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ble race. It was not until about fifteen phets ; five of the Song of Solomon; and years ago that any considerable share of the Hymn of Mary. public attention in this country was di- “ With regard to the Book of the rected to the religious principles of the Psalms, which you sent me prior to this, people, or any systematic attempt made it is said to be small, (that is, printed in to instruct them universally on this a small letter,) thongh it is esteemed. point. Since that time the experiment There is, moreover, no red writing, with has been tried upon a larger and a still which they adorn and beautify all the increasing scale; and it may be confi- books of both the Old and New Testadently asserted, that, as far as it has ments. In the same manner, also, make gone, it has fully justified the expecta- the writing of the Four Gospels in both tions of its advocates."

red and black ink, that the men of The Society hope by their efforts, to Ethiopia may admire them; and that counteract the sale of evil tracts, and to thou mayest obtain the salvation of the supply their places with those of a self-existing God, as Elias and Enoch wholesome and religious kind, which, did, for ever and ever. Amen. by their cheapness, may drive the “ This epistle, which has been writvenders of seditious and licentious ones tep by Wáhá Denghel, brother of Leëout of the market.

sta, whom you loved, is, my lord, to inThe plan which it pursues is nearly quire after your lealth ; from one who similar to that already tried in London, is desirous of your arrival, and speaks Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, the word of truth, o Salt, prince of and other places.

princes ! Donations and subscriptions will be “ Remember me in your prayers, and received by Messrs. George La Touche love me; for I shall love you muchand Co. Dublin ; or at the Depository, even as you bave loved my brother No. 12, Lower Sackville Street, Dublin; Leësta. And may the Lord preserve and by Messrs. Pugett, Bainbridge and you, both in your going out and coming Co., Warwick-lane, London,

in, henceforth and for ever! Amen.

(Psalm cxxi. 8.) ETHIOPIC PSALTER,

“1, Waha, shall pray for your pro

sperity, though distant from you. The following is a translation of a “ P.S. Make cases for all the books, curious Ethiopic Letter, addressed, by singly; for no one can suppose you undirection of the late King Itsa Țakley able, and all believe you to be the Gorges, to Henry Salt, Esq. Consul of chief." his Britannic Majesty, at Grand Cairo, who had forwarded to Abyssinia, by

HIBERNIAN BIBLE SOCIETY. Mr. Pearce, some copies of the Ethiopic Patron, the Lord Primate. President, Psalter, placed at his disposal by the the Archbishop of Dublin. Vice-PreCommittee of the British and Foreign sidents: the Archbishop of Tuam; the Bible Society.-

Marquisses of Downshire and Hert. “ May this epistle, which has been ford; the Earls of Charlemont and sent by Pearce Nathanael, reach the Charleville; Viscount Lorton; the Biprince of nobles and priests, Salt How shops of Cloyne, Meath, Clogher, is thy health, my lord and friend, ex- Down, Kilmore, Elpbin, Kildare, Kilalted as heaven and earth? May the laloe, Raphoe, Limerick, Ferns, KillaLord refresh thy days! Amen, and Ja, Dromore, Lord Calthorpe; Robert Amen.

Shaw, Esq.M.P.; Right Hon. Charles “ The book of the Psalms of David Grant, M. P. Chief Secretary to the is exceedingly good, and very beauti- Lord Lieutenant; James Stewart, Esq. ful: so say all the men of Ethiopia. It of Killymoon. is, however, the custom in Ethiopia, The last Report of this Society, after with the Psalms of David, to have the mentioning some improvements in its meditations of the Prophets (fifteen sec- plans, presents the following, among tions); the Song of Solomon (five sec. other pleasing results of its exertions :tions); and the seven daily Hymns to “ In Dublin, and in various parts of our Lady Mary, written with illumi- the country, measures are in forwardness pated head-pieces, With the Psalms of to organize associations on a plan similar David, therefore, write those that are to that which has been adopted with so to be written; namely, The fifteen sec. much success in the sister island, and tions of the Meditations of the Pro- your Committee confidently hope, that a foundation has been laid for a report on their having to state that the highest of great and extended benefit at your authorities of the city, and many of its vext annual meeting.

most estimable private characters were “In the mean time, your Committee present anxiously and earnestly counwould direct your attention to some of tenancing and promoting this most de. the effects of the arrangements de- sirable event.” scribed above.

