The Parliamentary Pocket Companion, Volume 11

Front Cover
Whittaker & Company, 1843

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Page 69 - When the house hath agreed or disagreed to the amendments of the committee, and sometimes added new amendments of its own, the bill is then ordered to be engrossed, or written in a strong gross hand, on one or more long rolls (or presses) of parchment sewed together. When this is finished it is read a third time, and amendments are sometimes then made to it; and, if a new clause be added, it is done by tacking a separate piece of parchment on the bill, which is called a...
Page 82 - ... committed to the hands of the printer. There are only seven publications for which a reporter is constantly in attendance, and these include the London morning newspapers, from which all others that give debates are under the necessity of copying or abridging them. The number of reporters maintained by each, varies from ten or eleven to seventeen or eighteen. They are, for the most part, gentlemen of liberal education, many...
Page 6 - Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ; Defender of the Faith ; Sovereign Protector of the United States of the Ionian Islands ; Sovereign of the Orders of the Garter, the Thistle, St.
Page 73 - When the whole House Is In committee the Speaker vacates the chair, the mace is placed under the table, and the Chairman of Ways and Means or another member of the House presides. Proceedings relating to the expenditure of public money take place in Committee of Supply, while in Committee of Ways and Means resolutions having reference to the funds by which such expenditure is to be sustained...
Page 69 - the previous question" be decided in the negative, the motion on which it bears is only gotten rid of for the time, whereas a direct negative to the motion itself would be a proscription of it for the remainder of the session, as well as a denial of its principle. 29. With respect to a bill, moving that it " be read this day six months," is a mode of throwing it out without coming to an express declaration against the principle of the measure.
Page 156 - Labouchere, esq. vice president of the board of trade and master of the mint.
Page 82 - Every publication not copying from or abridging any other, but giving original reports, keeps one of a series of reporters constantly in the gallery of the Lords, and another in the Commons. These, like sentinels, are, at stated periods, relieved by their colleagues, when they take advantage of the interval to transcribe their notes, in order to be ready again to resume the duty of note-taking, and afterwards that of transcription for the press. A succession of reporters for each establishment is...
Page 69 - be read this day six months," or " this day three months," is a mode of throwing it out without coming to an express declaration against the principle of the measure.

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