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In my opinion, The Dialectics of Enlightenment cannot be read as a solitary text. It is a work that one must go back to again and again in order to grasp the relevance and application of the universal case studies presented. The roots of the ideas are in continental philosophy and will not deify the capitalistic model as a certainty unto a perfected future. In fact, the idea of the culture industry as a tool of mass deception is entirely relevant in today's world. The bourgeoisie has once again become the elite autocrats and in order to challenge their mediocrity, one must enter the 'inner snactum', which is very difficult without tremendous wealth that allows one to 'buy into the game'. I loved it! I do not view the book as a finite symbol of a sociological movement, but a blueprint through which reified conceptions can be challenged and made transparent.  

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One of those books I wish everyone would read, and put the effort into reading properly (reread reread reread).

Review: Dialectic of Enlightenment: Philosophical Fragments

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"On the way from mythology to logistics thought has lost the element of self-reflection and today machinery disables men even as it nurtures them...Today the order of life allows no room for the ego ... Read full review

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