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PETER, a Tarratine, attacks Bradford, iii. 111. | POMETACOM, name of Philip, which see.
PETER, son of Awashooks, pilots Church POMPAQUASÉ, a Wampanoag, iii. 14.

when Philip is killed, iii. 51 ; a chief cap- POMUMSKS, a Narragansel, ii. 84.
tain, 69; a messenger from Church, 71. PONTIAK, a great Oiloway chief, v. 50; be-
PETER, an Iroquois, taken prisoner, v. 103. gins war on the English; besieges Detroit,
PETER JAQUiTh, servant to Lafayette,v. 107. 53; deseats Capt. Dalyell, 55; takes several
PEWAZEGSAKE, a Tarratine of Negusset, iii. vessels, 56 ; raises the siege of Detroit; is
Philadelphia, its Indian name, ii. 19.


assassinated, 57.
Phips, Sir William, iii. 121.

Poor, Gen. deteals the Indians, v. 91
Philip II. ludicrous error concerning, i. 22. Pope, John, murdered, iii. 61.
Philip, sachem of the Wampanoags, comes Popham, Lord, sends Prin 10 N. E. ii. 6, 7.

in chief, ii. 28; origin of his English name, Poquin, or Poquoim, a Narrayanset, ii. 82.
iii. 3; his people hold a war dance, 5; just- Porismouth, Indian acts at, iii. ill.
ly rpused io war against the whites, 9; his Potok opposes Christianity, iii. 76 ; taken in
Indian name, 13; makes numerous sales of Philip's war and executed, 77.
his lands, 14, 15, 16; called WEWASOWA- Potlowattomies, account of, v. 114, 142.
NUETT, 16 ; nicknamed king Philip by the PowHATAN, sachem of Virginia, iv. 7; ex-
whites, ib. n.; a cause of the war of 1675 tent of his dominions, ib., surprises the Pa.
explained, 18; confesses warlike intentions, yankatanks, 8; Capi. Smith is delivered to
and agrees to pay a tribute, 19; difficulties him, and he orders his execution; liberales
with Plimouth, 20; refuses to treat except Smith, 10; outwils Newport; plots against
with his equal, the king of England, 23; be- the English, 11; some 'Germans build a
gins war, 23 ; fights the English in Pocas- house for him, 13, 14; endeavors to kill
set, 27 ; effects bis retreat over Taunton Smith; dies, 15.
river, 28; attacked, and loses several of his Prat, Phinehas, makes a narrow escape, ii. 35.
men on Rehoboth Plain, ib. ; fights and cuts Prentice, Capt. in Philip's war, jii. 74.
off' Capt. Beers, 31; cuts off Capt. Lothrop, Presque Isle, baule of, v. 80.
32; attacks Hatfield, 33; retires to Narra- PRINTER, JAMES-THE.-See JAMES.
ganset, ib.; besieged there by 1500 English Prin, Martin, sails to N. England, ii. 6; car-
in a fort ; a desperate fight; is driven out, ries off two Indians to England, ib.
and many of his men are killed, 31–36; Proctor defeated at the Thames, v. 124.
takes another position, which he holds for a Proctor, Lieut. in the Eastern war, iii. 126.
time, 36 ; his Mohawk stratagem fails, 37; PROPHET, the Shawanee (ELLKSWATAWA),
surprises Lancaster, ib.; attacks Medfield, instigator of war, iv. 55; settles on the Min
ib.; cuts off Capt. Wadsworth at Sudbury, ami, 121 ; orders the fight at Tippecanoe,
38; retreats into Plimouth colony, 39; al- 124; other events of his life, 127.
tacked at Matapoiset; at Bridgewater; his PROPHET, the Seminole.—See Hillishago.
sister and uncle killed, ib.; his wife and son PROPHET, the Winnebago (WA BOKISHIEK),
taken by Church with 130 others, 40; close-

v. 162.
ly pursued by Church; swamp fight, 41; PUKEESHENO, father of Tecumseh, v. 127.
flies to Pokanoket, ib. ;' is killed; incidents PUMHAM, a great Narraganset, ii. 28, 56;
concerning his fall, 42, 43, 44; his answer claims Shaomet, 60; troubles, 92, 94 ; trea-
to Eliot concerning religion, 44; a “blas- ly, iii. 47; kind to the English, 73 ; his town
phemous leviathan,” ib.; Mrs. Rowland- burnt, 76 ; his capture and death, ib.
son's interview with, 45; his ornaments PUMPASA. -See WOONASHUM, or NIMROD.
possessed by Annawan, 55 ; a Sogkonate Punkateeset, great fight ai, iii. 26.
Indian promises to have bis head, 70; rea- PUPOMPOGES, brother of Sassacus, ii. 101.

son of the divisions among his followers, 91. PUTTAQUPPUUNCK, a Pequot, ii. 108.
Philip, sachem of Pigwoket, iii. 132; at the Psalter printed in Indian, ií. 5).

taking of St. Francis, 131; at the taking Putnam, Gen. and CORNPLANTER, v. 116.
of Louisbourg, 135.

