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HAINISOH (Dr), Michael, elected first Con-
stitutional President of the Federal Re-
public of Austria. II.. 234.

HAITI, criticism of American administra-
tion. I.. 110; difficult problems in, I.,

Haiti's Need of American Rule, II., 403.
HAPSBURGS In Switzerland, II., 200.
Hard Problems in Haiti, I., 338.
HARDSHIPS of Russian Scientists, II., 419.
Hawaii's Land and Labor Problem, I., 389.
HEDJAZ revolt, II., 240.

HE1LMAN, Herr. revelations of. regarding

Hohenzollern fortune, II., 274.
HELIUM, wonders of, 326.
HENDERSON, H. A., "The Tragedy of the

Meander Valley," II., 57; "The Passing

of Venlzelos," II., 210.

HICKS, Cuthbert. "A Year's Progress in
Aviation," II., 427.

HILLQUIT, Morris, "The American Social-
ists and Moscow," I., 16.

Historic Landmarks of Geneva, II., 141.

Historic Wreck as an International Gift,
II.. 114.

Hohenzollern Fortune, II., 274.

Holland and Her German Problems, II., 83.

Holland and the Royal Exiles, II., 533.

HOLLAND celebrates tercentenary of sail-
ing of Pilgrim Fathers, I., 72; legislative
changes, I., 272.

Holland's Diplomatic Problems, II., 344.

HOME Rule bill for Ireland passed in the
House of Commons, I., 412.

HONDURAS recognition of Gutierrez Gov-
ernment by U. S., I., 107.

Honoring the Unknown Warrior, II., 48.

Horthy Regime in Hungary, II., 232.

How Albania Won Independence, I., 534.

How Spanish Terrorists Met Their Match,
II., 353.

How the Czechs Am Using Their Liberty,

I. . 516.

HOW the telephone was invented. II.. 400.

HUDDLESTON, Slsley, "Vatican's New
Place in World Politics," 1., 100; "The
Military Strength of France," I., 373;
"The Financial Condition of France,"

II. , 58.

HUNGARY, blockade against, lifted, 1.. 76;
pogroms in, II., 105; under Horthy re-
gime, II., 232.

HUNGARY ratifies the Peace Treaty, I.. 431.


ICELAND recognized by Denmark as a free
and sovelgn State, I., 71.

IMMIGRATION, evasion of laws governing,
II.. 300.

IMPERIAL Russian family, murder of, I.,

In the United States, II., 387.
Increasing Split in the Socialist Party, II.,

Indemnity Issue in France, II., 535.

Independence Promised to Egypt, I., 21,

INDIA, dangerous unrest in, I.. 418; nation-
alist movement growing, II., 03; famine
in. II.. 814.

INDIA, important changes In administra-
tion of, I., 283.

INDIANS as live stock raisers. II., 412.

INDUSTRIAL peace bill Introduced In Aus-
tralian Parliament, I., 416.

INMAN. Samuel Guy. "Hard Problems In
Haiti," I., 338: "American occupation
of Santo Domingo," I., 501.

International Miners' Congress at Geneva,
I.. 53.

International Woman Suffrage Congress, I.,

Internationalising the Danube, I., 536.

IRELAND, distracted condition of, I., 57;
on brink of civil war, I., 278; assassina-
tions and reprisals, II., 86; martial law-
extended, II., 307, 405.

IRISH Home Rule bill passed in the House
of Commons, I., 412.

IRISH outrages and British reprisals, I.,

Italian Syndicalists' Seizure of Factories,
1., 65.

ITALY, syndicalist activities in, I., 257; po-
litical and economic adjustments, I., 422;
revolution in factory management, I., 525.

Italy and the Sevres Treaty, II,, 413.

Italy's Crisis Subsiding, II., 400.

Italy's Government Gaining Strength, II.,

Italy's Life Again Normal, II., 354.
IYENAGA (Dr.), Toyoklehi, "Japan and th.>
Japanese-California Problem," 1., 1.


JAMES (Dr.), Herman G., "Constitutional
Tendencies in Latin America," II., 256.

JAPAN, financial and economic conditions,
I., 101.

