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through the precautions taken by ed, he moved up with additional the British Government, without troops. While some Brahmins disbloodshed. The Sunyassees, or foli played the most revolting apathy at lowers of Siva, and the Byragees, the scene, these troops, though of or votaries of Vishnoo, had this bigb caste, employed themselves year a dreadful conflict, though not actively in extricating the dead. of arms, yet of superstitious zeal, Encouraged and assisted by their which had a most fatal issue. officers, they at length succeeded

The descent to the bathing- in clearing away the mass ; and place at Hurdwar is by a very steep rescued between 70 and 80 of these flight of steps: this digbt is about wretched pilgrims from destruction. ten feet broad, but so steep as to The number of dead was 430. form an angle with the level of the Thanks were returned, in deground of 56 degrees. Crowds of tachment orders, by Lieut.-Colonel infatuated pilgrims forced their Patton, commanding the Hurdwar way, on this occasion, in over- force, to the native troops for their whelming masses, to the top of exertions ou this occasion; and tbis steep descent, and numbers various individuals were promoted. were in the act of going down This was confirmed by the Comwhen, a little before day-break, on mander-in-chief, in government orthe morning of the ilih of April, ders, dated bead-quarters, Calcutta, the Sunyassees and Byragees began May 3, 1820). The troops are to vie with each other at the top praised herein, jo particular, for for the precedency, and made a is the devoted exertions wbich they sudden rush, by which all the mul- made to rescue the unfortunale suftitude who were then descending ferers ; laying aside, at the same were carried down with such time, all prejudice of caste at violence, that they were compress- other times so tenaciously adbered ed into one mass, within a few steps 10." of the water, where the flight narrows to about seven feet, opening SPITALFIELDS BENEVOLENT again beyond. An eye-witness of

SOCIETY. this dreadful scene says—" Here The district over which ibe Spitalthe unfortunate beings were cram- fields Benevolent Society extends med together with such violence, its care contains above 120,000 that motion or use of limbs was persons, chiefly of the labouring unavailing: the weak, the strong, classes. In this vast population of in vain made efforts : the more the the lower orders, there is scarcely exertion, the more intwined their any intermixture of the bigher and limbs became. The cries and middle ranks a state of society moans were heart-rending. Con- almost peculiar to Spitalfields. It trivance or effort to assist them was cannot create surprize that, in such in vain. I made several attempts & community, cases of sickness, to extract those who were in ile and consequent destitution, should foremost files; but their bodies, be always occurring. Even wben legs, and arms, were so intwined, trade is comparatively flourishthat it was impossible to extricate ing, the Society knows where to one of them."

find, at all times, the haunts of In the midst of this dreadful complicated, though in many inscene, the consequence of the in- stances unobtrusive, misery. fatuated superstition of the people, The Committee have abstained, the conduct of the native troops during nearly four years, from Iresgave hopes that the chains of sil- passing on the public attention. perstition were loosening on them. Part of the balance wbich remainIntelligence having reached an of- ed unappropriated of the Spitalficer that the guard had been forc- fields General Fund, raised in 1817, having been added to its ordinary the poor indiscriminately would, in resources, the Society has been many cases, be a real injury; to kept in uninterrupted and active assist them during sickness and operation without the necessity of pressing distress, is an important any public appeal. In the year benefit. The visitors consider it 1818, it visited 2106 families, ex- a part of their duty to teach the pending for their relief 25381.; and poor to depend, under God, upon in 1819, 2035 families were visit their own exertions, for their suped, and relieved with 2340 l. In pori." the course of the ten years which " The experience of every day have nearly elapsed since the for. proves the necessity of investigatmation of this Society, 22,614 fa- ing the character and situation of milies have been visited, and those who apply to the charitable 20,160 1. applied for their relief; for assistance: the visitors have and this relief has been administer. been the means in many instances ed on personal inspection of the of detecting persons who, by false wants of the poor, at their own ha. representations in begging letters, bitations.

