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ix. 14,) until the redemption of the purchased findest that thou hast lived until now in ignopossession, unto the praise of his glory.” Again, rance, and hast not set thyself to remember thy Gal. v. 5, “ For ye through the Spirit wait for Creator, as thou art commanded, (Eccles. xii. 1,) the hope of righteousness by faith." And Col. then I beseech thee, consider that thou art under i. 27, the apostle, speaking of this great mystery, the wrath of Almighty God, and hast been so saith, “ To whom God would make known what ever since thou camest into the world, (Ephes. is the riches of the glory of this mystery among i. 1, 2,) seeing thou in thy first parents didst the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope transgress against thy Maker-Rom. v. 18 : of glory;" which glory was then revealed to the “ Therefore as by the offence of one (that is, of saints no otherwise than by faith, as the apostle Adam, ver. 14) judgment came upon all men saith, “ We rejoice in the hope of the glory of unto condemnation.” Besides the many sins God," Rom. v. 2. Which hope is begotten by thou hast committed ever since thou wast bornthe Spirit's shedding abroad the love of God in sins against the law of God, and sins against the our hearts, (ver. 5;) which hope is not yet seen, gospel of the grace of God; sins against the that is, not yet actually enjoyed ; " for we are long-suffering and forbearance of God, and sins saved by hope : but hope that is seen is not hope ; against his judgments; sins of omission, and sins for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? of commission, in thoughts, words, and actions, But if we hope for that we see not, then do we consider, I say, thy condition; yea, get a very with patience wait for it,” Rom. viii. 24, 25. And, great sense of thy sins that thou hast committed ;

say, the cause of believers' hope is this, and that thou mayst so do, beg of God to conChrist, or the Spirit of Christ, in them, the hope vince thee by his Holy Spirit, not only of sins of glory. And indeed he may well hope for glory against law, but also of that damning sin, the sin to come who hath already an earnest thereof given of unbelief. him of God, and that earnest no less than the 2. If thou by grace art but brought into such Spirit of the Lord Jesus, Rom. viii. 16, 17. an estate as to see thyself in a lost condition be

But now, this Spirit, which is the cause of a cause of sin without the Lord Jesus, then, in the believer's hope, all men have not, (Jude, 19; next place, have a care of resting on any duty Ephes. ii. 12; Rom. viii. 9; John, xiv. 16, 17 ;) done, though it be never so specious ; I say, have therefore what a sad doctrine is that which saith, a care of making any stay anywhere on this side Follow the light that Christ hath enlightened the Lord Jesus Christ ; but above all strive to beevery man withal which cometh into the world, lieve that that very man that was born of the which light is the conscience, that convinceth of Virgin Mary did come into the world on pursins against the law; and that you may see pose to save thee as well as other poor sinners; I clearly if you mind that scripture (John, viii. 9) say, thou must not be content till thou art which saith, that the Pharisees, which had neither enabled to say, “ He loved me, and gave himself the love of God nor his word abiding in them, for me,” Gal. ii. 20. And that thou mayst be (John, v. 38, 43,) when they had heard Christ sure to attain to this most precious faith, (for so speaking thus to them, “ He that is without sin it is,) be much in applying the freest promises to among you, &c., being convicted by their own

thy own soul; yea, those that have no conditions consciences, went out one by one, beginning at annexed to them, as these, or other like, Jer. iii. ; the eldest, even to the least." But the devil, that xxxi. 3 ; John, vi. 37 ; xiv. 19; Hos. xiv. 3. I he might be sure not to miss of his design, la- say, labour to apply to thy own soul in particular bours by all means to render the Scriptures also the most glorious and freest promises in the book odious and low, telling them of the scriptures of God. And if at any time the devil besets thee within, which Christ never taught, nor yet his by his temptations, (for so is his wonted manner disciples; but they being given up of God to a re- to do, and so much the more as he sees thee probate mind, have given themselves over rather labour to get out of his reach,) I say, when he to follow the suggestions of the devil than the holy assails thee with his fiery darts, be sure to act Scriptures which God hath commanded us to be faith on the most free promises, and have a care take ourselves to, (Isaiah, viii. 20, compared with that thou dost not enter into any dispute with John, v. 39,) which scripture is called the sword him, but rather resist him by those blessed proof the Spirit, (Eph. vi. 17,) which weapon our mises that are laid down in the word of God; Lord Jesus himself held up to overcome the and withal, be sure to meditate upon the blood of devil withal, Matt. iv. 4, 7, 10; Luke, iv. 4, 8, 12. the man Christ Jesus, who also is the true God, But this design, as I told you, the devil carries on and read those scriptures that do most fully and by pretending to shew them a more excellent clearly speak of it, as 1 John, i. 7; Eph. i. 7 ; way which they may attain to, if they be but Heb. ix. 14; Rom. iii. 25. wise, and follow what is made known unto them But if thou say (as it is often speech of from the light within them.