“ Your Committee beg to acknow. The first effect which they shall no- ledge with gratitude, a donation from tice, is the entire liquidation of the debt the Ladies' Box Association, of 431. 3d., of the Society. At your last annual and another donation of 481.88 4d. from meeting, the debt dne by the Society the Ladies' Auxiliary Society. They amouuted to 1,4851. 10s. Id. That debt also beg to acknowledge the receipt of s now liquidated, and the books im- a legacy of 1001. left by the late Mrs. ported by the Society are paid for, np Taylor” to the 31st December last. And here “ Your Committee have also otler your Committee cannot but inform you instances of liberality to record, which, of an act of great and noble generosity although they cannot, from their nature, on the part of his Majesty's Printers in appear on the face of your accounts, Edinburgh. These gentlemen had agreed will, they trust, have a more permanent to allow the Society five per cent. dig. existence in your grateful recollections. count on all books purchased by it, pro. We allude to the continued liberality of vided they were paid for within one the Irish Government, in pernitting year after the date of the invoice. This books for the Society, not only Bibles stipulation, however, the Committee, and Testaments, but reports and other owing to the embarrassed state of the documents from the British and Foreign Society's funds, were not able to fulfil; Bible Society, to be imported free of the debt due by this Society being on duty; and also, a similar liberality on the average of more than two years the part of the Post-Masters-General, standing. Yet, when money was remit in permitting that our correspondence ted to bring the account to a balance, through the post-office, should be free his Majesty's Printers unexpectedly, of charge. Another instance of liberaand unsolicited, deducted the full dis- lity, which it would be unpardonable in connt, amounting to upwards of three your Committee to omit, is that of the hundred and seventy pounds.

proprietors of the Wexford coaches, who “ Another effect of the changes men- have granted to the Wexford Auxiliary tioned above, has been an increased is. Society, the privilege of receiving their sue of books. During that part of the parcels of books from your depository year on which the old system was acted free of expense of carriage. on, the issue of books was at the rate of « The receipts of your Society for the about 6,300 annually : during the latter past year, have amounted to 2,7021. 13s. part of the year, after the introduction 11d. ; being 3401. 6s. 2d. more than the of the new system, the issue was at the receipts of the former year. annual rate of about 14,000.

“ The issue of books for the last year “ Your Committee now go on to men- has been 2,988 Bibles, and 6,341 Teslation the other transactions of the year. ments; making a total of 9,329." In the month of July, they ordered the printing and circulation of the Monthly

HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. Extracts from theCorrespondence of the British and Foreign Bible Society, with This Society has just issued a circuthe addition of extracts from their own lar, of which the following is the subcorrespondence.

This measure has stance:since been carried into effect, to a very “ The population of Ireland,” they considerable extent, and will, they remark, « is estimated at about five trust, produce the most beneficial re. millions and a half; of whom about four sults.”

fifths, or upwards of four millions, are a Your Committee feel peculiar plea- Roman Catholics. From varions causes, sure in adverting to the revival of the the blessings of the glorious ReformaDublin Branch of the Hibernian Bible tion have only flowed through that part Society, which had so long been dor of the United Kingdom in a very poor mant. They congratulate the Society, and shallow streamlet : the consethey congratulate every well-wisher of qnences have been, that ignorance, the Gospel, every lover of his country, vice, wretchedness, and bigotry, have

maintained, and even extended their tain from the instruction of the rising ascendancy; and civil discontent, in- generation, and the diffusion of scriptufamed by the animosity of religious dis- ral knowledge, may also be fully enjoysentions, has too often rent asunder the ed by the inhabitants of Ireland. ties of nature and society.

“ Its primary efforts have been di“ The great body of the Irish within rected to the establishment of schools. the pale of the Church of Rome is com- It has had many difficulties to encounposed of the lower classes of society. Iu ter, from the opposition of the Roman their onenlightened minds, ignorance Catholics to a system of education which and superstition undeniably reign; and has the Bible alone for its foundation, being totally unacquainted with the its rule, and its strength. In the year source of those correct principles of ac- 1812, however, the Society reported, tion which civilize and moralize man- that it had under its patronage-schools, kind, their general conceptions on such 55 — children, 2,250. God has been subjects are scarcely more just than pleased to increase these important and those of benighted heathens. Yet it is benevolent institutions, from that time an indisputable fact, familiar to those to the present, according to the annexed who have visited that interesting coun- statement:try, that the Irish character exhibits a

Schools. Children. frankness, an energy, and a quickness of In 1813

76..... 3054 perception, which afford obvious facili. 1814

• 145

8342 ties for moral instruction and improve

1815 .. .....242

11,916 ment.


