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ton 236 His consecration of Creed church, &e. 237 His care of the press 251 His behavior in Scotland 257 His regulation of the king's chapel at Edinburgh, ib. His letter about wakes and revels 269 Makes alterations in the service-book 269 His account of the state of his province 275 He obliges the French and Dutch church es to conformity 284 His exceptions to the brief for the Palatine ministers 286 Farther account of his province 289 Increases the power of the ecelesiastical courts 294 Makes new statutes for Oxe ford 296 His speech in the star-chamber 306 More libels against him 311- He complains against the king's jester 333 Stirs up the king to hasten his preparations against the Scots 337 Exeitės the elergy to contribute towards the war 339 Revises and alters bishop Hall's book of episcopacy 348 Is insulted by the populace 862– The seeretary's letter to him against pressing the et-cætera oath in the canons 363 Justifies the canons 384 is impeached of high treason 385 The Scots charge against him 386 His reply 387 n. Sir H. Grimstone's speech against himn 389 Committed to the black rod 390 Heads of his impeachment, ib. He speaks for himself 391 Is sent to the Tower, ib. Suspended from his jurisdiction 490 His superstitious remarks on lord Brooke's death isi 45 Suspended by parliament 114 Trial for high treason 181 Articles of impeachment 184 His answer 186 Order and method of trial 187 Summary of the charge 188 Impeachment opened by serjeant Wild, ib. The archbishops' speech, ib. First branch of the charge, subverting the rights of parliament; with the arehbishop's reply 189, &c. Arbitrary speeches made by him for the king 190 Arbitrary speeches of his own 191 Second charge, viz. attempting to set aside the laws ; with his reply 194_204 Of ship-money, tonnage, and poundage, &e. 194 Of pulling down houses for the repair of St. Paul's, &c. 1951legal commitments and prohibitions in the spiritual courts 196. Bri. bery 197 Commutation of penance 199 Alterations in the corona.. tion oath, ib. Attempt to set up an independent power in the elergy 200 Sitting of the convocation after the parliament 201 Remarks 202 Third general charge, viz. attempting to alter religion, and introduce popish innovations; with his answers, and the managers' replies 203 210 Images and crucifixes 203 Consecration of churches and altars, and feasts of dedication 206 His letter to Sir N. Brent 211. Introducing divers superstitions into divine worship 216, &e. Promoting the book of sports 220 Remarks 221 Encouraging Arminianism and popery 222, &e. Prosecuting puritaus, &c. 230 Reeoneiling the chureh of England with Rome, assuming papal titles, discouragiog foreign protestants, corresponding with popish priests, &c. 231 &c. Managers' conclusion 240 His speech at the close of his trial, ib. Points of law debated 241 Censures of his behavior 244 His character of the witnesses 215 His censure of the managers 246 Petitions for justice against him 248 Condemned by bill of attainder 249 His last speech 250 His prayer 251 Alis execution, and Mrs.

Macauley's reflections on this event, ib. and n. His character 252 Laurence Mr. suspended i 367

Vol. V.

Lawrence Dr. account of him iii 448
Laws popish, repealed i 92 &e.
Laws, motion for translating them into English iv 5+ Law-suits, al-

tempts to regulate them 86 Lay-Assessors in the assembly of divines iii 76 Lay-elders 289 Cau

ses of the increase of lay-preachers 464 Rise of it in the army 278

Discouraged by the parliament 365 See appendix, No. ix. Laying on of hands, controversy aboat y 113 Gospold's treatise about

V 242 Leavesly Mr. T. p 26 of life of Neal i no Lecturers, an account of those in Berry-street and Salter's-Hall p 22

to 24 of life of Neal prefixed to vol. i. King's instructions about lecturers ii 223 Character and proceedings against them 226 Injunetions against them 274 Bishop Montague's articles of enquiry

concerning them 300 Bishop Pierce's usage of them 301 Legate Bartholomew, burnt for Arianism ii 118 Copy of the writ for

burning him ü 118 n. Lagate's Court in England under Wolsey i 57 Legenda Lignea, a work published by the papists, some mention of

iv 81 Leicester taken by storm, by Charles I. and the inhabitants used cru

elly ij 279 Leighton Dr. writes against the bishops ii 235 His sentence, suffer

ings, and character 236 His petition to the long parliament, and

release 393 Lenthal William, Esq. his character ii 373 Reprimanded by the

speaker iv 282 Lessons, the order of them settled i 204 L'Estrange Sir Roger, an account of v 37 38 and n. 64 and 1. Letter of ibe assembly of divines to foreign protestants iii 106 The