poor souls lying under a sense of sin, and the But, reader, that thou mayst be able to escape apprehensions of wrath due to it) I cannot apply the snare of this cunning hunter, I shall lay the promises to mine own soul, and the reason is, thee down some few directions, which if the Lord because my sins are so great and so many, congive thee grace to follow, thou shalt escape these sider, and know it for a truth, that the more wicked delusions.

and greater thou seest thy sins to be, the more And first of all, I do admonish thee to be very cause hast thou to believe ; yea, thou must thereserious touching thine estate and condition, and fore believe because thy sins are great. David examine thine own heart by the rule of the word made it an encouragement to himself

, or rather of God, whether or no thou hast as yet any be- the Spirit of the Lord made it his encouragement, ginnings of desiring after religion ; and if thou

to crave, yea, to hope for pardon because he had

greatly transgressed—Psalm xxv. 11, “ For thy sounding brass and as a tinkling cymbal;” that name sake, O Lord, (saith he,) pardon mine is, nothing but a sound, 1 Cor. xiii. 1–3. iniquity, for it is great.” As if he had said, O But, secondly, if thou wouldst not be deceived, Lord, thy name will be more glorified, the riches then have a care to avoid false doctrines, which of thy grace will he more advanced, thy mercy are according to the spirit of the devil, and not and goodness will more shine and be magnified after Christ. in pardoning me who am guilty of great iniquity, As, first, if any doctrine doth come unto thee than if thou pardonest many others who have that tells thee, except thou art circumcised after not committed such heinous offences. And I the manner of Moses thou canst not he saved dare say the reason why thou believest not is that is, if any man come unto thee and tell not because thy sins are great, but because thou thee, thou must do such and such works of the dost reason too much with that wicked enemy of law, to the end thou mayst present thyself the man's salvation, and givest way too much to the better before God, do not receive him; “ for to fleshly reasoning of thine own heart. For Christ him that worketh not, but believeth in him that hath said, “ He that cometh unto me, I will in justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for no wise cast out,” John, vi. 37. And again, righteousness,” Rom. iv. 5. “ Though thy sins be as red as scarlet, they shall 2. If any come unto thee and bring such a be as white as snow," Isa. i. 18. And Christ doctrine as this, That thou mayst be saved by calleth those that labour and are heavy laden to grace, though thou walk in the imaginations of come to him, with promise to give them rest, thy own wicked heart, his doctrine also is deMatt. xi. 28. Wherefore thou must not say, My vilish ; do not receive him, Deut. xxix. 19-24. sios are too big ; but thou must say, Because I 3. But if any come unto thee, and doth in truth am a great sinner, yea, because I have sinned advance the blood, righteousness, resurrection, above many of my companions, and am dearer to intercession, and second coming of that very man hell and eternal damnation than they, because of in the clouds of heaven that was born of the my sins, therefore will I cry unto the Lord, and Virgin Mary, and doth press thee to believe on say, O Lord, pardon my sins, for they are what he hath done, (shewing thee thy lost condigreat.

