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To descant on the usefulness of knowledge, were to “gild the sun-beam,” or “add a perfume to the violet.” In this enlightened age, when the invaluable benefits of reading and writing are acknowledged by all classes of society, it were a needless waste of time to bestow any eulogy upon the multifarious divisions of knowledge and science, which now usually enter into the education, and occupy the time, of young persons. Suffice it, therefore, briefly to point out to our readers the advantages to be gained by taking this volume for their guide, through the paths of useful learning. The present work contains an introduction to English grammar, spelling, and rules for reading with propriety: directions for attaining a fair hand, and for making a pen; a system of stenography; arithmetic ; merchants' accounts; and book-keeping by single and double entry. Next follow the useful arts of algebra, geometry, mensuration, and gauging, which are explained in a popular and pleasing manner. Full directions for acquiring the art of drawing, with observations on perspective; a chronological table of events from the beginning of the world to the end of the year 1813: rules for improving the memory, with an account of the most recent systems of artificial memory next follow. To these, succeed general observations on gardening: a brief sketch of naval and military affairs; heraldic terms; an account of the various religious sects; and observations on behaviour and manners, with rules for conversation. The whole is concluded by a choice selection of the most useful and important receipts in the different branches of art and science. The materials of this work are arranged in the most pleasing and attractive manner, and the author trusts that the principles of each science are laid down with a simplicity and perspicuity that will require no previous knowledge in the student, nor tire him in their acquisition by an abstract and dry detail. In short, the utmost attention has been given to render the Young Man's Companion every way deserving of public favour, and eminently conducive to the best interests of youth.

LONDON, July 7th, 1814.

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