Japan and the Japanese-California Prob-
lem, I.. 1.

JAPANESE Navy compared with those ol
Great Britain and the United States, II.,

Japanese Problem in California, The, I., 7.

Japan's Agitation Over California, I., 285.

Japan's Attitude Toward America, II., 108.

Japan's Financial Crisis, I., 229.

Japan's Foreign Policy, II., 326.

Japan's Foreign Policy Under Fire, II., 504.

Japan's New Difficulties with China, I., 457.

JEWS, disfranchisement of, In Hungary, I.,

JEWS in Palestine. II., 242.

JUGOSLAVIA and the Grecian situation. II.,

JUGOSLAVIA, frontier on side of Austria.
I.. 251.

JUGOSLAVIA, relations of. with Rumania
and Czechoslovakia, I., 79; with Monte-
negro. II., 334.

Jugoslavia's New Government, II., 526.

Jugoslavia's Resources and Beauty, II., 278.


Kcmya Colony; British East Africa Under a

New Name, I., 25.
King Constantine's Troubles, II., 528.
KING EDWARD of England, memorial

statue of. I., 128.
KLAGENFURT plebiscite, I., 435.


Labor Conscription—Farm Distribution, I.,

LABOR problem in Great Britain. II.. 14.
Labor Problem in Spain, II.. 538.
Labor Situation in Italy, I., 13.
Labor Troubles in Silesia, I., 72.
LABRADOR, Canada's dispute over, II., 264.

MANDATES, controversy over at League of

Nations' meeting at Geneva, It.. 9.
MARCUCCI (Dr.). Ferdinand, "The Labor

Situation in Italy," I., IS.
MARIE Adelaide, ex-Ruler of Luxemburg,

II., 147.
MARKELL. Eleanor, "How the Czechs are

Using Their Liberty." I.. 516.

MARTENS, L. C. A. K., deportation of. II.,


Martial Law in Ireland, II., M.

MEREDITH, Edwin T., "Greatest Era in

American Agriculture," I., 210.

MESOPOTAMIA, native opposition to British

rule. I., 100; guerrilla warfare in, I.. 256:

improvement in military and political

situation, II., 69.

Mesopotamia— the Cradle of Mankind, II.,


MEXICAN labor, our relations with, IL, 348.

Mexico Under a New President, II., 112.

Mexico's Efforts for Recognition, I., Mo.

MEXICO'S first peaceful election. I.. 105;

more settled conditions in, I.. 289.

Military Strength of France, I., 373.

MILLERAND. Alexandre, succeeds Des-

chanel as President of France, I., 263.

Monarchial Plots on the Danube, I., 76.

MONT Klanc. uncrowning of. II.. -ViO.

MONTENEGRO, Ernesto, "Chile's First

Middle-Class President," I., 397.

-MONTENEGRO'S relations with Jugoslavia.

H., 334.

Month in the fnited States, I., 36; I., 349;

II.. 189.

More Rioting in India, II.. 501.

MOROCCO. French and Spanish campaign

ended. II., 1O1.

MOROS of Mindanao, I., 20.

MOSCOW and American Socialists, I., 16.

MOSCOW defied by Bulgaria, II., 334.

MOSCOW, ominous clouds over, I., 239.

Moslem World of Today, I., 506.

MOTOR Power from Sound Waves, H., 530.

Movement for a Dutch Republic, I.. 424.

Murder of the Czar's family, I., 177.
Murder of the Imperial Russian Family, I.,

MYERS. Gustavus. "The Status of the

American Merchant Marine." II.. 28.


NATIONAL Conventions, women at, I., 28.
National Election, I., 369.
Nationalization of Women in Russia, I., 109.
National Movement in India, II.. 93.
NAVAL balloonists lost In Canada, II.. 190.
NAVIES of U. S., Great Britain and Japan

compared, IL, 18!).

NAVY (U. S.) building plans, H., 22.
NEAL, Robert W., "Hawaii's Land and

Labor Problem, I.. ;i.v.».

NEW Austrian Confederacy, I., 431.

New Boundary Conflicts in the Balkans, I.,


New Difficulties for Soviet Russia, I., M.