(na, iv. 76.
Pallip, a Seminole chief, attacks N. Smyr-

Phillips's garrison attacked, iii. 103.
PIAMBohou, a Nipmuk ruler at Natik, ii. 116. Quobaogs attacked by Uncas, ii. 99; cut oft
Piankatanks, a tribe of Virginia, iv. 9.

Capt. Hutchinson in Philip's war, iii

. 29.
Pickens, Gen. war with Cherokees, iv. 67. QUADEQUINA, brother of Massasoit, ii. 21 ;
Pidgeon, Maj. interpreter, v. 14.

visits the Pilgrims, 22; treaty, 30.
Pilgrims arrive at Plinivuth, ii. 19.

QUAIAPEN, of great note and authority
Pinchon, Maj. John, ii. 83, 100, n. [14, 58. among the Narragansets, ii. 70; in Philip's
PIOWANT, a Wampanoeg, iii. 4; Piants, war; killed near Warwick, 64, 65.
PIPE, Capt. v. 23 ; of the Wolf tribe of the Quakers, friends to Indians, iii. 36.
Delawares, 58, 59, 60, 65, 67.

QUAME, a Pequot prisoner, ii. 108.
Pipe of Peace.See Calumet.

QUANNAPOHIT, JAMES, a Nipmuk, iii. 80; a
PityME, ANDREW, a Nipmuk, iii. 88, 92. spy for the English, 81, 87.
Plague among the Indians of N. E. ii. 16. QUANNAPOHIT, THOMAS, iii. 88, 89, 92.
Plalo refers to Ainerica, i. 5.

Pocahontas prevents the execution of Capl. Quanowin, a Wampanoag, iii. 4.

Smith, iv. 10; reveals a plot against his QUAQUALH wounded in a tighi, iii. 74.
life, 14; her birth, 16; saves the life of QUAQUEQUUNSET of Quabakonk, ii. 99.
Spilman; taken prisoner by the English, | Quebeck, meaning of the name, v. 50.
14; marries an Englishman; goes to Eng- Quimhy, Mrs. assaulted by Indians, ii. 111.
land; dies, 18.

Quinnapin, a noble Narraganset ; son of
Pokanoket described, ii. 18, 19.

CUNJANAQUAND; brother-in-law to Phul.
POKATTAWAGG, a Wampanoag, iii. 67. 1P; purchases Mrs. Rowlandson, iii. 55;
POLLARD, a Seneca chiel, v. 110.

her account of, 57; returns with Philip tó
Pomamse, a Narraganset, ii. 95.

Pokanokel; shot at Newport, ib.

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QUEQUEGUNENT, a Narraganset, son of of their country, 145; private insults, ib. ;
QUALAPEN, ii. 81; GIDEON, iii. 64.

proclamation of Gov. Reynolds against,146;
QUINEMIQUET, daugh’r of QUALAPEN 1.64. driven out of their country by the whiles,

147; war ensues, 149–158.

Sagadahock, colony of, ii. 7.

SAGAMORE John, a noted Nipmuk, iii. 79 ;

permitted to execute MaroonAs, ib.
Raisin River, baltle of the, v. 129.

Ralegh, Sir W. settles Virginia, i. 18 ; anec- Sagamore, title of, ii. 40; ii. 93.

dote of, ii. 49, n. ; bis History of the World, SAGOYEWATHA.-See RED-JACKET.

50, n.; beheaded, ib.; visited Carolina, iv.29. SAKAWESTON, a N. Eng. Indian, taken to
Ralle, or Rasle, missionary to the Abenakies; Eng. by Capt. Harlow ; goes with the Eng-

accused of exciting them to war with the lish into the Bohemian war, ii. 8.
English ; they offer a reward for his head, Salmon Falls destroyed, ini. 116, 117.
iji. 126 ; is killed, 127, 128.

Saltonstall, Sir R. fined, ii. 47.
RAMEGIN, sachem of Negusset, iii. 100, 101. Sam-Hide, a N. England Indian, i. 21.

SAM KAMA, Philip's counsellor, 11. 19.
RAWHUNT, anecdote of, iv. 10.

