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Feasts of dedication ii 263 iii 207 Their rise 214
Featly Dr. expelled the assembly of divines, and taken into custody as
a spy iii 114 His death 319

An account of his book against the baptists ib. n. His challenge in defence of the church of England

320 His character, and last prayer 321 Fell Dr. vice-chancellor of Oxford treats the parliament's visiters with

contempt iii 433 436 Is deprived of his vice chancellorship, and
taken into custody 438 Some farther account of him 451 His

death, &c. V 189 190
Fell Mrs. M. persecuted iv 528
Fellows, form of inducting the new ones at Cambridge iii 144
Felton stabs the duke of Buckingham ii 208
Fenner Mr. defends the puritans i 473 474
Feoffees censured in the star-chamber ii 249
Ferrars bishop, burnt i 140 He was agaiost the popish garments 218
Field Mr. suspended i 405
Field and Wilcox imprisoned for the admonition to the parliament i

304 Their apology 302 Their supplication 304 Their coufes-
sion of faith, and preface to it 303 n. &c. Their conference with

the archbishop's chaplain 304 And hard usage ib. Field conventicles, aet against v 110 Fifth-inonarchy men, their plot against Cromwell is 210 Their in

surrection after the restoration 343 344 n. Consequences of it 344
Disowned by the independents 345 By the baptists 346 and 1. By
the quakers 318 and n.
Fifths of estates allowed wives and children of delinquents iii 62 And

of ejected clergymen 183
Finch lord ehief justice, his eharacter ii 179
Finch Rev. Mr. his case ii 55
Finch Dr. sent to invite the prince of Orange, by the heads of col-

leges, to Oxford v n10
Fire of London iv 446 Produces a sort of liberty to the non-confor-

mists 447
Firinin Mr. George, his character of Mr. Marshall iv 170
First-fruits and tenths See Annates
Fisher bishop, refuses to take the oath of succession and supremacy i

64 Beheaded for it ib. and 71
Fisher Mr. Samuel, his death, &c. iv 445
Fitz-Harris's sham plot v 74 He is executed 75
Fire members, king goes to seize ii 525 Authors of that project 527

and n.

Five-mile act, agaiast nonconformist ministers iy 440 441 n.
Five points, a declaration forbidding to preach on them iii 222 224
Fleetwood lieutenant-general for deposing Richard Cromwell iv 235

Henry Cromwell's letter to him 237 His death 239
Fletcher Dr. made bishop of London, and persecutes the puritans i

542 The queen displeased at his second marriage ; his death ib.

Ford Mr. and others expelled the university for preaching against

Arminianism and the new ceremonies ii 244 Foreign protestants take sanctuary in England i 94 Their sentiments

about the habits and ceremonies 224 &e. Foreign protestant church

es disowned ji 286 Laud discourages them iii 231 233 238 Forma promissionis et objurationis i 324 Forms, &c. a variety of them in different churches, allowed even by

the papists i 97 This complained of in the church of England

214 Fownes Mr. George, history of v 239 240 Fox Mr. John, his letter to Dr. Humphreys i 205 His Acts and Mon

uments 213 Neglected by the church for scrupling the habits 214 Summoned before the commissioners, but refuses to subscribe 236 Intercedes with the queen to spare some anabaptists that were con

demned to be burnt 346 His death and character 479 Fox George, an account of him and bis parents iv 55 &c. and ns.

His sufferings 58 59 and ns. Is joined by others 60 A farther ac.

count of him 299 526 527 533 &c. v 123 &c. Foxes and Firebrands, authors of v 132 n. France, war with it ii 198 French ambassador's speech to the pro

teclor iv 114 Their conquests 433 Declare war with the Dutch, and over-run their country 553 Their ministers employed to en. force the idea of king Charles's being a protestant 258 &c. Their

conduct after the restoration 384 Frankfort, the congregation there, and their manner of worship i 150 • Interrupted by Dr. Cox and his party 153 Remarks on that affair

155 The congregation divided again 157 Their new book of diseipline ib. Frederick elector palatine marries the princess Elizabeth ji 120