tion without him,) and to own it as done for thee Now, that thou mayst not be deceived in a in particular, and withal doth admonish thee matter of so great concernment, have a special not to trust in a bare notion of it, but to recare of these three things—First, Have a care of ceive it into thy heart, so really that thy very putting off thy, trouble of spirit the wrong way, heart and soul may burn in love to the Lord which thou mayst do three ways—1. When thy Jesus Christ again ; and doth also teach thee that conscience flieth in thy face, and tells thee of thy the love of Christ should and must constrain sins, thou dost put off convictions the wrong way thee “ not to live to thyself, but to him that if thou dost stop thy conscience by promising to loved thee, and gave himself for thee,” (2 Cor. reform thyself, and lead a new life, and gettest off v. 14, 15; Eph. iv. 21-24; 1 Cor. vii. 23,) “ Ye thy guilt by so doing; for though thou mayst by are bought with a price, be not ye the servants this means still and quiet thy conscience for a of men,”-if his conversation be also agreeable time, yet thou canst not hereby satisfy and to his doctrine, a believing, honest, loving, selfappease the wrath of God; yea, saith God to denying, courteous conversation, (he also is a such, “ Though thou wash thee with nitre, and true Christian,) receive that doctrine, and receive take thee much soap, yet thine iniquity is marked it really, for it is the doctrine of God and of before me,” Jer. ii. 22.

Christ, Gal. i. 4; iv. 4; Eph. i. 7; Rev. i. 5; 2. If when thou art under the guilt of thy sins, John, i. 19; Acts, iv. 12 ; x. 40–42; xiii. 38; thou puttest off convictions by thy performances and 1 Thess. i. 10; Mark, xiii. ult.; 2 Peter, i. or duties, and so satisfiest thy conscience, then 5—11. “ Considering the end of their conversaalso thou dost put off thy convictions the wrong tion, Jesus Christ, yesterday, and to-day, and the way ; for God will not be satisfied with any- same for ever," Heb. xiii. 7, 8. thing less than the blood, righteousness, resurrec- Again ;

if thou wouldst not be deceived, then tion, and intercession of his own Son, Acts, iv. 12. beware of slighting any known truth that thou And thou shouldst not satisfy thyself with any findest revealed or made known to thee in the less than God would have thee to satisfy thyself gospel, but honour and obey it in its place, be it, withal, and that is the water of life, (Is. lv. 1, 2,) as thou thinkest, never so low, John, xiv. 15. which water of life thy duties and all thy righte- 2. Have a care that thou do not undervalue or ousness is not, for it is but menstruous rags, entertain low thoughts of God, Christ the Son of Isa. Ixiv. 6.

Mary, and the holy Scriptures, but search them, 3. Have a care that when thou art under con- (John, v. 39,) and give attendance to the reading viction thou dost not satisfy thyself with a notion of them, (1 Tim. iv. 13 ;) for, I will tell thee, he of the free grace of the gospel"; my meaning is, that slights the Scriptures doth also slight him of do not content thyself with any measure of know- whom they testify.

And I will tell thee also, ledge that thou canst attain unto, or bottom that " for this cause God hath given up many to thy peace upon it, thinking thou art now well strong delusions, that they might believe a lie : enough, because thou canst speak much of the that they all might be damned who believed not grace of God, and his love in Christ to poor sin- the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness,” ners; for this thou mayst have and do, and yet 2 Thess. ii. 11, 12. be but a companion for Demas, yea, for Judas Therefore I say unto thee, in the name of the and the rest of the damned multitude; as the Lord Jesus, the Son of Mary, the Son of God, apostle saith, “ For all this thou mayst be but as the very Creator of hearen and earth, and all things that are therein, have a care of thyself, for neither Christ nor his disciples did allow of, it the devil doth watch for thee day and night, would make thee gnash teeth when it is too late. 1 Pet. v. 8. Thine own heart also doth labour to 5. Consider that though thou hast been dedeceive thee, if by any means it may, Jeremiah, laded by Satan to this day, yet if now thine eyes xvii. 10. Therefore do not thou trust it, for if be opened to see and acknowledge it, though as thou do, thou wilt not do wisely, Prov. xxviii. 26. yet thou hast been either exceedingly wicked, I say, therefore, have a care that thou labour in (1 Tim. i. 13,) or an idle, (Matt. xx. 6, 7,) lukethe strength of the Lord Jesus to escape all these warm, hypocritical professor, (Rev. iii