SAMOSET visits the Pilgrims ; his account of
Rechahecrians, war with the, iv. 22.

himself and country; his dress described, ii.
RED-BIRD, a Sioux, dies in prison, v. 142-3. 12; informs them of Massasoit, 13; accom-
RED-HAWK barbarously murdered, v. 49. panies him to visit them, 22.
RED-JACKET (SAGOYEWATHA),, 97; | SAMPSON, a barbarous Tarraline, iii. 120.

speech to a missionary, 98, 99, his acts in SAMPson, attorney to Philip, iii. 14.
the war of 1812, 100 ; letter to the governor SAMUEL, CAPt. iii. 124 ; a speech, 125.
of N. York, 100—103; defends the execu- SANAMAHONGA.-See STONE-EATER(v.142.)
tioner of a witch, ib.; interview with Lasay. Sanford, Maj. goes to attack Philip, iii. 42.
elle, 101; visits Philadelphia, 105; speech, Sanford, John, Weetamoo complains of, iii. 4.
ib.; bis death, 177.

Sannap, office of the, ii. 58, n.
Red-sticks, Seminoles, iv. 64.

Reed, Joseph, a revolutionary worthy, ii. 75. Sassenow of Sagadahok, ii. 7.
Rehoboth bought of the Indians, ii. 27'; besiego Sassacus, chief of the Pequois, ii. 52, n.; ma-
ed in Philip's war, 92 ; bumi, 78.

lignant and furious, 73; rumor of a marriage
RICHARD, erroneously said to have killed of his brother and Ninigret's sister, disturbs
King Philip, 11. 16, n.

the English, ib.; a terror to his neighbors,
RIDGE, Maj. a Cherokee chief, iv. 61.

101; English make war upon him ; destroys
River Indians, where found, iii. 97; v. 14. bis fort and escapes, 106 ; deeds lands to
Roanoke, settlement of, iv. 4.

Winthrop, 108; killed by the Mohawks,109.
Robertson, Dr. his manner of peopling Amer- SASSAMON, John,sent on a mission to Pequot,
ica, i. 6; all men have one origin, io.

ii. 108; secretary to Philip; preacher at
Robinson, life saved by Logan, v. 42; Namasket; seuled there by Tuspaquin, iii.
bis family murdered, 48.

9; in the Pequot war, 10; Woosansaman,
Robinson, John, reproves the Pilgrims, ii. 38. ib.; found dead in a pond, 11; interpreler
Robin's speech of Logan, v. 47.

to Philip, 14; witnesses Philip's trealy at
Robin, a Creek war captain, iv. 29.

Plimouih, 17.
Robin, a Tarratine, sells Negussel, üji. 100. SASSAMON, Roland, interpreter to Alexan-
Robin, of Agawam, prevents the Tarralines der, iii. 7; brother to John, 14. [10.
from destroying the place, ii. 46.

SASSEMORE, BETTY, dau. of J. Sassamon, iii.

SAUSEMAN, a principal Sogkonate, iii. 66.

Savage, Maj. in Philip's war, iii. 89.
RODONNONAKQUS, a Tarraline, iii. 113. Scalps first iaken in Philip's war, iii. 26 ; re-
Rogers, Maj. destroys the St. Francis Indians, ward offered for by the Eng. 127; iv. 33.

Scarborough taken by Mugg, ii. 110.

Schenectady, destruction of, i. 31.
Rolfe, John, marries Pocahontas, iv. 18. Schuyler, Maj. goes against the French with a
RONNESSOKE, a Niantik, ii. 79.

company of whites and Indians, v. 7; with
Ross, ADJUTANT, a Cherokee chief, iv. 61. the five Iroquois sachems, in England, 15.
ROUND-HEAD, a Wyandot chief, v. 129 ; | SCRANY, OLD, wonderful escape of, i. 23.

takes Gen. Winchester prisoner, ib.; at the Scuttup sells Narragansel, ii. 81; iii. 64.
capture of Detroit; letter of, 130.

Sealy, Lieul. in the Pequot war, ii. 91.
Rowlandson, Mrs. her captivity; interview Seat of King Philip described, iii

. 43.
with king PHILIP, iii. 45; captured at Lan- Seminoles, their name and origin, iv. 25; wars
caster, 83; released, 90.

with, 63—66 ; 70—96 ; removal by U.S. 65.
Rowles, a noted Tarratine, iii. 138.

SENAUKI in Eng. with Gen.Oglethorpe, iv.30.
RUM NEYMARSH, GEORGE. See WINNE- Senecas, fourth nation of the Iroquois, v. 4.
PURKITT.-See, also, iii. 92.

Seneca supposed to refer to America, i. 6.

SEQUASSON, chief under Miantuonomoh, ij.

64 ; one of his men wounds Uncas, 88.

SEQUIN, supposed author of a cruel massacre
SABATIS captured at St. Francis, iii. 135; at Wethersfield, ii. 78, n.
another at Kennebeck, 136.

Sabine, William, a juror, iii. 12.