New French Cabinet's Problems, II., 230.

New Light on Trotzky, I.. 512.

New Regime in British India, I.. 282.
New Republic of Thuringia, I.. 146.
New Viceroy for India, II., 314.
NEW Zealand. Chinese labor in, I., 60; dis-
tribution of wealth. I., 416; defense

scheme, H., M.
NICARAGUA, volcanic action in. I.. 107:

new Government inaugurated, Ir.. 352.

NOBEL Peace Prize Awarded to President

Wilson, II., 81.

NOBEL Prizes, winners of, I., 518.

NORTH RUSSIA, America's war in, II., 287.

NORWAY, measures taken to thwart strikes.

L, ffi); Bolshevist agitation In, I.. 427;

prohibition in, II.. 195; failure of genera.

strike. II.. 342.


OBRECON (President), Alvaro. elected Pres-

ident of Mexico, I., 105.

Obstacles Faced by the League of Nations,
I.. 28.

Official Attitude of the United States Toward

Russia, 11,, 333.

OLYMPIC Games, American victory in, I.,


Ominous Clouds Over Moscow, I., 239.

Our Relations with Mexican Labor, IL, 34!).

Our Rights in Santo Domingo, II.. 44.

Our Rule in Santo Domingo, H., 212.

PALESTINE, British progress in. I., 87.

PALESTINE, Jewish Immigration into, H.,

Palestine Mandate, IL, r>09.

PALMER, Thomas W., Jr., "Armed Forces
of Chile and Her Neighbors," II., 45.

PANAMA, American powers in, IL, 449.

PANAMA, differences of, with American

Canal Zone authorities. L. 107: enforce-

ment of prohibition in, II., 214.

Pan-American Postal Union, H., 277.

PANKHURST, Sylvia, sentenced to imprison

ment for inciting to sedition, I., 413.

PAPAL Influence in European Chancelleries,

growth of, I., 11)8.

PARAGUAY, monetary crisis in, I., 109.

Passing of Yenizelos, IL, 210.

PASVOLSKY, Leo, "The Crimean Trag-
edy," II., 54.

Paying Mexico's Foreign Debts, IL, ,*i3n.

PEACE commission expenses, IL, 21.

Peering Beneath the Veil That Enshrouds

Russia, II., 330.
Perils of the Upset in Greece, II.. 59.
Permanent Court of International Justice,

II.. 301.

PERSIA, Trotzky's terms to. II., 512.
Personnel of the New Belgian Government,
II.. 84.

PERU, reorganization of navy, I., 110; at-

tempt to stimulate immigration, II.. 118;

Constitution of, H., 261.

PHELAN (Sen.), James D., leader in anti-

Japanese immigration movement, I., 7.

PHILIPPINE independence, Aguinaldo on,

I. . 112; II., 390.

PHOTOGRAPHS sent by telephone and wire-

less, IL, 158.

"PICTURE Brides," opposition to, I., 3.

PILGRIM Fnthera. tercentenary celebration

in Holland, I., 72.

PILGRIMS' Landing, 300th anniversay of.

II. , li«l.

PILSUDSKI (Gen.), Joseph, leads main Po-
lish attack against the Russians, I.. 83.

Plebiscites Past and future. II.. 394.

PLEBISCITE troubles in Poland. II., 335.

Plan for a Central American Union, Ir.. 352.

PLANTS, recording life movement of, II..

Poland at Peace with Russia, I., 452.

Poland on a Firmer Footing, 11.. 520.

Polomd's Campaign Against Russia, I.. 83.

Poland's Plebiscite Troubles, II.. 335.

Policies of Spain and Portugal, II., 100.

POLISH-Russinn armistice, I., 233.

POLISH-Russian Peace Treaty, I., 407.

Political Changes in Scandinavia, I., 273.

POLYZOIDES, Adamantios Th., "Greece
and Her Leaders," IL, 200.

Population of the United States, I., 352.

PORTUGAL, policies of, II.. 100. heavy def-
icit, II.. 353.

POSTAGE stamps for aerial mall, IL, 203.

Pre/iminarj/ Russo-Polish Peace Treaty, I.,


PRINCE Arthur of Connaught appointed

Governor General of South Africa, I., 417.

