Cavaloy field duty, tr. by F.S. Russell

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Page 141 - Vera." 2 vols. Fifth Edition. Cloth, gilt tops, I2j. *„* Also a Cheaper Edition in i vol. With Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 6s. BLU ME (Major W.). The Operations of the German Armies in France, from Sedan to the end of the war of 187071. With Map. From the Journals of the Head-quarters Staff. Translated by the late EM Jones, Maj.
Page 142 - CHANGE OF AIR AND SCENE. A Physician's Hints about Doctors, Patients, Hygiene, and Society ; with Notes of Excursions for health in the Pyrenees, and amongst the Watering-places of France (Inland and Seaward), Switzerland, Corsica, and the Mediterranean. By Dr.
Page 141 - Army of the North German Confederation. A Brief Description of its Organization, of the Different Branches of the Service and their rdle in War, of its Mode of Fighting, &c., &c. Translated from the Corrected Edition, by permission of the Author, by Colonel Edward Newdigate. Demy 8vo. Cloth, price 5$.
Page 142 - An extremely interesting book, and a singularly good illustration of the value which, even in an age of newspapers and magazines, memoirs have and will always continue to have for the purposes of history.
Page 142 - Reads like a tale of life, with all its incidents. The young will take to it for its love portions, the older for its descriptions, .some in this day for its Arab philosophy.
Page 142 - SENIOR (NW). Alexis De Tocqueville. Correspondence and Conversations with Nassau W. Senior, from 1833 to 1859. Edited by MCM Simpson. 2 vols. Large post 8vo.
Page 141 - TACTICAL DEDUCTIONS FROM THE WAR OF 1870—1. By Captain A. Von Boguslawski. Translated by Colonel Lumley Graham, late i8th (Royal Irish) Regiment. Demy 8vo. Uniform with the above. Price 7^.
Page 141 - In all essential things, according to our conviction, the author has rightly apprehended the lessons of the late war, and his views are a guide and criterion that will be of service to every officer.
Page 142 - There is a positive fragrance as of newlymown hay about it, as compared with the artificially perfumed passions which are detailed to us with such gusto by our ordinary novel-writers in their endless volumes.
Page 141 - I recommend the first two numbers of Colonel von Verdy's ' Studies ' to the attentive perusal of my brother officers. They supply a want which I have often felt during my service in this country, namely, a minuter tactical detail...

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