. 17-19,) things; for if thou fall into any one of them, it and hast stood it out to the last, (Ezekiel, xviii. will make way for a further income of sin and 21, 22,) for all this there is hope ; and if now the devil, through whose deceitfulness thy heart thou receive the truth in the love of the truth, will be hardened, and thou wilt be more inca- being as willing to be rid of the filth of sin as the pable of receiving instruction or reaping advan- guilt of it, thou shalt be saved. tage by and from the ordinances of Jesus Christ; 6. Consider that the Lord will call thee to the rather, therefore, give all diligence to believe judgment for all thy sins past, present, and what in the Christ of God, which is the Son of Mary, else thou shalt practise hereafter, especially for and be sure to apply all that he hath done and thy rejecting and trampling on the blood of his is doing unto thyself as for thee in particular, Son, the man Christ Jesus. And if thou dost which thing if thou dost thou shalt never fall. not agree with thine adversary now, while thou

And now, reader, I shall also give thee some art in the way, “ he will deliver thee to the judge, few considerations, and so I shall commit thee to and the judge will deliver thee to the officer, and the Lord.

if he cast thee into prison, I tell thee, thou shalt 1. Consider that God doth hold out his grace not come out thence till thou hast paid the very and mercy freely, and that to every one, Rev. last mite,” Luke, xii. 58, 59. xxii. 17; Isa. Iv. 148.

And therefore I beseech thee to consider; here 2. Consider that there is no way to attain to is at this time life and death, heaven and hell, this free mercy and grace but by Him that was everlasting joy and everlasting torment, set beborn of the Virgin Mary; for he himself saith, fore thee; here is also the way to have the one, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man and the way to escape the other. Now, if the cometh to the Father, but by me,” John, xiv. 6, Lord shall do thee any good by what I have compared with Matt. i. 20, 21.

spoken, I hope it will be a means to stir me up 3. Consider if thou strivest to go over any to thank the Lord that ever he did use such a other way, thou wilt be but a thief and a robber, sinner as I am in the work of his gospel. And (John, x. 1, compared with ver. 9 ;) and know here I shall close up what I have said, desiring that none of those, so continuing, shall enter into thee, if thou be a Christian, to pray for him who the kingdom of heaven, 1 Cor. vi. 9, 10.

desires to continue 4. Consider that if the devil should be too Thy servant in the Lord Jesus Christ, though hard for thee, and deceive thee by persuading less than the least of all saints, thee to embrace or entertain a new gospel, which





him the object of their faith will surely fall short

of pardon of sin and of salvation, Acts, xiii. 38, 39, READER,- Thou hast in this small treatise set “ Through this man (speaking of Christ as crucibefore thee the several pieces of that great and fied at Jerusalem) is preached unto you forgiveglorious mystery, Jesus Christ, God manifested dess of sins ;” aná saith he, “ There is one Mein the flesh; and if thou art enlightened by the diator between God and men, (1 Tim. ii. 5,) the Spirit of Christ, here thou mayst see by that man Christ Jesus ;” and this discovers the damnSpirit how Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Son able errors of those commonly called Socinians, of Mary, is both true God and true man, both who, on the one hand, deny him that was born of natures making but one Christ, one Jesus, as the Virgin Mary to be true God as well as true Phil. ii. 5-10, where, speaking first of his being man. And this is also quite contrary to those God, and then of his taking upon him the nature commonly called familists, ranters, quakers, or of man, afterwards, in the 8th and 9th verses, he others, who, on the other hand, either deny Christ saith, “he (meaning this Jesus) humbled him to be a real man without them, blasphemously self,” &c., and God (meaning the Father) hath fancying him to be only God manifest in their highly exalted him,” &c., speaking of both na- flesh, or else make his human nature with the tures, God and man, as together making but one fulness of the Godhead in it to be but a type of Christ, who is the Saviour, and is to be believed God, to be manifest in the saints, and so, accordand trusted in for salvation, not only as God, but ing to their wicked imagination, his human nature as man also; and those who do not thus make was to be laid aside after he had offered it up upon the cross without the gate at Jerusalem, and plainly proved by the Scriptures, may be a contrary to Acts, i. 1—3, 9–11, compared with great help, through the Spirit concurring, to the last chapter of Luke, ver. 39, 40, 50, 51, where strengthen thee against all those dampable heit is clearly held forth that the man Christ rose resies which are spread abroad, which deny the again out of the grave with the same body which Lord Jesus Christ either plainly or more cunwas crucified and laid in the grave, and was taken ningly and mysteriously. "And, up above the clouds into heaven with the same Thirdly, The more thou art rooted and set real body, and that he shall again descend from down from heaven in the faith of these truths of heaven in that same glorious body of flesh, as Christ, to believe fully the glorious reality of Acts, iii. 9-11. And this sure truth of Christ then, and thy interest in them, the more heabeing the Saviour and Mediator as man, and not venly peace and joy thou wilt have, (1 Peter, only as God, will also shew serious believers i. 7, 8,) and also thou wilt hereby attain the more what to think of some, who though they will not, true holiness and purity of heart and life, puriit may be, deny that Christ is a real man without fying thy heart by faith, Acts, xv. 9. And them in the heavens as well as God, yet do own then the more thou hast of the right faith of him to be the Saviour only as God, first dwelling Christ, and of his things in thy heart, the more in that flesh that was born of the Virgin, and strong and valiant wilt thou be in spirit to do any then dwelling in saints, and thus both beginning work, private or public, for Jesus Christ, like and perfecting their salvation within them, and Stephen, (Acts, vi. 8,) who being full of faith and so indeed do hold Christ as man to be only (I of the Holy Spirit, was also full of power. say, to be only) the saved or glorified one of God, In this book thou hast also laid down from the together with the saints his members, only some- Scriptures how Jesus Christ is without the saints thing in another and more glorious manner and as man, and yet dwelleth within them—that is, measure than the saints; and these high-flown something of his Divine nature or his blessed people are in this very like to familists and Spirit dwells within them, which Spirit is somequakers, undervaluing the Lord Jesus Christ, times called “ the Spirit of Christ," Rom. viii. 9; God-man, and though they may speak much of “ he that hath not the Spirit of Christ,” &c.; and Christ, yet they do not rightly and savingly lay sometimes called Christ, “ if Christ be in you," him for their foundation.

