Ruddiman's Rudiments of the Latin language, with alterations and an appendix

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Oliver & Boyd, 1828 - Latin language - 178 pages

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Page 1 - Il ya vingt (20) consonnes : b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, 1, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, z.
Page 102 - Verbs of asking, and teaching, govern two accusatives, the one of a person, and the other of a thing ; as, Posclmus te pacem, We beg peace of thee. Docuit me grammaticam, He taught me grammar, EXPLANATION.
Page 97 - But if a' nominative come between the relative and the verb, the relative will be of that case, which the verb or noun fallowing, or the preposition going before, usually govern.
Page 110 - The gerund in DO of the ablative case is governed by the prepositions a, ab, de, e, ex, or in ; as, POKIUL a peccando absterret, Punishment frightens from sinning.
Page 99 - Partitives, and words placed partitively, comparatives, superlatives, interrogatives, and some numerals, govern the genitive plural ; as, AKquis phUoiophorum, Some one of the philosophers.
Page 115 - The preposiiions in, sub, super, and subter, govern the accusative, when motion to a place is signified ; but when motion or rest in a place is signified, in and sub govern the ablative, super and subter either the accusative or ablative.
Page 2 - Accusative and Vocative like the Nominative, in both numbers ; and these cases in the plural end always in a. 2. The Dative and Ablative plural end always alike.
Page 111 - XLIX. The cause, manner, and instrument are put in the ablative ; as, Palleo metu, I am pale for fear. Fecit suo more, He did it after hie own way.
Page 109 - The gerund in DO of the dative case is governed by adjectives signifying usefulness or fitness ; as, Charta utllis scribendo, Paper useful for writing.
Page 96 - Any Verb may have the same Case after it as before it, when both words refer to the same thing; as, Ego sum discipulus, I am a scholar. Tu vocäris Joannes, Той are named John. ¡lia incldit regina, She walks as a queen.

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