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452 Madison Avo. Now York,

May 25, 1908.

My Dear Mr. McNally:

| shall be glad to see brought together, in one volume, the leading facts and features of the centennial celebration of the Diocese of New York.

This memorable event has called forth such enthusiasm from within the Church and such sympathy from without that it is not too much to assume that it marks an epoch in the history of this great city, and, as some are fain to think, in the religious history of the country.

Perhaps never before in the United States has there been such a unanimous expression of kindly feeling toward the great Mother Church on the part of those who are still outsido her pale. This fact also would justify the demand that a record of the celebration in permanent form should be made and handed down to posterity.

There are those who believe that this spirit of Christian charity is a sign full of hope for the reunion of Christendom at no very distant day. God grant that such hope may be realized!

The important part taken by the entire Press of our city, and indeed of the country at large, in spreading the knowledge of the different phases of the festivities is recognized by all, and this very interesting volume which you have carefully

compiled from the newspaper reports is a striking example of the rapid, accurate and complete methods of modern journalism and reveals what a tremendous instrument for good the Press is when properly managed.

With sentiments of high esteem, I am,

Faithfully yours,

John M. Strley

abpy hy,

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