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of in ita infuence upon others, 398, 399 Threlkeld, Rev. Thomas, meraoirs
Sir. Francis and Henry, characters

from real life

575 Tine, no part of eternity
Slave-dealer, edifying piecy of a "532 Toplády, his correspondence with
Slavé-holders in Jamaica, their Priestley, 67. A democratic po-
'Christian schemes for preventing litician, ib. Torture, practice of
the profanation of religious rites 561 revived, in the British dominions,
Slave-trade, general ignorance on 363. On the effects of

the subject of, till of late years, Toulmin, Rev. Dr. op M. Pilloniere
83. Locke, no rcal defender of, and Fourniere
84. Pitt, no real oponent of, ib. Towle Rev. Ms. his orthodoxy,
Its abolition the first and last 121. Mr. Shipman's strictures
care of Fox, ib. Its unfavour- an account of, in Monthly Repo
able influence on the progress of cisitory, 167.. Kingsbury's sermon
religion, 85. Lord Nelson, an

outrageous abettor of, 202. Final Tounsend, Mr. Josiah, letter from
abolition of, 219.
Clarkson's to the editor

proposed history of the abolition Transubstantiation, defence of

of, 504. Sce African institution. Trinitarian paradoxes

Society, literary and philosophical, Trinitarianism the spirit of anti-
at Newcastle upon Tyne, annual christ

235, 525
reports of

49 Trinity, statement of the doctrine
Society, New York, for promoting of, 190. Decisions of common
the knowledge of the scriptures, sense upon, 419. Mr. Stone's i
&c. questions and premiums r lines on the symbol of

proposed by

47 Turner, Rev. W. his discourses on
Socinianism, strictures on by a Spa- our Lord's agony in the garden,


317, 373,426, 485
Socinians, an improper appellation
for Unitarians


V & U.
Son of God, remarks on the phrase 338
Stone's visitation sermon, a clergy. Vaccination, account of the Spanish

man's remarks on, 69. Whistoni- expedition for the propagation of 5
us's second letter on, 139. Exa- Visions, three holy
mination of clergyman's remarks Unitarian, on the application of the
on, 176, 233, 350, 400. Clergy. term, 358. How far charac-
man's answer to examination of teristic, 360. Improperly refus-
his remarks on 406,

ed to Arians
Stone, Rev. Mr. 'defended against Unitarian Academy at York, 114,

Whistonius, 20. Prosecution in- 117, 189, 218, 283, 311, 440,
stituted against, 449. His de-

fence and statment of his own Unitarian Book Society

162, 218
casc, 528. Clergman's examina- Unitarian Fund, 106, 162, 217,
tion of, 634. Letter from, with 440, 501, 619. Letter to sup-
the resolutions of Esses clergy porters of, 71. Queries to the
and southern Unitarian Society, same, 643. Annual meeting of
565. Letter from, 647. Sturch, subscribers to, 557. Hint to ma-
Mr. his reply to Mr. Marten's managers of

observations on Mr. Bennet's Unitarian hypothesis, difficulties on,
584 469. Solution of


Unitarian ministers in a Trinitarian

church, 139. Defease of, 528.
Test Act, a disenter's Teasons for Reply to

not desiring the repeal of 45 Unitarian Missionaries, hint to 584
estament, New, second report on Unitarian Society, 46. Southern,
a new version of, 46. On the 393. South Wales, 444. North
genuineness of the books of, 270. ern, 445. Western

On the purity of the text of 371 Unitarian Tract Society, 444. Hints
Thcological conversation between to

a Uaitarian and a Methodist 580 Unitarianism, view of, in connec-
Thoo-uaitariup society

rica with vital godlincas






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Practical view of, 219. In France, passage of his and bisiiop Tayes
284, 612. In America, 332.

Queries on the propagation of 641 Welsh, singular superstition of 625
Upitarians, increase of, 71. Abused Widows' Fund

by Evangelical Magazine, 130. Williams, Rev. Roger, first rational
should emulate the zeal of others, legislator in the new world
132. Improperly called Socinians, Wisbcach scientific society 163
197. English, a Spaniard's ac- Wisdom, divine, chayon, 14.
count of, soo. Justly styled Ra- Connection betwcen means and
tional Dissenters, 570.

Their ends, independent of the divine
opinions concerning the use of will

reason in matters of religion, Wright, Mr. his reasons for not
573. Not bound to prove the replying to Mr. Proud, 122. Re-
simple humanity of Christ 595 view of his apology for Serve

tus, 34. Of his essay on the hu-
manity of Christ, 436. His so.

lution of difficulties on Unitarian
Wales, occasion and era of its re- hypothesis

ception of Popery

630 Wyvill's eulogium on Dr. Priestley, 464
Wallace's prospects of mankind $17
Watts, revicw of memoirs of, 431.

His sentiments on the Trinity,
411, 483. His remarks upon York Academy. Sec. Unitarian
Locke, 535. And Doddridge, or ? Academy at York.
thodoxy of

354 York, lace cardinal, account of, .
Wellbeloved, Rer. Mr. parallel

471, 496

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