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"On quitting the Marianna Islands we bent our course feet four inches in height, and the other for his strength pass into one of his post horses, in order to carry the towards the Sandwich Islands, where we spent about and activity. These two men meeting together one despatches of the court to distant provinces. They ex. twenty days, very busily employed, often perplexed as diy in the street, (a third being present) the former, in hort me, therefore, to perform my duty well, when I to the means of victualling our ship. When we arrived a higb tone, made use of some insulting language to enter upon my new state; not to stumble, kick, or bite, there, the old king, we found, had been dead three or the other, which he could not well put up with; he nor to hurt any one. Run well, they tell me; eat little, four months ago, and this event had been productive, called him a coward, said he was his inferior in every and be patient.-By this you will excite the compassion especially at Owyhee, of strange consequences. Whe- re-pect, and so provoked his anger, that unable any of the gods, who will often at last convert a good beast ther their grief was sincere or affected I cannot exactly longer to contain bimself, the latter, with great warmth into a man of quality, and a considerable Mandarin. I pretend to ascertain; but the truth is, that the common instantly replied: "You have grossly insulted me; confess, my father, that this idea makes me tremble; it people, after having mutilated their faces and wounded but I will prevent you from doing the like again!' and haunts me day and night. In may sleep, sometimes I several parts of their bodies, actually seized upon all the te the same moment stabbed him through the body already imagine myself in harness, and ready to set off Catile belonging to the late king, who generally possesses with his knife, so that he dropped down dead by his at the first lash of the postilion : I awake in unspeakable the whole of what is seen throughout the country, killed side. The alarm being immediately spread through terror, not knowing whether I am man or horse. Alas ! and ate them all, and rent the air with their savage the village, a crowd of Indians assembled, and the how deplorable will be my fate, when this is no longer a bowlings. For this, my dear M., is the etiquette ob- murderer having seated himself on the ground by the dream! I will tell you, then, my father, the resolution serval in this country on such occasions, and the manner side of the dead body, coolly awaited his face, which I have taken. I am assured, that the followers of your how they express any violent sorrow. The result was he could not expect to be any other than immediate religion are not subject to these calamities; that men this, that I was obliged to go from one island to another death, particularly as the cry of the people was · Kill with you will be always men ; that in the other world, in quest of what was barely necessary to reach Port him, kill him!' But although he placed his body and they will be what they were in this. I implore you 10 Jseison, for which we are now making.

head in a proper posture to receive the stroke of the receive me ainong you; I know very well that your reli"Our stay there was wholly devoted to several geo- tomahawk, no one attempted to lay hands on him; gion is difficult to be observed; but were it far mong Staphical operations, entirely new, and particularly to a but after removing the dead body from where it lay, difficult, still I am ready to embrace it.' considerable number of physical operations, which will they left him alone. Not meeting here with his ex- " This address, and the situation of the sick person, be the means of procuring a rich supply for science, and pected fate, be rose from this place for a more public excited my compassion; but reflecting that God makes Enlarging the sphere of knowledge; in this, at least, our part of the village, and there lay down on the ground use even of simplicity and ignorance to conduct men to naarigation has proved fortunate, and has more than ful in the hope of being the sooner despatched; but the the truth, I took the opportunity which this gave me to filled my expectations, for the weather at the same time spectators, after viewing him, all retired again. Sed convince him of his errors, and to point out to him the was greatly favourable.”

sible that his life was justly forfeited, and anxious to road to salvation. I instructed him a long time; he be

be relieved from a state of suspense, he took the reso- lieved at last, and I had the satisfaction of seeing hina INDIAN TRIBES OF NORTH AMERICA. lution to go to the mother of the deceased, an aged die not only with more rational sentiments, but with all

widow, whom he addressed in these words. Woman, the signs of a good Christian.” ( By the Rev, Mr. Heckevelder.)

I have killed thy son; he had insulted me, it is true ;

but still he was thine, and his life was valuable to thee. IMMOLATION OF HINDOO WIDOWS. " Genuine wit, which one would hardly expect to ", therefore, now surrender myself up to thy will. fod in a savage people, is not unfrequent aniong them Direct as thou wilt have it, and relieve me spetdily (Continued from our former Numbers.) I have heard them, for instance, compare the English from misery.' To which the woman answered: “Thou and American nations to a pair of scissors, an instru- bast, indeed, killed my son who was dear to me, and Jo the Calcutta papers of the 7th January, was zu dent composed of two sharped edged knives exac: ly the only supporter I had in my old age. One life is a letter from a British officer, dated Lucknow, dei like, working against each other for the same purpose, already lost, and to take thine on that account cannot scribing the prevention of the immolation of a widow that of cutting. By the construction of this instru. be of any service to me, nor better my situation. Thou officers, who saved her at the risk of their lives, from

on the funeral pile of her husband, by a party of ment, they said, it would appear as if, ir shutting, hast, however, a son, whom if thou wilt give me in being a third time thrown back on the pile by the these two sharp knives would strike together, and the place of nuy son whom thou hast slain, all shall be brutal mob who surrounded it. Since this period, destroy each other's edges; but no such thing--they wiped away.' The murderer then replied; “Mother, two sostances bave been related in the above papers, soly cat what comes between them. And thus the my son is yet but a child, ten years old, and can be of of similar sacrifices having been prevented in a English and Americans do when they go to war against no service to thee, but rather a trouble and a charge; much less hazardous manner, by the interference of one another. It is not each other they want to destroy, but here am I, truly capable of supporting and mail.tended to effect them. The circumstavces of the

tha Collector of that place, near which it was in. but as, poor Indians, that are between them. By this taining thee: if thou wilt receive me as thy son no- first of the instances we allude to are as follow: means they get our land; and when that is obtained, thing shall be wanting on my part to make thee com

