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Think not, ye men of Israel, or fay within yourselves, that we are unproficable servants ;-we have no good works to spare, or that if we had,we cannot make this use of them that we have no power to circulate our indulgences,—and huckster them out, as we do, through all the parts of Christendom.-Know ye by these presents, that it is our own power which does this ;-the plenitude of our apoftolick power operating with our own holiness that enables us to bind and loose, as seems meet to us. on earth ;--to save your souls or de- . liver them up to Satan, and as they please or displease, to indulge whole kingdoms at once, or excommunicate.

them all ;--binding kings in chains, and your nobles in links of iron.

That we may never again feel the effects of fuch language and prin. ciples,--may God of his mercy grant




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Thirtieth of January.

Ezra ix. 6, 7. And I said, O my God, I am ashamed

end blush to lift up my face to thee, mry God :--for our iniquities are increased over our bead, and our tref. pass is grown up unto the beavens. Since tbe days of our fathers bave we been in a great trespass unto this day.

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HERE is not, I believe,

throughout all history, an inftance of so strange and obstinately corrupt a people, as the Jews, of whom Ezra complains;—for though, on one hand, there never was a people that received fo many testimonies of God's favour to encourage them to be good,-so, on the other hand, there never was a people which so often felt the scourge of their iniquities to dishearten them from doing evil.

And yet neither the one or the other seem'd ever able to make them either the wiser or better ;--neither God's blessings, nor his corrections could ever soften them ;-they still continued a thankless, unthinking people, who profited by no lessons, neither were to be won with mercies, nor terrified with punishments,-but on every succeeding trials and occasions, extremely disposed against God, to go astray and act wickedly.

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