&c., Rom. viii. 10; and also how we may know Now, as a help against all these dangerous whether it be Christ and the Spirit of Christ things, thou hast here the main things of Christ within, or a false spirit calling itself Christ, and laid down before thee briefly, and fully proved that is thus: If it be indeed Christ within-that by the Scriptures - First, Of his being true God is, the Spirit of Christ, God-man,—why, then it out of flesh from eternity, and then of his taking teaches that man or woman in whom it is to apply flesh, or the nature of man, upon him in the and trust in Christ without for salvation, Christ womb of the Virgin, and so his fulfilling the law, as born of the Virgin Mary, as fulfilling the law his dying for sins at Jerusalem, his rising again without them, as dying without the gate of Jewithout, his ascending into heaven without, and rusalem as a sacrifice for sin ; it teaches them to not into a fancied heaven only within, as some trust in the man Christ as rising again out of the say; his interceding in heaven for all his, and grave without them, as ascending into, and interhis coming again in his body of flesh to judge the ceding in, heaven without for them; and as to world. And if thou art yet in a state of nature, come from that heaven again

in his flesh to judge though covered over with an outside profession, the world. Thus the man Christ himself saith, here thou mayst find something (if the Spirit of When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, &c., he Christ meet thee in reading) to convince thee of shall glorify me," John, xiii. He shall make you the sad condition thou art in, and to shew thee more to prize, admire, and glorify me, who am both the righteousness thou art to fly to by faith and God and man, and who shall be absent from you to trust in for salvation, when convinced of sin ; touching my body. Then follows, “ for he shall which is a righteousness wrought by that God take of mine (of 'my glorious things) and shew man Jesus Christ without thee, dying without them to you ;" he shall take my divine and human thee at Jerusalem for sinners. Here also thou nature, my birth, my person and offices, my obemayst see the difference between true and false dience, death, satisfaction, my resurrection, ascenfaith. If thou art a true believer, as these things sion, and intercession, and of my second coming are the foundation of thy faith, so they may be in the clouds with my mighty angels to judgment, of great use for thee to meditate upon and to ex. and shall shew them, or clear them up to you; he ercise thy faith in, particularly in meditation, and shall take of my salvation, which I have wrought in this way to seek daily for a higher faith in for you in my own person without you; and he these truths to be given into thy heart from shall take of my glory and exaltation in the heaven ; and there is a great need of this, for heavens, and shew to you. Now, to mind this though these truths be commonly known amongst one thing, and to be set down in a right underprofessors to the notion of them, yet very few standing of it by the Spirit from the Scriptures, know or believe them aright; nay, it may well will be of great concernment to thee and me; for be said in this age, that if the faith of the true for want of this many professors have split themsaints was well sifted, and tradition, notion, and selves, some looking only on what Christ bath the apprehensions of their own reason and fancy done and suffered without them, resting in an hiswere sifted out, most of them would be found torical, traditional, and indeed a fancied faith of to have very little knowledge of and faith in these it, without looking for the Spirit of Jesus Christ common truths.

