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better from our reflections upon them.

Till this is done, it avails' lit: tle, though we pray fervently to God not to lay their fins to our charge, whilst we have so many remaining of our own. -Unless we are touched for ourselves, how can we expect he should hear our cry? It is the wicked corruption of a people which they are to thank for whatever natural calamities they feel ;--this is the very state we are in, which by disengaging providence from taking our part,—will always leave a people exposed to the whole force of accidents, both from within and without :-and however statesmen may dispute about the causes of the growth or decay of kingdoms-it is for this cause, a matter of eternal truth,that as virtue and religion are our only recommendation to God, that they are, consequently, the only true basis of our happinefs and prosperity on earth. And however we may fhelter ourselves under diftinctions of party, -that a wicked man is the worit enemy the state has ;- and for the contrary, it will always be found, that a virtuous man is the best patriot, and the best fubject the king has. And though an individual may fay, what will my righteousness profit a nation of men ?-I answer, if it. fail of a blessing here (which is not likely), it will have one advantage,- it will save thy own soul, and give thee that peace at the last, which this world cannot take away.

Which God, of his infinite mercy,

grant us all. Amen.


ROMANS ii. 4.


Despisejt thou the riches of his goodness,

and forbearance, and long suffering,
knowing that the goodness of God

leadeth thee to repentance ? So says St. Paul. And

Because sentence against an evil work

is not executed speedily; therefore the
heart of the fons of men is fully set in
them to do evil-


AKE either as you like it, you

will get nothing by the bar. gain.

'Tis a terrible character of the world, which Solomon is here accounting

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