Sewan, bags of wampum, ii. 79.
Saco burnt, and people killed therc, iii

. 102. SHALLISIOSKE, a hostage murdered, iv. 35
Sacs early visited by Jesuits ; incorporated SHATTOOK Quis sells Brookfield, iii. 82, 1..

with the Fores, v. 142 ; war with the Me- Sharunese, facts in the history of, v. 4.
nominies, 144 ; partial sale of their country, Shaw, Jonathan, a juror, iii. 12.
144 ; description of their village, and extent Shed, Mr. tutor io Gen. M'Gillivray. iv. 45.

III. 131.

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SHEEPScott, John, a Tarratine, iii. 121. Sosoman.-See SASSAMON.
SHElokta, a Creek, son of Chinaby, iv. 55. Soto, Ferdinand de, attempts the conquest of
Shrimpton, Samuel, brasier, ii. 71.

Florida ; dies in the country, iv. 26.
SHIKELLIMUS, father of LOGAN, v. 17; visits Southack, Capt. relieves Casco, iii. 110.

Philadelphia, ib., a Cayuga; his death, 18. Southworid, Constant, iii. 15, 21, 58.
Shingis, noted Delaware chief, visited by Southworth, N., Church's lieutenant, iii 71.

Washington, v. 35; disappoints him, 36"; Spaniards murder a French colony, iv. 26.
bounty offered for his head, 37; greatest Speeches; of Massasoil, ii. 24; oi Canonicus,
warrior of his time, 38; his friendship to 56 ; of Miantummomoh, 62; of Miantunno-
Frederick Post, 39.

moh to Waiandance, 63; Úncas to Mian.
Sholan, sachem of Nashua, ji. 95; succeed- tunnomoh, 66 ; of Ninigret to the magis.
ed by MATHEW, iii. 85.

trates of Boston, 72 ; of Mexham, 70 ; of
SHOSHANIM, a Nipmuk (Sagamore-sam,) ii. Pessacus; Ninigret, 76; of Pessacus, 81;
95; betrayed inio the hands of the whites, of Philip, iii

. 23, 15; of Passaconaway, 91;
and hanged, iii. 83; at the sacking of Lan- of Wannalancel, 98 ; of Assiminasquit. 105;
caster ; USKATUHGUN, 85; bis letter about Madokawando, ib. 107; of Kaukamagus,
an exchange of prisoners, 90; other letters 113; of Capl. Simmo, 125; of Capi. Sam-
from, 83–85.

uel, ih.; of John Neptune, 137 ; oi Powha.
SILOU E saves the life of Col. Bird, iv. 38. tan, iv. 12–14; of Tomocomo on the num-
Simmo, Capt, chief speaker at the treaty of bers of the English, 15; of Pocahontas to
1703, at Casco, iii. 124, 125.

[73. Capt. Smith in England, 18; of Opekanka-
Simon, John, anecdote of, i. 21; preacher, iii. no, 22 ; of Skijagusta to the king of Eng.
SINQUISTER, a Creek prophet, iv. 58 ; killed land, 28; of Queekachumpa to Gen. Ogle-
in ihe battle of Tohopeka, 60.

thorpe, 30; Tomochichi io him, ib. ; the
SINTOUCHI goes to Eng. with Gen. O. iv. 30. sarne to the king of Eng.ib.; of Alakulla-
Sitz, Peler, iaken prisoner by Brant, v. 86. kulla, 31; of Moncachtape, 40; of Mad-
Six Nations.-See Iroquois.

dog to Mr. Ellicoll, 48; of Weatherford to
SKENANDO, a venerable Oneida; anecdote Gen. Jackson, 50 ; of Mushalalubee to Gen.
of; dies, v. 29.

Lafayette, 62; Pashamala to him, ib.; of
SKET WARROES carried to England by Wey- Grangulacopak, 68 ; of Big-warrior, 69; of
mouth, ii. 6 ; returns with Prin, ib.

Oseola, 72; of Grangula, v. 6; of Adario,
SKIJAGUSTA, head warrior of Passetchie, iv. 9; of the Five Sachems to Queen Aune,

27; visits England; speech to the king, 14; of Canassatego, 19; of Glikhikan; of
28; his death, 29.

Half-king. 22 ; Nelawatwees ; of Tadeus-
Skiko, sachem of Virginia, iv. 4.

kund, 26; of Red-jacket to a missionary,
Slaves, Indian, ii. 8, 107 ; iii. 40, 104.

98; on witchcraft; to Lafayetle, 104; 10
Smalley, William, narrative of, v. 64.

gov. Penn. 105; of Farmer's-brother, 108;
Small-pox destroys many Indians, ii. 47. of Cornplant 16 Gen. Washington, 113; of
Smith, James, buys Negusset, iii. 100.