“ CALCUTTA, MARCH 28th. er the scissors are closed again, and laid by for further fortable while thvu livest.' The woman, approving of

6. A young Bramanee woman of respectable fathe proposal, forthwith adopted him as her son, and mily, married to a dependant Zemindar, who was re* They bave a strong innate sense of justice, which took the wbole family to her house."

ceiving from the head Zemiodar a pension of 1000 will lead them sometimes to acts wbich some men will

rupees per month, was about, on his decease, to call heroic, others romantic, and not a few, perbaps,

born herself witb ibe body. The Collector of the will designate by the epitbet barbarous; a vague inde


district, however, as soon as he had information of

this, sent to a Bramin to endeavour to dissuade the finite word, which, if it means and thing, might, per.

widow from ber intention; but the vehenient oppobaps, be best explained by something not like ourselves. Among the doctrines taught by the Bodzes or Priests sitiou of her parents, and more particularly ber However that may be, this feeling certainly exists of the Chinese god Fo, is the Pythagorean doctrine of brother, to her seceding from her resolution, renamong the Indians, and as I cannot describe it better the transmigration of souls. The impression which dered this attempt useless. The Collector deterthan by its effects, I shall content myself with relating this doctrine makes upon the credulous Chinese, may mined therefore to try the effect of making a show on this subject, a characteristic anecdote which hap. be judged of by a fact related by Father le compte in of an intention to interrupt the ceremony by force; pened in the year 1793, at an Indian village called La his Memoirs. "I recollect," says he, “ that being one this purpose would soon be made known to the par

and aware that any measures he should adopt for Chine, situated nine miles above Montreal, and was day in the province of Chanci, I was called to baptize a ties, he directed a dozen peons whom he stationed, old me in the same year by Mr. Ramée, a French sick person. This was a man of 70 ycars of age, who is a street through which the body was to pass, to Canadian iohabitant of tbat place, whom I believe to lived on a small pension the emperor granted to him. seize the woman and conduct her to her house ; and ghe a person of strict veracity. I was then on my re. The moment I entered his chamber, he exclaimed, at the same time concealed a guard of sepoys below tara from Detroit, in company with General Lincoln, How much I am obliged to you, my dear father! Yon in the Bund of a Tank 10 enforce this measure if and several other gentlemen, who were present at the will deliver me from the greatest of misery! You know, wecessary. The result was, that the people bearing relation, and gave it their foll belief; I thought it then my father, that I have lived for a long time on the the intended

ceremony, the widow was quite recon

of the arrangements, desisted from proceeding with so interesting, that I inserted it in my journal, from bounty of the emperor. The bonzes, who are well in- eiled to live, and sent a message to the Collector, which I now extract it :

formed of what passes in the other world, assured me, requesting, that as the pension of her deceased hus. * There were in the said village of La Chine, two that in gratitude, I shall be obliged to serve my bene- band would go to her brother, that he (the Collector) Temarkable Indians, the one for his tature, being six factor after my death, and that my soul will infallibly wouid provide for her. She is now enjoying a pen


sion of 18 pagodas per month, out of the allowance
Scientific Records.

formerly granted to her husband.
• The second case was of the wife of a principal

Col. Gibbs, of the United States, is of opinion that the Zemindar, whose death, and the determination of his [Comprehending Notices of new Discoveries or Improve reason why the dry rot is so niuch more frequent widow to sacrifice berself on the following morn- ments in Science or Art; including, occasionally, sin- days than it was formerly, is that, in consequence of the ing, were not announced to the Collector till twelve gular Medical Cases; Astronomical, Mechanical, great consumption of wood during the last century for o'clock at night. He immediasely despatched a

Philosophical, Botanical, Meteorological, and Mine- naval and architectural purposes, all the old wood has letter to the heir, threatening to oppose him to the

ralogical Phenomena, or singular Facts in Natural been consumed, and nothing is now left for these utmost of his power as a magistrate, if he did not

History; Vegetation, &c. ; Antiquities, &c.; to be poses but comparatively young wood, in which the al. continued in a Series through the Volume.]

burnum bears a much greater proportion to the heart prevent the sacrifice; he also addressed letters to

than in old trees. He mentions some facts that have The widow's relatives, and ibese measures were at

been stated to him by Colonel Perkins, of Boston, and tended with the desired effect, and the widow in this,


which seeni entitled to attention. Several ships built as in the former case, was reconciled to live.

