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Page 19 - Speak low, woman, speak low ! ' ' And why should I speak low, sailor, About my own boy John ? If I was loud as I am proud I 'd sing him over the town ! Why should I speak low, sailor ?'
Page 20 - And why should I speak low, sailor. About my own boy John ? If I was loud as I am proud I'd sing him over the town. Why should I speak low, sailor?" —
Page 11 - Guardian. II. WOMAN IN FRANCE DURING THE 18™ CENTURY. By JULIA KAVANAGH. 2 vols. post 8vo, with Eight Portraits. 12s. in embossed cloth. " Miss Kavanagh has undertaken a delicate task, and she has performed it on the whole with discretion and judgment. Her volumes may lie on any drawing-room table without scandal, and may be read by all but her youngest countrywomen without risk.
Page 6 - EXAMPLES OF THE ARCHITECTURE OF VENICE, SELECTED AND DRAWN TO MEASUREMENT FROM THE EDIFICES. In Parts of Folio Imperial size, each containing Five Plates, and a short Explanatory Text, price II.
Page 12 - Eyre' is a remarkable production. Freshness and originality, truth and passion, singular felicity in the description of natural scenery and in the analyzation of human thought, enable this tale to stand boldly out from the mass, and to assume its own place in the bright field of romantic literature.
Page 13 - THE ENGLISH IN WESTERN INDIA; Being the Early History of the Factory at Surat, of Bombay. BY PHILIP ANDERSON, AM Second Edition, 8vo, price 14s. cloth. " Quaint, curious, and amusing, this volume describes, from old manuscripts and obscure books, the life of English merchants in an Indian Factory. It contains fresh and amusing gossip, all bearing on events and characters of historical importance.
Page 7 - Very beautiful in feeling and occasionally striking and forcible in conception to a remarkable degree." — Guardian. " Mr. Robertson, of Brighton, is a name familiar to most of us, and honoured by all to •whom it is familiar.
Page 19 - You come back from sea, And not know my John ? I might as well have asked some landsman, Yonder down in the town ; There's not an ass in all the parish But he knows my John. "How's my boy — my boy?
Page 13 - THE BHILSA TOPES ; OR, BUDDHIST MONUMENTS OF CENTRAL INDIA. By Major CUNNINGHAM. One vol., 8vo, with Thirty-three Plates, price 30s. cloth.
Page 6 - We conceive it to be impossible that any intelligent persons could listen to the lectures, however they might differ from the judgments asserted, and from the general propositions laid down, without an elevating influence and an aroused enthusiasm."— Spectator.

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