Illustrated Exhibitor, Issues 1-8

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Page 40 - And layd her stole aside. Her angels face, As the great eye of heaven, shyned bright, And made a sunshine in the shady place : Did never mortall eye behold such heavenly grace.
Page 40 - The lyon would not leave her desolate, But with her went along, as a strong gard Of her chast person, and a faythfull mate Of her sad troubles and misfortunes hard...
Page 151 - how is it possible that a people possessed of such magnificence at home, could envy me a humble cottage in Britain ?" The emperor was affected by the British hero's misfortunes, and won by his address.
Page 40 - Soone as the royall virgin he did spy, With gaping mouth at her ran greedily, To have attonce devourd her tender corse ; But to the pray when as he drew more ny, His bloody rage aswaged with remorse, And, with the sight amazd, forgat his furious forse.
Page 40 - O how can beautie maister the most strong, And simple truth subdue avenging wrong ! Whose yielded...
Page 78 - There is something patriarchal still lingering about rural life in Sweden, which, renders it a fit theme for song. Almost primeval simplicity reigns over that Northern land, — almost primeval solitude and stillness.
Page 78 - Almost primeval simplicity reigns over that northern land, — almost primeval solitude and stillness. You pass out from the gate of the city, and, as if by magic, the scene changes to a wild, woodland landscape. Around you are forests of fir. Overhead hang the long fan-like branches, trailing with moss, and heavy with red and blue cones.
Page 86 - Commons ; and on the breaking out of the civil war he raised and became colonel of a regiment in the parliamentary army under the Earl of Essex.
Page 90 - The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the falling together; and a little child shall lead them.

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