Tecumseh, 121 ; of Black-thunder,136 ; of
Smith, Capt. John, surveys ihe coast of N. Ongpalonga, 137; of Petalesharoo, 138 ;

Eng.; so names it from Nova Albion, ii. 19; of Metea, 139; of Keewagoushkum, 140 ;
brought to our notice by Ralegh, ii. 49; his of Black-hawk, 144; of Little-black, 149;
list of Indian names of places in N. Eng. iii. of Neapope, 159 ; of One-eyed-Decorie, ib.;
93, n. ; goes to Virginia; severe with the In- of Black-hawk on his surrender, 161; his
dians, iv. 8; they lake him prisoner; their speech to Pres. Jackson, 164; of Waboki-
proceedings with him ; deliver him to Pow-

esbiek, 167.
hatan, ib., practise conjurations upon him; SPEEN, ABRAM, a Nipmuk, ii. 81.
show him about the country, 9; condemned SPEEN, JAMES, a Nipmuk, iii. 88; narrow
to be executed; Pocahontas interferes, escape from Mohawks, 98, n.
and his life is spared ; Powhatan appoints SPEEN, JOHN, teacher at Nalik; dies a drunk-
bim his armorer, 10; liberated; anecdote, ard. ii. 116; Thomas, of Natik, ib.
ib.; elected governor of Virginia ; Newpori Spilman, Henry, his life saved, iv. 17.
operates against him; Powbalan strives to SPOONANT, JOSEPH.-See WATAPAcoson.
have him killed ; visits Powbaran, who lays Springfield, attack upon, iii. 32.
a plot to kill him ; Pocahontas informs him Spring, Dr. S. chaplain with Arnold, iii. 136.
of it, and it is frustrated, 14; badly burned SQU ABSEN, a Wampanoag, iii. 4.
by an explosion of powder; returns to Eng. SQUAMAUG, counsellor to Wampatuk, ii. 44.

land for medical aid; dies in London, ib. SQUAMATT, son of Awashonks, vii. 67.
Smith, S.S. on the human species, i. 10, 12. SQUANDO, sagamore of Saco; account of his
Smith, Richard, buys lands of Massasoil.ii. 28; singular vision, iii. 102; insult to his wife a

of Narraganset, 53.75, 76, 81, 82 ; ii. 36, 47. cause of the eastern war, ib.; burns Saco,
Smith, William, of Reboboth, iii, 83.

103; restores a captive, 104; a powow, ib.
Smith, Zachary, killed by Indians, iii. 79. SQUANTO, a Wampanoag, carried to Eng.
Smyth, Francis, messenger to Pessacus, ii. 90. Jand, ii. 2 ; errors of authors concerning, 7;
Snelling, Col. speech of Red-jacket to, v. 100; resided in London ; interpreter for the pil-

takes prisoner a chief at Tippecanoe battle, grims, 14; his death, 15; the only Indian
124; in the battle of Magaugo, 125.

who escaped the great plague, 16; saves the
SocHoso, a great Pequot chiet, ii. 57. [74. lite of Capt. Dermer, 20; accompanies Mas-
Soconosoco, a Narraganset, ii. 56,92,95; iii. sasoil to P'limouth, 23; bis manier of catch-
SOMPOINTEEN, a Wampanoag, iii. 15.

ing eels for the English, ib.; taken prisoner
SONCON EWHEW, a Wampanoag, i'i. 16. by Caunbilanı, 29; liberaied, ib.; uses de-
SONGREEHOOD, a Tarratine, iii. 100.

ception, 38 ; pilots the English to Massa-
SOONONGGISE, a Seneca, executes a woman chusetts, 40; Squantum so named from, 12.

for witchcrali, v. 103 ; tried for murder by SQUAW-SACHEM, of Massachusetts, ii. 40;
the whites, but cleared, ib.

widow of Nanepashemet; marries Web-

cowit, 41; treats with the English, 42.

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SQUAW-SACHEM.See MAGNUS and WEE- Tarumkin, chief of the Androscoggins, üi.

105; speech in the Taconnet couucil, ib.
SQUIDRAYSET murders W. Bagnal, ii. 48. TASHTASSUCK, ancient chief of the Narra-
Siandish, Alexander, iii. 71.

gansets ; father of Canonicus, ii. 53.
Standish, Capt. Miles, difficulties with the In- TASSAQUANAWITT, a Narraganset, ii. 95.

dians, ii. 16, 23; aids Massasoit against Ca- | TASSUCKE, a Tarratine, in. 101.
nonicus, 27; sent against Caunbitant, 29; TATAMOMOK sells lands in Swanzey, in. ;
discovers a plot to cut off the English among lands near Pokanoket, 15; Atunkamo-
the Indians, 32; sent against them, 35; kills make, ib. n.
the chief, Peksuot, ib.