The Narrateur de la Meuse contains the following

at Boston have been salted, or filled in between the tit. "We cannot conclude this subject without remark- article on the care of two deaf and dumb persons, who bers with salt, while on the stocks, and after the lapse of have alluded; it is such as to entitle him to the and successful operation was performed by M. Deleau, found to be perfectly sound. A large ship, belonging us warmest thanks of every friend of hunanity. In a young pracui isner, a doctor of medicine, of the faculty Col. Perkins which had been salted, (fourteen years old bis own heart, however, he wil find a richer reward of Paris, ex-surgeon to the 4th regiment of cuirassiers, required repairs, new decks, and new iron work. Con than the praise of the whole world can yield. It is and now established at Mibie (Meuse.) The two deaf sidering the age of the ship, it was important to examine nevertheless to be regretted, that we are not per

and dumb, who underwent the operations (whereby he the frame in every part." The ceiling was, therefore, mitted to give bis naine, as such disinterested ac. perforated with dexterity and success the Mcatus Audi ripped up, and a complete examination took place. The tions cannot be made too public. We trust, how. torius) are Mademoiselle Bivier de St. Mibiel, aged 16 result was, that the timbers and planks were found ev

pletely sound in every part. A vessel of 500 tis 18ever, that the noble example be bas set will be years, and the Sieur Tousant, son of the assistant magistrate of Hans-sur-Meuse, aged 28 years.

quired 500 bushels of salt, and two years after being generally followed, as we have no doubt, from all

built, 100 bushels were added to fill up the space of the we have been able to learn on this subject, that than a month since she underwent the operation. Her salt dissolved. measures similar to those pursued by him, would, left ear is perfectly healed, and the opening made to the

ANTIQUITIES. in almost every case, be attended with the same tympanum always continues, which is absolutely neceshappy results. At all events, we think that the sary. She takes notice of the least sounds, and begins In removing the library, and clearing away the fear Collector, Magistrate or Judge of the district, to articulate words in a very satisiactory manner. Her and book-cases that have so long incumbered the Lady should not suffer these sacrifices to take place vivacity pleases and her figure changes for the better. Chapel of Exeter Cathedral, a discovery has been made without seeing the intended victim, and being as.

She is incessantly humming various airs which her sis- of ewo ancient tombs. The sculpture of both is cariy,

ters teach her. sured by viva voce evidence, that the intended

They are placed in Gothic niches of much later date;

The young man of Hans-sur-Meuse, who was ope- and appear to be only the lids of sarcophagi, and to immolation was perfectly voluntary. If too, the rated upon a short time since, hears as well as his com have been removed from some other station to the unhappy widow, could be separated for four and rades, and even more lively. His right ear is finer than which they now occupy. The material is the Pete twenty hours from the wretches who surround his left; he makes constant efforts to pronounce all sorts beck marble. The most ancient of them is the her, and who are interested in persuading her 10 of words. The surgeon hopes that in three or four figure of a prelate with a depressed mitre, a beard and adhere to her resolution, and she could afterwards months the two subjects will speak perfectly: It is evi- mustachios; the two first fingers of the right hand be examined alone, as to her wish to put an end to dent, that they must be instructed like children, who pointing upwards, in the act of benediction; in the left ber existence in this horrible manner, we imagine begin to make the first efforts to articulate.

hand a crosier. In spandrils, above the head, are vite that this resolution, made geoerally under the afford the happy facility of finishing the operation in on two birds, which terminate in the centre with us

M. Deleau is constructing an instrument, which will cherubs. The feet of the figure and the crosier rest united influence of violent grief, and a quantity of three minutes, by which its success will be more certain. single bead, the face of wbich is human. The sides opiumi, aided by the clamours of relatives inte. By means of this instrument he will raise on the tym- and ends are wrought into wide flutes, without fileth

, rested in her death, would in most instances yield panic membrane enough of substance to prevent the like the fluting of the Doric column; the front is placed to the mild persuasion of a disinterested person, necessity of introducing probes into the perforation, parallel with the niche, and the upper corner of the particularly if a promise of securing to her a pro- during from thirty to forty days. He is of opinion, at the back inserted four or five inches into the real vision for her life were held out. that he can restore the hearing of all those who may This tomb is on the

north side of the chapel

. The " It is unquestionably a subject of the deepest in- have been deprived of it by the obstruction of the Eus- other tomb is placed on a niche on the south side of terest to humanity, and as such, we think no apo- tachian organ, and by the obesity of the membrane of the chapel, immediately opposite that first described, logy need be offered to our readers for our frequent the tympanum.

This is likewise the figure of a prelace, and is carred and strenuous endeavours, to call the attention of

in good style, and in mucb higher relief than the forthe wbole of British India to the calm consideration

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION. mer. The arms and hands are placed in easy and •

tural positions on the body, over the staff of the ere of the means by which such an abomination to

(From Thompson's Annals for November.) sier ; ibe head or crook is de faced. The mitre of the God and man can be most speedily and effectually

figure is of a more recent form than the other; the abolished, so as to wipe off the foulest stain that It is the custom with many of the merchants and ma- feet rest on a chimæra, carved in a style of spiriak haugs upon the empire of the East.”

nufacturers of Glasgow, to spend several of the summer beauty that would do honour to a period of mattito months at sea-bathing quarters, leaving the care of their fined art. The head is that of a wolf, terminating the town-houses to a single servant, or sometimes

shutttng body of a serpent, branching off on each side and screte ACCOUNT OF THE WATERS OF THE GREAT them up altogether. A gentleman, a neighbour of ing down the sides of the lid, and branching of *** NORTH AMERICAN LAKES. mine, removed with his family to Largs, in May last, rich foliage, tastefully arranged by the feet of the figure

, A Table of the Quantity of Water contained in the river carried with him all his servants, and shut up his house. between which the head is seen.

