has been seized, we cannot be surprised that the publication of memoirs, dictated and corrected by himself, and a journal of his private life and conversations, recorded by one of the most faithful of his followers, should excite an unusual sensation. Wc are not, we confess, among those who give implicit credence to statements which have evidently a taint of prejudice iu their composition; and we regret that those who, from their intercourse with Napoleou, have hadjtuch good opportunities of becoming his historians, should mix that history with personalities. Mr. O'Meara', valuable- and interesting as it was, appeared to some disadvantage on this account; and even, the journal of Las Cases, though thus offending in a much less degree, is not altogether free from such a disadvantage. There are, however, grounds of extenuation in the one which we look in vain for in the other: Count Las Cases was strongly attached to his royal master, and snared with him in all his sufferings; and, although he may not be wholly free from political tergiversation, yet the fidelity with which he attended Napoleon in his misfortunes was unshaken and sincere, and ought to cover a multitude of sins.

The Napoleon works now published, and which are by far the most important that ever appeared on the subject, are four in number. Two of them are the journal of Las Cases; the other two are Napoleon's own Memoirs, as dictated to General Gourgaud and Count Montholon. Count Las Cases, in a preface to the volumes now before us, says, that he collected and recorded, day by day, all that he saw x>f Napoleon, and all that he heard him say, during the period of eightee

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