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The Book was great reading. The man for the situation, who was clear in understanding about the existing malady in the society in Oudh and the maladministration of the native ruler prior to the annexation of the country. The British rule has helped the real proprietors of the land, who lost their possessions due to the machinations of the Talukdhars in connivance with the King's tax officials, to repossess their hereditary holdings and live in peace. The land settlement ensured the fugitives who, on loss of their possessions by force and legal deceit to the talukdhars, turned thugs and decoits, able to return to normal life; thus free the lawless land to be brought under effective productive usage. This was a great achievement for the people of Oudh.
A little realization on the part of the Company British Authorities at large to understand the natives and respect their religions; to tutor the natives the concept of Christianity as a caring religion through education and not proselytize by coercion as an instrument of empire, would have saved the life of Europeans; who got butchered in an alien land, far away from birth place, forfeiting even a proper burial in most of the cases.
N.V. Sundaram

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