Memoirs of the life of sir Walter Scott [by J.G. Lockhart].

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Page 192 - Now forging scrolls, now foremost in the fight, Not quite a felon, yet but half a knight, The gibbet or the field prepared to grace ; A mighty mixture of the great and base.
Page 280 - Paoli— he's off wi' the land-louping scoundrel of a Corsican ;^ and whose tail do you think he has pinned himself to now, mon ? " Here the old judge summoned up a sneer of most sovereign contempt. " A dominie, mon — an auld dominie ; he keeped a schiile, and cau'd it an acaadamy.
Page 59 - For talents mourn, untimely lost, When best employ'd, and wanted most; Mourn genius high, and lore profound, And wit that loved to play, not wound; And all the reasoning powers divine To penetrate, resolve, combine; And feelings keen, and fancy's glow — They sleep with him who sleeps below...
Page 248 - He either fears his fate too much, Or his deserts are small, Who dares not put it to the touch, To gain or lose it all.
Page 281 - ... pressing upon the old Judge the question, what good Cromwell, of whom he had said something derogatory, had ever done to his country ? — when, after being much tortured, Lord Auchinleck at last spoke out, ' God ! doctor, he gart kings ken that they had a lith in their neck' — he taught kings they had a joint in their necks.
Page 401 - Percival, by Bellingham, in the lobby of the House of Commons, on the llth of May, 1812; and that Scott had, in his capacity of Sheriff, had his own share in suppressing the tumults of the only manufacturing town of Selkirkshire.
Page 268 - Vanity of Human Wishes,' — all the examples and mode of giving them sublime, as well as the latter part, with the exception of an occasional couplet. I do not so much admire the opening. I remember...
Page 32 - I humbly think that we may be excused from intrusting to them those places in the State where the influence of such a clergy, who act under the direction of a passive tool of our worst foe, is likely to be attended with the most fatal consequences. If a gentleman chooses to walk about with a couple of pounds of gunpowder in his pocket, if I give him the shelter of my roof, I may at least be permitted to exclude him from the seat next to the fire.
Page 187 - Sheriff's coming home by the ford — or by the hill;" and the sick animal would immediately bestir himself to welcome his master, going out at the back door or the front door, according to the direction given, and advancing as far as he was able, either towards the ford of the Tweed, or the bridge over the Glenkinnon burn beyond Laird Nippy's gate.
Page 212 - ... amusement. I have heard Scott chuckle with particular glee over the recollection of an excursion to the vale of the Ettrick, near which river the party were pursued by a bull. " Come, King John," said he, " we must even take the water," and accordingly he and * Miscellaneous Prose Works, vol.

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