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that has wilfully been adulterated and wilfully despoiled of its best virtues, what will the vender answer? 24 May God grant we may all answer well for ourselves, that we may be finally happy. Amen.


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Sanctity of the Apostles.

MATTHEW xi. 6. Blessed is be, that shall not be offended

in me.


HE general prejudices of the

Jewish nation concerning the royal state and condition of the Saa viour, who was to come into the world, was a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, to the greatest part of that unhappy and preposfeffed people, when the promise was actually fulfilled. Whether it was altogether the traditions of their fathers, or that the rapturous exot pressions of the prophets, which redz presented the Messiah's spiritual kingdom in fuch extent of power and dominion, mifled them into it;--or that their own carnal expectations turned wilful interpreters upon them, inclining them to look for nothing but the wealth and worldly grandeur which were to be acquired under their deliverer ;-whether these, ori that the system of temporal blessings helped to cherish them in this gross and covetous expectation, -it was one of the great causes for their rejecting him.--" This fellow, we know not whence he is,'_was they popular cry of one part ;--and they who seemed to know whence he was,

fcornfully turned it against him, by the repeated quere--Is' not this the carpenter, the fon of Mary, the brother of James and Jofes, and of Juda and Simon and are not his sisters here with us ? —And they were offended at him.-So that, though it was prepared by God to be the glory of his people Ifrael, yet the circumstances of humility, in which he was 'manifested, were thought a scandal to them.--Strange! - that he who was born their king, -should be born of no other virgin than Mary, the meanest of their people; (for he hath regarded the low eftate of his handmaiden)--and of one of the poorest too :--for she had not a lamb to offer, but was purified,

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