TATCHIQUACHI, a Creek chief, iv, 29.
Stafford, Capl. massacres Indians, iv. 5. Tatoson, a noted Wampanoag capt. under
Stanton, Thomas, ii. 71, 75, 85, 89, 98; John, Pbilip, iii.60; surprises Clark's garrison, 61;
iii. 49; Robert, ib.

surrenders to the whites, who behead him,
St. Clair, Gen., his account of the disaster of 62 ; further notice of, 85.

bis army, v. 74; biographical notice of, 76, TATTACOMMET, iii. 65, 67; Tokkamona, 73.

n.; commissioner at Fort Harmer, 111. TAVOSER, one of Philip's council, iii. 19.
Steuart, Capt. a prisoner, iv. 37, 38.

TAWERAKET, a noted Iroquois chief, i. 31.
Stevenson, Maj, desealed, v. 142.

Taylor, Capt. a Cherokee chief, iv. 61.
St. Francis, tribe of, destroyed, ii. 134. Taylor, Rebecca, a captive, iii. 120.
St. Gregory, opinion of, respecting a country TEASLAEGEE, son of Cornplanter, v. 120.
west of Europe, i. 6, and 'n.

TECUMSEH, chief of the Shawanees, endear.
Stillman, Maj. defeated, v. 149.

ors to raise the Creeks against the whites,
St. Leger invests Fort Stanwix, v. 83.

iv. 55; early exploit of, v. 120; speech to
Stockwell's captivity, iii. 98, n.

Gov. Harrison, 121 ; difficulties with, ib.;
Stone, Capt. killed by Pequots, ii. 102, 103. prevents barbarities among his warriors,
STONE-EATER (Sanamahonga), v. 124, 142. 124 ; defeats the Americans under Van-
STONE-WALL-JOHN, iii. 77; killed, 73. horn, 125; various traits of character, 126;
Stoughton, Capt. in the Pequot war, ii. 107. incidents and anecdotes, 127; fights the Am.
Street, Gen., B. Hawk delivered to, v. 160. at the river Thames, and is killed, 124.
Strickland's Plain, battle of, ji. 69.

TEEYEENEHOGAROW ,one of the five Iroquois
STRONG, a Seneca chief, v. 110.

who visited England in 1710, v. 14.
Stuart, Isaac, account of Welsh Indians, i. 36. Telfair, Gov. and M'Gillivray, iv. 16.
Stukely, Sir Lewis, receives the son of Poca- Temperance, Indian advocate of, iv. 68.

hontas to educate him, iv. 18, 19; betrays Tensau settlement destroyed, iv. 55.

Sir W. Ralegh, 20; dies in wretchedness, ib. TEYONINHOKERA WEN (John Norton) visits
Sturgeon Creek, attack upon, iii. 111.

Eng.,v. 131 ; at the capture of Niagara, 132.
Sturgis, Edward, a juror, iii. 12.

Thacher, Anthony, ii. 22.
Style, of keeping the year, ii. 21, n.; difference THEBE.-See PEBE.

between Old and New, iii. 117, n.; 118, n. Theopompus refers to America, i. 3.
Sugarloaf-bill, battle of, iii. 31, 32.

THOMAS, John, dies, aged 110, ii. 49.
Sullivan, Gen. Indian expedition, v. 91. THOMAS, of Nemaskel, iii, 10.

Thomas, of Nashoba, ii. 118.
SUNSETO, a Mohegan, ii. 85.

THOMAS, a Tarratine of Negussel, m. 100.

Thompson, Gen, killed in Florida, iv. 81.
Susup, a Penobscot, tried for murder, iii. 136. Thorowgood, T. on origin of the Indians, i. 8.
Swamp-fight at Pocasset, iii. 27; in Narra- Tift, Joshua, executed as a traitor, iii. 35, Ph.

gansel, 34; near Taunton River, 40; near Tilden, Joseph, ii. 45.
Warwick, 65.

[ca, i. 16. Tilton, Lieut. attacked, iii, 126.
Swinton, Dr. John, on the peopling of Ameri- TimPOOCHIE-BARNUEL.-See BARNARD.
Syll, Capt. in Philip's war, iii. 89.

Tippecanoe, battle of, v. 124.
Symon, a noted Tarratine, a Christian Indian; " Tippin, Lieui, kills Mugg, iii. 110.

attacks Newbury, iii.J11 ; attacks Sturgeon Tispequin.-See WATUSPEQUIN.
Creek, ib.; his depredations at Casco, 112. TISQUANTUM.-See SQUANTO.

Tituba accused as a witch, ii. 118, 119.

TOBACCO-EATER, a Muscogee, iv. 44.