Chosen king of Bohemia 143 Defeated, and driven out of his king

dom 145 Freemen of London to be disfranchised for not going to church i 263 Free-Will, the first reformers opinion about it i 80' Rise of the con

troversy about it 145—See Predestination. Freke Dr. made bishop of Norwich i 353 His severity against the

puritans 367 And against the Brownists 380 His articles against the justices ib. French church in London restored i 196-See Dutoh. French match ii 162 Completed, and the consequences of it 176 177 Frewen Dr. an account of iv 290 and n. Frith John, burnt i 65 Frith Simon, publishes a book against friars i 64 Fry John, his case iii 541 Fuce Joseph, his sofferings iv 531 Fuller Mr. his sufferings ii 68 Fuller and Grey's idea of superstition ii 493 n. Fundamentals in religion, attempts to settle them iv 122 Committee

to draw them up ib. The articles 123 Remarks 124

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Gag, a new for the old Gospel, some account of this work ü 164 And

of the work, . Apello Cesarem' 165 187 190 Gale Mr. Theophilus, his death and character y 67 and n.

Galloway Mr. P. his account of the Hampton-court conference ii 39 · Gangræna, Mr. Edwards's iii 366 Remarks 368 540 542 Gaping Gulph, a treatise against the designed French mateh with the

queen, for which the author &c. had their hands eut off i 371 Gardiner bishop, sent to the Fleet prison for protesting against the

injunctions and homilies i 42 His farther persecution 100 Deprived of his bishoprie 115 Restored by queen Mary 128 Commissioned to persecute the protestants 188 His eruelty to Dr. Taylor the martyr 139 His farther eruelties 141 His remarkable ill

pess and death ib. Gardiner Mr. his melancholy case, and hard usage i 459 Garments popish. See Habits. Gataker Mr. Thomas, his death, &c. iv 150 Gatches Raymond, his letter to Mr. Baxter, on the king's constaney

in religion iv 258 Gatford's treatise for the vindication of the use of the common prayer

mentioned iv 27 Gauden Dr. his protestation against trying the king iii 516 The ad.

thor of Eikoon Basilike 628 His behavior in the Savoy confer .

ence iv 371 Gaunt Mrs. burnt v 148 Gawton Mr. his bold letter to the bishop of Norwich, i 364 General assembly in Scotland, their protestation against setting up

bishops there ii 106 General assembly at Glasgow 334 Dissolve ed, but continues sitting, and their reasons for it 336 Their aets 387 They depose the bishops 338 General Assembly at Edinburgh 345 Their reasons to induce the convention of states to assist the English parliament iii 89 General and particular baptists iii 173 Geneva discipline set up by some of the English exiles at Geneva i 154 Geneva divines, their opinion of the habits, &c. i 126 Geneva bible, account of it i 95 ii 113 Gerhard and Vowel executed iv 115 Lord Clarendon's account of

their dying behavior ib. n. German and Dutch church established in London i 114 Put down by

Queen Mary 129 Restored under Queen Elizabeth 196 Forbid to admit puritans to their communion 333–See Dutch. Germany kindly shelters the reformers who fled from Queen Mary's

persecution i preface 4 Disputes there occasiored by the interim

109 Gerrard Mr. burnt i 79 Gibson William, history of v 249

Gifford Mr. bis sufferings i 427
Giles's St. church, consecrated by Laud ii 239
Gillibrand's almanack, iii 224 226
Gilpin Mr. Bernard, his death and extraordinary eharaeter i 391 &c.
Glamorgan earl of, his treaty with the Irish papists iii 273
Gloria patri, of standing up at it iii 218
Gloucester city of. besieged by Charles I. but relieved by the earl of

Essex iji 49
God-fathers and god-mothers, opinion of the puritans about then i 259,
Godfrey sir Ed. particulars of his murder v 53 and n.
Good Mr. of Exeter, prevails with the ministers to enter into an asso-

ciation of concord, &c. iv 109 Goodman, a priest, reprieved by the king ii 434 485 Goodwin Dr. Thomas, retires to Holland ii 343 Goudwin Mr. John, some account of him and his writings iii 388