have obtained considerable sums The distress of the district is of money, which they have squaomuch mitigated by the improve- dered away in idleness and intenment in the silk trade ; and the perance, to the great injury of the last two have been years of less distressed and deserving poor, who severe pressure upon the poor than are generally backward to obtrude ibose which preceded. During their distresses upon the public, those two years, however, the So- and require to be sought out by ciety has removed, or alleviated, the discriminating visitor." the sorrows of 4441 families. The On this subject the Committee Committee justly advert to the earnestly urge on the rich the imtendency of these frequent and un- portance and advantage of turning remitting visits, to raise the tone of the current of their benevolence .morals in a neighbourhood so con. into such channels as are presented stituted as that which is within the by this Society, and other institusphere of the Society's operations. tions of the same nature; from the The visitors avail themselves of consideration, that no relief is ever seasons of sickness or depression granted till a strict investigation to inculcate useful counsel; and it is has taken place at the habitations

owing to this beneficial intercourse of the persons soliciting relief. with the poor, that many children The Spitalfields General Fund, have been trained in sound reli- to which it it chiefly owing that gious principles and industrious this Society bas, of late years, dihabits, and that many bave been minished so vast a sum of human preserved from contamination and calamity, being wholly exhausted, moral turpitude.

“ the Committee throw themselves The following passages, from the on the best feelings of a Christian Eighth Report just published, shew public, who, they cannot doubt, the maxims of Christian prudence will enable them to continue their on which the Committee act. labour of love and inercy.”

“ It is their particular study to Our readers will find some affectdiscover and relieve all cases of ing specimens of the Cases which real distress, and to continue relief come before the Society atfixed to to such only whilst absolutely ne- the Advertisement on our Cover cessary: they are especially care for last mooth.

for last month. We shall give, in ful to avoid every thing that might addition, the following, which stands tend to produce a spirit of pau- the first in the Report. perism, and to discountenance it “ W. P. when first visited was wherever they find it. To relieve found in a wretched apartment, suffering the extreme pressure of family, baving parted with every complicated bodily affliction and article of dress to purchase food, distress. His tale of woe excited were constrained to conceal themin the mind of the visitor a pecu- selves in the tattered remnants of liar degree of sympathy and com: the bed-clothes. The money given miseration. Accustomed in his was received with tears of gratitude; carly days to live respectably, and and the timely assistance afforded having carried on a large wholesale by the Society, it is hoped, will be business, he had formed expecta- the means, under the Divine blesse tions of competence and ease, ing, of rescuivg this much afflicted which, in some degree, his situa- family from total destruction." liop in life warranted. By the fail- Subscriptions and donations are ure of some persons with whom he received by the Rev. Josial Pratt, was coonected, he lost 70001. which 20, Doughty Street, president ; completely overwhelmed bim, and Mr. John Kincaid, Spital Square, be proceeded step by step, till the treasurer; Sir W. Curtis, Bart., wbole ended in extreme indigence and Co., Messrs. Hoare and Co., and misery. His family, consisting Lombard Street; Messrs. Gosof bimself, his wife, and four chil- lings and Sharpe, Fleet Street ; dren (one a cripple), when the vi- Mr. Brock, 25, Doughty Street; sitor called upon ihem, had not Mr. Haichard, Piccadilly; and Mr. tasted food, of any kind, for nearly Cooper, 8, Queen Street, Cheaptwo days; and so great was their side. poverty, that the female part of the

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Rev. J. Blicke, B. D. of Wentworth Rev. J. Brewster, Laughton V. in R. in the Isle of Ély, vice Pearce, dec. Lincolnshire, vice J.Smallpage, deceased.

Rev. J. Dampier, West Wrathing V. Rev. George Williams, of Martin Cambridgesbire.

Hussingtree, to be a Minor Canon of Rev. Augustus B. Henniker, Great Worcester Cathedral. and Little Thornham RR. Suffolk. Rev. Peter Elers, Rishangles R. Sar.

Rev. T. J. Lates, Charlton Abbots folk. Perpetual Caracy, Gloucestershire, vice Rev. George Pickard, jnu. StauntonWallett, deceased.

upon-Arrow V. Herefordshire. Rev. J. Harcourt Skripe, Thundersley Hon. and Rev. William Leonard Ad. R Essex.

dington, second son of Viscount Sid. Rev. W. French, M.A. Fellow and Tu- month, Poole R. Wilts. tor of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, to be Rev. G. F. St. Jobn, of Baliol College, Master of Jesus College, rice Pearce, de Oxford, Manston R. Dorset. ceased.