St. Lawrence and all its tributary lakes and rivers, It was opened for the first time about the end of August.
from “ Darby's Tour.”
The house stands on the side of a pretty steep declivity,

A loom has been invented by a clothier of Malmer Medium Superficial area in Solid contents, in so that the kitchen, which is in the back part of the bury, by which the texture of cloth is rendered so close depth.

house, though sunk considerably below the level of the bat it will resist the wet like a skin. We learn the Superior .........Ft. 900 836,352,000,000 752,716,800,000,000 street, is entirely above ground. It is remarkably well the inventor bas applied for a patent. Michigan.......... 900 376.898,400.000 359, 208,560,000,000 lighted and ventilated. I was in it on the day that the

The Journal de Nancy announces that a gentleman of the Erie...................

120 418,176,000,000 50,181,190,000,000 house was opened, without perceiving any unusual ap- city has invented a carriage which is im peiled forward by a pence 492 200,724,480,000 98,756,444,160,000 pearance of dampness. In an opening of the wall near of mechanism, set in motion by a person stationed at the basi

of the vehicle. It is said that six persoos may ride in this 41,176,000,000

the kitchen fire, originally intended, I believe, for an 83,520,000,000

oven, there was placed a wooden barrel, bound with riage as rapidly as though it were drawn by horses at a treting

iron hoops, and filled with oatmeal. This meal having 2,430,894,880,000|1,742,757,644,160,000 heated of itself during the absence of the family, had

HUSBANDRY. Lake Superior, in its greatest length, is 381 miles ; at last caught fire, and was totally consumed, together A field of seven acres, in the county of Surrey, wa! iss breadth is 161, and its circumference is little less with the barrel which contained it, nothing

remaining last year prepared for barley by the spade: tbe labourers than 1152 piles; it is as remarkable for the transpa- but the iron hoops, and a few pieces of charcoal. I pre-employed earned in the winter 15s. per week-2d. per rency of its waters as for its extraordinary depth. sume that the meal had been somewhat moist, and that rod being given for digging; and the proprietor cond

Lake Huron, from west to east, is 218 statute miles it had heated precisely in the same way as hay does ders that it would bave cost him double the expert long; at its western extremity it is less than one hundred when stacked moist. The great avidity which oatmeal to have had it ploughed. miles broad, and at about one hundred miles from its has for moisture, and the heat generated by its absorp- Mr. Falia, of Gateshead, Newcastle, bas the rest eastern shore it is barely 60 miles broad; but near the tion of it, must be familiar to every one who has been grown: upon

land worked by the spade, cwo pieces of centre it suddenly bends away to the southward, and is in the habit of seeing oatmeal. Indeed Mr. Leslie wheat transplanted from a seed-bed into rows o inchei 100 miles in breadth; making a circumference of little found that its avidity for moisture was so great, that it apart, which produced 17 coombs per acre; and come less than 812 miles.

could be substituted for sulphuric acid in his well- 12 inches, which produced 15 coombs; a fourth piece Lake Michigan deepens into a bay 262 miles in known method of freezing water, by confining it over sown in drill, and a fifth in broadcast, yielded length, by 65 in breadth; and its entire circumference sulphuric acid, under the exhausted receiver of an air-coombs per acre. The produce of the land there by $781 miles. pump.

ploughing is usually about six coombs.




Ontario .............
St. Lawrence and

other rivers and
smaller lakes,


Natural History.

small round ears, black outside, white inside ; around From the Connecticut Herald, it appears, that the its nose and mouth were long sciff bristies, some appear progress of the Methodists, though somewhat checked

to grow out black half the length, then whire, six inches in England, continues to advance in America. AeTHE GROTTO OF GUACHARO. long. The hair on the end of the tail is longer than cording to the minutes of the annual Conferences for the

elsewhere; tail slim; its legs were short, and its feet year 1820, we find that they had 904 traveling preachers,

were like a cat’s, only much larger; with large claws, besides 15 supernumerarics, and 42 superannuated, and (From Sketches of South America.") large tetth ; supposed to weigh about 150lbs.

that the number of individuals returned to the Confer. ences were 217,628 whites, and 38,753 people colour.

The total last year was 240,924. and this year 255,881, The gulpb of Cariaco is frequented by innumerable


making an increase this year of 15,957. Three circuits 7). Bocks of marine birds.

of the Baltimore Conference were not returned; but, al. * When the natives wish to catch any of these wild

lowing the numbers to be the same this year as the last, fosel,” says M. Lavaysse, “they go into the water,


the amount to 3409, which, added to the above, will or having their heads covered each with a calabash, in The fraternity of shoemakers have, unquestionably, make an increase of 19,866.

which they make two holes for seeing through. They given rise to some characters of worth and genius. The thus swim towards the birds, Ibrowing a bandful of muize on the water from time to time, of which the dramatic pieces must rank among the best of those con burghshire, a raven that measured from the extremity late Mr. Holcroft was originally a shoemaker. His

There was shot lately on North House Farm, Rox. grains scatter on the surface. The ducks and other the English stage: Robert Bloomfield wrote this pour ne of its wings, 4 feet 24 inches, and from the tip of its ment the swimmer seizes them by the feet, pulls them ness, and Dr. William Corey, professor of Sanscrit and bill to the end of its tail, 2 feet 2 inches ander water, and wrings their necks before they can Bengalee, ar the college of Fort William, Calcutta, and make the lease movement, or, by their noise, spread an

the able and indefatigable translator of the scriptures A woodman engaged lately in splitting timber for alarm among the flock. The swimmer attaches those into many of the eastern languages, was in early life a rail-posts, in the woods close by the lake at Haining, be bas caught to his girdle, and he generally takes as shoemaker in Northamptonshire. The present Mr. a seat of Mr. Pringle's, in Selkirkshire, discovered in Inby 2s are necessary for his family.'