His reply to Mr. Jenkins 389 Writes in defence of the king's

death 530 His book burnt iv 342 Goodwin Dr. Thomas, his death and character v 61 and n. Good works, onr first reformers' opinion about them i 84 n. Goodyear Thomas, his ill treatment iv 520 Goring lord, his character iii 127 Gosnold Mr. John, (a friend of Tillotson's) some account of v 241

His treatise on baptism and laying on of hands 242 Gospellers. congregations of reformers so called in queen Mary's reign,

their places of meeting, their discovery, and fate i 148 Gouge Dr. William, his death and character iv 110 111 n. Gouge Mr. Thomas, his death &c. v 82 and n. Gough's history of the quakers, abstracted in this edition, see vol is

editor's advertisement, &e. Govau captain executed in Scotland iv 383 Government, remarks on the change of it on Cromwell's turning out

the long parliament 92 Government of women a book against i 295 Granger, remarks from him ii 278 279 n. Great seal, a new one ordered by parliament iii 122 Greaves Mr. some account of him iii 454 Greenham Mr. suspended i 845 Greenville Sir Rich. his character and behavior in the war iii 127 Greenwood the Brownist minister, tried with Barrow,&c. and execut

ed i 526 Greenwood Dr. some account of him jij 456 Greenwood Dr. Da presbyterian divine, vice-ch. of Oxford iv 51 Grenville Sir John, brings letters from the king at Breda to the house

of lords, &c. and his reward for it 279 275 and n. Grey lady Jane, proclaimed queen i 126 Tried for high treason 130

Executed with her husband 131 Grey Dr. some account of him, and of his examination of Mr. Neal's

history vol ii editor's advertisement p 84 Quotes, and observed

on io notes of p 28 29 57 83 &c. 168 207 228 256 269 75 279 296 314 388 389'416 483 Quoted, and observed on also in the notes of vol. iii in p 28 29 30 31 71 80 103 129 130 164 189 218 249 270 354 355 404 422 47,5 501 502 505 506 iv 196 200 210 References &c.

to him iv 227 341 380 451 452 v 47 48
Grievances complained of by the puritans i 462 In the state ji 99

Petitions about them 101 &c. In religion 509
Grimstone Sir Harbottle, his speech against Laud ii 389
Grindal Dr. made bishop of London i 182 Was against the habits,

though he conformed 221 Of a mild temper 130 147 Several pu-
ritans examined before him 263 White's smart letter to hiin 268
He is made archbishop of York 282 Suppresses a letter to the queen
from the elector palatiue in favor of the puritans 289 Cannot go
the lengths of archbishop Parker 205 Sampson's plain dealing with
him 389 He is made archbishop of Canterbury 349 Petitions to
him in behalf of Mr. Stroud 355 He regulates the prophecyings 857
*Refuses to put them down, and writes to the queen in their behalf
361 For which he is sequestered and confined 362 He submits in
part ib. Licenses puritan ministers to preach 367 Admits of pres-

byterian ordination 386 His death and character 394
Grosvenor Dr. B. p 25 of life of Neal, prefixed to vol. in.
Growth of Power, and Argument to Grand Juries; a pamphlet sup-

posed by Andrew Marvell, great rewards offered for the author, &c.

V 37

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Gualter, his advice to the English reformers i 164 Their answers

165 Bis letters against the habits 225
Guernsey and Jersey reduced to conformity ii 94 &e.
Guest Dr. Bishop of Rochester, his opinion of the ceremonies i 221
Guise Dr. John, p 23 of the life of Mr. Neal, prefixed to vol i n.
Gunning bishop, his behavior in the Suvoy conference iv 368 371–

His zeal against the non-conformists 493
Gunpowder plot ii 75 To be fathered on the puritans 76
Guthrie Mr. executed in Scotland iv 381


Hæretico comburendo de act repealed v 47 and 11.
Habernfield's plot, archbishop Laud's conduct in relation to it jü 239
Habits or vestments, the reformers' opinions of them i 98 Who were

the heads of the two parties ib. Rise of the controversy about them
108 Booper refuses them 110 Judgment of foreign divides about
them 111 And of the reforming clergy at home 113 and 1. The
puritans write to the courtiers against pressing them 216 But the
bishops are for enforcing them 217 More sontiments of the first re-

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