Tobacco, act against disorderly drinking, i.
TADEUSKUND, a noted Delaware chief, v. 22, n. ; first carried to England, 49, 51, , Up-

28; events of his life, 28,29; his death, ib. powok, iv. 6.
TAHATONER, son murdered, ii. 117. [ii. 117. Tobias-See PoggAPANOSSO (iii. 10,58).
Talcot, Maj. cuts off Quaiapen, iii. 65. TOCKAMOK, a Wampanoag, ii. 14.
Talladega, battle of, iv. 57.

Talmon, Peter, complains of Philip, iii. 16. Tohopeka, battle of, iv. 51, 60.
TAMMANY, an ancient Delaware, v. 16; a TOKAMAHAMON, a Wampanoag, ii. 14; faith-

society named for; legends concerning, 17. sul 10 Eng., 25—29; aids Standish against
TAME-KING, a Creek, iv. 46, 47.

Cauubitant, ib.
TAMOUEESAM, a Wampanoag, iii. 65. TOKAMONA-See TATTACOMMET (. 20).

TOKINOSH, a Christian Indian, ii, 118.
TANTOQUIESON, a Mohegan capl. seizes Mi- Tolony, Awashonks's husband, iii. 65, 67.

antunnomoh, ii.-64, n ; his life attempted, 69. TOM-JEMMY.-See SooNONGISE.
TANTUM, a New Eng. Indian, assists Capt. Tom-THE-INFANT, a Seveca chicf. v. 103.

Smith in bis survey of the coast, i. 8, n. Tom, Taloson's brother's son, iü. 61; per.
TAQUANSICKE, a Wampanoag, iii. 14. baps Penachason, 85.
TARHE, or the Crane, à Huron chief, v. 131. TOM, Capt.-See WATTASSACOMPOROM.
Tarratines, dreaded by the Indians of Mass. Tom, Capt, a noted Tarratine, allacks and
ü. 17, 40, 42, 46; country of, iii. 93.

kills people at Hamnion, iii. 123


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TOMOCHICHI, sachem of Yamacraw, iv. 29 ; | UNKOMPOIN, uncle to Philip, ü. 28; his chief

interview with Gen. Oglethorpe; goes with counsellor, ii. 14, n. ; claims lands in Swan-
him to Eng., 30; his speech to the king, ib:; zey, 16; signs a treaty at Plimouth, 17 :
returns to Carolina ; dies; monument to his called Woonkaponehunt, 19; Wohkompa
memory, 31.

benitt, 20; killed at Taunton River, 39.
Tomocomo, counsellor to Powhatan; sent to UPPANIPPÁQUEM, a Nipmuk, iii. 84.
Eng. as a spy,

iv. 14; his singular enume- Uppowoc (tobacco), iv. 6.
ration of the English, 15; marries Poca- USKUTUHGUN.-See SHOSHANIM.
hontas's sister, ib.

TOON AKowi goes to England, iv. 29; fights | UTTSOOWEEST,a Wampanoag warrior, iii.61.

the Spaniards, 30.
TOQUELMUT, a Tarratine sachem, iii. 122.

TOTOPOTOMOI noticed in Hudibras, iii. 33; of

Painunkey; successor of Nikolowance; Vanhorn, Maj. defeat of, v. 125.

killed in the Rechabecrian war, iv. 23. Vaudreuil, Gov, attacks N. E. ii. 140.
Toroson.-See Tatoson.

Venegas on peopling America, i. 7.
Tour, Lord de la, iii, 123.

Vercheres killed at Haverhill, iri. 140.
Townsend treats with Indians, iii. 121. Verazzini, his voyage and death, ii.
Traditions not to be relied upon,ii. 65,92; iv.25. Vines, Richard, early in N. England, ii. 17.
Treat, Maj. relieves Mosely, i11. 32.

Virginia, settlement of, iv. 14—24.
Treaties with Massasoit, ii. 29; another, 24; Vixon, Robert, jr. a juror, iii.
with nine sachems, 30; the Massachusetts, Vrcas.-See Uncas.
41; the Nipmuks, 42; Miantunnomoh and | Volvey, C. F. on the Indians, v. 77, 78.
Unicas, 60; Narragansets, 70; another, 94; Voltaire on the Indians, i. 5, 12; v. 21.
Pequots, 102; Philip, iii. 17; Narragansets, VSSAMEGIN.-See MASSASOIT.
27; Tarratines in canoes, 106 ; Pemma-
quid, 109; seven chiefs in England, iv. 28;
Paine's Landing, 71; Fort Greenville, v.
81; Fort Harmer, 111; Black Hawk, 147. WABAN, 11.49, 53, 112, n.;114—116; ii.11, 81.
Troup, Gov. of Georgia, iv. 53, 54.

