A Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language

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Bolles & Williams, 1846 - English language - 690 pages

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Page 153 - A net drawn along the bottom of the water ; an instrument with hooks to catch hold of things under water; a kind of car drawn by the hand.
Page 218 - A Phrygian husbandman, made <king by the oracle of Apollo; who is said to have then tied up his utensils of husbandry in the temple, and in a knot so intricate, that no one could find out where it began or ended. It was pretend ed, that whoever should loose this knot, should be king of all Asia.
Page 162 - ELLIPSIS, s. A figure of rhetoric, by which something is left out; in geometry, an oval figure, generated from the section of a cone, pi.
Page 179 - Exit, eks^It, n. the term set in the margin of plays to mark the time at which the player goes off; departure ; act of quitting the theatre of life ; passage out of any place, the way by which there is a passage oat.
Page 29 - ... is found to be equal to some quantity or quantities which are known, and consequently itself is known.
Page 231 - The muscle which by its contraction and dilation propels the blood through the course of circulation, and is therefore considered as the source of vital motion , the chief part, the vital part ; the inner part of any thing ; courage...
Page 206 - Coolness; shade: duskiness. A painting on fresh plaster, or on a wall laid with mortar not yet dry; used for alcoves and other buildings in the open air.
Page 191 - In architecture, an ornament of carved work in the form of a wreath or garland of flowers, or leaves twisted together.
Page 56 - Some-thing made to sleep on ; lodging ; marriage ; bank of earth raised in a garden ; the channel of a river, or any hollow...
Page 126 - D. In abbreviation, is common for doctor : as, DD doctor of divinity; MD doctor of medicine. D. A numeral letter, signifying five hundred.

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