Rev. H. J. Todd, M. A. Settrington Rev. P. Guoning (Rector of Bath- R. Yorkshire, vice Gilbert, deceased. wick), Newton St. Loe R. near Bath, Rev. John Ellis (Vicar of Langwiu) vice J. Wood, deceased.

Cerrig-y-druidion R. Denbigbshire. Rev. J. Savile Ogle, to the new Pre- Rev. 'W.N. Parnell, Crossgate Perpe. bend of Durham Cathedral, rice Hon. tual Curacy, Leeds. Anchitel Grey, resigned.

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&c. &c.

... 697

America .....

.... 114

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15, 77, 230,




369 Briefs....

· 59, 144, 515
Acts of Parliament 63, 88, 303, 360, 555,772 Bulls (see Papal)
Advertisements, injudicious ones .... 167 Burning Widows..

• 284
Adiction, Benefit of

Improvement of...... 152, 156 Cadets

... 842
Africa.• 195, 200, 208, 243, 486, 698, 701, Calcutta 426, 481, 489, 561, 872, 893
889, 892, 902 Caledonian Canal


Calviaism and Calvinists 35, 85, 194, 290,
.... 160, 211, 556

259, 992, 342, 399, 448,
Animal Magnetism


609, 666, 755, 768, 857
Anniversary Meetings ............. 231

(see Predestination)
Answers to Correspondents.. 71, 144, £16, Cambridge.. 59, 132, 199, 347, 416, 627
288, 360, 432, 496, 568, Candour

..... 337, 381
640, 712, 784, 855 -, Duty of.......

9, 643


Antiquity, Appeal to ....
109 Catholic Establishments

A postolical Succession...


100, 513
Application of Sermons (see Sermons)

Priests, Power of

Arctic Discoveries

555, 772 Catholics (sce Rame, Church of ).
Arminians and Arminianism


Distribution of Scriptures
(see Calvinism) among

137, 630
Articles, The Six Bloody

37 Cato-street Conspiracy.... 144, 213, 287,
The Ten

301, 354, 386
The Thirty-nine, Remarks on


..... 177
and References to.... 36, 52, 188, 259, Cemetery of Pere la Chaise

292, 543, 653, 749 Cenotaph to Princess Charlotte 199
Association (see Sociely)

Ceremonial Law........

Assurance, Doctrine of


Chain Bridge
Asylum, Connecticut
64 Chaplains, Need of .


654 Character of Archbishop Laud,
Augsburgh Confession 176, 180, 185, 868


133, 555
Dean Milner

Authorities, on unfair Citation of 382

Frederic III.


George III. 142, 155, 451, 590
Bank Notes


745, 747
Baptisın.... 36, 174, 247, 293, 543, 656

Baptismal Controversy 293, 361, 542

Pius VII.

Baptist Missionary Society.... 907


196, 8.58
Basle Missionary Institution

ihe English..

239, 664
Bible (see Scriptures)

the Just

Society, alleged Evils of 116, 221,

(see also Index of Names)
384, 685 Charges of Judge Bailey

28, 638
conciliatory Effects of .. 531 Charity
116, 121

(see Candour)
, opposed by Infidels and

Balls ....


· 23, 385 Charitable Societies (see Societies)
-, Speeches


-, on Meetings of .. 231
(see also Society) Charles's Martyrdom
Biblical Criticism .. 77, 78, 79, 132, 230,

(see Service for 30th January)
499, 631, 728, 796 China

284, 420, 428, 480
in Sermons 346, 606 Chinese Prayer

458 Christ, Character of....

... 881
Bibliomania ......
627 Christian Motives

Bill for Education, Brougham's ...... 495

of Pains and Penalties


(see Caroline, Queen) Christianity, Evidences of ........... 273
Bishops' Countersignature ..


-, happy Effects of ...... 890
Blaspheiny, Blasphemous Publications,

., no new Discoveries in 40-4
&c. 28, 62, 139, 384, 494, 700, 874

Progress of (see Societies)
Branch Societies (see Society)

Truth of...




