A Companion to George Washington

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Edward G. Lengel
John Wiley & Sons, Apr 19, 2012 - History - 680 pages
Utilizing new primary source material from the Papers of George Washington, a documentary editing project dedicated to the transcription and publication of original documents, A Companion to George Washington features a collection of original readings from scholars and popular historians that shed new light on all aspects of the life of George Washington.
  • Provides readers with new insights into previously neglected aspects of Washington's life
  • Features original essays from top scholars and popular historians
  • Based on new research from thousands of previously unpublished letters to and from Washington

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Chapter Nineteen
2 An American General
3 The Search for Native Allies
4 The Professional Partisan
5 The Town Destroyer
Chapter Twenty
Chapter TwentyOne
2 Executive Function

3 Washingtons Missions and Ethnocentrism
4 Tanaghrissons Diplomacy
5 Washingtons Image and Continuing Influence
6 Braddocks Campaign and Ethnocentrism
7 Scarouadys Diplomacy
8 Shingass Diplomacy
9 Conclusion
Chapter Four
2 Raising the Regiment
3 Forts the Frontier and Failure
4 The Furor with Forbes
5 Conclusion
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
1 Slavery in Colonial Virginia
2 Slave Life at Mount Vernon
3 Conditions and Treatment of Washingtons Slaves
4 AfricanAmericans and Slavery During the Revolution
5 The Revolution as a Turning Point
6 Emancipation and Washingtons Will
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
2 A Test of National Authority Lees Plan
3 Washingtons Plan to Seize the Initiative
4 The Seeds of British Ambivalence
5 A Clash on the Hudson
7 The Battle for Manhattan
8 White Plains and Fort Washington
9 A SevenYear Struggle
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Winter and Spring 1777
3 The Voyage to the Delaware Valley
4 The Battle of Brandywine September 11 1777
The Fall of Philadelphia
The Battle of Germantown October 4 1777
The River Battles Whitemarsh to Valley Forge
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
1 Background to Battle
2 The Road to Monmouth
A Washington Spin
4 The Matter of General Lee
5 What Kind of Victory?
Chapter Fifteen
the Alliance and the French Fleet
2 Washington as Alliance Diplomat
from Army Commander to Commander In Chief
Alliance Strategy for 1779
the Plan for a Decisive Offensive in 1779
6 Conclusion
Chapter Sixteen
1 Washington Rochambeau and theExpédition Particulière 17801783
2 The Conference of Wethersfield 22 May 1781
3 The Philippsburg Encampment 6 July to 18 August 1781
The Decision to March to Virginia
5 The Journey to Yorktown 18 August to 26 September 1781
6 The Siege of Yorktown 28 September to 19 October 1781
7 Aftermath and Consequences
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
1 Establishment and Administration
2 Operations in 1775
3 Operations in 1776
4 Operations in 1777 and Dissolution
6 Ships of Washingtons Navy
3 CivilMilitary State System
Chapter TwentyTwo
2 Washington the Strategist
3 Washington the Campaigner
4 Washington the Tactician
5 Washington Builder of the Continental Army
6 Washington Victorious
Chapter TwentyThree
Chapter TwentyFour
Chapter TwentyFive
Chapter TwentySix
1 Washington the Constitution and the Presidency
2 Adoption of an Excise Tax
3 Excise Opposition in Western Pennsylvania
4 Road to Rebellion
5 Washingtons Militia Force and the March West
Chapter TwentySeven
1 The Colonial Commodity Trade
2 Masters Laborers and Slaves in Households and Fields
3 Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship
4 Wealth Consumption and the Standard of Living
5 Banks Currency and Capital
6 Economic Policy
7 Conclusion
Chapter TwentyEight
1 Washingtons Aversion to Political Parties
2 Intimations of Partisanship during the First Term
3 The Divisiveness of the Second Term
4 Partisanship in Retirement
Chapter TwentyNine
2Establishing Foreign Policy Practices
3The Nootka Sound Controversy
4The United States and the French Revolution
5The Jay Treaty
6Washingtons Farewell Address
Chapter Thirty
1  The QuasiWar with France
2  The X Y Z Affair
3  The Harpers Ferry Armory
4   The New Army
5  Alien and Sedition Acts
6  The Officer Corps
7  A New French Initiative
8  The End
Chapter ThirtyOne
2 Advocates
5Correspondence and Papers
6 Writing Ability
7Political Thought
Chapter ThirtyTwo
Chapter ThirtyThree
2 The Republics Long Farewell
3 The Distaff Side Mourns
4 The Reinvention of George Washington
5 Washington Remembered
Chapter ThirtyFour
Images in Washingtons Lifetime
3  Sentimentalizing Washington 18001870
the Colonial Revival 18701932
5  Familiar Images in New Guises 1932 to the Present
6  Conclusion

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About the author (2012)

Edward G. Lengel is Professor and Editor-in-Chief of the Papers of George Washington, a documentary editing project dedicated to the transcription and publication of original documents, at the University of Virginia. His books include General George Washington: A Military Life (2005); This Glorious Struggle: George Washington's Revolutionary War Letters (2008), Inventing George Washington: America’s Founder in Myth and Memory (2011), and many others. Lengel is a columnist for Military History magazine and has appeared in documentaries about Washington on The History Channel.

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