Wabinga, River Indians, iii. 97; v. 14, n. .
Trueman, Maj. and others, murdered, v. 63. WA BOKIESHIEK, a Winnebago, v. 145—163.
Tuckabatchees, iv. 48; Tuckabatche, 51. WAGUSOKE (Philip), vii. 4, 16, 84.

Wadsworth, Capt, deleat and death, iii. 38.
TUKAPEWILLIN, a preacher, ii. 50; iï. 88. Wadsworth, John, of Plimouth, iii. 12.
TUMMADOKYON, a Tarratine, iii. 100.

WAHGUMACUT visits Boston, ii. 49, 108.
Turner, Capt. ii. 52, 71; killed, iii, 75. WAHOWAH, iii. 114, 129.
Turner's Falls, great fight there, iii. 74; im- | WAIANDANSE, ř. 63, 74; acts of, ib.
properly so called, 75, n.

Waite, Serg. Richard, ii. 75, 84.
Turner, Humphrey, ii. 45.

Wakely, Mr. his family murdered, iii. 103.
Tuscaroras join the Iroquois, v. 4.

WALCUT, the ruler, iii. 11.
TusgUOGEN, 11.58, n. -See TISPAQUIN Waldron, Maj. ii. 58, n. ; iii. 97; killed, 115.
TUSKIHAJO, a Seminole chief, iv. 65.

WALKER, Maj. a Cherokee chief, iv. 61.
TWENTY-CANOES, a Seneca chief, v. 110 Walking-Purchase, v. 33.
Trightries at war with Iroquois, v. 6. WALK-IN-THE-WATER, v. 126, 130, 131.
Two-GUNS, a Seneca chief, v. 110.

Walton, Col. expedition of, iii. 120.
TYASHQ, one of Philip's captains, iji. 63. WALUMBE.—See Worombo.

WAMBERQUASKE, a Pequoi, ii. 109.

Wamesii, Indians burnt there, ii. 117.

Wampanougs, dominions of, ii. 18.
UMNATHUM, ii. 16.-See WOONASHUM. WAMPAPAQUAN executed, iii. 12.
Umpame, Indian name of Plimouth, iii, 67. WAMPATUCK, Josias, sells Boston, ii. 45;
UMPTAKISOKE, a Wampanoag, iii. 16. sachem of Namassakeeset, iii. 17.
Uncas, favored by the Eng. ii. 62; war with WAMPATUCK, son of Josias, sells Braintree,

Sequasson, ii, 61 ; war with Miantunnomoh, ii. 44; some of his people killed by Uncas,
66; besieged in his fort, 69; attempt to kill 80; his Mohawk war, 45.
him, 73; complains of witchcraft, 74 ; his WAMPEY, G. ii. 45; “ a sage Indian," iii. 12.
depredations upon Ninigret, 77, 78; the Eng. WAMPUM, its value, ii. 71 ; how made; “ Jero
blind to bis faults, 80; murders eight of his nor Devil can counterfeit," iji. 45; signifies
neighbor Inds. ; his character, 85; outlived a muscle, 55, n.; value of. 66.
his enemies, ib.; his arts in the Pequot war, WAMSUTTA.-See ALEXANDER.
87 ; his various names, 61 ; renders the Eng. WANADUGUN BUENT, a Tarratine, iii. 124,
great service, 87; wounded, 88; plot against WANAMATAN AMET, of Aquidnek, ii. 60.
Miantummomoh, ib.; his treatment of him, WANNALANCET, sachem of Merrimak, i1.117;
90; war with Pessacus ; relieved by the made prisoner, iii. 95; friend of the whites,
Eng. ib.; attacks a Narraganset sachem, 95; ib.; Gov. letter 10, 96 ; restores captives,
trial. 96; found guilty of a denilish falsea 97; Mosely's depredations on, 97 ; impris-
hood," ib.; forcibly takes another's wife, 96; oned for debt, 98'; of Pennakook, 114.
a like complaint against him, 97; makes war WANNO, a Wampanoag, iii. 10, 12, 15, 60,
upon Ousamequin, 98 ; Eng. march against Wanuho, a Mobegan sachem, ii. 85, n.
hím, 100; in the Pequot war, 105 ; screens WANUNGONET, a noted Tarratine, iii. 110.
fugitives, 107; a Christian, iii. 12 ; aids the WAPANSETH, a Pollowallomie, v. 153.
Eng. in Philip's war, 28; protests against War first proclaimed in N.Eng. ii. 35; all wars
the introduction of Christianity among his barbarous, v. 94; land principal cause of, 74.
nation, ii. 113.

WARRUNGUNT, a Penobscot chief, iii. 124.
Uncataquisset, since Millon, ii. 52.

Washington, Gen. iv. 46; embassy to the
Underhill, Capt. John, ii. 68, 105, 106.

French, v. 35-37; measures of, towards

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