Gifford, the translator of Juvenal, and the supposed the centre of a large wild cherry tree a living bat, of a Amongst the natural curiosities of this neighbourhood editor of the Quarterly Review, spent some of his bright scarlet colour, which he foolishly suffered to is a lake full of crocodiles and various oxher reptiles, early days in learning the “craft and mystery" of a escape, from fear, being fully persuaded it was (with ce of which, if we are to believe a common tradition shoemaker, as he tells us, in one of the most interest the characteristic superstition of the inhabitants of that of the people, resembles the winged dragon of the ing pieces of auto-biography ever penned, and prefixed part of the country) a “ being not of this world.” The pocts. In going from Crupano to Guiria, our

author to his nervous and elegant version of the great Roman tree presents a small cavity in the centre, where the bat passed through the “saling valley” of Rio Caribe, a irist.

was inclosed, but is perfectly sound and solid on each watered by numerous streams, and which he calls the

side.-Caledonian Mercury. Temple and Compagna of Venezuela. Speaking of An old woman, a carrier in High-street market, the celebrated Grotto of Guacharo, in the mountains Bristol, has lately come into the possession of £10,000 of Bergantin, M. Lavaysse observes, “In every coun- by the death of a distant relation.

Correspondence. try the same causes have produced similar effects on the imagination of our species. The grotto of Guach

Lately, as some caravans of wild beasts, which had aro is, in the opinion of the Indians, a place of trial been exhibited at Buckingham fair the preceding day,

AN AMATEUR PLAY. and erpiation : souls when departed from bodies, go

were proceeding from thence, a large polar bear conto this cavern; those of men who die without reproach trived to make his escape. He was immediately purdo not remain in it, but immediately ascend, to reside sued; but it was not until after a considerable chase, in

TO THE EDITOR. with the great Manitou in the dwellings of the blessed; which many of the country people joined, that he was those of the wicked are retained there eternally; and overtaken, and ultimately killed. It appears, that the rich men as have committed but slight faults of a animal took refuge from his pursuers beneath a bridge venial nature, are kept there for a longer or sborcer at Bacon Wood near Stowe, having passed through the ing a compliment passed upon me, in your last, by

SIR-It gives me great pleasure to find so fatter2. period, according to their crime.

village of Water Stratford, to the great consternation of your correspondeni J. P. " that it could not have * Immediately after the death of their parents and the inhabitants. During the chase, he was frequently fallen into better hands, and hope that, in my ena friends, the Indians proceed to the entrance of this fired at, but without etfect. He was at length secured deavours to bring about this beneficial amusement,

tavern, to listen to their groans. If they think they with ropes, but was strangled in the act of dragging I shall be aided by the assistance of himself ani bear their voices, they also lament, and address a him from his hiding-place. prayer to the Great Spirit, and another to the devil

many others.” Now, as the Theatre will be closed 5 Mubora; after which they drown their grief with in

before this month is out, an early application for

At the Guildhall, in York, a most extraordinary octoxicating beverages. But if they do not bear the wished-for voices, they express their joy by dances currence recently took place.-Eleven men from Mar-libe occupation of it will be necessary; and I shall and festivals. In all this there is but one circumstance ston, in the Anisty, with ten wives and twenty three be very glad to meet J. P. and all others desirous of that creates surprise, it is that the Indian priests have children, applied to the magistrates not only for relief, assisting us, on Thursday evening next, the 30rb inst. not availed themselves of such credulity to augment but entire maintenance; having been all completely at seven o'clock, at the Albion Hotel, Ranelaghsheir revenues. Many lodians, though otherwise con- thrown out of employment, of course the whole onm- street, in order to arrange for further proceedings. verted to Christianity, have not ceased to believe in ber of 44 were ordered to be relieved, and £5 3s. 60.

Yours, &c. Gaucharo : and to descend into Guacharo, is among the parish rates of the small town of Marston (in one was granted to them weekly: making an addition to

J. H. P. tbem, synonymous with dying.

(SEE NOTE TO CORRESPONDENTS.) "Thus in the majestic foresta of South America, as day) of nearly £270 per annum. In the ancient civilizatio'. of Hindostan; under the harsh climates of the north of Europe and Canada, as Shipley Fête Champetre.--Recently, Edward Miller

TO THE EDITOR, in the burning regions of Africa, in all parts the man Mundy, Esq. M. P. of Shipley-hall, Derbyshire, gave a of every colour is distinguished from other animals by grand treat to his colliers, tenants, domestics, &c. in tón irresistible foreboding of a future life in which an commemoration of fixing a large new steam-engine, (apc.mnipotent Being recompenses the go »d, and punishes propriately named The Leviathan,) and opening of a J. H. P. respecting an amateur performaoce, I beg