to come with power into their hearts, without Secondly, These truths being put thus together, which they cannot rightly know nor rightly believe in Christ the Son of God without them, so be to the end of the world that out of which as to have any share or interest in him—“ If any the word of the Lord, and so all true gospel miman have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of nisters, must proceed, (1 Cor. xii. 27, 28,) whether his," Rom. viii. 9. Others have been depending learned or unlearned as to human learning. And too much upon something they call Christ and though this man hath not the learning or wisdom the righteousness of Christ within them, in op- of man, yet through grace he hath received the position to Christ and his righteousness without teaching of God and the learning of the Spirit of ihem, from which all true saints have their justi- Christ, which is the thing that makes a man both fication and comfort, it being received through a Christian and a minister of the gospel ; Isaiah, the operation of the Spirit which dwells in them; 1. 4, “ The Lord God hath given me the tongue and however these may talk much of Christ of the learned,” &c., compared with Luke, iv. 18, within them, yet it is manifest that it is not the where Christ as man saith, “ The Spirit of the Spirit of Christ, but the spirit of the devil, in that Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me it doth not glorify, but slight and reject, the man to preach the gospel to the poor,” &c. He hath Christ and his righteousness which was wrought through grace taken these three heavenly dewithout them. Reader, in this book thou wilt grees—to wit, union with Christ, the anointing not meet with high-flown, airy notions, which of the Spirit, and experience of the temptations some delight in, counting them high mysteries, of Satan, which do more fit a man for that but the sound, plain, common, and yet spiritual weighty work of preaching the gospel than all and mysterious, truths of the gospel ; and if thou university learning and degrees that can be had. art a believer, thou must needs reckon them so, My end in writing these few lines is, not to and the more if thou hast not only the faith of set up man, but having had experience with many them in thy heart, but art daily living in the spi- other saints of this man's soundness in the faith, ritual sense and feeling of them, and of thy interest of his godly conversation, and his ability to preach in them. Neither doth this treatise offer to thee the gospel, not by human art, but by the Spirit doubtful controversial things, or matters of opi- of Christ, and that with much success in the nion, as some books chiefly do, which when in- conversion of sinners, when there are so many sisted upon the weightier things of the gospel carnal, empty preachers, both learned and unhave always done more hurt than good; but here learned; I say, having had experience of this, thou hast things certain and necessary to be be- and judging this book may be profitable to many lieved, which thou canst not too much study. others as well as to myself, I thought it my duty Therefore pray that thou mayst receive this word upon this account, though I be very unfit for it, which is according to the Scriptures in faith and to bear witness with my brother to the plain and love, not as the word of man, but as the word of simple, and yet glorious truths of our Lord Jesus God, without respect of persons; and be not of- Christ. And now, reader, the Lord give thee and fended because Christ holds forth the glorious me a right understanding in these things, that treasure of the gospel to thee in a poor earthen we may live and die, not with a traditional, novessel, by one who hath neither the greatness tional, dead faith, but with a right spiritual lively nor the wisdom of this world to commend him to faith of Christ in our heart, wrought by the thee; for, as the scripture saith, Christ (who was mighty power of God; such a faith as may make low and contemptible in the world himself) ordi- Jesus Christ more real and precious to us than narily chooseth such for himself and for the doing anything in the world, as may purify our hearts of his work-1 Cor. i. 26–28, “ Not many wise and make us new creatures, that so we may be men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many sure to escape the wrath to come, and after this noble are called; but God hath chosen the foolish life enjoy eternal life and glory through the Lord things of the world,” &c. This man is not chosen Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and out of an earthly, but out of the heavenly uni- ever. Amen. Farewell. versity, the church of Christ, which church, as furnished with the spirit, gifts, and graces of

Thine to serve thee in the Lord Jesus, Christ, was in the beginning, and still is, and will


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