The New York Medical and Physical Journal, Volume 1

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Page 142 - Few physicians amongst us are eminent for their skill. Quacks abound like locusts in Egypt, and too many have recommended themselves to a full practice and profitable subsistence. This is the less to be wondered at, as the profession is under no kind of regulation.
Page 75 - American Medical Botany, being a Collection of the Native Medicinal Plants of the United States, containing their Botanical History and Chemical Analysis, and Properties and Uses in Medicine, Diet, and the Arts, with colored engravings. By Jacob Bigelow, MD, &c., &c.
Page 291 - Fever, the disease which has of late years prevailed in the West Indies, on the coast of America, at Gibraltar, Cadiz, and other parts of Spain, with a collection of facts proving it to be a contagions disease.
Page 205 - It appears to be injurious to the child at all times; for in every case in which I have seen it exhibited, the child has been stillborn, and in the greater part of them it was not possible to restore it to life.
Page 67 - His practice is to give a cathartic of calomel and julep, or some of the neutral salts, and then balm tea, moderately acidulated with the phosphoric acid, which is to be continued till it operates as a diuretic, and until the urine becomes clear or nearly so. One patient had taken eight pints in twenty-four hours. In general, the yellowness disappears in three or four days from the urine, and in a few more from the skin.
Page 74 - Lectures by N. CHAPMAN, MD Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Physic and Clinical Practice in the University of Pennsylvania.
Page 142 - General, and the Mayor of the City of New York for the time being, or by any three or more of them, taking to their assistance for such examination, such proper Person or Persons as they in their Discretion shall think fit.
Page 141 - Whereas, many ignorant and unskillful Persons in Physick and Surgery, in order to gain a subsistence do take upon themselves to administer Physick, and practice Surgery in the City of New York, to the endangering of the lives and limbs of their patients, and many poor and ignorant persons inhabiting the said city who have been persuaded to become their patients, have been great sufferers thereby : For preventing such Abuses for the future : i.
Page 75 - Collections for an essay towards a Materia Medica of the United States by Benjamin Smith Barton, 1798 and 1804.
Page 43 - The small-pox produced from the udder of the cow will be of the same mild nature as the original disease . . . the pock should be of a good color, filled with a clear liquid, and surrounded by a circle of red.

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