SIR-Having observed the letters of J. P. and evaders. Whatever may be the modifications, differ- new colliery, in the immediate vicinity of his mansion. ihe favour of your inserting these lines in your vaences, or absurdities with which imagination, igno- The plum-pudding extraordinary prepared for the occarance, and greedy imposture bave enveloped this belief, sion was twenty-six yards long, and weighed about nine luable Kaleidoscope, as a means of introduction to it appears to be one of the strongest moral proofs of hundred and eighty pounds ?' It was put into a new those gentlemen. If it be their intention to select the identity of our species, and to be a natural conse. made bag, and boiled, or rather steamed, in a coiled a tragedy, I should be bappy to take a part in the quence of reflection.

form, in a large cylinder, for the space of twenty-two performance,
hours! and afterwards cut into divisions of one yard

A few lines, addressed to A. B. left at your office,

each. The tables were also substantially furnished with a
couple of fine oxen, killed specially for the purpose ; nor

appointing an interview, will have immediate at

tention. was there any thing wanting in the fruit pie l'ne, &c. Frankforl, Kentucky, Aug. 21.- The following de to complete the tout ensemble. Our readers are no doubt cription of an animal lately killed in Ohio county, in quite on the tiptoe, by this time, to hear about another

TO THE EDITOR. ubis state, bas been banded to us by the sheriff of that essential article to crown the joys of the day, the Sir John coapty, who assures us that the statement contained Barleycorn. Well then, the gallant knight was " no. therein is strictly correct:

thing loth," with his potent services; he washed down SIR-In selecting pieces for representation at the A leopard was killed on the 6th day of June, 1820, the viands, reddened the cheeks, and gladdened the anticipated amateur performance, for the benefit of by John Six, living on the waters of Green River, ten hearts of his votaries, to the tune of three hundred gala the public charities, it is to be hoped that those genWules south-east of Hartfo-d, in Ohio county, length lonst Music, singing, and dancing, kept up the jocund tlemen who form the committee will avoid such

tail two feet long; under the jaw the colour was observed throughout was admirable escentching the all parties may come cheerfully forward in support and back are yellow, with black spots curiously are of the founder of the feast and his lady were mainly of this truly benevolent undertaking. ranged; a row of black spots on its back, much larger attributable.-It is said the coal, at this new colliery, lies

J. P binthose on its sides,extending half way down the tail; | two hundred and fifty yards deep.

Liverpool, Nov. 24th, 1820.




thege otherwise convenient openings almost deserted.

I have no doubt that the light which the gas affurds SIR-Allow me, through the medium of your very interesting paper, to express my willingness to fur- weeks back, that an Obelisk, or Pillar, in the centre of requires SIR-It was suggested in one of your papers a few world drive them into the obscurity tbeir deeds

I remain, ther the laudable scheme of performing an amateur

Liverpool, Nov. 23.

MARITUS. play, for the benefit of the public charities of this the New Haymarket would be a great ornament to that town. I could not, I am sensible, do justice to a part of the town. On passing that way this morning Very arduous part, but so far as my exertion can be I was much pleased with the idea ; and it occurred to of service to this my native town, or its public cha- me that a sum sufficient for this purpose would readily

To Correspondents. rities, they are, and will be ever, ready to answer at be raised, if it were to be erected to the honour of Mr. AnaTEUR Theatricals.—The letter of J. H. P. their call. Waiting the result of this communica- LEYLAND, who has now, at an advanced age, taken tion, and hoping to hear in your next Kaleidoscope, upon himself to discharge the arduous duties of our

is an advertisement; and we trust with confidence that from some of your correspondents, whether my as

our correspondent will repay us the three shillings and sistance will be acceptable ?

Chief Magistrate for the third time ; an office which he sixpence, which will be required from us at the Sun J am yours truly, has always filled with singular advantage to the com

office. J. H. P. by the proposed interview, will

terially accelerate the measure in contemplatieG. L. munity.

The liberty we have taken with the date we can selama The parts in the drama wbich Mr. Bass is in the Permit me further to observe, that I think it is a re- factorily explain to him. babit of sustaining would be inost agreeable to me. Aection upon the gratitude of our townsmen that we THEATRICALS. We thank La Roche for the trouble Liverpool, Nov. 22, 1820. cannot show a single public monument or memorial to

he has taken in preparing his estimate, which me record the active exertions of any one of the many spi. should have published, had it reached us a few weeks TO THE EDITOR.

rited individuals which Liverpool has produced. SIR-As an admirer of the drama, and as a warm

*All that I apprehend is wanting to accomplish this Several correspondents, who have suggested the intenten friend to public charity, being born and educated object is, to find a few of Mr. Leyland's friends who of verses, &c. on the subject of the Queen, met de in this town; I assure you there is nothing I should would commence a subscription, and place books for aware that we cannot comply with their wishes, sino so much delight in 'as to offer my humble endea- this purpose in the banks and public rooms. The sub

sistently with the professed plan of our Forks vours in bringing forwards on the Liverpool boards scribers would afterwards have to meet to elect a com.

which, by stipulation, as well as inclination, we

adhere. Our motto, “ Utile dulci,” is so curso a tragedy, which may in some measure tend to be mittee to be entrusted with carrying their wishes into hensive, that we can very well dispense with polja of advantage to the institutions that are supported effect.

I am, Sir,

The same reason applies to the suggested introduan by charity in this town, conscious that sume of them

of the details of the recent procession.

Your obedient servant, are at this time greatly in debt. I should admire the character of Bajuzet, in the tragedy of Tamper.