Oliver Cromwell.....



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Obedience .,

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Christians, Character of ........ 768, 793 Doctrines, how stated in Scripture • 721
how to live in the World 474 Doxology

.... 157
Christians, not to court Opposition.... 434 Drama, Arguments against the ..... 19+
political Duties of 855 Dreaming.

.... 479
Church, Discipline necessary in the 511


.... 61, 463
-, on Differences in the... 641 Dry Rol

Church of England, Doctrines of the
(see Reformers) Eclectic Review

.. 98
, State of the.... 51% Ecclesiastical Court...... 489, 783


Establishment (see Church)
Rome (see Rome)

Preserments.. 216, 288, 43%,
Church, The, in Danger

• 224

496, 568, 784, 854, 910
Churches, Ventilation of.
598 Eclipse......

275, 577
Circular Letter, Quakers'

703 Education : 64, 66, 102, 110, 136, 137,
from Rome.....

138 138, 202, 203, 204, 208, 350, $88, 593,
Classification of Character

1, 5 479, 495, 532, 558, 561, 694, 707, 714,
Cleopatra's Needle .......


767, 773, 776, 803, 843, 848, 873
Clergy, Occupations of the...

11 Egypt 133. 348, 417, 485, 773, 89
Collect for Ash-Wednesday


Election (see Predestination and Catrin-
Colouies, Ordination for ......


Colonization (see Society)


211, 869
Commentaries, not indispensable .... 443 Electrical Battery

...... 556
., Usefulness of . .... 586 English, Character of the

239, 664
Common Sense
235, 272, S07 Enthusiasm

800, 824
Communiou (see Eucharist)

Episcopal Duties

with God
11 Ethiopic Psalter

Composition of Sermons (see Sermons) Etna...

Concession (see Candour and Union) Eucharist....

107, 419
186, 222, 369

in Scotland

95, 241
Confession, The...

366 Evangelical, on the Term 167, 688
Conformity, Reasons for.


... 220
Conjugal Affection

477 Extra Services

79, 157, 916
Connecticut ...

Consistorial Court

489, 785 Faith

S9, 647, 725, 753, 863
Contrition (see Repentance)


Controversies, how to be conducted 323

Effects of

Conversation should be religious 549

Fruitfulness of 413, 648, 863, 865
Conversational Recollections of Dean


47, 176, 647
Milner ........................ 360 Kinds of ricoris 39, 176, 86%
Conversion ..crire 84, 309, 54% Fall of Man

694 False Refuges

... 589
Council of Treut.....
257 Family Prayer

... 145
Proposal for (see Rome, Church of)

Sermons 16, 81, 151, 225, soo,
Countersignature. Bishop's.

• $57

573, 438, 506, 581, 646, 724, 792
Court, Duties of the

396 Fathers of the Church of England
Covenant (see Sva@nxn)

(see Reformers)

Female Servants

Darkness at the 578, 664 Fiction, Works of

... 135
Curates' Licenses, &c.......

71 Finance

Florentine Boy's Petition.
Dartmoor Establishment for Pauper Floridas ..

69, 851

199 Formularies of the Church ...... · S2, 543
Deadly Sins

189 (see also Articles, Homilies, Liturgy)
Deaf and Damb..

64 France .... 60, 66, 68, 130, 136, 141,
Death of Sir Walter Raleigh


211, 275, 285, 354, 417, 420, 4:5,
Death-bed of Cromwell


429, 479, 521, 527, 555, 564, 697,
Deceit never allowable


629, 636, 693, 708, 779, 849
(see also Spies) Free Will

40, 180, 864
632 French Protestants

523, 534

- Revolution

399, 591
500, 651, 796 Fruits of Faith

Differevces of Opinion


(see Faith)
Divisions in Sermons (see Sørmons)

Funeral Cloth ....
Discipline necessary
511 Future State, Arguments for

of Prisons

137, 424
of public Schools

805 Gallican Church, ......... 103, 107, S77
Discovery, Expeditions of 555, 772 Gambling ..

Dissenters................ 73, 437, 667 Geneva

*... 613
Union with ........ 11%, 377

Church of

.... 999

.... 577

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