-320........ 19,312 “ The attention of the gentry and 1817


27,776 landed proprietors has, of late years,

1818........392 ... 32,516 been directed to the amelioration of the

“ All the schools are subjected to a temporal condition of the poor, but their quarterly inspection, by which the puncmoral and religious education has not tuality of the masters in the discharge been equally promoted. The lower or- of their doties is ascertained, and payders in Ireland are, in general, without ment is made to them respectively, acopportunities of having their children cording to the actnal number, attendeducated; and when opportunities oc

dance, and proficiency of their pupils, cur, they are prevented from benefiting The schools are also visited by many of by them from poverty. Thus the con- the clergy of the Established Church, dition of the great mass of the population and by other respectable individuals, is characterized by gross ignorance and who kindly condescend, by such superimmorality: their children are rising vision, to promote the designs of the into life, without instruction to en. Society. In the district where Irish is lighten, or principles to moralize them; the colloquial language, the Society's and the Catholic religion, by systematic schools have an Irish class; and the cally and determinately withbolding the children, after being taught to read in holy Scriptures from the people, pre- the Irish spelling-book, have the New vents the diffusion of truth, and perpe. Testament in the same language put tuates mental degradation and depra. into their hands. A collateral, but very vity.”

important branch of the Society's conThe exertions of the Hibernian So. cerns, is the instruction which is affordciety are directed

ed to adults. Tbe masters of the schools 1st. To establish schools for the edu- have a class of adult pupils, on morncation of the children of the poor iu ings and evenings, on Sundays and holiIreland, without respect to any peculiar days. Many of the age of sixty and upsystem of religions instruction.

wards, now listen, for the first time, with 2d. To the circulation of the holy pleasing astonishment, to the wonders Scriptures in the English and Irish lan- they learn from the New Testament; guages, without note or comment. and others have become Irislı readers

“ These being the sole objects of the in the different villages where they reHibernian Society, it looks with confi- side. The more intelligent inspectors dence to the members of every religious of the Schools, are likewise employed community for co-operation and sup- as village reuders. Every night they colport, under a full persuasion, that by the lect the young and the old in the villages application of these pure and unexcep- nearest the schools, and read the New tionable means, the benefits and bless. Testament to them: the masters of the ings which have resulted to Great Bri- schools are also occasionally employed

in this important work. The Society They properly aim at natural religion; is particnlarly engaged in circulating most of them are disciples of the late the Scriptures in Ireland. The con- Jewish philosopher Mendelsohn; though stant use of them in the Schools, in the many of them still observe the revealed tuition of adults, and in the public read. law of God. This class, which bas ing of them by the inspectors, mas- spread much, and consists of the best ters, and others, affords the best fą. informed part of the Jews, wish to make cilities for prosecuting with effect this common cause with the Christians, wbile part of the Society's plan; and in addi. they do not desire to believe in the tion to its own occasional expenditure name and salvation of the Son of God, on this object, the Britisha and Foreign and are enemies of the cross of Christ. Bible Society, the Hibernian Bible So. Among them little hopes can be enterciety, &c. have, by their grants of Bibles tained of gaining entrance with the gloand Testaments, enabled the Committee' rious Gospel of Jesus Christ; and though to disseminate the sacred volume very they inabifest moral sentiments, they extensively.

would probably become only nominal “ From the schools, the sacred Scrip- Christians. The adherents of this party tores extend an enlightening and purify- have recently bnilt synagogues at Berlin ing influence to the cottages, and pene. and "Hamburg, and regulated their trate the strong holds of ignorance and divine worship agreeably to Christian superstition. The New Testament is usages, singing hymns accompanied by the school-book for the children; their an organ, and having sermons delivered parents are pleased at hearing it read to from a text of the Old Testament. them at home; and in many instances, " 2. The Sabsaids, a mystical sect, both parents and children have expe- who abound in fanciful potions, and rienced divine consolation and support, suppose to find in these more wisdom, in the cabins of abject poverty, in sea. tban in that wisdom which is from above, sous of sickness, and at the hour of death and which makes known to us the mysThe Committee of the Sligo Branch of tery of godliness. the Hibernian Bible Society thus con- “ 3. The Karaits, who, from their reclude their Apuual Report:-Your ligionis principles, as far as I am acCommittee liave been credibly inform- quainted with them, might probably be ed, that in several remote villages in convinced with less difficulty of the your county, numbers of persons, anxious truths of salvation in Christ, and be less to receive Scripture-knowledge, meet averse to embrace these truths. together after the close of the evening “ 4. The orthodox Jews, as they call schools; not as formerly, to witness themselves, who stedfastly adbere to scenes of idle amusement, drunkenness, the Mosaic Law and to the tradition of and gaming; or to enter into illegal their elders, and who still constitute the combinations and dangerous conspira- majority of this nation, especially in cies; but to hear the sacred volume Poland, They live, generally speaking, read aloud to them, and to listen to in the greatest blindness and ignorance those sublime precepts, which inculcate of heart, and are hardened in unbelief : love to their neighbours, loyalty to their nevertheless, among them it is not inking, and reverence to their God!" probable that the light of the Gospel

will first dispel the darkness of unbelief, LONDON SOCIETY FOR THE

wlien the Lord by his almighty fiat says, CONVERSION OF THE JEWS.