PRINCE of Wales returns from world tour,
I., 413.

PROFITEERING In coal in United States, I.,


Program of the U. S. Navy, II., 385.
Progress in Danubian Countries, I., 431.
Progress of Latin-American Republics, I.,

PROHIBITION campaign in Scotland, I., 60;
I., 415.

PROHIBITION In Norway, IL, 195.

PROHIBITION in Soviet Russia, I., 117.
PROHIBITION in U. S., results of, I., 335.
Prosperity in Santo Domingo, I., 348.
PULLIAM, William E., "The Bare Facts
About Santo Domingo," II., 399.


RADICALS, deportation of, II., 194.

RADIO pilot cable, I., 30.

RADIUM as a cure for cancer, I., M.

RAILROAD pact by Central Europe, I., 362.

Rapid Recovery of Belgium, IL, 345.

Rapid Recovery of France, I., 62.
RAPALLO treaty fulfilled, II.. 219.
RAY. Ijexin, "Mesopotamia, the Cradle of
Mankind." II.. 420.

READING (Lord), new Viceroy for India,
11., 314.

Readjustments in France and Italy, I., 420.
Recognition of Wrangel by France, I., 90.
Red Rule in the Caucasus, IL, 338.
Relations of the Caucasus Republics, I., 244.
REPUBLICAN movement in Holland, I., 424.
RESTRICTIVE legislation against Japanese

immigration, I., 5.

Results of National Prohibition, I., 335.

Revolution in Italian Factory Management,

I. , 524.

REVOLUTIONARY tribunal in Russia, II.,


RICHARDSON (Colonel), W. P., "Amer-

ica's War in North Russia," II.. 287.

Riches of the Baku Oil Wells, I., 355.

RIGA Peace Conference, I., 233.

ROCKEFELLER Foundation, work of, I.,


ROOT, Donald S., "Filipino Independence
and Moro Domination," II., 441.

RUDINGER, St. P., "Causes of the Trouble
in China," I., M.

Rumania and Poland as Allies, II., 523.

RUMANIA ratifies the Hungarian Peace
Treaty, I., 80; Institutes agrarian re-
forms. I., 246; receives Bessarabia by
treaty, I., 438; bomb outrages In, IL, 65.

RUSSIA, prohibition in. I., 117; signs trade

agreement with Great Britain, II., 74;
national affairs wrapped in obscurity,

II. , 330.

Russian-Austrian Treaty, I., 46.

RUSSIAN courts in action, II.. 295.

Russia's Agony, I., 165.

RUSSIA'S campaign against Poland, I., 83.

RUSSIA'S gold reserve, adventures of, I.,

Russo-Polish Armistice, I., 233.


SALVADOR approves the Central American

Union, I.. 107.

SANTO Domingo, proper designation of, I.,

41; benefits of American administration.

I., 110; American rule in, II., 212.

Scandinavia's Cure for General Strikes, I..


SCHELTEMA (Dr.), J. F., "The Moslem

World of Today." I., 507.

Science and Discovery, I.. 30; I., 322; II..

158; II., 547.

SCOTLAND, I., 60; prohibition campaign in,

I. , 280; I., 415.

Second International at Geneva, I., 50.
Secretary Colby's Mission to South America,

II. . 348.

SEIGNOBOS. M., "Obstacles Faced by the

League of Nations," I., M.
Self-Govemment in German Schools, I., 152.
SELENIUM used in sending photographs by

telephone and wireless, IL, 158; military

uses of. II.. 160.

Settlement of the Adriatic Dispute, I.. 402.

Shall ll"c Scrap Our Great Rattleshipst II..

SHIPPING law, new American, I., Ill.

SHIPS guided by electric cables, IL, 161.

SHRINE of Meiji, II., 432.

SIGNIFICANCE of the "Little Entente," I.,


SILESIA, labor troubles In, I.. 72.
SINN Fein problems, I., SI.'
Situation m the Baltic States, I.. 434.

SIXTY-SIXTH Congress, final session. II..

