A New and Improved Standard French and English and English and French Dictionary: Composed from the French Dictionaries of the French Academy, Laveaux, Boiste, &c.; from the English Dictionaries of Webster, Johnson, Richardson ... the Whole Preceded by a Complete Treatise on Pronunciation, and a Table of All the Irregular Verbs ...

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C.G. Henderson & Company, 1856 - English language - 1320 pages

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Page 319 - Span, the space from the end of the thumb to the end of the little finger extended.
Page 35 - Portion afférente à, portion accruing to. affcrmable [afer'mabl], a. Farmable, rentable, affermage, nm Farming, renting. affermataire, n. Tenant farmer, affermateur, nm (fern, affermatrice) Lessor. affermer [afer'me], vt To farm or let out by lease; to take a lease of, to rent. affermir [afer'miir], vt To strengthen, to make firm; to confirm, to establish, to consolidate, s'affermir, vr To become strong, firm, or fast; to become established. affermissement, nm Strengthening, consolidation, establishment;...
Page 4 - ... accurately defined than in any other work. Besides the introduction of about twelve thousand more words than are to be found in any other octavo French and English Dictionary, the author has also given a complete treatise on pronunciation based upon the most respectable French authorities, as well as his own personal observations for many years in Paris, at the bar, in the pulpit, and on the stage, where the purest and most harmonious language can be heard at the present day. It...
Page 436 - But what is bred in the bone will never be out of the flesh, (as Lord M.
Page 54 - Amplitude, an arch of the horizon intercepted between the true east and west point thereof, and the centre of the sun or star at their rising or setting.
Page 7 - In substantives, adjectives, and verbs ending in er, it is silent, unless it is followed by a word beginning with a vowel, or A mute, as in dernier ouvrage, which is pronounced dlrnif-Tomraj.
Page 124 - Greeks adopted a new method, writing their lines alternately from the right to the left, and from the left to the right.
Page 290 - ... domine au-dessus de la foule, his head rises above the crowd, vt To dominate, to master, to command; to rule, to govern, to sway; to prevail over, to domineer over; to rise above, to command a view donne of.
Page 154 - I do not know what will become of us; tout ce qu'on fait de mauvais, all the mischief that is done; ce que c'est que de nous ! what poor mortals we are ; ce que je crains, c'est d'être surpris, what I fear is to be surprised; ce qu'il demande, c'est une pension, what he asks for is a pension; ce qu'on vous a dit, ce sont des contes, what you have been told are mere idle tales...
Page 43 - To add, to join, to subjoin, to supply, to interpolate. Ce passage a été ajouté à ce livre, this passage is an interpolation ; ajouter foi à quelque chose, to give credit to a thing, s'ajouter, vr To be joined, to attach oneself.

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