king's reply to it 111 Letter to a dissenter, by kord Halifax, ab

straet of it v 180 Levellers oppose the new commonwealth iv 26 Are dispersed 27 Lever Mr. Thomas, his letter to the puritans in prison i 270 He re

sigus his prebend 296 His death 363 Lewis John, burnt for denying the divinity of Christ i 193 n. Ley Mr. John, his death and character iv 414 Libellers seditious, to suffer death i 374 Libellous books ii 646 Or

dinance against seditious libels iv 41 Liberty of prayer, defence of it ii 406 Bishop Hall's concessions

about it 408 Liberty of conscience settled in Scotland iv 82 Voted by Cromwell's little parliament 98 Established by his instrument

of government 101 James's speech in council for it v 170 See InLicences for preaching to be renewed i 228 n. On what condition 229

212 To be renewed again 295 350 Licenses to marry ii 361 Ordinance for appointing licensers of books iii 74 Copy of Charles's license for a non-conformist minister to preach iv 494 1. Partiality of liçencers v 153 n, Licence-office 156 170


Life and Manners of true Christians, &c. a book published in 1582 by

Robert Brown i 377 Lightfoot Dr. account of bim iii 142 Lilburne Mr. his sentence and sufferings ü 210 His history and char

acter jy 43 n. Lilburne colonel, his trial, character, &c. iv 43 n. Limborch quoted on persecution ii 119 n. Lincolnshire ministers' reasons for not subscribing, answers, &c. ii 78

83 Lindsey Mr. his representation of Wightman's opinions ii 119 n. Lisle lady, her case v 147 List of the assembly of divines iji 77 Litchfield and Coventry, bishop of, his serinon quoted and observed on,

vol. i preface p 8 9 Litchfield and Coventry bishop of, his letter for putting down the

prophesyings i 360 Little Parliament, called by Cromwell iv 96 Their proceedings 97

&c. They resign their authority to Cromwell 99 Liturgy, king Edward's first i 96 See also Service-Book The first

ages wed none ib. Exceptions of the puritans against it 258 liturgy confirmed by parliament 98 118 Reasons for amending it 400 Abstract of the controversy on the antiquity of litargies ii 405 Reasons for setting it aside, iii 167 Restored iv 284 Reviewed 374 Altered 377 &c. Additious to it 379 and 1. Sent amended to king, council, and peers 380 Farther alterations proposed in it

460 Livings, the augmentation of poor ones, by tithes and first-fruits iy

38 Ordinance for uniting small ones, and dividing greater 144 Loan, a method of raising money i 189 Persons imprisoned on ge

count of it 194 Loe Thomas, his death, &c. v 14 Lollords, Wickliffe's followers so called i 53 Statutes against them

54 55 and n. Repealed 62 92 London, lines of circumvallation drawn round it iji 30 King's pro

clamations against it 47 Commotions there 397 Submits to the arıny on their approach 400 Provincial assemblies there 383 385

478 London Clergy, proceedings of the ecclesiastical commissioners against

them i 236 Reasons of those who were deprived for refusing the habits 237 n. Sad consequences of these proceedings 248 Abstract of their reasons for non-conformity ib. Answered, and their replies 250 Their petition to convocation to be restored 403 Clas

sical division of the province of London iji 333 &c. London Ministers assert the divine right of presbytery iii 331. Their

paper of considerations and cautions 332 Their testimony to truth, and against error 385 Their aversion to a toleration 386 'Their

vindication of themselves 401 London, citizens of, their petition to the parliament for better minis

ters i 368 Sad condition for want of preachers 248 Its charter

taken away v 84 London cases published v 94 Bishop of London

suspended v 167 168 and ns. Londonderry built ii 123 Long Parliament See Parliament Lord's-Bay, public sports on it i 391 The bill for the better obserr.

ance of it, rejected by the queen 433 Wakes, &c. on it counte

nanced ii 263 Declaration for sports on it 265 Of its morality · 266 Votes for the strict observance of it 484 It was strictly ob

served by the parliament party 579 Ordinance for a stricter obsery

ance of it iv 54 Another 181 Lords disagree with the commons, ii 485 House of, laid aside iii 505