SKY voyages of discovery, I., 33.
SMYRNA, onslaughts by Turks repulsed. II.,

SNOW. Francis Haffklne. "America as a
World Tyrant," I., 497.

SOCIALIST International, widening split in,
II.. 299.

Soldiers' Councils in Austrian Army, I., 148.

Solving Cuba's Election Problems. II., 546.

South Africa Loyal to the Empire, II., MO.

SOUTH Africa, legislation In. I.. 61 ; political

Issues and leaders, I., 417.

SOUTH America, review of conditions in.

I.. 108.

SOUTH America. Secretary Colby's mission

In. II.. 346.

South America's Attitude Toward the United

States, II.. 543.

foutlu-astfrn Europe, Countries of, I., 434.

Soviet Court* in Action, II., 293.

SOVIET Russia, truth about, I., 222.

Soviet Russia Crushes Wrangel, I., 44,r>.

Soviet Russia's Battle for Trade, II., 513.

SOVIET Russia's overtures to China. I., 47.

SPAIN", Cabinet changes In, I.. 68; sweeping
reforms initiated, I., 260; labor, commer-
cial and political problems, I., 423; strike
agitations. II.. 100.

SPALATO. port of.. II., 284.

SPERANZA, Glno, "Italy's Crisis Subsid-

ing." II.. 40)1.

Split in thu Socialist 1'nrty, II.. 37.

Stability of Rvlgium, II.. .134.

STARS. Invention for measuring, 11., 54!).

State* of the Balkan Peninsula, I., 250.

£tatux of the American Marine, II., 28.

STOCKBRIDGE. Frank Parker. "Blue Laws
in America." II., 371.

STRIKES, popular revulsion against in Scan-
dinavian countries, I., HO.

Struggle of Baltic States for Independence,
I.. 91.

SUBMARINE sinking, 1.. 37.

SULTAN of Sulu, abdication of, I.. 20a.

SWEDEN, liquor question in, I., 71; feeling
running high on Aland Islands question,
I.. 27~>; commercial relations with Russia,
II.. 83.

SWEDISH Socialist Cabinet falls. I., 425.

Sweeping Reforms in Spain, I.. 260.

Swiss Measures for Food Control, II., 85. •

SWISS Social Democratic Party decides

against adherence to the Third Interna-

tional, I., 423.

SWITZERLAND and the Hapsburgs, II., 209.

SYKES-Picot agreement. II., 241.

SYNDICALISTS In Italy. I.. 65.

Syndical •' Situation in Italy, I., 257.

Syria and Its Tangled Problems, II., 238.

Syria and Other Mandatories, II., 324.

SYRIA, contest between Emir Feisal and the

French. I., 99; complicated situation tn,

II.. 68.


TAGORE, Rabindranath, criticises Western
materialism, I., 119.

TALBOTT, E. Guy, "Anti-Japanese Issue In

California," II., 454.

TARDIEU, Andre, story of progress in dev-
astated area of France, I.. 62.

TAX revision In U. S. urged. II.. 26.

TELEPHONE, how It was invented. II.. 490.

TERCENTENARY of landing of the Pil-
grim Fathers. II., 1U6.

Terrible Famine in China, II., 329.

Text of the " Little Entente " Treaty, II., 73.

THOMPSON. Charles Willis, "The French
and Russian Revolution," II., 149.

30(>(/i Antnvtrsary of the Pilgrims' Landing,
II., 106.

THURINGIA. new republic of. I.. 146.

TRADE between England and Soviet Rus-

sia, negotiations bearing on. I., 86.

Tragedy of the Meander Valley, II., 57.

TRANSCONTINENTAL air mall. I., 38.

Treaty of Rapallo, II.. 223.

Treaty that Made Finland Free, II.. 472.

"Trench of the Bayonets," II., 23!5.

Triumph of Woman Suffrage, 1., 138.

TROTZKY, Leon, new light on, I., 512.

Trotiky's Terms to Persia, II., 512.

Troubles of Cuba and Haiti, II., 116.

Truth About Soviet Russia, I.. 222.

Turkey and the Red Menace, II., 321.

Turkey Under Reconstruction, I., 07.

Turkey Weathers a Cabinet Crisis, I., 255.