ONE THAT WOULD SUBSCRIBE. W. M. wishes us to animadvert upon some gross 1123ane; Virginius ; Colonna, Ludovico, or Vicitiv, in Liverpool, 23d Nov. 1820.

curacies which he would point out in a cotemporary

publication. We must decline the office, as its eleEvadne, which I beg to say would be the most judi.

cise might disturb the tranquillity and good hupei, cious tragedy to select, the characters being few in


in the spirit of which we wish to conduct the Kaleido puwber. Hoping for an answer, I remain,

scope. The errata to which our correspondent alludes W. H. B. TO THE EDITOR.

are in the mathematical department; and we take te 'N. B. I should like to be ioformed where the

opportunity to observe, that, if we have not derated dresses are to be found: by answering this, you

SIR-It is not, perhaps, universally known, that the an occasional column to such a subject, it has der beti

occasioned by any other cause than an apprebrna would much oblige an ardent promoter of this highly- whole of Europe has been long indebted to a rock in

that it would not be much relished. If we had to-be-admired scheine.

France, for the only known substance applicable to the son to draw a different conclusion, we are fews por

manufacture of mill-stones for grinding wheat, called pared to enter upon that branch of science #11 TO THE EDITOR. “ French Buhrs;” though this was scarcely felt during

time. SIR-I ever had a strong desire to appear on the the late war, when their export from that country was GREAT PLAQUE.-The correspondent who has been stage, but the entreaties and persuasions of my prohibited. To overcome our dependance on a foreign

the pains of transcribing the account of the Great friends have prevented my appearance on several oc. nation, for purposes so vitally essential as the preparation

Plague, would oblige us with a reference to the e casions. Still possessing the same desire, I have at of our daily bread, is certainly a subject of national con

ginal printed work. If we mistake not, it is by the length oblained their indulgence, and feel quite an- gratulation ; and it is a curious fact, that a quarry of the

celebrated Evelyn, whose interesting narrative of the xious (should there be any vacancy) to make my same kind of buhr was discovered on the Halkin Moun.

the old

series of the Kaleidoscope, page 30. Wersi debat, at the intended amateur performance, for the tain, near Holywell, in Flintshire, about four years ago ;

to ascertain this point, because (whenever fe ** benefit of the public charities.

the narrative) we should prefer the printed contra de The characters which I profess to play are Den- since which several mill-stones have been made of them,

MS. which in an article of such a length is mla 3 nis Brulgruddery or Tom Shuffleton, in John Bull; and prove their full competition with the French Buhr, inaccuracies. Looney M'Twolter, in the Review ; Doctor Pangloss

, in hardness, toughness, and every other requisite, and, If we fail this week in paying our individual respecting in the Heir at' Law; Major O'Flaherty, in the West in some cases, their actual superiority, as for the uses of Indian, or any other such like character.

our correspondents, we must plead as an excuse, Ana distilleries.

the extraordinary bustle of the last ten days bas sporta N. P.

what disarranged our papers, which shall be colisted TO THE EDITOR.


with care before our next publication.

FLORELLA shall have an early place. SIR-During oue of my moonlight rambles, bap

Sır-Allow me to inquire, through yonr medium, The Lines of HIBERNIA NATUs are of too political pening to pass by the temple destined for the blind, of the Chairman or Secretary of the Gas Company, I was attracted by the solemn grandeur of its effeci the reason of their tardy progress, iu laying their

cast for the Kaleidoscope. They shall, by leared

the writer, be transferred to the Mercury. under the lunar effulgence, when leaving against the pipes for the better illumination of our streets; and bars of one of the gates, 1 remained a little while also, to inquire, as many of your corespondents have to contemplate this fine piece of architecture. Thus already, when Lime-street and Mount.pleasant are

Printed, published, and sold musing, I marked the moon beams darting through to be adorned by the effusion of their ability? A

BY EGERTON SMITH AND CO. the intercolumniations, and sweetly relieving each favour from them or any other correspondents will


Yours truly, fluted shaft; the grand entablature, whose cornice

Liverpool Mercury Office.

LUX. cast an awful shade on the triglyphed frize, and the

Sold also by John Bywater and Co. Pool-latie; Messers

Evans, Chegwin and Hall, Castle-street; Mr. Thank tympanum, fair as the eye of heaven, surmounting all, shone conspicuous and divine: get something


Smith, Paradise-street ; Mr. Warbrick, Puber

Library, Lime-street; Mr. G. P. Day, Newsne, seemiog to be wanting to complete this beautiful

Dale-street; Mr. Lamb, Hanover-street ; and Mt, coup d'oeil, it occurred to my moon-struck fancy, SIR-I would, through the medinm of your valu

John Smith, St. James's-road, for ready Monty that a row of stately trees surrounding the edifice able paper, call the attention of the proper autho. London, Sherwood and Co. (the front excepted) would greatly improve the ef- rities to the propriety of lighting with gas the open- Dublin, J. K. Johnston & Co. fect , and be very gratifying to the lovers of the great ings lately made from the squares into Lime-street Manchester, Mrs. Richardson. Stoke, Mr. Tomkinsus.