522 Lords of the council dissatisfied with tbe bishops' proceedings against

the puritans, and write to them about it i 421 Love Mr. his sermon at Uxbridge iii 258 His trial iv 69 Evidence • against him 70 His defence 71 A remarkable incident 74 Intercessions for him 74n. His speech on the scaffold 75 His execution

and character 76 His history, ib. n. Love alderman, renounces the dispensing power in the name of the dis.

senters v 20 Low-Church clergy, their character iv 421 · Lower Thomas, and George Fox, particulars of their persecution, &c,

v 29 &c.
Lowman Mr. Moses, an account of. p 25 of life of Neal i no
Ludlow major-general, taken into custody, ir 171
Lushington Mr. Thomas, an account of, iv 391 n.
Lutherians, their upcharitableness i 149


Macaulay's History of England quoted ji 31 n. &c. iii 216 220 230 235

&c. ns. and in various other places. Maccail Mr. his sufferings and last words v 9 MGill's prosecution for his Essay on the Death of Christ, adduced as

a proof of the intolerance of scotch presbyterianism; and some re

flections on the principles of the English presbyterians iii 103 n. Maddox bishop, his opinion of the habits i 113 ñ. Replied to by the

editor 116 213 298 317 470 A remark of his 488 ns. Madye Rev. Mr, and others, censured for preaching on predestination

ji 235 Mardalen college, Oxford, its privileges invaded v 169 Magistrates, contests about their election v 83 Major-Generals appointed iv 15+ Man isle of, bishop of, has no barony, but is equally a bishop, as to

jurisdiction and ordination, but has no place in parliament ii 450 Manchester earl of, his character iii 133 His proceeding in reform

ing the university of Cambridge ib. His warrant to the committee for scandalous ministers 145 His instructions to them 146 His

up 158

tetter to them 148 His method of ejecting the scandalous or malig

nant minister, and filling the vacant benefice ib. lansel Dr. some account of him iii 452 Manton Dr. his death and character v 49 50 n. Manwaring Dr. his sermon ii 195 His severe septence 200 Is par

doned and preferred ib. Marcus Antonius, Gataker's valuable edition of, iv 151 n. Marriages of the clergy legitimated i 118 Queen Elizabeth averse

to them 205 Ordinance relating to marriages iv 98 Act for con

firming them 336 Marriage Ring, forbidding it at certain times, and licensing it for mos

ney, disliked by the puritans i 260 Marshall Mr. S. bis death &c. iv 169 170 N. His body dug up 388 Marston-moor, battle of, iii 125 Martin Mar-Prelate, a satirical pamphlet i 488 Martin Dr. some account of, iii 137 Martyr Peter, invited to England, and had the divinity chair at Ox

ford i 94 His opinion about the habits 111 324 230 Ordered to

leave the kingdom in queen Mary's reign 129 His wife's body dug Marvel Mr. Andrew, writes against Parker iv 464 Mary queen, her accession to the crown i 127 Her declarations about

religion ib. Her treatment of the Suffolk men 128 She restores popery 129 184 Her injunetions to the bishops 131 Her marriage with Philip of Spain 133 She restores the church lands 137 Rases out whatever was done against the monks ib. Burnings of the protestants in her reign 139 140 &c. Her fiery zeal 144 Number of those who were put to death for religion in her time, 14+ and n. 145 Calamities under her government, her sickness, death and

character 160 161 Mary queen of Scots, her bigotry and ill conduct i 284 Her favorite

and husband murdered 253 She is obliged to resign her crown to her son, and is put to death by queen Elizabeth ib. Mary queen, dissenting ministers' address to her v 218 Her answer

ib. Mass-Books called in i 106 Mass and real presence asserted ii 314

Mass-houses pulled down iv 96 Massachusetts Bay colony, rise of it ii 239 Their church covenant 230 Hardships 231 Farewell request to the church of England

232 Numbers that went over 233 Massacre at Paris, a terrible one i 315 Masters turned out of the university of Cambridge, their character

ji 136 Character of their successors 138 of their induction 143 Mather Rev. Richard, removes to New-England ii 2930 Mather Dr. Increase, his voyage to England with addresses, and his

reception at court v 573 n. The queen's reply to him 219 Matthews's Bible, i 68 ii 112

Maunsel Mr. his sufferings ii 68
May 29th, aet for its observation iv 311
May Thomas, Esq. his body dug up iv 388

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