Turkey's Tangled Problems, II.. 508.

TURKISH Cabinet, reconstruction of, I.. 07.

TURKISH Empire, division of. I., 441.

TURKISH Nationalists, gains of. II., 66.

Turkish Peace Treaty, II.. 164.

"TWENTY-ONE Points" of the Third In-

ternational, II., 37.

Two Victories for Soviet Russia, II., 74.


UNEMPLOYMENT In United States. II.. 23.

U. S., National Election. I., 369; reduction of
public debt, I., 371; naval program, II,
180; army reduction, II., 191: prohibition
enforcement. II.. 192; official attitude
toward 'Russia, II., 333. See also America
and American.

U. S. Shipping Board inquiry, I., 372.

"UNKNOWN Soldier," burial of. In West-
minster Abbey, I., 412.

"UNKNOWN Soldier" ceremonies In Eng-
land and France. II.. 48.

Vnrest in the British Empire, I., 277.

UPPER Sileslan plebiscite. II.. 335.

URUGUAY, new dueling law. I.. 110: new

Constitution goes into effect, II., 259.

Woman's New Position in Industry, II., 44S

Women at the Conventions, I., 26.

WOODBURY, Gordon, appointed Assistant

Secretary of the Navy, I.. 130.

WRANGEL (General Baron), Peter, recog-
nition of, by France, I., 90.

WRANGEL'S overthrow In the Crimea, II.,



Year's Progress in Aviation, II., 427.

YOUNG. A. Morgan. "Attitude of the Japa-
nese Government," I., 11.

YOITNG, A. Morgan, "Japan's Financial
Crisis," I., 229.

Yurovsky and the Murder of the Czar," I.,


ZAGLl'L Pasha, leader in movement for

Egyptian independence, I., 21.
ZAYAS (Dr.), Alfredo, elected President of

Cuba, I., 4fl.->.
ZELIGOWSKI raid on Vilna, I., 452.
ZINOVIEV, G., "Bolshevist Aims in Asia,"

II.. 463.

ZORN, Anders, Swedish painter, death of,
1.. 125.


A DOR. Gustave, I.. 471.
ALESSANDRI, Arturo, I.. 400.
ALEXANDER, King of Greece, I.. 438.
ALLENBY (Field Marshal Sir). Edmund, II.,

AMUNDSEN (Captain), R., I., 277.

ANTHONY, Susan B., I., 141.

AVROV (Advocate General), M., I., 240.

BARNES. George Nicoll, II., 4.

BARNETT (Major Gen.), George. I., 343.

BARROS-BORGONO, Luis. I., 401.

BASS, Mrs. George, I.. 27.

BEECHE (Dr.), Octavlo, II., 352.

BIANCHI. Julio. I., 464.

BLAIR, Mrs. Emily Newell. I., 27d.

BOLSHEVIKI who signed the Czar's death

warrant, I., 183.

BRANTING, HJalmar, II., 9.

BRIAND (Premier), Aristlde, II.. 537.

BRIDGE (Admiral Sir). Cyprian. II., 378.

CARPENTER, Frank W., I., 20a.

CATT (Mrs.), Carrie Chapman, I., 140.

CECIL (Lord). Robert, II., 4.

CONSTANTINE, King of Greece, II., 201.
COOLIDGE (Vice President), Calvin, II.,


CROWDER (Brig. Gen.). Enoch H., II., 350.

CURIE, Mme. Sklodowsky, I., 36.

CZAR and Czarina of Russia with their four

daughters, II., 155.

CZARINA Alexandra Feodorovna, I., 181.

CZAR Nicholas II. and his son, I., 179.

DANTON, George Jacques, II., 150.

DOMBSKI. M., I.. 234.

DRUMMOND (Sir), Eric, II., 5.

EX-KING Oonstantlne of Greece, with wife

and daughter, II., 63.

FAYOLLE (General), Emile, I., 350.

FEISAL, Emir. II., 249.

GOUNARIS, Demetrios, II., 80.

GOURAUD (General). II., 242.
GRIFFITH. Arthur. I., 280.
HALLER (Gen.). Joseph, I., 237.

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