Let there be liglit.

~ 5. That not inconsiderable party The following is Mr. Nitschke's reply among the Jews, who bave no religion to the question, “ Which division of the at all, are Atheists, aud live without present Jewish race affords, under the God in the world, maintaining themDivine blessing, the greatest hopes of selves chiefly by usury and fraud, and success ?”

manifest neither a religious nor moral “ At this time the Jewish Nation,” he disposition. remarks,“ may be suitably divided into " With the Portuguese Jews, wbo are the following five classes.

regarded the nobility of this nation, and “ 1. Enlightened persons, who lay with theOriental Jews, I am unacquaintaside the Mosaic Law and the traditions ed; por do I know whether any adhe. of the elders, profess pure Theism, and rents of the former sect of Chasadim in endeavour to introduce among their Poland are still in existence. vation the principles of mere morality, " It may be difficult to decide, to which division of the Jews the Society taken the chair, addressed them in exshould chicfly direct its attention. We planation of its object, and in earnest know not the times and seasons, which recommendation that this growing setthe Father has put in his own power, tlement should follow the example set for restoring the kingdom to Israel ; but generally by the British Colonies, in the we ought to observe the signs of the pre- institution of societies to co-operate with sent times, as an emotion is perceptible the National Society for the diffusion of among this nation which has not been the Scriptures. observed at any former period.

“ The Lieutenant-governor proceed“ The Spirit of the Lord must direct ed to propose the resolutions, which the undertakings of the Society, aud were supported by the Deputy Judge open doors for successful labour Advocate, and received unanimous asamong the lost sheep of the house of sent.” Israel, and we ought frequently to unite From the Rev. Dr. Pinkerton.-"At before the Throne of Grace in fervent the first sight of Athens, the birth-place prayer and supplication for them. De. of those arts and sciences which have liver, O Lord, the people of Israel from contributed so much to meliorate the their blindness, lead them to know thee, condition of Europeaus, and render and to enjoy thy salvation; that many their quarter of the world superior to of them may with us attain to the pos- all others, one is filled with sensations of session of the glorious inheritance wonder and regret at the view of the which is promised and reserved for us Acropolis, the Academic Groves, the in heaven."

Temples of Minerva and Theseus, the

Areopagus, with the surrounding mounBRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE tains of Hymettus, Pentelicus, Parnes, SOCIETY.

Egaleos and Cithæron; the mind retires

into the ages of antiquity, and the meFrom the Eighth Report of the Bishop- mory brings up before it a multitude of wearmouth, Sunderland, and Mook. images of the greatest men and the wearmonth Auxiliary Society, Sept. grandest events recorded in profane 21, 1819.

history. But it is not in an epistle of “ Your Committee have uniformly this kind that I can indulge in feelings kept in view the plan of supplying every and reflections on these remembrancers vessel belonging to the port, with a of attic greatoess: I have a theme of a Bible, for the nse of the crew, placed different kind, and one which is still in a proper box, fixed in the steerage. dearer to my heart than even that which During the past year, 70 large Bibles, I have now touched. I have news to with boxes, have been distributed, communicate which will fill your hearts making a total of Bibles distributed with joy: Athens also is become the among the sbips, since the plan was first seat of a Bible Society! acted upon, on the 4th of June, 1817, “This was an event which I dared not to the amount of 220, at an expense of anticipate before my coming here; and 841. Is. 8d. to the Society. The reports which I did not even find myself at liof the Sub-Committee, who have distri- berty to propose to a single individual, buted Bibles during the past year, con. until the third day after my arrival. tain the most satisfactory accounts of But the God, whose we are, and whom the esteem in wbich the Bibles formerly we serve in the cause of the Bible, can distributed, are holden; and of the make all hinderances give way, and grateful feelings with which every erect monuments of his mercy wheresosuccessive distribution of Bibles is re- ever he pleases. ceived."

“ The Athens Bible Society was formed From the First Report of the Branch yesterday. The Committee is composed Society at Van Dieman's Land. of twelve of the most respectable men

“ Hobart Town, May 8th, 1819. in the city - all Greeks. The Arch“ The meeting which was advertised bishop, though absent at Constantinople, for this day, for the purpose of institat. was nominated president of the instituing an Auxiliary Bible Society in Van tion, which honour, it is hoped, he will Dieman's Land, as a branch of the So- not refuse to accept; Mr. Logotheti, the ciety of New Sonth Wales, took place British Consul, and Mr. Tirnaviti, were at the new church at twelve o'еlock. elected vice-presidents; with six direc

" His honour the Lieutenant-governor, tors, two secretaries, and a treasurer. haviog, at the desire of the meeting, “The immediate sphere of this Society's

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