Stockport, Mr. Dawson. and beautiful. I must confess I longed to see and and the Haymarket, as well as St. John's lane; the

Leeds, Mr. Dewhirst. bear the wbisperiog trees, at this silent season, čast- darkuess with which they are at present enveloped Bolton, Mr. Kell. ing their shades towards the base of the temple. makes them the nightly promenade of numerous Hull, Mr. Perkins. Nov. 24, 1820.

CLAUDIO, prostitutes, to the annoyance of passengers, and makes Lancaster, Mr. Bentham

Warrington, Mr. Harriso Preston, Mr. Whittle,

Hanley, Mr. Allbuc Wigan, Messrs. Lyon Ormskirk, Mr. Garside Blackburn, Mr. Rogers, Northwich, Mr. Kerat

[blocks in formation]


Scientific Notices.

fort and convenience for the crews embark- On their return to Barrow Straits, it was

ed in this perilous undertaking; and it was found that the barrier of ice, extending ** We confidently anticipate that Captain Parry's recent voyage will afford us many opportunities of gra

universally acknowledged, that no disco- across from Prince Leopold's Isles to the tifying the readers of the Kaleidoscope with copious very ships ever left the shores of England north coast, had broken up, so that the extracts on a subject so well adapted to the nature of in a higher state of equipment.

ships were now enabled to pursue their our work.

They left England on the 11th of May, course westwards. Having reached long. We have prepared a Map of the recent discoveries in in the polar regions, which has been engraved by the 1819, and reached Cape Farewell, the most 92, they found the land on the north side of LYTHOGRAPHIC PROCESS, at our own press; and if southern part of West Greenland, on the the Strait, which had been continuous, from the experiment succeeds tolerably, we shall next week 14th of the succeeding June. On the 20th the entrance of Sir James Lancaster's Sound, present it to our readers, as an useful accompaniment of June, the ships were in lat. 64. N.; on now discontinuous, owing to a great inlet. to the various extracts we may from time to time give upon so interesting a subject.-We have yet had so

the 26th June, they were beset in the ice, Land however, was still seen to the westlittle experience in the LYTHOGRAPHIC Art, that and, after having endeavoured, but in vain, ward: so the expedition continued its course se feel diffident as to the entire success of this our to urge their way, during a painful deten- in that direction. In doing so, the ships first public specimen.

tion of four days, were, at last, glad to get passed a number of great islands, all of them REMARKS

back again. Having reached lat. 74. N. apparently surrounded with ice ; from which CAPTAIN PARRY'S EXPEDITION.

they determined to force a passage through circumstance, partial detentions were una

the barrier of ice, which they found to be voidable, and their course ran in a sort of The expedition, under the command of eighty miles broad. Having succeeded in zig-zag style, from lat. 73 N. to lat. 75 N.. Captain Ross, although very important and this, they reached Possession Bay on the On the 4th of September, they were in interesting, from the numerous nautical 31st July; and, on the 1st August, entered long. 110 W.; and here they discovered an observations it made in Baffin's Bay, still in safety Sir James Lancaster's Sound, island which appeared to be larger than any did not satisfy the expectations of men of where they found the same open sea which they had hitherto examined, and which we science, and the public, in regard to the has been described in the accounts of the understand was named Melville Island, in North-west Passage. The Lords of the former expedition. They advanced to long. honour of the distinguished statesman, now Admiralty, as we are led to believe, from a 89. W., discovered two considerable islands, at the head of the Admiralty. This island, statement (we think a harsh one) in the named Prince Leopold's Isles. But, at this we are informed, extends from long. 160 W. Quarterly Review, were, on the whole, some point, their progress westwards was inter- to 114 W. On the 8th of September, the what dissatisfied with Captain Ross's inves- rupted by a strong barrier of ice, extend- ships reached 112 W., and were inclosed rigation of Sir James Lancaster's Sound, ing quite across from these islands to the for several days in the ice. Winter was and were of opinion, that if a passage ex- north coast of what Captain Perry, we now fast approaching ; the ice was rapidly sted in Baffin's Bay, it must be somewhere understand, named Barrow Straits. Being encreasing, and violent north-westerly gales o that quarter. In order to determine this thus arrested by the ice, and forced to alter kept it in a constant and dangerous state of mportant geographical problem, an expedi- their course, they now entered a great in- agitation. jon was fitted out last year, consisting of let, of 14 or 15 leagues in breadth, which These, circumstances, of course, rendered wo strong vessels, the Hecla and Griper, they found extending to the southward. the navigation very difficult, and began to which were placed under the command of They sailed along its eastern coast; its mid- endanger the safety of the ships. Our galLieutenant Parry-This gentleman, whose dle part and western coast being blocked up lant countrymen, however, continued te alents and feelings are worthy of the best with ice, as far as lat. 71 N., when their contend with all these difficulties till the od most glorious days of nautical enter- farther progress southward also was found 22d of September, when it became evident

ise and discovery, was accompanied by a to be impossible, by reason of the ice. In that farther navigation was at an end for hosen band of intrepid and experienced proceeding down this inlet, the magnetic the season ; and therefore, prudence dicofficers, and the vessels were manned by attraction increased so powerfully, that the tated their retreat to a secure haven for the crews full of zeal and enthusiasm, and in existence of the magnetic pole may be conjec- polar winter. For this purpose, they rethe highest and most perfect state of dis- tured to besomewhere in that neighbourhood, turned eastward, and found a harbour in cipline. Government provided every com- probably in the lat. 70 N. and long. 100 W. Melville Island. But the ice had already

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